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October 2020 General Election Handbook

October General Election



Prime Minister



Cerdenia (IND)
The Marconian State (TPU) - Incumbent
Vjeresland (LPT), VP Sevae (IND)DO

The bigtopia (LPT)
Islonia (IND)

Ashlawn (IND) - Incumbent
Barlonatar (IND)
Brototh (TPU) - Incumbent
Cydoni (IND)
Dendrobium (SOL) - Incumbent
Emazia (TPU)
Hulldom (LPT)
Marvinville (TFP) - Incumbent
Rayekka (IND) - Incumbent
The helvetic imperium (IND) DO
World Trade (LPT) - Incumbent

Angypt (TFP) - Incumbent
Bahnhof (IND) - Incumbent
Cirrus azale (IND) - Incumbent
Creckelenney (IND) - Incumbent
Ermica (IND) - Incumbent
Evileia (SOL-GAY-UWU) - Incumbent
The first smervish empire (IND)
Gallo republic (SOL-GAY-UWU) - Incumbent
Hulldom (LPT)
Kor sahab (SOL)
Peabodia (LPT) - Incumbent
Prussian sail nation (IND) - Incumbent
Rivogna (IND)
Sevae (IND)
Snowflame (TFP)
Titanne (LPT)
Tavalo (TFP)
Tengjiang (IND)
Trist paradise (SOL)
Zon island (TFP) - Incumbent

*DO indicates Dropped Out

Campaign Factbooks

Are you ready for a second term?

When I first ran for President of Thaecia 4 months ago, I did so out of a duty to my region and my community. Thaecia, I stand before you again this election for that same purpose, to serve the region to my fullest extent, to ensure we stand together united, to facilitate goodwill amongst the greater NationStates community, both with our allies and otherwise, and to ensure Thaecia lives up to its potential. I am The Marconian State, and I am standing for reelection for President of Thaecia.

4 months ago, I ran under the pretense that the President is Thaecia's most important ambassador. Now, after 4 months in office, I have learned just how true this was. From the inside, it is plain to see the importance of the Prime Minister and the ministries underneath them, especially with regards to the Foreign Affairs Minister. However, from the outside, all people see is the World Assembly Delegate and assume I call all the shots. As President, I am one of the first people that is contacted when outside nations and regions wish to contact us. The President plays a heavy role in conjunction with the Foreign Affairs Minister to build relations with other regions. And during my term, I have shown the necessary qualities to act in this regard. As President, I have:

  • Improved Thaecia's sitewide reputation significantly with the help of our greatest friends and allies

  • Recovered our relations with regions such as the The Free Nations Region and reestablished embassies

  • Played a role alongside co-founder Andusre in building relations with previously uncontacted regions such as Europeia

  • Joined and became founding members of The Consortium, an interregional bloc promoting diplomatic, technological and culture cooperation, among other pursuits

  • Pursued and created the region's Gameplay Forum embassy, found here

  • Worked with Foreign Affairs Minister The bigtopia on the pursuit of numerous other diplomatic missions

Not to leave out my involvement in Thaecia's home affairs, here are a few of my accomplishments in that area as well:

  • Revitalized recruitment alongside Home Affairs Minister The Islamic Country of Honour and co-founder Andusre, recovering our population from 250 nations back up to over 300 and counting

  • Pushed the legislature on amending the Awarding Thaecians' Contributions act in order to properly recognize all those who deserve the title of being Members of the Order of Thaecia

  • Provided unity for the region in the moments it needed it the most, and recognized those who have gone above and beyond in contributing to the region

Pictured: The Marconian State with co-founder and former President of Thaecia Xernon

I can say with experience that being President is something that requires temperament combined with the drive to improve the region. Thaecia should have a President that knows both how to talk to the region and with outside parties, no matter their alignment or opinion towards us. Thaecia needs a President who can keep up its foreign affairs presence alongside the Foreign Affairs Minister, and can bring new opportunities for its residents. Thaecia deserves the best.

Don't forget to vote, starting October 28th and ending October 31st, for all elected positions in Thaecia, including the President, Prime Minister, and both chambers of Parliament. I am The Marconian State, and I'm proud to run for reelection.

On the Issues

The Military

I support the creation of a neutral or defender-aligned military with the President as Commander-in-Chief. A military is an avenue of gameplay for the residents of our region, something they can get involved in that's not just an elected position or a ministry. A military is also a good opportunity for us to get closer with our regional allies, opening up the pathway to providing defensive support if they need it, or going on missions with them. Our military involvement so far has been relatively low-key and not widely available to the region at-large, but that can and should change.

World Assembly Council/Ministry

As it stands, Thaecia does not currently have a particularly active World Assembly presence. I do my duty of approving well-written and vetted proposals and voting on resolutions that reach a vote, but we need to do more to encourage WA authorship within Thaecia. Under my second term, I wish to nurture and develop an interest in world assembly proposals within Thaecia, allowing budding authors an avenue to draft WA legislation and have it get vetted both within Thaecia and on the NationStates World Assembly forums for greater constructive criticism from the sitewide community.

This section is open to feedback from you! Want to know any of my positions? Send me a telegram or DM me on Discord at Dreamare#8667.

Read dispatch

Vote Vjeresland

by Vjeresland

Vote Vjeresland
Unparalleled in Activity

About Me

High Falls in Rochester, my home town.

Not me but I'm cool if you
imagine me looking like this.

Wuss' Poppin. That's what the cool kids say, right?

Oh. Well then, I'm Dizgovzy. Or Vjeresland. Or Diz. Or Jambi. Take your pick. Some of you may know me as the former Speaker of the House (x2), MP (x2), and Electoral Commissioner. Real chads will know that I'm the Assistant Education Minister.

But who am I really?
I am a male homo sapiens sapiens residing in the Lake Ontario Watershed. I enjoy academics, languages, music, running, anime, yadayadayada. I'd say I'm a neat dude, but that's just personal opinion. NationStates has been practically my only hobby since I first joined all those years ago, and I've been a committed game player for years. I spent over two years in Europe where really all I wanted to be was delegate- of course, that's not how Europe's system works. Thus, I've been preparing for this for a while.



