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Ground Forces official website

Welcome to the official Synnian Ground Forces website
we have
Vidya | Booze | Guns | Helicopters | Kush

My man Rupert deadass lands on some rocks

welcome to the official website of the Synnian ground forces, the fat cats back home aren't any fun and keep on yelling at us but it's not like we have to listen or anything. If you work in any branch of the ground forces your main objective is to have fun and help everyone else, just don't be a killjoy and you'll be fine. We have movie nights on Fridays and Wednesdays, everyone in their own group gets one vote but if you do something cool we might give you another vote. Most of the time we just hop from island to island and just end up in some other air conditioned hut for a few weeks before going somewhere else. If we're ever called into combat (which never happens) all you have to do is hide behind a wall and yell some numbers into your phone, after that just wait 10 to 20 minutes and cover your ears. Get to know who's in charge and you'll be fine.

some guy's base apartment back at home island


Like 8,000 ish guys, there's cars and stuff and a few tanks but they're old as crap and you'll be fixing stuff half time time you're outside.

Less than 3,000 people with a few more tanks than the infantry, still pretty old though and they don't do much except sit around and paint their stuff with spray cans.

I don't know a single person in the artillery, ask your boss if you ever get in the infantry or something. Sorry.

bout to head out lole

typical ground forces plane

-Air support
A few guys who actually kind of care about fighting or something, I'd say like 500 or so people. Most of the time the lab boys or the navy show up to cover our asses anyways. You can tell them apart from everyone else because all their planes are covered in loudspeakers and anime girls

Literally just tech support. About 300 people or so who get air conditioned trucks and some proper food, the computers do everything most the time anyways so these guys are just here to troubleshoot.

A bunch of drugged up crazies in cowboy outfits. They get all the cool stuff and honor or whatever but they say you actually have to give a damn to be a ranger.

Note: Just a few months ago they said that as long as you legally owned a tank or plane or something you could use it while in the ground forces if you're joining please bring something, we want more cool stuff to put guns on