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Synne Industries Rising Sun Initiative



Rising Sun Initiative


Founded: 2022
Superseding agency: Synnian missile defense agency
Technological advancement: FT

The Synne Industries Rising Sun Initiative is a program aimed at providing protection for Synne Industries from satellite, orbital and godmodder attacks. With a rise in spacefaring nations in 2022 it was decided to convert a large portion of the Synnian Space program into a separate branch of the military, in order to mask the true potential of the Synne Industries Space Force a "dummy branch" was established and provided with obsolete or outdated weaponry. The following document covers the full extent of the Rising Sun Initiative's forces and technology, any sharing of this document is prohibited and will be met with instantaneous lethal force. The Rising Sun Initiative is not allowed to communicate with any individuals currently on a terrestrial body and any attempt will be met with detonation of a brain chip by AI, this is to prevent any leakage of information. It is currently unknown who proposed the idea of the RSI and it is unlikely that any information will surface. During the RSI's infancy many lower ranking individuals were aware of the RSI's existence and objective, by 2031 the program entered secrecy and a memetics program was able to cleanse any information of the program nationwide, after viewing this article you are expected to report to the nearest Synnian military facility within 6 hours or you will be met with instantaneous termination.

The RSI currently utilizes technology more advanced than any other terrestrial nation and it is expected for the RSI to maintain this technological superiority for as long as it is deemed necessary. Due to the difficulty of masking large amounts of funding the RSI operates completely independently of Synne Industries providing its own resources and creating its own technologies without terrestrial assistance. It is currently unknown to any Synnian what technologies the RSI possesses and any information leakage will be met by either memetic treatment or termination.


  • FTL Tunnel Drive

  • Accretion reactor

  • Superposition Stealth

  • ███████'s Missiles

  • Tunnel Shielding

  • Grey Dome

  • Without Consequence

  • Wormhole Manufacturing

  • █████ ██ ███ ███████ ████

  • Rising Sun Navy overview


FTL Tunnel Drive

One of the primary technologies of the RSI is the Tunnel Drive. Through the use of controlled quantum tunneling Tunnel Drives are able to move large objects any recorded distance instantaneously, this allows for FTL travel without the need for any "real movement" or present wormhole gates. All standard RSI spacecraft and orbital stations are fitted with one or more Tunnel Drives.

Tunnel Drive processing center
aboard the RSS █████████

Tunnel Drives can also be used in standard combat to quickly flank enemy vessels and any projectiles linked to the Drive Processing center can also be warped to strategic locations, these include mines, missiles, bombs and driveless fighters. Though most larger spacecraft contain a Drive smaller interceptors rely on a link to a "home ship" through quantum linkage to preform Tunneling maneuvers. If a home ship is destroyed all standard fighters are able to link to any other suitable ship with a Tunnel Drive, by linking many fighters to a single corvette or other fast vessel long range fighter strikes are possible without needing to move a capital ship.

The Tunnel Drive was a product of █████ ██████████ labs after a 60 century research shift on February ██ 203█, it was implemented on all existing vessels within a year and has seen use with only 2 revisions needed. There are currently plans to develop a more compact and more efficient Tunnel Drive in 209█ with capabilities of jumping to unmapped locations, preparations are already being made in ██████████ and ████ ███ labs for a 150 century shift to develop said drive. Introduction of Tunnel Drives to terrestrial Synne Industries is to take place from 2120 to 2155 with first installations taking place on ████ class aircraft carriers though if met with unexpected conflict Tunnel Drives may be shipped to terrestrial Synne Industries instantly by order of the CEO. If the CEO is unable to make a decision at the time or is eliminated without a designated successor information of the RSI is to be transmitted to ███ ██████ and ████████████ ████████ of the Greycoat Parliament and the decision to be made by said members of Parliament. If both options are eliminated RSI information will be transferred to the highest ranking military officers.