-I've served many foreign relations positions to many different regions- Europe, Thaecia, The Allied Republic, South Pacific, and all the regions that didn't have ambassadors as I've served as Foreign Affairs Minister of The Allied Republic for a few months now! So check, there's foreign relations.

-I slew the House Committees (among various other acts, notably the RMB Moderation Act and some other stuff). I served as MP and Speaker, both in landslide victories. I never served in the Senate because I love all the Senators and didn't want to have one of them lose their job for me. Love you Dendro bb <3.

-I served as Electoral Commissioner so I am well versed in the necessary corruption of being President, wait, I mean, sacrificing my time and putting forth all my effort for Thaecia.

-The Delegacy is a game position. I am a fully committed game player and have been committed to NSery since I joined. I am extremely active on NS (in multiple regions) and love the site dearly. It's a part of me.

Campaign Promises

As I am a game player at heart (see my worldbuilding and the sheer amount of time I've spent on the site itself), I have many plans for what to do as Mr. President. I will go further than liking the shiny desk and golf trips. I spend so much time on NS my birthday card literally had the NS WA logo on it.

- Lead a WA Committee: To help get Thaecia more involved with the WA, I plan to lead an independent group of Thaecia WA enthusiasts to discuss WA legislation. We will then formulate reasons why to vote either yay or nay and using the Communications Powers of the Presidency, send out a telegram recommending a vote and why.

-Work alongside the Home Affairs Ministry to really make Thaecia on-site (including Dispatches) as much of a front of the region as the Discord server.

-Actively represent Thaecia in all foreign regions with a WA population 30 or more (as Delegate) alongside the Foreign Affairs Minister and/or Ambassador.

-Analyze and vote on every single WA legislation- even if that means I have to go to the *shudders* NS Forums.

-Front nominations for Order of Thaecia (If Marco doesn't get to Islo and Kors, then for them too of course.) for well deserving members of our community such as Actias, Bigtopia, and others.

-Use my activity to benefit Thaecia when NS goes from a day game to a in-real-time game- when there's an emergency or violation of site rules, I'll be there. Granted, I can't check discord during the school day but I can always check NS.

-Be active.

-I'll even go on the *shudders* NS Forums for Thaecia.

-Spread the Good Word of the Lord Godsinia. Canonize Xernon as Saint Xernon.


The Rt. Hon. MP Peabodia
President Emeritus Titanne
Commissioner Emeritus, Fm. MP Hulldom
The Rt. Hon. Senate Chair Brototh
The Rt. Dep. Culture Minister Tengjiang
His Chadness Snowflame
Read dispatch

Bigtopia for Prime Minster

October 2020


I'm running for Prime Minister!

Like, hopefully, all of you, I love this region. We've had occasional crises, but we always make it through better for it. The good times are always much longer than the bad. The community - politics aside - has always been supportive and fun. There will always be grudges and social conflict in a community with so many involved people, but we will also always work through them.

I've worked to resolve conflict within the region and worked past many, many misunderstandings, crises, and tense situations in my capacity as Foreign Affairs Minister under Rayekka and Korsinia.

I'm running for Prime Minister because I want to grow our community, better our government, and to see our region's Foreign Affairs grow to new heights.

To do all of this and more, I've got a plan

The Four Month Deal

Essentially, there would be a focus for every month of the administration - the message that we want to put out to the region. During each month, we would establish certain goals with each ministry relevant to the month's focus and I would personally spend extra time with the staff to ensure that the plans get off of the ground.

This does not in any way mean that other ministries would be neglected as a result. Work would continue as usual for all staff not included in each month's focus. Naturally, I would draw up plans with ministers prior to each month - the ideas listed are subject to change based on discussion with each minister, who, ultimately, will decide what their ministry will look like and how it will/will not change from the current ministries

Month One: Growing the Community

The focus of this month would be recruitment and culture. We would set a goal for nation size and do our darndest to meet that goal by the end of the month. It would also be up to the Home Affairs Minister, but it could easily include sending out requests and instructions for donating stamps, promoting manual recruitment, and holding a recruitment challenge for prizes.

The other side of growing the community is culture, which could include daily RMB/discord posts to jumpstart discussion, game nights, bopping sessions, and hopefully even movie nights! Additionally, we would be sure that we have polls up on the WFE.

Month Two: Having fun with our friends

In this month, our focus would be on the Foreign Affairs Ministry and celebrating our friends.
This month would include
- Planning for and holding Late Nite Festival II. The event, open to all, included many of our embassy regions and was a huge success. This would be held at the end of the month as the culmination of the month's focus.
- A special push by the Foreign Affairs Ministry to further relations with consulates and embassies and establish embassies and consulates.
- We would strive to have a minor event with an embassy/consulate region every week of the month (besides LNF)

Month Three: Kindness and Education

This month's primary focus would be on the Education Ministry. We would work to complete more factbooks, including the writing of Thaecia's history, and hold an event or two in the month where old and experienced members of the region would answer questions about all things Thaecia - memes, old members, history, etc.
I plan on creating an initiative to help educate the region on environmental impact - a dispatch sent out with resources for self-education on the environment, an idea . Additionally, this month would have a focus on kindness. It's extremely important to stay positive throughout the ongoing pandemic, especially with the onset of winter, and this month could include ideas for helping to make someone's day be better, reaching out to the region to ensure that residents get the love and support that they need.

Month Four: Creativity and Law

This might seem like a wacky pair, but it wouldn't be fair not to give the Justice Ministry a part of any focus! During this month we would encourage thaecians to take the bar test, to run for the legislature, and to get to know our laws and constitution. On the creative side of things, the Culture Ministry would organize a short story, poetry, and art competition that would span most of the month. Additionally, I plan on creating a thaecian book club in a separate server. We would choose books to read and meet to discuss them at the end of each month. If possible, however, the book club would be organized before the final month of the term. Additionally, we would promote discussion about music, art, and writing. Additionally, we would hold a mock trial!


I've served:
Four months as Deputy Culture Minister under Titanne (September 2019 - January 2020)
Three months as Senate Chairman (November 2019 - January 2020)
Nine months as Foreign Affairs Minister under both Rayekka and Korsinia (January 2020 - present)

Over these last nine months, the FAM accomplished a lot of great things, and since the creation of that dispatch, we have formed an informal pact with our closest allies called The Consortium, co-hosted the Paradoxical '2.0 event with The East Pacific, hosted our own Late Nite Festival, signed a treaty with The East Pacific, began relations with Europeia, and only this last week the Senate ratified the Declaration of Arnhelm, which officially ends Thaecia's WA Recruitment program (While it had already been ended within Korsinia's administration, there was no guarantee that future governments would do the same) and sets the stage for our foreign policy to grow even further - which I plan to do if elected!

Having worked a lot with culture, legislating, and Foreign Affairs, I have the experience you need for the office of Prime Minister.

Final words
You might notice that I did not include the specific policies I want in each ministry as has been the case for Prime Ministerial campaigns over the past nearly two years. This is because I believe that each ministry is currently in a good place, and other than cutting back on the sheer size of some ministries little change is required. Additionally, I feel as if it is clear by now what Prime Ministers look for in a ministry - just check out any old PM campaign dispatch - and I believe that my four month deal as outlined above gives the detail on each ministry that is necessary to understand what my kind of administration I hope to bring to the table.

Policy-wise, unless it is an extremely vital issue, I do not plan on exercising the veto power. I am skeptical of the idea of building a regional military - that was a popular idea this time last year and it went nowhere. For other policy, while it's a little outdated, the LPT party manifesto should give you a good idea of my views.

Feel free to DM or TG me with any and all questions!

Read dispatch


Reelect Ashlawn!

About Me
I have been on NationSates since 2014 and joined Thaecia just over a year ago. During that time I've been an active member of the community by participating in regional discussion and activities. I was a member of the Government Site Team and Managing Editor and a political writer for the Federal Post. Once elected to the Senate I served as Deputy Chairman following the passage of the updated Senate Procedures. Following the resignation of Chairman Brototh I was elected to the position of Senate Chair. I also served as the Deputy Home Affairs Minister during The Bigtopia's term as PM. I founded the Thaecian Globalist Party in July which seeks to expand Thaecia's presence on the world stage.

Ideas, Policies, and Accomplishments
Citizen's Legislature
  • I strongly oppose a Citizen's Legislature. I feel that it would not be well organized while also decreasing overall participation in Legislative Politics and general activity. Overall I think a Citizen's Legislature is not a good idea.

    Thaecian Military

  • Despite being one of two Senators who opposed to original MCA I have changed my opinion. Over time the military has been proven to be something many Thaecians enjoy without the potential risks I worried about when I originally opposed it. Therefore I now fully support keeping our military. I also support maintaining our military's current unaligned status.

    The Legislature's Role in Military

  • I support the removal of the Legislature's ability to stop Operations. With operations being decided by experienced military and foreign affairs officials, the main reason why I supported the inclusion of this ability is gone. Furthermore, the recent efforts by some to prevent ops solely on ideological grounds has proven that these decisions should be left to the experts in Thaecian defense and foreign policy. I also now support removing the requirement that the legislature should be pre-informed about ops because if the ability to block ops was removed, informing the legislature would only pointlessly increase the threat to the security of the Operation

    WA Efforts for Thaecia

  • I believe an important aspect of trying to increase Thaecia's standing and influence on the international stage is the WA. I will try to encourage and help Thaecian citizens when writing their proposals for the WA. My goal is to create a community within Thaecia that can aid aspiring authors by providing suggestions for proposals they may have. I support the creation of a WA Ministry and the current WA efforts in Thaecia such as the WA program on the discord server.

    Judicial Terms

  • I support Judicial Terms as I feel this would keep justices active and accountable to the Thaecian people without forcing representatives to take the extreme option of impeachment.

    RP Legislation

  • I do not support allowing RP Legislation in the Thaecian Legislature. I think that RP Legislation would only clog up the system, delaying Senators and MPs from passing important legislation at a time when some chambers are already struggling to work through their dockets.

  • None

    If you have any comments or questions please don't hesitate to send me a TG or DM on discord.
    Read dispatch

    Brototh for Senate -- October 2020

    You were thinking I died? Boi, surprise
    I still got them double-thick thighs, french fries

    Yeah, I'm back. Sorry CSS.
    Hey hey! Look who it is! It's my favourite Thaecian! You, because you're about to put me as hopefully not your last choice vote in the General Elections! I should probably get into all the cheesy campaigning stuff now.

    You probably know me as Brototh. You might also know me as Boroth, Thot, Brothot, Chungi le Supreme, Odus, Kostona, Holy Kicadieland, or others, depending on what region you come from. You might also know me as the guy that considered buying Lisseum for 100 euros, or the guy that broke almost every Enadian law possible1.

    It doesn't really matter whether you know me as the last surviving hardcore partisan in the region, or you know me as the dude that destroyed Thaecian FA at least 10 times. What you will know me as, is the most dedicated Senator possible for the next four months.

    How should you know? Well, I've been:
    > Deputy Secretary / Deputy Minister of Roleplay: 19/05/2020 - Present
    > Member of Parliament (first inaugurated 4th August 2019)
    > Senator (first inaugurated 25th January 2020)
    > Chairman of the Senate (won 31st August 2020)

    It might not look it from the few meager roles, but when you think about the dates and put it into perspective it's pretty big. I've been a Thaecian politician since the 19th May 2019 when I founded the Freedom Alliance Party with Udmurt Republic. I've served as MP around 3 times, give or take a few, and Senator three times2.

    Since the start of September, just after the August 2020 Midterm elections, I've been the Senate Chairman, and I have been praised on my activity, skill, and resolve throughout the job. Overall, the whole Senate, all 9 of us, have been incredibly efficient over the last 4 months, praised by MPs, the general public, and media alike. It's not Linkour fault we're so cool XP

    In my time as Member of Parliament and Senator I've written some important amendments and laws. My portfolio includes, but is certainly not limited to:

    > I wrote the Article I Section III Section VIII amendments that created the office of Vice President, which allowed for non-WA citizens to have equal opportunity in Thaecia.
    > I wrote L.R. 035 Regional Message Board Moderation Standards Act, L.R. 037 Senate Procedures Act and L.R. 038 Contractual Obligations Act, all of which passed comfortably.
    > Despite it hasn't passed the Senate yet (next business), I wrote the Law Registry Act. Another bill that hasn't passed the HoC yet is Pap Sculgief's refined petitioning system, which I authored four amendments for.
    >I amended LR 036, LR 008, LR 009 and LR 018, with amendments to LR 004 on the way.
    >I authored several other constitutional amendments, such as the one that most recently passed that gave emergency powers to the Prime Minister and with Maowi's help, outlined what a regional emergency was.

    But, none of that is why you're here! You want to know what I'm going to do next! If you sat through that drivel which was practically a massive ego trip for me, and if it actually made you want to vote for me this informality will probably make you click off, then congratulations! You get more drivel!


    1. Restoration of a Regional Military -- provided it is supported by the populace. I have long been on the side of restoring the regional military. It failed last time because there was no interest, however, the interest is clearly there. I have already written a Military Commission Act and plan to reintroduce it for the next term.

    2. Lower Courts Act -- In the Constitution there is a passage where it entitles the Legislature to be able to create lower courts. An idea proposed by Developing World (one of the first Senators) a very long time ago--it could be an idea to reform it as a civil court while keeping the High Court for appeals and for criminal trials.

    3. Bill of Rights -- Currently in Thaecia the following are not protected by law (although the High Court protects some of them)

      • Freedom of the Press

      • Protection from self-incrimination

      • Protection from double jeopardy

      • Right to an attorney

      • Right to a speedy (and public) trial

      Which is totally barbaric, and, frankly, it's time to do something about it.

    4. Support Islonia's Linkreformed Executive -- Whether he wins the Prime Ministerial election or not, his reformed executive will certainly usher a new era of prosperity for Thaecia. Click on the link to see it. I've been behind this since day one, and I'm excited to see it put to use. It will certainly reduce executive stress and tie together the ministries for peak efficency, which is why Islonia has my vote.

    5. Support a more gameplay oriented Thaecia. No, I don't mean let's join NSGP. I already got banned from Thaecord once for that. What I mean is a Thaecia that is more involved in the WA, and a Thaecia that is more involved in the actual gameplay of NationStates. It's something we haven't tried before, so why don't we? It could make the President role mean so much more, which is why Vjeresland has my vote.

    6. Return to be Senate Chairman. I only got to serve two months as Chair since I started after the Midterms. I intend to serve my full term and give as much as possible back to Thaecia that Thaecia has given to me after electing me to this position.

    7. Whatever you want me to be. You want me to support legislation such as the Yogurt Viscosity Act? I'll do it. You want me to advocate for LGBTQ+ rights for Thaecians? That's me. You want a very IC oriented Brototh who doesn't support RP Legislation? You're voting for the right Cinema. Whether the age of IC legislation is closing or it's just beginning, I'll be with the people of Thaecia all the way.


    1. Marvinville, Senator, and friend.

    2. Pap sculgief, Senator, and friend.

    3. Tengjiang, former MP, and friend.

    4. Emazia, Culture Minister, and a pain :)

    5. Sevae, King, and friend.

    Who I Endorse
    1. Islonia, for Prime Minister.

    2. Vjeresland, for President.

    3. Ashlawn, for Senate.

    4. Emazia, for Senate.

    5. Dendrobium, for Senate.

    6. Marvinville (pls run), for Senate.

    7. World Trade, for Senate.

    8. Tengjiang, for House of Commons.

    9. The first smervish empire, for House of Commons.

    10. Bahnhof, for House of Commons.

    11. Titanne, for House of Commons.

    12. Prussian sail nation, for House of Commons.

    13. Satherland islands, for House of Commons.

    14. Everyone in Thaecia, to fulfill their dreams. Don't think about running. Just run.

    It's never too late to run for office. If you sit there contemplating if you run or not, then it will be too late, because someone else will have stolen all of your ideas. Never give in, and be yourself when running. Don't lie, don't exaggerate, don't undermine yourself. I look forward to working with you in the coming year :)
    1: Link to the Enadian Morning Post. The way he treats me makes me sound like a goddamn war criminal. Which I am, twenty charges boissss
    2: The first few times I took my seat in the Midterms, during a Snap Election, or I took another MP's seat when that was still legal.
    3: Zoopolis wouldn't endorse me this time.
    Read dispatch

    Vote for me.

    This is a threat.
    Read factbook

    Hello, everyone, this is Emazia! Today, I would like to announce my run for Senator. Now, many of you may be shocked by this, however, I wish to, in this dispatch, lay out the case why you should elect me for Senator. Before I begin any sort of explanation, I would first like to disclose some of my possible conflicts. On an alt (Socialist emazia) I am a member of the Wintercrest Revolutionary People's Congress, and I believe that it is necessary to disclose this. However, I have no other active alts that aren't inactive or acting in an official capacity within Thaecia. I swear, to the best of my recollection, that this is the truth: my only foreign connection is that of Socialist Emazia, where I serve in the capacity as a member of the Wintercrest RPC.

    With that very necessary thing out of the way, I would like to, if I may have a second, talk about my qualifications. I think one of the most important parts of voting is ensuring that our elected officials are qualified, and so I would like to disclose my former qualifications, my former positions, to hopefully help you understand why I believe I should be your next Senator. I could write several sentences about it, and I will do that later, but here's just a glance at my qualifications:

    Recruiter (22nd of June, 2020 - 7th of September, 2020, 30th of September, 2020 - Present)
    Deputy Culture Minister (c. 4th of July, 2020 - 6th of August, 2020)
    Late Nite Festival Staff (14th of July, 2020 - 16th of August, 2020)
    Culture Minister (6th of August, 2020 - Present)
    Home Affairs Staff (c. 6th of August, 2020 - Present)
    Thaempire Participant and later Comayor (19th of August - Present)
    Ambassador to Southfield (24th of August, 2020 - Present)

    I think my resume speaks for itself, really. I've been in the region only a few months, and yet have ascended to what is said to be the most important domestic ministry. In fact, it's my term as Culture Minister that I really want to elaborate on, since it is I believe my most important achievement so far. At the start of my term, I committed towards more activity, and I hope that, I have, to a degree, achieved that. My first initiative was to speed up and create more Hunger Games, even if recently it has died out to the active initiative by Kriegs, Titanne and Biggs to create a more thorough HG RP. My initiative, to the best of my recollection, engaged a lot of people in tense and thoroughly enjoyable commentary.

    Overall, I would say that it had been relatively successful. However, my second achievement, I believe, had been to increase the frequency of events, or at least attempt to. I brought on extra staff, worked to build schedules, and overall, as I said earlier, increase the frequency of events. I've also taken some more events on my own, such as an attempt at doing Thaecraft, cooperating with Antenion and others to build the Thaegovernment RP, along with, of course, the Thaehalloween festival (which you should check out, by the way, regardless of whether you'll be voting for me or not.

    I think, over the course of this dispatch, I've made my qualifications very clear - now, it's time to speak about the most important thing of all - policy. I'm going to make my policies clear and precise:

    - Thaecian Military: For - Defender, and hesitant outside of defending allies.
    - House and Senate Size: 13-9 fite me m8
    - Thaeawards: Me and Anty were working on this actually, I endorse.
    - Foreign Affairs: Be open, be friendly, but remember that Thaecia comes first.
    - Contract Enforcement: Yes, please.

    Also, here are my endorsements of other people:

    Brototh for Senate

    World Trade for Senate

    The helvetic imperium for Senate

    Marvinville for Senate

    Dendrobium for Senate

    The first smervish empire for House of Commons

    Tengjiang for House of Commons

    Satherland islands for House of Commons

    Cirrus azale for House of Commons

    Ermica for House of Commons

    Bahnhof for House of Commons

    Zon island for House of Commons

    Prussian sail nation for House of Commons

    If you would like to be on this, just hit me a DM! (Not making any President or PM endorsements just yet, though)

    And here are the people who have endorsed me:

    Senate Chair Brototh

    Indian genius

    Peabodia MP

    Read dispatch


    Stonks for Senate 2.0!

    by The helvetic imperium

    STONKS for Senate
    ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    Hi! I am Stonks, your Justice Minister and (hopefully) future Senator! I have always wanted to try my hand at the Legislative Branch in Thaecia, and as such, I'm running for the Senate this election. With some much-needed experience gained from the Justice Minister's position, particularly as it pertains to the interpretation of the law, as well as what might be considered useful in a legislative section and what might not, I believe I am ready to take that step into the wider world of politics. Furthermore, I also believe that it is essential that someone with a strong understanding of Thaecian law be in the legislative, to give a good legal position on many of the bills that are passing through the chamber.

    ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    - Justice Minister
    - Member of the Thaecian Bar Organization
    ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    - Support bills that increase the specificity of various LRs that are in need of clarification for ease of use reasons. As Justice Minister in some cases, particularly in the Thaecia vs. Senota case, I discovered that an increased amount of specificity would serve to greatly improve the process, making it far more easy to engage in suits.
    - Opppose any and all redundant legislation. This seems like a no brainer, but in reality, many people simply forget that a part of the constitution or an LR already exists. As JM, I spent a good amount of time looking over the Law Registry and the Constitution, understanding both in depth, and as such, I will endeavour to apply that experience to preventing bills which waste the legislative's time from passing.
    - Support Islonia's reforms to the Cabinet. As a former cabinet minister, I can confidently say that his planned structural reforms will help things move through far more efficiently, allowing for a flexible, strong cabinet that can respond to situations.
    - Support Vjeresland's proposed WA Council. While I am not personally involved in the GP side of NS, I think that being more involved in the World Assembly could help build bridges with other regions, allowing us to expand our robust Foreign Affairs profile. It could also serve to be quite a bit of fun.
    - Support the creation of a Thaecian military. With the referendum on the matter coming in overtly positive, as well as me personally believing that a military could create a fun cultural side for Thaecia surrounding the military, as well as allowing those who do not care as much about politics to still serve their region and building bridges with the Consortium..
    - Write and pass several future pieces of planned legislation. Aside from the above, I do have some future plans which I will reveal when the time is right, so stay tuned for that.
    - Look over all bills with a razor sharp eye. The point of the Senate is to serve as a method to weed out those bills which are not necessary or would overall harm the region that pass through the House of Commons, and I pledge to fulfill that duty to the best of my ability.
    - Maintain decorum and so forth in the senate. It is absolutely imperative, particularly in the senate, that a certain standard of decorum is met, particularly when it comes to voting in a timely manner as well as when it comes to actual conduct, and these are things I pledge to uphold.
    - Work with both parties and independents to ensure that as much good legislation is passed as possible. A simple promise, but an important one nonetheless. We need to ensure that the maximum number of people are represented in government as possible.
    - Finally, make sure that people have fun! Nationstates is a game, and we should be making sure people enjoy their time in Thaepolitics, not making it a toxic mess.
    ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    - Aexodius
    - Titanne
    (TG or DM me at Lys#8793 on discord me to add your name to the list today!)
    ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    TODAY'S MESSAGE FOR VOTERS: Reach out to me if you have any questions about my stances or campaign, or if you have ideas for bills you would wish to see put forth! I am an open book!



    Read factbook


    Well, it appears to be that time again. Time for the election! One that I am running in to get re-elected to the Senate. However, it is likely a good idea for you guys to get to know who I am.
    I'm World Trade (terrible name, I know), and I have been serving you in the Senate for the past 4 months, most of which have been very enjoyable. I am also the DFAM, serving under The Bigtopia, and the Councilman for LPT (who I will be running with), again under Biggs. I have been in Thaecia for, I believe, almost a year now, and I have gained a lot of experience during my time here, which I know will make me a good choice to make Thaecia a better place.
    What do I plan to do?

    I believe that Thaecia, in terms of its laws, is in a relatively good place at the moment. I am always striving to improve Thaecia, and often take a look through the Law Registry, but I currently don't want to share any of my major ideas as I doubt many of them will come to fruition.
    However, I will say that I support moving the number of seats in the HoC down to 13, the number I originally wanted, fearing situations like what has, unfortunately, happened. As for the Senate, I believe that it is in a good place currently, and the past 4 months we have been extremely active, writing, debating and passing new laws and amendments, and I therefore believe that there is no need to reduce the size of the Senate.
    Endorsements (from people)


    Read dispatch

    I'm Ermica, running for Senate this time!
    As someone who has some experience in Thaecian government, I am trying to run for Senate under the TCU. I have been fortunate enough to serve as Assistant Electoral Commissioner, 3 term MP, and Shadow Speaker of the House of Commons. I'm always willing to help any Thaecian in need, and I would love to continue serving the region that has given me so much. As always, feel free to contact me through telegram or on Discord.

    Ermica smashing libs on the Discord server

    I chose to join the Thaecian Conservative Union because I believe it represents my views the best. Personally, I value transparency and honesty over all else when it comes to elected officials. That's why I will explain a few of my beliefs to you, the people of Thaecia.

    -Foreign Policy: I am an isolationist. While I think interregional cooperation has some positives, I think that Thaecian interests and struggles should always come first.
    -Congressional Confirmations: I support moving judicial confirmations to the House and Minister confirmations to the Senate. This change would speed up the House and improve efficiency.
    -Recruitment: I support current recruitment efforts.

    I want to make the Senate as effective as it can be. We've seen some petty behavior and a lack of dignity among some elected officials in the past, and I want the Senate to be a place of respect and cooperation. Vote for Ermica, for a better Senate.

    Read factbook


    Hi, I'm Gallo. I am running for the re-election to the House of Commons. I've introuduced Climate legislation, and I am running again under the Solidarity Party as I believe they represent what is best for Thaecia.

    What I've done as MP :
    -Introduce the Climate Commissioner Act into the docket
    -Voted for Antenion as speaker of the HOC.

    If I am re-elected MP, I will:

    - Continue the fight for more interregional diplomacy
    - Continue the push for declaring the Climate Crisis an emergency
    - Keep the progress in the fight for Unions in order to advance progressive working policies


    - The Islamic Country of Honour
    -Kor sahab

    Why I am running for re-election:

    I've learned a lot Thaecia in the past month and a half serving as MP. I've learned about bi-partisanship, respect, and how political divide won't stand in the way of any MP or Senator. My mindset and view of this wonderful region and our government. I've realized I have to be more realistic. If I'm elected, I will fight for you as I continue to do so, but with a better understand about how Thaecian government works.

    Read factbook

    Kor Sahab for the House 2020
    Let's move forward!

    About Me

    Vote Solidarity!

    Thaecia OwO

    Hi. I'm Kor Sahab. I'm 17 and unquestionably super big gai uwu. I've played NS for 7 years, and for many of those years, I've always had a special place in my heart for Thaecia. I've watched it grow from the sidelines... but I've seen it start to go to waste. It's time to clean up Thaecia and govern like real people!

    I am a fierce Democratic Socialist that will advocate for people's rights and people's wellbeing. I believe its time for a change, cuz ain't none of us are goin' to sit on our a*sses and do nothin y'all, right?!

    Currently a member of the Solidarity Party UwU.


    I have served as an Associate Electoral Commissioner.

    As the nation of Kor Pantaal, I am currently serving as Chancellor/PM of Lisseum, and have served as Minister of Immigration, Interior, Defense, and a member of the Legislative Assembly. I've written about 12 Constitutions for many regions, and I have played NS for 7 years. As Thaecia has gotten older, I think it's time for some new thinkers in the House.


    • Make politics relevant again since the more conservative elder members don't seem to like it;

    • Make political parties listed on the website so all the new people who want to yell at each other whether socialism is good or bad can see what the hell their joining;

    • Support the left and centre;

    • Serve the people, not myself... I don't like sitting idle and I will get sh*t done;

    • Create laws that will benefit my constituents as they see fit;

    • Vote against establishing a Military;

    • Bipartisanship y'all;

    • Create programmes that benefit the community in areas of education and welfare;

    • Rid away the conservative Thaecians, introduce a new Thaecia;

    • Create a COVID-19 mental relief Programme.

    • Worship the everlasting Godsinia.


    I have not publically endorsed anyone, but it is rumored i may be madly in love with our wonderful GODsinia.

    Borrowed BBcode from Vjeresland's campaign factbook.
    Read factbook


    Hello Thaecians. I, Peabodia, am running for re-election in the House of Commons under the banner of Liberty Party of Thaecia (LPT).

    Five days ago, I passed the bar exam, specializing in constitutional law. Being a lawyer prompts me to run because the rule of law is of utmost importance within the standards of society, and that I would help every citizen here in Thaecia, from bottom up to top bottom

    But as of now, as my proposed legislations are still pending, I am running because I am empowered to help my fellow Thaecians to pursue progressively and prosperously and I am always active in doing the work that needs to be done.


    1.) Helping with my colleagues on passing legislation that would benefit the common good of Thaecians, especially the needs for education.

    2.) Ensuring transparent governance and pure representation for the citizens of Thaecia by making sure that everyone has a voice in government.

    3.) Protecting citizens' right to vote and to participate in the government.

    I will do my best to help the whole constituency of Thaecia and to bring changes for the structure of politics, society, and many more.

    Read dispatch


    I'm Seva and, at the eleventh hour, I decided to run in the House of Commons election. I decided to do so because I believe the House needs fresh members that, at the same time, possess a lot of experience and can help revive this chamber of Congress. Right now I am heavily involved in the region of Europeia, where I hold two deputy minister positions. I also ran for Senate there, and only lost by a few votes in a very competitive election. Now you might wonder why I'm naming positions I hold and ran for in another region. I am doing this because, despite their obvious differences, Thaecia and Europeia are both large and, to different degrees, influential regions, Europeia being the, for now, more influential one. Therefore, I can say without a doubt that these positions I hold bring me the necessary experience to serve Thaecia as an MP. I love this region and find it very authentic, so vote for me if you want an active, accountable, and engaged MP.

    • 1) It goes without saying that I will constructively express an opinion on every bill that comes to the floor, and will avoid abstaining when the bill comes to vote.

    • 2) I am in support of a regional military, and I want it to be non-aligned/independent, but would reluctantly support a purely defender military as well.

    • 3) I support bringing the Foreign Affairs ministry under the jurisdiction of the President, which would reduce workload on the Prime Minister, increase the importance of the role of President, and generally ensure a more logical separation of the executive branch.

    • 4) I will be civil and will not engage in conflict, instead trying to fix any conflicts or misunderstandings that arise. I am sure people who know me will confirm that I am a calm and peaceful person.

    • 5) I would support reducing the House to 13 seats, as I believe we need more competitive elections than we have now. I would also look into reducing the number of Senate seats, however, I need more information and time to think about such a decision.

    • 6) There may be a situation in which I also become Vice President, but I can assure you that I can manage both positions, as the role of the VP, while important, does not require too much time input.


    That is all I wanted to say, except: whoever you vote for - get out and vote! Though I do expect to see my name high on your ballot :P

    Read dispatch

    Titanne For MP

    A better standard for a better House of Commons.

    Nine Points of Policy

    My proposals and personal policy for what I will do if honoured by being elected to the House of Commons.


    Over the past few months we have seen the House of Commons lose a lot of what made it so important: the air of professionalism, seriousness, and prestige in the work that is completed there. If elected MP I would help set a new standard for Members of Parliament, participating in debates and votes on the floor with respect and courtesy to my other MPs, as well as acting in a proper manner befitting an elected official. This will help set a new normal and return prestige to the chamber.


    Another issue we've sadly had to deal with over the past few months is the flagrant wasting of time in the House. MPs often go entirely off topic and lose focus on the bill, amendment or vote at hand, effectively ruining time that would otherwise be incredibly valuable for legislation to be discussed. If elected, I would also pledge to refrain from adding useless or otherwise non-effectual amendments to bills, as we've seen over time. All it does is waste time.


    Finally on my list of ways to rework the House is reducing the size of the chamber to 13 members. While the congressional expansion was well-intentioned, it couldn't have come at a worse time, with Thaecian population falling and with it the caliber of our candidates, leaving us with inactive, inexperienced, and ineffectual MPs. Unfortunately, there is no procedure yet laid out for this process, so first I would amend the constitution to add a process for reducing the sizes of both chambers of congress.


    The House is a chamber which has lost a lot of it's power in the bicameral system due to slow leadership transitions, frequent speakership changes, and ineffectual terms once those speakers are instated. I intend to run for Speaker and put a strong, experienced, voice in charge for the time being. Should a strong candidate with similar qualifications emerge, I will gladly bow out of the race and fall upon an advisor role.


    Many of the existing laws in the region are written poorly, informally, or otherwise ineffectually. While I don't have any flagship campaign proposals, I can promise you that if elected, you will see quite a few reworks and amendments to already exsiting bills, such as the Legal Code, one of the chief offenders of vagueness and informality. The only additional campaign proposal I have is requiring conflict of interest forms to be filed by all candidates for election, an example of which can be found below.


    The people who elect me have the right to know why I make the decisions I do in the house. It's a simple promise to make, but one that we unfortunately need. I promise I will let everyone know why I make the votes and points I do, why I make the calls I do, and everything along those lines. No frills, no nonsense, just my feelings and the facts.


    One thing we've seen a fair bit of already this term is a discombobulated house without a clear agenda or direction it looks to be going in. If elected MP, I will work with the speaker to set a course for the house and lay out our priorities clearly and simply, so that everyone is aware of what the house is doing and what our end goal is. After all, we accomplish a lot more together.


    Another awfully simple promise to make, but I won't make any decisions without first considering the impact on my constituents and on the region as a whole. And even then, I am always open on persuasion as to what's best for the region, because ultimately, I'm not the only one here, all of you have important voices and things to be said too.


    I am firmly against the establishment of a region military, due to the stress it would put on our delegate's endorsements, the potential for foreign affairs incidents, and the overall uneasy feeling I have about the idea. While I am not opposed to a community run militia, I believe a government run program will end poorly. Therefore I will be voting against such a bill if it reaches the floor of the House.

    Conflicts of Interest

    Any and all puppets or investments I currently have in foreign regions, displayed for your perusal.

    Penguin palace - Europeian Citizen
    Melusi - TSP Citizen

    Previous Qualifications

    Previous achievements and offices held can be found here.

    Former Senator (4 terms)
    Former Senate Chairman (2 terms)
    Former Deputy Culture Minister
    Former Culture Minister
    Former Ambassador to Gay and Novus Lucidum
    Former President
    Education Minister

    Honourable Attorney
    Member of the Order of Thaecia
    Ambassador to The South Pacific


    Some images of my time here in Thaecia (almost two years!)

    Titanne recieving a briefing from ThaeCIA chief Lemonadia.

    Titanne at a state meeting with leaders from Europeia and The East Pacific.

    Titanne speaking to the press after launching his February 2020 Presidential Campaign.


    Telegram me or DM me at Chipmunker #6497 to endorse the campaign!

    Hulldom, Former MP & Electoral Commissioner
    Dizgovzy, Former Speaker, MP & Electoral Commissioner
    Ashlawn, Incumbent Senator

    Closing Remarks

    A few words to close out my manifesto.

    So, we're at the end of my campaign! Hope it was a good read, hope it helped you decide to vote for me! Ultimately, I'm not going to make any big promises, because we both know I won't keep them. What I will do is tell you what I think. I think I've proven myself. I think I'd be good as an MP. And I think a vote for me is a worthwhile vote. I just hope you share my thoughts. In the end of the day, though, I love you all, Thaecia!



    Read dispatch

    Hello, I Tavalo will be running for a seat within the House of Commons for the region of Thaecia. Rather than getting into a long-winded speech about my core principles and values, I'm going to discuss the plans I have if elected to this respected chamber of representatives. To summarize my principles and values, I believe in the 3 fundamental things: God, Democracy, and Fair Representation. I intend to govern through these guidelines. It may sound cliché, but I intend on representing my constituents to the best of my ability and forbid my personal ambitions and special interests from interfering with my civic duty. Now with that out of the way, let's discuss my plans for the future:

    1. Introduce a bill that will establish a process of conducting Voice Chat (VC) debates within the Regional Discord Server
    2. Support the establishment of a regional military force, for the protection of all regional citizens and to assert Thaecia's role in NationStates as a powerful and well-defended region.
    3. Introduce a bill and/or work alongside the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the establishment of a "Scouting Department" in which regional officers oversee various potential regions that we can form bilateral relations with.
    4. Be an active member of the House, one who actually listens to their colleagues, one who procures legislation that works for all citizens, and one that assists in the protection of democracy within our great region.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg. If you elect me, I promise to work for you. I may be new to the region, but I am certainly not new to NationStates politics. Thaecia is my home now and all I want to do is help it in anyway I can. So when it comes to election day, make the right choice. Vote to preserve our democratic values!

    Thank you for reading this, have a great day!

    Read dispatch

    Tengjiang for Commons!
    Hi everyone, I'm Tengjiang, a former MP who is looking to get back into Thaecian politics. I've been in several positions in Thaecia, as well as being a fairly active member of the community (when I don't have uni) who is involved in quite a few cultural things related to Thaecia.

    The time has come for Thaecia to begin to re-evaluate some of its past decisions. To look into decisions we made in our past in order to move forward into the future. And for us to look for a better standard when it comes to our MPs. For us to move forward, together. And, as a fairly heavily involved member of the Thaecian Community, with me serving in various capacities across all manner of Thaecian ministries, as well as some side activities, I pledge to you that I will strive to uphold all of these standards.
    ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Previous Positions
    • Deputy/Acting Interior Minister of Thaecia

    • Two Term MP

    • Vice Roleplay Secretary

    • Culture Ministry Secretary

    Tengjiang as a Young MP During his First Term

    ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    My Promises and Stances

    House Procedure:

    • One of the most important aspects of any government is ensuring that decorum is maintained in the legislature, to make sure the responsibility of governance is treated with the respect and importance it should be.

    • As of late, however, that decorum appears to have been lost, which has resulted in a general slide in terms of quality of debate.

    • Furthermore, there does appear to be a general slide in terms of the time MPs take in order to respond to things, as well as a general lack of debate and questions.

    • As an MP, I pledge to support speakers and legislation which would ammend these problems

    • I also will support any other legislation which will ensure a sense of decorum in the House of Commons.

    New Policy:

    • Support the creation of a DEFENDER Thaecian Militia, for the purposes of creating an additional cultural side to Thaecia, as well as giving us another method to work closely with our allied regions.

    • Back the creation of Hulldom, Antenion, and Marvinville's "Designated Survivor Act" to ensure the stability of the Thaecian government in situations similar to what occurred with Xernon.

    • Support Islonia's reformed executive plan, as it will allow for the executive to preform far more efficiently then it currently does.

    • Support the creation of the WA Council proposed by Vjeresland, regardless of if he wins the presidency or not.

    • Support any legislation that you, the constituents who (hopefully) will elect me to office wish to see.

    Revision of Old Policy:

    • Generally commit to a review of some old legislation for the sake of ensuring they are up to standard.

    • Work with Titanne to fix up the vagueness inherent in LR. 018 (Rewarding Thaecian Contributions Act) in order to make it more clear.

    • Work with Titanne to seriously rewrite the Thaecian Legal Code to make it much more specific, for the sake of ensuring that such a crucial piece of legislation does not present an issue with its enforcement due to vagueness.

    • Rewrite LR. 012 for the sake of making sure that it is clearer on how citizens may petition their government.


    • Commit to an increase in specificity in the Bill of Rights within the Thaecian Constitution, in order to more clearly define the rights laid out within that document.

    • Justify and rationalise all my decisions while sitting as an MP.

    • To protect the Constitution from malicious amendments; that opens the door to exploitation.

    • Underscore the importance of good legislation by making sure any legislation that I table is up to a high standard of quality.

    • Hold the government to account in terms of the actions that it undertakes.

    • Create a system for citizens to petition for the declassification of documents, should they find it necessary.

    Tengjiang speaking about the importance of ensuring individual rights.
    ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    • The helvetic imperium

    • Cydoni

    • Vjeresland

    • Titanne

    • Broustan

    • Brototh

    • Emazia

    DM or TG me if you want to be added to this list!



    Read factbook


    Hi, I am Zon island and i am currently a MP in the House of Commons running to be re-elected to the House of Commons for a 7th term, as I want to continue to contribute to Thaecia by serving Thaecia in the House of Commons and also because i want to continue to help build Thaecia for everyone rather than what serves solely my interest or my party interests.

    What I hope to accomplish if re-elected

    1.Continue reading any bill or piece of legislation that comes before me with an open mind and not missing any votes during my term if real life permits.

    2.Working to create and pass regional holiday legislation to create a better community.

    1.Becoming a member of the Order of Thaecia

    2.Only missing one vote during my 6 terms in the HOC.

    3.Leading the welcome team

    Quick Biography
    I was the Chief Welcome Officer in the Ministry of Interior and later became the head of the Begginers Guidance Department in the newly formed Ministry of Home Affairs. I am a member of the Thaecia Freedom Party and also currently a member of the house for 6 terms and i seeking to be elected to a 7th term.


    If you would like to endorse my campaign please telegram me or discord message me

    Campaign slogan:

    And I will end it here...

    #Vote for Zon island in HOC election!
    #Every vote counts!


    Thanks for your time, if you have any question please telegram me Zon island

    Read factbook


    Head over to this website to find the transcripts for each of the debates!

    LinkDebate Database Site