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Welcome to the OFN's Worldbook. This site seeks to gather all knowledge about the Earth, its lands, its culture, and its folk. With the manifoldness of wisdom held in the many books and words, the writers and forshers acknowledge this book shall never be beended. However, we wish that this may serve as a stepping stone to further understanding of the world around us.

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Markskirmish between China and Manchuria kills 2 || 2 August 2020
Written by: Vladimir Lesnitsky

Ties between the two Eastasianish republics haven't been great since the breakup of the USSR and its wild aftermath. Though formerly unwilling allies brought by turning around the axle that was the Sovietish Block, China has laid its right to the lands of Manchuria since its taking by the Russish and Japanish Riches the 1890s. When Communism fell apart a hundred years later, in the 1990s, so did any shred of friendship between the two states. In 1995, while the Chineish were busy stamping out uprisings left and right, Manchuria began a 7-month fight today known as the Crig of Stream Luan by taking the northern half of the Chineish Hopeh Province.

In the 31st of July, almost 25 years after the crig ended, tempers flared once again. An unnamed Chineish soldier in the marktown of Chʻienhsi near the shared mark between China and Manchuria stepped on a Manchurish landmine while walking along a path seemingly on the Chineish side; while he lived, he lost both his legs. The soldier's teammates fired back at a Manchurish watchtower nearby, thinking they were under ongripe by an incoming Manchurish ferd. A Manchurish lieutenant was shot in the arm, but he rang the alarm and called for backup.

Shots were fired throughout the day in what is being called the Chʻienhsi Forefall. Two Chinamen in an undermanned T-54 pancer were killed by a Manchiurish panceroffwearrocket; other than that, there were no deaths, but many more were wounded. As night fell, the shooting died down. Owing to China's lack of a fast communicationssystem, news of this forefall only reached Nanking in the afternoon of the 1st of August. In the afternoon of the 2he of August, Chineish dictator Ma Donglung spoke in China's only faurseen news network, Hsinhwa, calling the Manchurish "... unrightful inthringlings..." The Manchurish regering answered with "The Chineish shot first this time."

The Chineish Selffordeithingingsstridecrafts, or CSFSC, has sent seven battalions from Peking and Tientsin to the Chineish-Manchurish mark. The Manchurish Loftmight has upped its outfalls, and General Borjigin Alin, Head of Staff of the Stridecrafts of Manchuria, said that "We are ready for anything the weaklings might throw at us."

Teeth-gnashing in the Near East settles... for now || 25 June 2020
Written by: Edward Benson

As the flycraftdrawer FSS Theodoric Roosevelt made the 10-day, nearly 9,000-kilometre way to the Hormussound from its homehaven in Subic, Philippines at behest of President Donald Trump, the world stared with sweat in her brow. Many thought a new Worldcrig would begin. Russland and America, the two Great Mightes bickering in this byfall, hurled slights and warnings at each other. America's allies in ONAF warned her to stop or they would unown her. Persia put its fleet on high watch, waiting to strike at the "beloathen Americaners" should they cross the sound. The clock ticked slowly.

Leaving on the 7th of June, the FSS Teodoric Roosevelt stopped by the haven of Moscha on the 17th, and stayed there as the President and his bereders weighed their chosens. The micklest and newest ship of the Persish Marine, the tostoerer Vazir Mustafa'i, which is also its flagship, waited in its base in Gombroon. Russland's President, Zasha Vasilieva, uttered only two words for Trump; "Last warning."

On the 19th of June, Speaker Nancy d'Alessandro, befealed Trump to "stand down", saying "... boding crig without the say of the Forsamling is unlawful." as another warning for Trump to stop. Later, on the 25th of June, after days of stillness, Trump spoke to the press. He said:

"The Senate, with Speaker d'Alessandro, has stood against me, saying that I cannot bode crig against Persia and her cutthroat cronies without their so-called 'say'. Even the Organisation of the Northatlantish Fordrawing, who are seemingly our allies, have turned their backs on us. Now, I'm afraid to say, the Republic of Babylon stands alone in its fight for freedom and democracy. I have told our big and mighty ship, the Theodoric Roosevelt, to meet with the Persish fleet and show them that I am not a crigmonger, that I want nothing but a frithful talk between leaders. But, I tell our brethren in Babylon, America has not forsaken you."

The threat of atomcrig has lessened, the ONAF hasn't been broken apart, and the world sighs as the burden it carried for weeks was lifted ever so slightly.

Kurdland becomes newest GFS limbstate, Babylon still not giving up || 5 June 2020
Written by: Edward Benson

Secretary-President Khosrow Soomekh of the Gemeanwealth of Free States, an alliance of lands inholding Russland, Ruthenia, Whiterussland, and many Middleasianish lands, has forcouthed the inbringing of its newest limbstate, the Kurdish Folksstate, in a pressmeeting in Moscow on the afternoon of the 4th of June, the year 2020. Persia, another limb of the GFS, and Russland have been much needed backers for Kurdland in the world step. So far, 43 lands of the Organisation of Foroned Nations have acknowledged Kurdland as an unoffhung state, inholding all limbstates of the GFS.

Frankric too has uttered its acknowledging, but other Great Mightes of England, Deochland, and Japan are still on the fence. Meanwhile, the Foroned States of America has been outspoken in its spurning of Kurdland.

President Trump has said that "... [Kurdland] is an unlawful upstart uprising, truly under the rightful leadership of the Republic of Babylon, put up by Russland and her goons in the Near East..." and that he swears to "... beshield Babylonish unoffhanghood and grip over these unruly provinces...". Hr Trump has befealed the inset of one of the Foroned States Marine's flycraftdrawers, the FSS Theodoric Roosevelt, into the Persish Merebosom. As for former Americanish Bodeshipper to Babylon, Desmond Harvey, it was learned that he took $2.66 million worth of smeargeld from the Persish Red Guards for helping them get into Baghdad, and he has been found guilty by the Overster Gerightshove of the FSA and ordealt to 5 years in gefangness.

Russland's President Zasha Vasilieva has called out Trump for his "... mad blabbering...", and said that "... any ongripe against a limbstate of the GFS will be met with a fitting strike."

Meanwhile, Deoch Richeschancellor Franz Junge has shown his unhappiness on the website Twitter, saying "This is all a crazy sh*tshow, to be frank. Trump's crigmongering might doom us all. Kurdland is but a paltry waeste, yet everyone is twisting and turning it into a sandstorm that it never should've been."

All the while, heavy fighting still goes on in Babylon. Persia has bewritten 877 dead soldiers on their side; Babylon is too busy getting beaten to ontale their own. The OFN Menishrights Board has reckoned around 50,000 nonfighters have already died, and many more have been left homeless. Burghers are fleeing to Syria and Transjordan, but have seen no hope after marksoldiers drove them away. The Web has exploded with memes about the "upcoming Third Worldcrig", many fearing being drafted into the military to fight against Persia and Russland.

Armstrong leads Americanish polls, strongarms Sanders to twithe || 27 May 2020
Written by: Mathilda Richardson-de Vrijs

As the Wale in the Foroned States of America comes ever closer, set for the 3rd of November this year, Americaners are slowly making up their minds as to who they would want to become their next President. Today's President, a bestevened Donald John Trump, has not been the best of leaders, say both Americaners and the World. And while it's pretty much sicker that Hr Trump would be running for the Republicanish Party (RP), the Democratish Party (DP) still is choosing among its set of hopeful presidents... though one might rather soon be chosen.

The Democratish runners inhold Steven Armstrong, Bernadette Sanders, Willhelm Clinton, Jonathan Byden, and Aloysius Michaelson, by line of folkish hream. At first, Bernadette Sanders, a lawyer and New Yorkish Senator, seemed to be the one for Democratish walers, with her oaths to uplift the lives of the Americanish folk, but the rising star Steven Armstrong, a Coloradoish Senator and Generaldirector of Worldmarshal OBG, a selfheld military geselship. In his wellknown rede in April, he swore to "jumpstart the werthship" and to make an America where "every man is free to think and to do for himself".

While Hr Armstrong has been known to want the title of president since 2018, his hream only skyrocketed lately. In the May 2020 polls, around 52.2% of Democratish walers wanted Armstrong to be DP's runner for the 2020 Presidential Wale, rising from 10.7% in January of the same year. Sanders's backers are staying strong, only dropping 5% from 44.6% in January, while Clinton, Byden, and Michaelson backers almost all left their firstly bets. When Republicanish walers were asked, they too would want Armstrong better than all the other Democratish runners to be president should Trump lose, which would most likely happen given how Americaners saw his leadership.

Middleamerica's presidential mishap || 11 May 2020
Written by: Mathilda Richardson-de Vrijs

Three shots, a loud thud, and screaming. In the morn of the 3rd of May, the year 2020, the Boundsrepublic of Middleamerica's President, Rodrigo Pendejo y Apolinario, was shot thrice in the head by a cartel hitman posing as a lifeward of the President. Pendejo was giving a rede on the new gaincartel laws the Middleamericanish gemoot put forth when this happened. These laws were to give a boost to police menstrength, as well as let them do seekings inside houses and wagons without written befeal from the gerights, among many others. This law also befeals policemen to fastnim all known cartel leaders even if they're "clean" on paper.

Middleamerica is one of the world's biggest hotbeds for cartels. Over 82% of all forbreakings in Middleamerica can be tied to cartels. Manslaughter, beatings, robbery, theft, murder, and most besunderly, drugs. Folk die daily on the bloodsoaked streets. Farms deep in the woods make tonnes upon tonnes of benzoylmethylecgonine, known on the streets as crack, and hemp. Policemen and politicers are being given geld to look the other way.

Middleamerica's vicepresident, a former cartel boss by the name of Lodovico Hernán Gutiérrez, who once swore he would fight all forbreakings by his old fellows, took over after Pendejo's death. In the 2017 Middleamericanish Wale, he made his own party, the Partido de Libertad y Justicia (PLJ), stood against Pendejo's party, the Partido Democrático (PD). In a twist everyone foresaw, he pulled back Pendejo's gaincartel laws, calling on their "going against the constitution". Nobody knows for sicker if he is behind Pendejo's shooting, although the shooter himself was killed by the police on the day of the shooting. In 10 May 2020, President Donald Trump of the Foroned States called Gutiérrez a "lying dirtbag" and besculded him for Pendejo's death.

All eyes are now on Gutiérrez. The Overster Gerightshove of Middleamerica is putting the new President under fire, although he calls himself sinless. What he does next? Only time will tell.

Crig between Persia and Babylon goes on || 1 May 2020
Written by: Edward Benson

The latest of the Persish-Babylonish crigs began rather a while ago, in January, when a rocket ongripe by Persia on an Babylonish lofthaven once again sparked the flames between the two Neareastern lands. Premier Bijan Mustafa'i of Persia called his ongripping a "right answer" for Babylon's "unneeded showing off". At the time, Babylon shot an empty patch of waeste in the mark with Persia with artillery shells; while it neither killed nor wounded anyone, this greatly upset the Persish top brass. As the two nations swapped harsh words and gun blasts, Persia at last went first and took to boding crig on Babylon under grounds of "freeing the Kurdish folk".

Crig began forthwith. Persish soldiers poured in and quickly crossed the Tigris and began belairing steads such as Bagdad, Mosul, and Basra, where fighting became the heaviest. Persish sundercrafts even snuck into the Babylonish headstead Bagdad with the help of [former] Americanish Bodeshipper to Babylon, Desmond Harvey. Babylonish President Ahmed Hussein was taken out of his Radwaniyah Palace as Persish troops, with the help of the Kurdish uprising, stormed the stead and burned it to the ground.

Though fighting still goes on, the hopes for Babylon winning are slight at best. The Kurdish Folksstate, gemeanly known as Kurdland or Kurdistan, in Northern Babylon lately forthspoke its unoffhanghood from Babylon, and has been acknowledged by 18 nations, inholding its neighbours Persia and Turkland, as well as the Great Mighte of Russland. The OFN Generalforsamling is still mooting over the acknowledging of this small, new nation. Meanwhile, Persia and Babylon have not yet began talks about frith. President Hussein is settled at "fighting until the bitter end", though Premier Mustafa'i has again and again called for the Babylonish to "just give up". While Russland has its eye on what is happening, the other Great Mightes have shrugged this off as "just another paltry fight in the lawless waeste".

New, but unwilling, Heretog for Lidwick || 23 April 2020
Written by: Louis Dubois

The small French-speaking Heretogdom crowns a new ruler today in a great ceremony, seen worldwide through both internet and faursee. The 14-year-old Henric II, full name Henri Auguste Bleiz Xavier de Bourbon, is the only son of the 71-year-old Frank V (French: François), who gave up his throne to seek behandling for his endstede lung cancer. Frank is known to be a heavy smoker, and is almost always seen with his pipe. He is now in an untold sickhouse in Paris, Frankric; his health is grim, and he does not want to speak with any newsman.

Henric II has three older sisters: Émilie, Louise, and Antoinette. None of them can be given Lidwick's crown for Lex Salica, which bans women from holding ethel titles. However, Émilie, the eldest, has been loud in her call for the law's ending. She wants to take the throne for herself, saying her brother is "too young for politics". Lidwick's gemoot, the Cour Ducale des Conseillers, has been fighting heatedly since December last year over this.

To the shock of no one, Henric said this in his rede:

"Today, I stand as your Heretog, but against my own will. I never wanted to be a leader. My mind is young, childish, and unknowing. I am aware of the law of the land, of Lex Salica, but I am also aware that it is a law put forth long ago, by old men who knew no better. Today, we see women on the same footing as men. They can lead, speak, fight, and think as well as men. Sadly, Lidwick is the only land in Europa that does not let women do such things. So I, Henri de Bourbon, the twithe of my name to be called Heretog, wish to turn this all around. The Heretog may hold little grip, but I believe by working together, that this backwards way of thought can be madeover."

Boilpest spreads fast outside China, WHO "worried" || 22 April 2020
Written by: Vladimir Lesnitsky

As many may well know, China has seen an outbreak of the Boilpest, starting from the stead of Wuhan in the unruly south of China, and spreading quickly across the earm and starving land. China's dictator, Ma Donglung, first shook off the truth that his land had such a pest. When the ontale of deaths grew too big to just shake off, he downplayed the happenings, telling the world that it was "being dealt with". It wasn't.

The sick and dying grew more and more, the sickness spread like wildfire, and sickhouses were filled to the brim. It is known among many that the dictator is letting this all happen, and has wielded the sickness as grounds to shoot sinless folk. Sending soldiers to pest ridden burghs and thorpes, they shot anyone and everyone with even the smallest mark of being sick. The true score of dead in China is unknown, but is thought to be well above 100,000, and has likely risen.

Head of the World Health Organisation, Theodoric Emsworth, spoke about the threat held to the world by this sickness. He asked Dictator Ma to let WHO doctors into the land to look into this sickness, but was forbidden on smite of death. Soon enough, the sickness spread to other lands. First to Turkestan, then to Tibet, Indey, Vietnam, Manchuria, and beyond. At the time of writing, 13 lands had folk sick of boilpest within them, likely coming from China. The first death outside China happened in Rajshahi, Indey; a 55-year-old man named Khalid Fayzan, who was having a holiday in Peking with two friends before coming home and getting sick.

Indish doctors looked inside this man's dead body, and saw that the bacterium begetting this sickness, named Yersinia pestis sinensis by the doctors, is a mutant offshoot of that from the Black Death, the sickness that killed over 200 million in Europa alone during the Middle Elds. It was found to spread quicker amongst the fleas that hold the sickness, who then give it to men. It was also found to stay within the body for longer, not showing any marks of being in a man's body for 7 to 21 days after onsticking. It is unknown, though being looked into, if it could be spread by bodily flowstuff like blood, sweat, and spit.