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March 2021 General Election | Handbook

Winter General Election




Prime Minister



Brototh (IND)
Hulldom (IND)

Antenion (IND)*
Islonia (IND)
The Islamic Country of Honour (IND)

Antenion (IND) - Incumbent
Ashlawn (IND) - Incumbent
Cerdenia (IND) - Incumbent
Dendrobium (SOL) - Incumbent
Dykataar (NTN) - Incumbent
Ermica (TCU)
Hulldom (IND)* - Incumbent
Kor sahab (IND)*
Pap sculgief (IND)
Toerana V (IND)
Western Mediterranea (NTN)

Angypt (TCU) - Incumbent
Clarance (NTN)
Evileia (SOL) - Incumbent
Gallo republic (SOL)
Islonia (IND)*
Kor sahab (IND)
Mardis (TCU)
Marvinville (TCU) - Incumbent
Nova anglicum (NTN)
Primo Order (NTN)
Rhyssuan peoples (NTN)
Rivogna (IND)
Sma Cyrillic (IND)
Snalland (IND) - Incumbent
Tavallo (IND) - Incumbent
Zon island (TCU) - Incumbent

*Asterisk indicates Preference Elsewhere

Campaign Factbooks

Brototh for President -- Winter 2021
Revitalize, Restore, Reform
Remember to upvote the dispatch!! ^^

Thus spoke Godsinia bold Brototh said,
Vote me for President.1 (Go Down Moses)
Og det' forŚr ikke vinter

Did I just reuse the same manifesto format? Yeah.
Hello there Thaecia! I hope y'all are doing great today, looking at this collection of no context quotes turned manifesto. Seriously guys, seven upvotes from just confirming I'll run? You're great. I hope you will read through all of this manifesto and see why I am running for the office of President. I'm a long term resident of Thaecia, joining on February 6 2019, only 15 days after the foundation of the region, and I have a lot to give back to this region.

To Thaecia, I am Brototh. To others on Discord, you will know me as Cinema. I have recently just finished up a term as Senate Chair and Senator. While regretfully some IRL circumstances that are almost entirely resolved encouraged me to retire, I have come back with a stronger resolve and dedication to serve Thaecia in such a high office. My last two terms as Senator propelled me to the status of most bills worked on2, with several more constitutional amendments, laws and such on the way. You can be sure I've got the experience and know how of our laws and institutions to serve you in this role.

The next four months will be extremely important. We have, in just under the last year, gone from "ugh, Thaecia", to a large and generally more respected UCR with some big friends at our side (not to put down our smaller embassies- ily guys still!), reformed our military, co-operated with regions we'd never thought we would before, gone through hardships internally and come out stronger than we went in, all through a difficult time for all of us. As we continue to adjust to a much more globalist view, with internal changes all the way, it is crucial our next President, Prime Minister and all other offices are led by visionary, respected, hardworking and dedicated personnel. I cannot stress how much I love this region, which is why I am working to make it as good as it can be.

I've had the pleasure of serving you as Secretary of Defence recently- with some troubles along the way, we have made a successful military organisation and I have been able to speak and co-operate with new international friends. Some people didn't think it could be done- but the military is seeing a great wave of activity thanks to all participants, our friends abroad, military officers and my friend Andusre.

To achieve my goal of President, and bring everything I can to the office and this region, I need your help and support. You'll see my manifesto and a full comprehensive list of my qualifications just below. I am proud to say I am running for President and hope you will strongly consider voting Brototh for President of Thaecia.

> Deputy Secretary / Deputy Minister of Roleplay: 19/05/2020 - Present
> Member of Parliament (first inaugurated 4th August 2019)
> Senator (first inaugurated 25th January 2020)
> Dep Admin Factbook Administrator (started 7th August 2020)
> Chairman of the Senate (won 31st August 2020)
> Secretary of Defence (confirmed 20th December 2020)

Senator Brototh standing by the Law Registry they just updated with a new law they wrote.
  1. Continue the regional military. We've seen a lot of support here- there's no contest. I hope to get the military a more similar relation to the roleplay, as we have seen recently that informing people that aren't even involved in the military causes risk to operation security (opsec), however I still support Senatorial oversight on the army.

  2. Continuing the WA Office. Recently we've seen a lot more support for a WA program and WA ministry than ever before. The Culture Ministry has done an excellent job setting up this program, and I hope to get it more involved with the Presidency. Recently I've been active in the WA debate, and I will be glad to integrate this program more with the Presidency as long threatened3 by Presidents past. The Presidency has always been the WAD role- it's time for the President to get more WA involved and make Thaecia a greater name in the WA.

  3. Incentivize endorsing the President and endotarting. Many regions hand out awards for endorsing the World Assembly Delegate and other important roles. We've seen a lot of success of these programs in foreign regions, and I will be setting up a program like this handing out awards, such as badges, to those who endorse the President and other important officials in the region. Endotarting is just as important, and we will be continuing the recent campaign that Andusre and others have spearheaded.

  4. Improve the Order of Thaecia. While not directly a Presidential thing- more in the hands of the legislative, it has been a topic long spoken about by Presidential candidates. As I have said before, the Order of Thaecia has become a retirement badge. While everyone who got it certainly has the qualifications for it, the motivation for being nominated is retiring. I plan to, similar to the system I have said above, hand out awards for Thaecians who have made special contributions in the last month. Hopefully, this will make the Order more special while still rewarding everyone for their contributions.

  5. Work closely with our newfound international allies. I will make sure that Thaecia formally and legally joins the Consortium via an international treaty signed by the Senate. While I'm not on board with the idea of a WA Voting Bloc and would rather put Thaecia's interests and the people's vote first, which we will opt-out of if there is one, I am open to any other form of international co-operation with our friends abroad.

  6. Pursue closer diplomatic relations with other regions. The President is often seen by outsiders as the one who calls all the shots. As President and face of the region, I can assure you I will be cool, calm and collected, working close with the Foreign Affairs Minister and others- as I have done as Secretary of Defence- to continue this growth of international friendship brought on by the FAM and crew in the last few months. We want more diplomatic relations with more regions, and to grow a closer bond with them and establish embassies and cooperate more. The more close friends we have, the merrier.

  7. Work closely with the Cabinet. I am a long term Islonia supporter, however I will be glad to work with a Cabinet formed by any other Prime Minister. The Executive branch can only succeed when it has strong cohesion- and I am prepared to work with the Cabinet as much as I can so the government can successfully fulfil her mandate. I will also make sure to work closely with the legislative- being part of it for so long I'm glad to lend them and any hopeful authors my assistance in writing a bill.

  8. Improve Discord welcoming. I had an interesting conversation with Toerana V yesterday. He raised a point that upon being welcomed to the Discord, he did not recieve any form of introduction into the region, which he rightfully believes can be confusing to newcomers, who join through Discord rather than the more conventional means of the RMB, where Zon island does an excellent job. The discord already has Andusre and a few others introducing newcomers to the WA, getting them to endorse TMS, and sometimes dropping a Thaecia Simplified dispatch, but it ends there. An IC body must be doing the welcoming, not a loose and rather unorganised gathering. We complain a lot about inactivity, perhaps a good way to resolve it would be by introducing newcomers to our full form of government and culture through the Discord, which is more interactive and immediate, than the RMB, which is not. This is something I plan to do regardless of electoral victory or not (although it will be harder to set up an IC body if I do not win).

Thank you all for taking the time to read my platform. Again, I hope you will strongly consider voting me for President. If there are any questions you want to ask me, then know that I am ready to take any questions. Vote for whoever's policies you believe in- don't vote based on popularity and endorsements, which is why there is no endorsement section here- as long as you remember to vote!!

1- Korsinia did not actually say that or endorse me, I just wanted another cool song lyric.
2- Link to the Thaecian legislative leaderboard- may be slightly out of date.
3- As far as I can tell, every Thaecian president has promised this but have not personally set it up nor run it. I commend The Marconian State for helping to grow this platform though, I appreciate he listens to our votes and casts his accordingly.


Read dispatch



Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

The Islamic Country of Honourís Roadmap For The Region In The Next Four Months as Prime Minister

This roadmap has been created by The Islamic Country of Honour, the Home Affairs Minister from July 2020 up until now, and a former Senator from August 2019 to October 2019, and again from November 2019, to January 2020

Credit goes to Rivogna for this really nice flag Masha'Allah!

Why I am calling it a roadmap, instead of a manifesto?

Manifestos have in the recent past, gained notoriety for being associated with promises not meant to be kept and just mere election gimmicks, but I donít want it to be like that. I want this dispatch to serve as material that will guide me on how Iíll progress with the mandate I am seeking. I want this dispatch to be a roadmap to the immediate future of our region.

What is my main aim during these four months?

My prime focus will be on fixing the issues concerning our internal affairs. For too long, we have only relied on Foreign Policy and Legislative success to push us ahead, but whatís the use of legislating if we canít build a strong internal core. Whenever one goes to NS Politics on Discord, most would see foreign affairs issues or legislative issues being discussed but itís about time we also finally take the initiative of rejuvenating the Executive through strengthening its internal components. For us to improve on the gains we have made so far Alhamdulillah, itís imperative for us not to become complacent and always focus on improving to the next level. Skyís the limit after all! ! Strengthening ourselves internally will also make us stronger on the foreign stage, so thatís the approach we should take. We canít give a second preference to our internal components anymore.

Explaining the Structure of the Executive

The Cabinet: The cabinet will be the most important organ of the Executive, and thus the main decision-making body of The Executive Branch. The four ministries under it will be the Ministry of Home Affairs, Culture Ministry, and Justice Ministry, and Foreign Affairs Ministry. Each Ministry will be led by a Minister appointed by the Prime Minister and they will be assisted by a Deputy Minister. As Prime Minister, I will encourage my Ministers to prioritize delegating tasks to its staff rather than making two-three people do all the work. This leads to efficiency as the work will be done faster and not only that, it also leads to greater participation of the citizens in the Ministryís works, thus ensuring an engaged citizenry. I will, however, leave it up to the Ministers to determine how they decide to set their Ministry up, as, in my view, they should be given adequate operational independence while the Prime Minister will keep a regular look at the progress of each Ministry to ensure they are putting in their best!

The Secretariats: The Secretariats will be the second-most important branch of the Executive. There will be two secretariats, Secretariat of Role-play and Worldbuilding, and Secretariat of Defense. They will be semi-autonomous organizations, which means theyíll be mostly independent of the Cabinet, and will be allowed to chart their own course by themselves. They will be led by a Secretary, and the Secretary will have the final say on how he/she wishes to organize his/her secretariat. The Prime Minister will only intervene in their affairs if it affects the functioning of any other Ministry of the Cabinet.

The PMO Departments: The PMO Departments will be run directly from the Prime Ministerís Office (PMO) and it will be headed by a person delegated by the PMO. The Head of the Department will not be confirmed by the Congress (which also saves the time of the Congress) and will be appointed by the PM. The PM will be in charge of working out all the details of such departments.

Executive-Wide Initiatives

Develop a decent second-rung of leadership: As we have seen in the last few terms, despite new citizens thronging into our region, we havenít quite been able to shed our dependence on the older citizens to lead the departments/ministries. This might create a big leadership vacuum in the future once these older citizens retire/take a break. Keeping this in mind, Iíll take the initiative to ensure every Ministry develops a contingency plan in case this arises in the future. Every Ministry shall take the initiative to develop two individuals who they feel can take the Ministryís reins in the future and ensure they are prepared to lead a Ministry by the end of their four-month tenures. Theyíll be required to inform the Cabinet of the progress of these two individuals and the Prime Minister will closely monitor it as well. This will ensure we donít have any lack of leadership when we need them the most.

Developing an engaged Executive Staff: As we have seen in the last few months, the interest in serving in the Executive has been at an all-time low, despite sufficient advertising. We need to bring a quick-fix to this as the Executive canít survive without a disengaged and diminishing staff. For this, I plan to create some incentives for them to serve. I plan to create a points-based system where every staff will get a point earned for every task they accomplish and there will be a leadership board created and the top 3 accomplishers will be rewarded at the end of each time period, for say, one month. This will create an environment of excitement and motivate them to participate more, besides, motivating them as well. We also need to remove the perception that the Executive isnít a better career launching pad than the Legislative Branch. The truth is that Primary executive jobs like Ministers, Secretaries, are far more prestigious jobs than Senators/MPs, and Iíll adhere to an informal rule that someone who has never worked in the Executive will not be considered for the post of a Minister. We need to create a perception that the Executive jobs make someone better-prepared for further success in the region, which actually holds true for most of the people in the region.

Transparency: Now I know, this is something that is a bare minimum for any administration that is in place. But still, I wanted to address this issue, as you should know every inch of my possible administrationís policy. Many of the times, the public is not aware of the work/programs a Ministry has been undertaking and creates a gap between the public and the administrators, which should undoubtedly be bridged. Under my watch, each ministry of the cabinet will release a dispatch detailing the works that have been done on their part in the last one month, and this allows the public to know what the Ministries, that are integral organs of the Executive, are up-to. Monthly reports will be sent out for each Ministry on the 7th of every month!

Legislative-Executive Relations: I strongly believe that if there exist any legal issues which need to be solved by amending/creating a law, the first thing that the Ministry should do is establish contact with the elected lawmakers and work on a solution to the existing problem. I am a strong proponent for legislative-executive relations, and believe both the branches should work together when we have an issue on hand that concerns both the branches, rather than one branch sidestepping the other. That being said, in the recent past, I have seen legislators voting for bills that force Executives to implement ideas that they donít have any plan for. My message to those legislators: ďIf you want to ensure your executive ideas are implemented, work in the Executive. You canít expect to sit in the Congress and change the Executive from thereĒ If the legislators donít hesitate to steamroll their ideas onto us, I wonít also hesitate to veto the bill if I can. There should be co-operation between both the branches. Period.


Secretariat of Defense
My stance on the alignment of our Military: I strongly believe that the military should be independent when the issue of alignment comes to fore. As a region whoís just newly experimenting with a military, which has since received much public support in the past few days, we should give the Military the flexibility to operate and choose its own alignment, and if we declare a stance early on without even experimenting, it might undo months and years of hard-work. Without experiment or taking a look first, we canít decide what the best is for us, and whatís best for other regions might not be the best for us.

Continuing our co-operation with militaries of our allies: Itís worth noting that only a tiny percentage of the people in the region, has adequate knowledge about R/D, and given the rising interest in the military, we need to give the new participants in our military sufficient experience which can be attained only through co-operation and collaborating with allies who have had militaries for years now. The military of Thaecia is in infant stages, and we need ample experience before we can organize a large operation on our own.

Work on citizenship reforms to ensure the Military personnel donít face problems with the citizenship:
I am going to admit, something we all know, that when the citizenship system was decided, the authors didnít keep in mind the possible addition of a regional military, due to which the current citizenship system heavily disfavors those who serve in our regional military. Within a week of assuming office InshaíAllah, Iíll seek to sit with all the stakeholders in this issue, the Military, the Home Affairs Ministry and the Legislators, and find a solution to this significant problem by the time the midterms strike. For our military to succeed, itís imperative we create a fair environment for them.

Secretariat of Roleplay and Worldbuilding

This secretariat wonít experience much of a change from the running tenure, except for one glaring one. The Prime Minister and the Cabinet, will not interfere in the affairs concerning this secretariat. I have however decided to add the worldbuilding aspect to the secretariat, giving it an official recognition which will help it to attract more residents while also opening up one more way to get involved in the region for those who are interested. The only change, thus, will be official recognition of the unofficial regional worldbuilding which has been going on for some time.

The Cabinet

The Ministry of Home Affairs

Increasing the proportion of manually sent recruitment telegrams
Manual recruitment not only has the advantage that it doesnít involve the spending of IRL money, but itís also much more effective. Manually sent recruitment telegrams are more likely to reach the newly created nations faster than the stamp and API telegrams, and thus our conversion rate will undoubtedly be higher for manual tgs and weíll also get to recruit a higher number of nations InshaíAllah. Now, I understand the apathy of the people to participate in it. So, Iíll take a top-to-down approach, Iíll highly encouraged my appointed Ministers and Secretaries to send atleast 10-20 manual telegrams a day, and perhaps, will encourage the Congress to take up such an initiative, so once the common citizens see the top brass of the region engage themselves in these, theyíll also be encouraged to participate. And manually sent recruitment telegram is the safest choice at any time. For example, in our region, itís safe to say 75-80% of the stamps donated to us are from Andusre, but if for some reasons, he would have to stop that for some time, imagine the decline in recruits, even though we have an API recruitment program running at the same time. So, itís imperative we lessen our reliance on stamp telegrams and switch a little bit to manual recruitment.

Improving on the Data and Statistics Departments
I can say from my experience, the Data and Statistics Department has helped me a lot when making decisions, and most importantly, it helps in assessing the progress we as a region have made in terms of WA population growth and everything. It also helps in ensuring transparency as the citizens can now judge the performance our region in recruitment and can raise concerns based on that. Iíll absolutely continue that, and will also add more cool stuff to it, like graphs, charts, bars and many more graphics, InshaíAllah! This will help in allowing the citizens to compare the stats more easily and will help to raise their interest in checking these stuff out more.

Extending the Welcome Teamís operations to Discord
Both, Mr. Toerana and Mr. Brototh, had raised the suggestion that our welcoming new nations initiative should be expanded to Discord as well since a significant number of players make their way to our region through our server, and they might fail to receive the same level of welcome the people who join through NS, get and this is unfair for them, when they could be as valuable as the members we get through the conventional ways. Itíll function in the same way as the RMB Welcome Team does, with a set number of nations assigned to assist them through their initial stages of their life in Thaecia.

The Justice Ministry

Revamping the Bar Council Exams and the Bar itself in co-operation with the relevant authorities
Nowadays, bar council exams are just a mere formality. However, it should not be like that. We need to ensure every attorney is well-qualified and will be able to serve any client they are asked to. IRL, Bar Council Exams are usually the most competitive exams out there and a place in the council is of high prestige, but itís not that case in Thaecia. So, the Justice Ministry will work with the relevant authorities and make the exams a lot more competitive, there will not be just some straightforward MCQs, but hypothetical case questions, to which theyíll answer what they should do and why, and many more challenging questions! Thatíll also generate some much-needed interest in our judicial affairs and improve the quality of our attorneys.

A separate team to monitor the legality of any law passed, and any possible interpretational problems
At times, we see that, some very vague sections/sub-sections exist, which can be interpreted in a way most of the people or the author didnít intend it to be, for example, the earlier clause about the reduction of the Congress. At the same time, we sometimes also notice that there are some issues with the legality of some bills which have already passed the Congress without the congressmen noticing the flaw. The Law Ministry will have a team whoíll skim through the bills and see if any legal problem might arise out of them, and search for solutions or reach out to the Court for further rulings.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Continuing with our efforts to strengthen relations with like-minded regions and the expansion of our presence on the foreign arena
In the last 7-8 months, we went from having an isolationist foreign policy to having embassies with some of the largest and most prestigious regions, so itís safe to say itís one sector I am highly pleased with, credit to the authorities responsible for it in the last 8 months. Iíll not seek a change in that status and will continue the efforts currently being carried out by the Foreign Ministry to boost relations with our allies, and at the same time, build relations with more regions at the same time. Isolationism is a thing of the past, and we are certainly not going to look back!

Creation of a scouting team to check for regions who have the same ideology as us and with whom, we can establish relations
NationStates has a huge number of large sized UCRs(with 150-200+ nations), and we have established regions with only a slight percentage of those regions, and itíll be very difficult for the Foreign Minister to search and vet these regions, besides doing the bureaucratic works he/she is supposed to deal with, so a scouting team can assist him and the Foreign Affairs council, in working on this side. This idea was proposed by Tavallo, back then, I had opposed the bill because I felt and I still feel the Legislative Branch shouldnít legalise something which can be done by the Executive without a law instead, and doesnít force successive executives to add a department they might not have plans for, but in theory, the idea was a pretty good one, which I am looking forward to seeing in the next Foreign Affairs Ministry InshaíAllah.

The Culture Ministry

Events every three-four days, not only during special occasions!
To keep our citizens entertained, the role of the Culture Ministry is imperative. To ensure this, we need to have an all-week or all-month schedule detailing the events being planned to be undertaken so the citizens can know when they can look forward to the events and remain motivated for the whole time. And at the same time, we need to ensure every citizen are actually made aware of the events that are gonna take place, and thus proper advertising also needs to be conducted at the same time. Weíll also at the same time, have a Cultural Affairs Council, whoíll be responsible for chalking out the plans and proposing new ideas!

Cultural Exchange Tours
As you know, cultural affairs needs an influx of ideas at all times, and these might be provided by Cultural Exchange tours to other regions, by this, our sponsored citizens can travel to an assigned region and witness the cultural events that region holds and take the positives from it, and suggest it to us. At the same time, weíll also have some cultural exchange tourists from foreign regions, which also lets them know more about Thaecia and also plays a role in making us known to more and more people!

The PMO Departments


ThaeciaU, like the Thaecian Military, has had a rocky start since its inception and like how the Military was removed at one point, many people are also asking for its suspension. But itís an institution which is worth a final try, it might be that the ThaeciaU could face a resurgence in its fate just like the TEA InshaíAllah. I am however removing it as a Ministry, as I donít believe, there should be a ministry to oversee one single institution (the university), the Congress will also not have to confirm an additional Minister and thus will have its time saved and also, having it as a PMO department will also allow us to have much more flexibility in handling it.

It will not be as huge and widely-targeted as it was in the first stages of the inception of the ThaeciaU. It will mainly focus on educating the newly created nations on these courses: Thaecian Laws, Foreign Affairs, Recruitment, History. The History Course will consist of a factbook, and once the factbook is read, there will be an exam taken at the end, consisting of MCQs and Short Questions. Recrutiment and Foreign Affairs courses will have a teacher-to-students interaction model, meaning the classes will be held through text messages where the teacher will provide the lesson and students will ask their questions and respond accordingly. Meanwhile, for the Thaecian Law, Iíll discuss with the Justice Ministry and decide what the best way to impart the lessons is. This will help to ensure the new nations are aware of almost 75% of the things that goes on in Thaecia and makes them capable officers in the future.

The concept of an educational institute has helped some, like Nova Anglicum, as they said they learnt a lot from the educational factbooks, so by not abolishing it, Iíll be ensuring future newcomers are provided with an institution that ensures they are up-to-date with all the things in Thaecia InshaíAllah, if this pilot run succeeds, it will play a huge role in developing our future leaders and strengthening our internal affairs.

Finishing Lines

The next few months are gonna be vital for us, itís the last full tenure before the summer slump, so we should make sure we make the best out of it! If you liked the ideas and the roadmap I have created, make sure to support me InshaíAllah, but most importantly, make the right choice! May Allah bless you all :)

Read factbook

Reelect Ashlawn!

About Me
I have been on NationSates since 2014 and joined Thaecia just over a year ago. During that time I've been an active member of the community by participating in regional discussion and activities. I was a member of the Government Site Team and Managing Editor and a political writer for the Federal Post. Once elected to the Senate I served as Deputy Chairman following the passage of the updated Senate Procedures. Following the resignation of Chairman Brototh I was elected to the position of Senate Chair. I also served as the Deputy Home Affairs Minister during The Bigtopia's term as PM. I founded the Thaecian Globalist Party in July which seeks to expand Thaecia's presence on the world stage.

Ideas, Policies, and Accomplishments
Citizen's Legislature
  • I strongly oppose a Citizen's Legislature. I feel that it would not be well organized while also decreasing overall participation in Legislative Politics and general activity. Overall I think a Citizen's Legislature is not a good idea.

    Thaecian Military

  • Despite being one of two Senators who opposed to original MCA I have changed my opinion. Over time the military has been proven to be something many Thaecians enjoy without the potential risks I worried about when I originally opposed it. Therefore I now fully support keeping our military. I also support maintaining our military's current unaligned status.

    The Legislature's Role in Military

  • I support the removal of the Legislature's ability to stop Operations. With operations being decided by experienced military and foreign affairs officials, the main reason why I supported the inclusion of this ability is gone. Furthermore, the recent efforts by some to prevent ops solely on ideological grounds has proven that these decisions should be left to the experts in Thaecian defense and foreign policy. I also now support removing the requirement that the legislature should be pre-informed about ops because if the ability to block ops was removed, informing the legislature would only pointlessly increase the threat to the security of the Operation

    WA Efforts for Thaecia

  • I believe an important aspect of trying to increase Thaecia's standing and influence on the international stage is the WA. I will try to encourage and help Thaecian citizens when writing their proposals for the WA. My goal is to create a community within Thaecia that can aid aspiring authors by providing suggestions for proposals they may have. I support the creation of a WA Ministry and the current WA efforts in Thaecia such as the WA program on the discord server.

    Judicial Terms

  • I support Judicial Terms as I feel this would keep justices active and accountable to the Thaecian people without forcing representatives to take the extreme option of impeachment.

    RP Legislation

  • I do not support allowing RP Legislation in the Thaecian Legislature. I think that RP Legislation would only clog up the system, delaying Senators and MPs from passing important legislation at a time when some chambers are already struggling to work through their dockets.

  • None

    If you have any comments or questions please don't hesitate to send me a TG or DM on discord.
    Read dispatch

    Hi! ^-^

    My name is Dendrobium, big nerd, professional idiot, member of Solidarity, and current Senator in the Thaecian Senate, and I am seeking re-election. In this factbook I will give a short explanation of who I am and why you should vote for me. So sit back, take a snack and a drink (stay hydrated), and allow me to begin.

    As mentioned, I am Dendrobium. Some of you might not know me (that well), so to briefly summarize: I have been in Thaecia for exactly one year now (give or take) and have been a Senator for 8 consecutive months of that. Being a member of Solidarity, I am a person who is open to progressive and positive reform, and have been advocating for that for quite some time now. My favorite color is rainbow and my favorite number is triangle.

    • In the last few months in the Senate, countless of bills have been discussed, amended and voted on. Those who have had the (dis)pleasure of sharing their term with me will probably tell you I have participated in nearly all of them in some way; from holding fierce debates on treaties, to proposing amendments left and right, to arguing for and against certain changes brought before us, heck, I think I even proposed an amendment during a voting periode one time, accidentally exploiting some rules and extending time spent on the bill that way... That was fun... Point is, I'm an active Senator and when re-elected intend to remain as active as I can possibly be!

    • Thaecia is more than just a region on this silly site: it's a community. A community of some of the best people I have met and in which I am very active (at least I like to think so). Everyday I try to take a look in the discord or RMB, to hang out, chat with people, share some memes, tell Andy to go to sleep, ... The list goes on! Now this doesn't simply mean I have too much spare time and desperately need to find a hobby, it also means everyday I come close to the people who make up this wonderful region and who I, as Senator, am supposed to represent. Though, thinking of it, I should probably find a hobby as well...

    • Lately a lot of new political parties have sprung up, to the point I can't even keep track of them, and I'm assuming some of you can't either. So saying x-party is bad and y-party is good has no good purpose (although we all know TRP Solidarity is the best one ;) ). For that reason, as I have been doing during my last two terms, I will not be voting or debating based on party, but based on content. If a bill is bad, it gets a big ol' Nay; if a bill is good, sure, slap an Aye on that baby. There is no point to toxicity based on one's allignment, and toxicity is something I nor Soldarity stand for. What I do stand for, is positivity, progress, co-operation and good vibes. Conclusion, if you vote for me, good vibes are guaranteed.

    So, uh, yea... That's about it really... Tada! If there is anything you should remember from all this, it is that I have been at least half a decent Senator for the last few months and voting for me means four more months of me being a fool and bringing some positive, progressive, much-needed change to the Senate. Stay hydrated, stay healthy, check your posture, and have a wonderful rest of your day.

    (Dendrobium asking you nicely to vote for them)

    Read factbook


    I'm Ermica, running for Senate this time!
    As someone who has some experience in Thaecian government, I am trying to run for Senate under the TCU. I have been fortunate enough to serve as Assistant Electoral Commissioner, 3 term MP, and Shadow Speaker of the House of Commons. I'm always willing to help any Thaecian in need, and I would love to continue serving the region that has given me so much. As always, feel free to contact me through telegram or on Discord.

    Ermica smashing libs on the Discord server

    I chose to join the Thaecian Conservative Union because I believe it represents my views the best. Personally, I value transparency and honesty over all else when it comes to elected officials. That's why I will explain a few of my beliefs to you, the people of Thaecia.

    -Foreign Policy: I am an isolationist. While I think interregional cooperation has some positives, I think that Thaecian interests and struggles should always come first.
    -Congressional Confirmations: I support moving judicial confirmations to the House and Minister confirmations to the Senate. This change would speed up the House and improve efficiency.
    -Recruitment: I support current recruitment efforts.

    I want to make the Senate as effective as it can be. We've seen some petty behavior and a lack of dignity among some elected officials in the past, and I want the Senate to be a place of respect and cooperation. Vote for Ermica, for a better Senate.

    Read factbook


    Pap Sculgief for the Senate

    I'm Pap sculgief, but you can call me Pap. I'm running for the Senate this by-election after taking a brief break from the gamee, however I'm back and will put my all into serving the region. Hopefully, you all have a general knowledge of me, but in case you didn't know, I've been in the region since February last, and have been trying my best to help the region grow and progress in multiple positions in the region and so I feel that I am the right fit for the Senate.

    My experience
    7 months of Congressional experience
    Since the February election last year in which I was elected to the House of Commons, I have spent a collective total of 7 months in Congress in Thaecia. I started off in the House of Commons in which I learnt how the region worked and built up my reputation. I then was elected to the Senate in July 2020 in a by-election, and joined an amazing group of Senators in creating one of the most efficient and effective Senates weíve seen. We got through bills quickly, while making sure that every bill that came our way was properly scrutinised before we thought about passing it.

    Mark made on Thaecian Law
    In the more recent bills passed by Congress, you can see my name on many bills as either a sponsor, amender, or even author. During my time in Congress, I learnt the trade, and used it effectively, amending bills to ensure that they are the best they can be, or even writing a bill that creates a completely new procedure in the region. You can see my name on many bills including, unfortunately, the House Committees Act, but also the Executive Branch Impeachable Offences Act, and you can see the bill that I authored - LR.041 - The Thaecian Petitioning Act. I donít intend to stop there and I know how to write an effective bill, meaning Iím ready for the job!

    My Policies
    Efficiency and Activity
    7 months in the legislature, and I never missed a vote. I want this to stay the same this term. I'm already active in and around the region, so you can trust me to stay active and always put my point of view in. Efficiency will also be at the forefront of me and my campaign, I will focus on making sure that bills are passed quickly, by putting my views across quickly and not proposing unnecessary amendments that slow down business. While speed is a focus, it doesnít mean that I wonít read everything carefully and make sure that bills are the best that they can be.

    Reforming the procedures of the chambers of congress
    As a Senator, I intend to amend the House and Senate Procudure Acts. There is lots of unnecessary things in it that need to be removed. For example, why do we have a Shadow Speaker and Deputy Speakers? They are remnants of our party-centric past and one of them needs to go. I also donít get why caucuses are mentioned in the bills, again, something from our past, where parties were key parts of our political system. These bits need to be removed to get rid of unnecessary bureaucracy.

    Properly define a regional emergency
    Our constitution mentions a regional emergency and defines it very poorly, exposing it to manipulation if a situation arises that needs it. A regional emergency should be properly defined so we know what exactly what to do in the case of an emergency. As a Senator, I will seek to amend the constitution to ensure that a regional emergency is properly defined and the procedure to calling an emergency is also properly defined. This will ensure future stability.

    Working closely with fellow colleagues and the public
    As a Senator, I will no doubt be looking to work with fellow Senators on bill ideas or potential amendments to maximise my ability in the chamber. I did this in my July-October 2020 term and it proved incredibly successful, and so I am clearly capable of this. As well as working with Senators, I want to work with the MPs across the pond and the general public, because they are the ones who are able to submit bills to legislature. Working the MPs will be really important, because it will make the legislature more efficient and allow me to understand the views of those working on bills and amendments, and vice versa. The sharing of ideas is very valuable.

    Closing Words
    The Senate is a tough chamber to work in, and I know that, but I feel that I am the right fit for this chamber. My experience and record over the last year proves my congressional capability, showing that I am ready to step up once again and take a seat in the chamber. And also, to all the new members of the region, if you want to get involved, run for an office! I canít stress how important it is to run for an office, because if you do get elected you get invaluable experience that provides you the stepping stone to you getting involved more! So try it! Go on! Anyway to finish off, please vote me to the Senate this election. Thanks![/b]

    If you do feel like publicly showing your support for me this campaign, drop me a DM or TG saying you want to endorse me!
    Read dispatch


    Greetings Thaecia, how are you all doing? What? You don't know me?
    Well, I'm Clarance and I recently joined this great region.

    Someone could say that I do not particularly belong here, or that I am unfit for running in a public election so early... but here I am, standing still and proud to publicly announce my intention to run for a seat in the House of Commons in the upcoming General Election. As I stated before, many of you do not know me, so I am happy to leave here few things about me you may (or not ahaha) be interested in:

    • I am an undergraduate student of Global Humanities (aka History and Literature);

    • My favourite colour is green

    • I am Italian <3<3<3

    If you are interested in my campaign or just would like to talk with me, feel free to send me a telegram here on NationStates or write a DM to my Discord account (Clarance#1813);


    I usually check both profiles with constance, but, as I live in Europe, remember that I may be asleep in the middle of the night while you are having lunch XD

    Believing in Clarance, Believing in the NTN

    One question you may ask is: "Clarance, why should I vote for you?"; well here you have some important features which may interest you:
    • I am NEW: I would like to deeply engage in a beneficial and favourable reenactment of our region's institutions and policies, still maintaining a fresh perspective. I also think to retain sufficient knowledge about our regional laws: I studied Thaecia's Constitution and I passed several hours scrolling official documents and deliberations in our regional Library of Congress;

    • I am PROFOUNDLY ACTIVE: I am usually available both on NationStates and Discord, even if, as I said before, I will be more active during European daytime (CET) so you will be more able to find me between the morning and mid-afternoon in EST (7 AM - 7 PM). I will be delighted to listen to everybody's ideas and proposals and I am really open for debate;

    • I am currently serving as Ambassador for our MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS, representing our region in Wintercrest and I also cover the position of PUBLIC ATTORNEY for the Thaecian Bar Association. I consider myself to retain good social capabilities and satisfactory experience in diplomacy.

    Furthermore, I formally state that I will run this campaign as a an official candidate of the New Thaecia Now's party (the program of the party will be available at the end of this manifesto). To get more information follow the official profiles of the party on both NS and Discord (both provided at the end of this manifesto).


    Clarance's proposals and beliefs

    Radical Reduction of Congress (I sustain the CRA):
    It appears evident that both chambers of our congress need a fundamental reduction of legislators; by reducing the number of members of the House to 11 and senators to 7 we could effectively revitalise our political elections, making them more competitive and interesting;


    Outlaw military operations during elections (amend L.R.040):
    Everybody should be able to be represented and have the possibility of representing their sustainers in a democratic system: by discouraging people to participate in military operations during election periods we enhance democracy and strengthen its foundations by granting everybody the opportunity to vote and run in any sort of election;


    Strengthening of the Separation of Powers in regional politics (amend L.R.004):
    I am a firm advocate of the separation of powers' principle and, in my opinion, both members of the House and Senators should be completely prevented from occupying any sort of executive post; for this reason I propose to amend the Position Restrictions Act, by impeding congressmen from filling the post of deputy ministers (or at least preventing Congresspersons which cover an executive role from voting in favour of bills related to the executive). I furthermore propose to make compulsory the appointment of deputies by Ministers once they have been chosen by the Prime Minister and before the congressional confirmation; by doing this deputies will have the power of fully cover an interim position if required to do so. For me, the core issues for further strengthening democratic governance are to be found with reinforcing checks and balances on power: more effective legislative and judicial branches and increased transparency and accountability. In my opinion, the focus of a good and healthy democracy should not reside in the executive, but, on the other hand, in enhanced capacities and operations of both the legislative and judicial branches of power.


    Reformation of the Justice System:
    First of all, Justices should have a term (ideally between 4 and 6 months), while also be held accountable by the legislature with a vote of confirmation and, if re-appointed, reconfirmation. I am in favour of the transfer of the ability of appointing justices from the Prime Minister to the President, even if I would like to completely redesign the judicial branch of government's appointment process, always following the principle of separation of powers and reinforcing the independence of our judicial system;


    Creation of a new educational program for newcomers;
    As a newcomer myself, I think Thacia should have a dedicated program for the supervision and education of newcomers in the realms of our regional politics: I herby suggest the establishment of a devoted series of dispatches and factbooks which could be organised under the supervision of the Home Affairs Ministry and with the involvement of other ministries as well.


    This is a rather short list of cursory points, but I promise I will initiate and propose also other types of bills, sustaining the political flourishing life of our region


    The following nations have chosen to endorse Clarance in the incoming House of Commons General Election:

    Primo Order
    The Islamic Country of Honour
    Nova anglicum
    Indian genius
    Labouristic london
    Serenissima Res Publica Sancti Marini

    Endorsements: 7 (work in progress)


    Read factbook


    Hello Thaecia! I am Mardis and I am running for the House of Commons. I am a member of the Thaecian Bar Association and I am also involved in the Ministry of Home Affairs. I am active and am committed to serving Thaecia in the House of Commons.
    If you have any question please send me a telegram or DM me on discord. I check both frequently and will get back to you as quickly as possible.

    Domestic Policy
    ēReduction of the house to 11 and senate to 7 to create more competitive elections
    ēTo create a education department under the Home Affairs Ministry to better educate the newer citizens of Thaecia about the region and its government.
    ēTo have less RP legislation and to pass legislation that actually improves the region and creates new laws
    ēTo create 6 month terms for justices with a re-confirmation after the term. This will work to increase the activity of the court.

    Foreign Policy
    ēTo increase use of Thaemperial army in both defending and raiding, support military manifesto
    ēEncourage involvement in the WA and to increase our activity in the WA
    ēIncrease recruitment efforts including manual recruitment, stamps and API

    If you want to endorse me send me a telegram or DM me.
    Primo Order
    Zon island
    Read factbook

    Nova Anglicum for House of Commons!
    Hello Thaecians! I am Nova anglicum, here to run for House of Commons as part of the New Thaecia Now party. I am currently a Welcome Officer in the Home Affairs ministry, the head of the Thaecian Citizenship Verification Team, and a member of the Thaecian Bar Association. I have also helped reword the Thaecian Law Registry. I will work hard to ensure Thaecia is a fun region for everyone. If you want to endorse me or have any questions, telegram or message me on Discord
    Domestic Policy
    • A constitutional amendment establishing a 6 month term for Justices that requires a reconfirmation once the term is over to ensure accountability while ensuring the court isn't influenced by politics.

    • Reduction of the House to 11 and Senate to 7

    • Creating an act that if a Member of Congress resigns within 18 days of the time their term elapses, the seat will remain vacant until the general election

    • Making Education a part of the Home Affairs Ministry and updating education factbooks to help train newcomers

    • Creating a Department of Labor under the HAM which would provide job opportunities and help Thaecians get involved

    • More RP legislation

    Foreign Policy
    • Support for the Thaempirial Army as laid out by the Military Manifesto

    • Encouraging involvement in World Assembly and continued support for the World Assembly Office

    • Increased use of manual recruitment

    Telegram or DM me to be added!

    Read factbook

    Hi, I'm Primo Order,
    I'm in Thaecia from April 2020 and I want to do more for this fantastic region;
    I am already trying to improve this region as a volunteer in various sectors, recruiter, soldier, Honorable Attorney (member of Thaecian Bar Association) and member of Thaecian Citizenship Verification Team, but I feel that it is not enough, I feel that I want to do more and it is with that that I have the honor and the joy to announce that: I will run for the general elections of The House of Commons of February 2021 as a member of New Thaecia Now!
    I am really willing and eager to improve change this region for the better, I will leverage every single day as a member of parliament to improve and learn more and thus serve all of you better by gaining more and more experience.

    Personal Informations!
    italian, so I use the LinkCET, Central European Time!
    -As you will notice my favourite color is red!
    In a year that I am in the (declining) region I have really seen a lot of improvement and I believe that if we we're able to do what we have done in one year in my entire term as a member of parliament with my support and involvement we will be able to do much more and make this region shine like a diamond among the multity of regions that exist in NationStates and I believe that the only way to achieve this is to really put the maximum effort into it and not waste any second on our layout.
    During my term there will be two topics on which I will focus my work:
    1.Strengthening the Democracy; Yes, you heard right, I think that we need to boost it because with the help of my Strengthening the Democracy plan, I'll make sure that everyone's voices are heard;
    2.Maybe you've already figured it out, it's Decreasing the Bureaucracy; the bureaucracy slows down our work and, eliminating a few unnecessary procedures, we will be even more efficient, to return to serve you better and to improve the region. An example of what I would approve as a law that decrease the bureaucracy is the Congressional Reduction Act and all the laws related to it.
    3.As my slogan says,(New People, New Horizons!) Pro-Newcomers Laws, because in this period I have seen how difficult it is for a newcomer to understand everything, go look for documents, read them all, have someone explain them to them and find them when they don't find them; I spent a week like this with a newcomer (Clarance heheh) who wanted to know everything about thaecia (history, politics, elections, laws, constitution etc.) and it seemed to be at war: clearly something needs to be done, that's why I personally support and promote this type of policy.
    In the previous paragraph I talked about the main topics on which I will focus my work in the House of Commons, but now I will go into the specifics and present my bills:

    Proposals To Reach New Horizons


    Reduction of Congress (Congressional Reduction Act)

    Decreasing the Bureaucracy

    Re-structure and Re-design of ministries (like Judiciary Reform Act)

    Decreasing the Bureaucracy/Strengthening the Democracy

    Strengthening the L.R.004 Position Restriction Act

    Strengthening the Democracy

    Outlaw military operations during elections (amend L.R.040 Military Commission Act)

    Strengthening the Democracy

    Re-structure of the Newcomers Introduction System

    Pro-Newcomers Laws

    Here is a list of the nations that have decided to endorse me (Telegram me on NationStates or DM me on Discord to be added to the list, my nicknames are written at the bottom of this manifesto):
    Nova anglicum
    Indian genius
    The Islamic Country of Honour
    Western Mediterranea
    Endorsements: 11
    Having said that, I urge all of you to vote for me because the first step to reach our goal is to insert new faces in our politics because many of them really have many original and interesting ideas but not having the same experience as other names already known in Thaecia do not come highly regarded or in some cases have issues with the disorganised introduction of them in Thaecian Politics.
    #New People, New Horizons!
    Feel free to DM or TG me with any and all questions!

    -Primo Order in NS and Primo Order#1201 in LinkDiscord
    Read dispatch

    Rhyssua for HoC! Again!

    by Rhyssuan peoples

    Rhyssuan Peoples for House of Commons! Again!

    Who am I?

    The short answer is: I'm Rhyssuan Peoples/Rhyssua

    But you probably don't want the short answer, so here's the long one (my resume, if you will).

    -I was an Associate Justice of the High Court from its inception until late August 2019 I believe.

    -After Saint Ryvern's resignation, I was confirmed as Chief Justice, where I served from then until late March/early April 2020.

    -Then, President Titanne approached me with an urgent request: he needed an Electoral Commissioner to replace Terentiland, who was retiring. I figured that I might as well step up and serve the region I loved, so I agreed.

    -I didn't particularly like being EC, but I made sure that the transition from me to Dizgovzy was as smooth as possible. After briefly serving as an Assistant Commissioner, I ran for House of Commons in May and served one term as an MP and Deputy Speaker.

    What do I stand for?

    -As you probably know, I'm the founder and chairman of New Thaecia Now. As a result, many of the ideas and policies I'm campaigning on are reflected in NTN's official manifesto, found here:


    However, there are some areas where I deviate from the party. High priorities that I will put front and center as NTN's House Caucus leader and MP are displayed in the next section; the rest of these are to help you get a general profile of me as a candidate.

    -I'm pro-military. NTN was founded upon the desire to engage its citizens and draw potential recruits. The Thaempirial Army is a lot of fun for the people involved and raises our profile on the website. While maintaining the balance between operational security and congressional oversight is tricky, it's an essential part of our democracy and an effort must be made by both TEA and the legislature to be accountable, forthright, and communicative.

    -I support an 11-7 congress (11 MPs, 7 Senators). It's critical to making our elections more competitive, and while I have some misgiving about trying to force through a congressional reduction right before an election, it's still sorely needed. I say 11-7 to preserve the differences between the chambers (my inner bicameralist shining through I guess).

    -I support all the things that everyone else supports, but while others might stretch this out into half their manifesto I'll keep it brief. Rule of law, equality, liberty, etc. I mean seriously, who doesn't support this stuff?

    What will I do if elected?

    -Pass the Yogurt Viscosity Act. It's time our yogurt received proper regulation and oversight; I don't want my yogurt to have the consistency of either soup or cheese. It's time to give this region the yogurt it deserves!

    -Work with the High Court to fix our judiciary and legal code. I wholeheartedly support Senator Brototh's proposed revision of the legal code. Furthermore, recent events have shown our judiciary is in need of a drastic overhaul. While much of this needs to be accomplished within the High Court (like ending precedents that prevent the justices from hearing cases), there's work the legislature needs to do as well. The Court Procedures need a revamp, and sections of them should be encoded into law, such as the definitions of pleas and a guide to sentencing.

    -Support the Culture Ministry in any way I can. While Antenion is doing a great job as CM, I firmly believe that the Culture Ministry is a sleeping giant in terms of regional activity, participation, and fun. Any way I can help from the House, I will do so. Regional media, contests, games, and other things all create a stronger sense of community within the region.

    -Be as transparent as possible. "But Rhyssua!" I'm sure you're saying. "The government is already transparent!"

    Well yes. However, for every bill that comes to the table, I'll publish my opinions on not only the HoC/Senate rmb, but also the discord and regional rmb. This would encourage discussion amongst ordinary citizens, and help people know what we're up to in the House/Senate.

    -Be a capable, active, and productive legislator!

    Endorsement List (Telegram or DM me to endorse my campaign!)

    -Zon island


    Read dispatch


    Who are you?


    I am Sma Cyrillic, also known as Shadow or Eastern Alksearia. (Commonly as Shadow) I have been in NS since May of 2020. I hold citizenship here in Thaecia and in TEP (The East Pacific)

    Why are you running for Thaecian House of Commons?

    Simple, I enjoy being in the legislature. I have experience being a Magister over in TEP, and I want to bring my experience over here and help draft laws. Plus, I find laws to be fun, and so, why wouldn't I want to?

    Okay, that's cool and all, but what are you running on? What are your goals?

    First of all, I want to keep the House and the Senate at their current size. Representation matters, and as Thaecia is founded the principle of democracy, decreasing the Legislature would be counter-intuiative.

    Second, I would work within the House to KEEP the Thaeimpirial Army going. Military and participating in R/D is a big way of drawing people into a region. If we wish to continue working on growth and expanding as a region, this is important. We need opportunities to be involved within the region to attract people.

    Third, (and I am fully guilty of this), I want to go through Thaecian Law...all of it, and see if there are ways of condensing or simplifying what is already present and seeing where there is room to improve. Nothing will be "perfect", there are no perfect laws, but I do want to help close a couple loopholes and simplify and streamline everything.

    Fourth, I want to be involved within the region. Thaecia is an amazing region, and I'm so glad to have been a diplomat, and now a resident here. To me, this is a great way of getting involved.

    Lastly, I DO NOT plan on joining any political party. Honestly, I rather vote the way my conscious says and I also rather stay impartial for now. Maybe the next time I run.

    Do you have any endorsements?

    These are the people endorsing me:
    The Islamic Country of Honour

    Send me a DM on Discord (SirShadow110#6385) or Telegram me if you wanna add your name to the list!

    Thank you for reading through this. I know it is pretty baron, but hey, I'm a simple man. Have a great day!

    Read factbook

    1: On Democracy

    Democracy is an art, a beautiful, simple, piece of art. Our democracy is under attack. Not from any person, not from any group, but from our own complacency. I need not inform you how many people believe similar to myself, you already know. I need not tell you any of this, yet I will.

    Many take it for granted that we have such a robust, functioning democracy in Thaecia. When not spending time thinking of it, I know that I do. How often do we stand in wonder that our small community has such a great democratic system? I know that I do not do it nearly enough.

    In the following series of essays I will attempt to convince you of many things, but above all, you must believe in Democracy.

    2: On Myself

    Bad title aside, who exactly am I?

    Many words could describe who I am: wannabe philosopher, religiously political, pretentious startup. They all have varying degrees of truth.

    To label my political beliefs concisely, Iím something of a Democratic Trotskyist. I want to state this early on, so that people understand why I believe the things I believe.

    To label my philosophical beliefs concisely, Iím something of an Optimistic Nihilist. I know that makes no sense, ask me about it if you are curious.

    3. On My Beliefs, and How they will Affect Thaecia in the Event I become MP again.

    I believe in many things. I believe democracy is the greatest thing humanity has ever created, I believe capitalism is the worst. I believe that every person should be represented, and I believe that professionals can often represent them better than the average individual could. I believe that most governments overreach their authority, and I believe that the people should define what a governmentís authority is. I believe that all people are equal, and I believe that people who ensure the continuity of societyís inequality deserve punishment. I believe that if a situation can be made better, then it is all peopleís moral duty to ensure that the situation is made so.

    I believe that Thaecia is a wonderful place, full of wonderful people. I believe that Thaecia can be better, and I believe my ideas can do this.

    I believe that I have said ďI believeĒ a few too many times.

    4. On Policy

    The Thaecian constitution is in need of amendments. Please clap. Nearly every candidate will say the same thing, and nearly all of them will do nothing about it.

    The following sections will be dense in policy changes, I encourage reading if you care, and skipping if you donít.

    Early on in the constitution (Section IV, which will be referred to as S.4) they refer to the House and the Senate as the Upper and Lower Chambers of Congress. The implication is clear, maybe. For the sake of consistency we must fix it.

    The Idea of a ďRegional EmergencyĒ is ill-defined. So poorly is it defined, Iím not exactly sure what would merit its declaration. Given how this gives the president authority to ban, this is bad. Must be fixed. (personally I would remove it and leave all bans up to a vote, but thatís just me) S.1.5; S.1.5.1

    S.2.2 Says all bills must reach a majority vote in the House before it is sent to the Senate, where it must receive ďthe same majority.Ē Clearly it doesnít want the exact same percentage of vote in order to pass, but if we are to take the constitution at its word that would be what we had to do. Must be revised.

    The Vice President, and ministers, are appointed positions. (they have to be approved by the House, sure, but theyíre still appointed) Positions such as these must be elected. The Vice President should be the immediate runner up in the presidential election, to ensure that the executive is not an echo chamber of the Presidentís creation.

    There should be a universal manner in which we write legislature.

    There should be more involvement from non Governmental Thaecian citizens in regards to government.

    There should be a better process in which the House and Senate increase and decrease their size. I propose some sort of ratio, instead of the mess it is now.

    I have more, but this is what I believe can actually be accomplished in two months.

    Vote Snalland for House

    Read factbook


    Hi, I am Zon island and i am currently a MP in the House of Commons running to be re-elected to the House of Commons for a 9th term, as I want to continue to contribute to Thaecia by serving Thaecia in the House of Commons and also because i want to continue to help build Thaecia for everyone.

    What I stand for
    1.Congressional Reduction - I support reducing the House of Commons to 11 seats and reducing the Senate to 7 seats.

    2.RP Legislation - I do not support an increased presence of RP legislation in Congress since it has no real impact in the region.

    3.I support the military and the goals of the military manifesto.

    What I plan to do if re-elected
    1.Not missing any votes

    2.Getting my Amendment to LR024 Parliament Procedure Act passed.

    TG or DM me if you wish to endorse

    Quick Biography
    I was the Chief Welcome Officer in the Ministry of Interior and later became the head of the Begginers Guidance Department in the newly formed Ministry of Home Affairs. I am a member of the Thaecian Conservative Union and also currently a member of the house for 8 terms and i seeking to be elected to a 9th term.

    Campaign slogan:

    And I will end it here...

    #Vote for Zon island in HOC election!
    #Every vote counts!


    Thanks for your time, if you have any question please telegram me Zon island

    Read factbook


    Happening live on the Thaecia Discord, so join in and ask the candidates some questions, DM/TG (@Volchok#8727 / Taungu) if you have any questions to ask!

    Everyone is offered access to a form to submit questions to any and all candidates. While not all questions will be asked, each question will be considered for each debate!

    A transcript of each debate will be posted before after the conclusion of the debate.

    LinkDebate Question Submission Form