Accretion Reactor

Accretion reactors utilize a synthetic black hole to generate energy from the heat of captured objects. The black hole is to be created via large orbital accelerator and have a diameter of 200mm, through superconductors it is to be eased into rotation in order to optimize the energy capture radius to match the event horizon. The now rotating black hole is to be placed into a superconducting spherical chamber with double redundancy superposition precautions. A cycling field of kinetic absorption nanites is to then be injected into the sealed chamber, as mass is slowly injected into the chamber nanites will absorb and transfer received energy, this process will extract approximately 42% of the mass's total potential energy.

By utilizing one or more of these reactors a vessel can last for millennia without refueling and utilize any stable mass as fuel, the sheer amount of energy produced is able to power a large number of directed energy weapons along with railguns, heavy engines, quantum systems, ████████ and allow for a boost for ships utilizing pure matter reactors. All capital ships carry one or more of these reactors with miniaturized versions placed aboard corvettes and frigates. Once ignited with a battery they are self sustaining and can be used to reignite other reactors to form a stable energy chain. Much larger Accretion reactors can be found on larger capital ships such as the Requiem Class and Kralle Class fleet cruisers.


Superposition Stealth

RSS Kralle VII enters Superposition in
geostationary orbit, refracting light

Superposition stealth is a type of stealth technology that requires an moderate amount of energy to convert all matter of a vessel into a superposition state. As the ship now is in a position of existence and nonexistence it is undetectable to radar or any other method of indirect viewing by a conscious being, rapid transition between the two states allows for a sharp increase in survivability BVR as automated Superposition allows for phasing through projectiles.

Though Superposition stealth is primarily utilized in capital ships most capital ships also have traditional stealth features to avoid visual or radar detection while not in a superposition state. As ships in superposition are unable to attack as their weapons do not fully exist. Superposition stealth can also be used offensively to combat boarding crews, by coaxing enemy forces aboard ships or their body parts into nonexistence they can be killed instantaneously or time will be given for onboard troops to mobilize.

Superposition Stealth was developed during a 2 millennia shift on █████ labs in 204█ and implemented on all major capital ships within 2█ days, full implementation was complete in 1 month and 13 days. There is currently no incentive to create a more efficient stealth system as the majority of Rising Sun ships already produce much more energy than what is required. By command of Maxwell Synne in 2068 superposition stealth technology was tunneled to Synunder Laboratories to be fitted on the GH-030 and GH-040 drones though the exported version was a more primitive version of superposition technology at the time to reduce awareness of the RSI's actions. No further shipments are planned as terrestrial Synne Industries is fully capable of producing superposition cells with common materials.


███████'s Missiles

A small ███████'s missile
impacts 82055 ████████

███████'s Missiles are a classification of missiles that utilize superradiant scattering of black holes in place of chemical or nuclear explosives to create a large explosion. A small artificial black hole is placed in a internally mirrored icosahedron with a singular light emitting device, the black hole is then secured with superconductors and sealed in the missile warhead. All ███████'s missiles are installed with a superposition failsafe that allows for the temporary deletion of the missile in case of an unintentional breach of black hole containment. ███████'s missiles do not explode on impact and must be fitted with sensors or pre-programmed with a fuse, once the missile is set to detonate the light emitter will scatter large amounts of light within the chamber and cover itself in a mirror coating. Upon detonation light will be given large amounts of energy as it passes by the black hole, this will repeat until the containment chamber breaks and the resulting explosion will yield a radiationless wave with a far greater effect than nuclear explosives.

███████'s missiles currently only reside on orbital launch platforms, large fleet carriers and missile cruisers. ███████'s missiles are suitable for both defensive and offensive usage but are never suited for precision strike as constructing such a small missile is more trouble than it's worth. Though ship to ship usage is efficient and practical the main purpose of ███████'s missiles is to be used in orbital bombardment. As nuclear weaponry leaves hazardous radiation and kinetic bombardment proves too inefficient to completely destroy a planet ███████'s missiles are able to destroy any structure or body ranging from a city block to an entire star system with the right configuration. By cleaning a planet's surface of ground forces beforehand and without radiation invasion of certain strategic locations is made much easier.

Superradiant missile technology was developed during a 25 century shift aboard the RSS █████ in 207█ and missiles were fully integrated into existing launch platforms in 3 years. Current research is ongoing to develop advanced sensors for ███████'s missiles while the detonation system requires no further upgrades as of yet, in 209█ the RSS ████████████ will begin a 5 century shift to develop sensors for ███████'s missiles and bombers.


Tunnel shielding

Tunnel shielding describes the usage of a tunnel drive to link to and destroy incoming projectiles by shifting them out of range of the target ship. The idea of tunnel shielding was first utilized by Kurzwell ██████ in 204█ and has been used by the majority of command groups after a popularity spike in 204█. The strategy was first implemented in war games where ██████ was able to evade missiles until the opponent's ammunition was depleted. After becoming commonplace among command groups many capital ships have received tunnel drive modification allowing for better external lock-ons and greater range for linkage.


Grey Dome

Ceremonial testing of a colored
Grey Dome unit on test dummies

The Grey Dome is the primary anti-personnel weapon used by the Rising Sun Initiative. A standard Dome charge is cylindrical in shape with 2 airlocks on each side and a configuration panel allowing for range and target adjustment. Upon detonation the 2 airlocks on the charge open to release the Grey Dome nanite swarm consisting of anywhere from 5 to 150 kilograms of nanites depending on configuration, the nanites will then seek any targets and enter vital organs or any other specific targeted section of the body. If met with high density armor or obstructions Grey Dome nanites can preform short range quantum tunneling to increase travel efficiency, the standard Grey Dome charge has a range of 150 nautical miles with full coverage taking up to 3█ minutes and ██ seconds. After a required amount of nanites reaches their target location either currently present or stored light atoms such as hydrogen or helium are rapidly fused simultaneously in a single target to achieve small scale nuclear fusion, the resulting uncontrolled explosion will destroy the targeted body section, usually the brain to instantly kill a target. Nanite load can be adjusted for targets of varying durability.

The Grey Dome nanite swarm functions under the command of a primary targeting ship which provides the targeting information for the nanite swarm. In order to reduce costs only 3% of Grey Dome nanites have sensors and responders, these "swarm eyes" will locate and direct its own group of nanites towards a single target, though most targets are organic with the right configuration a large nanite swarm can disable armored vehicles, spacecraft, aircraft, naval vessels and destroy large sections of a building. Nanite targeting is preformed by advanced AI aboard a home ship combined with quantum computing, information is sent to "swarm eyes" through quantum communication as well to reduce detectability and open up attack opportunities in bad weather conditions.

It is currently classified when or how the Grey Dome was developed though it has seen use from 206█ to present day with terrestrial exports set to take place either in 21██ or under the command of the current CEO in times of emergency.

A highly controversial use of the Grey Dome is the slow melting of enemy forces in place of a conventional instant kill. This is a strategy utilized to greatly decrease enemy morale and has only seen use ██ times in conventional combat. The slow disassembly of an enemy soldier's body starting from the skin is meant to instill a sense of fear, dread and eldritch horror upon enemy forces, this combined with ███████ and The Flying Dutchman has proven to be incredibly effective though it has been criticized by high ranking officials for being too slow and painful of a death, though reducing effectiveness some have suggested that the Grey Dome disable pain receivers prior to the melting process.


Without Consequence

Without Consequence is a █████
a █████
a █████
a █████
a █████

phenomenon █ █ _______ global
███ █ █

████__ DOES NOT REMEMBER[ʳᵉᵈᵃᶜᵗᵉᵈ]█
ʰᶦᵈᶦⁿᵍ ