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The most popular religion in Terravia, Zahilism, follows a pantheon of gods, led by the chief god Zahil. The holy text of Zahilism is Zahil'ka (literally translated as 'Zahil's word'), which describes in detail Zahil's beliefs on how the universe was created and how humans should live. Zahil'ka has never been translated into another language, as this is explicitly forbidden. The text is believed to be over 1000 years old.

Zahil himself was once a mortal man, who embarked on a mission to unify Terravia, which was run by five warring tribes at the time. Despite facing strong resistance from the tribes of Terravia, Zahil and his loyal troops, known as "The 500", successfully united Terravia under his rule. Upon his death, Zahilists believe he ascended to godhood and became the chief deity, although opinions on how exactly he did this differ. Most Terravi believe that he did this peacefully, and his position as chief god was a reward for the great work he did on Earth. Others believe that Zahil challenged the creator god and won, taking their position by force.

Zahil's symbol, worn on his armour during his mortal days.

Things Banned by Zahil'ka

- Tattoos
- Homosexuality
- Divorcement
- Females working in politics or legal roles
- Blasphemy
- Burning/Altering of the Holy Text

Excerpts from Zahil'ka

"The only blessed mark is one earned through combat and the children shall not mark their bodies unnaturally, lest they face eternal suffering."

"The bond forged between a man and woman is unbreakable, and those who try shall be in pain forever."

"A female is a fickle thing, emotionally and mentally, and thus unsuitable to write or enforce the law of the people."

The Empire of Terravia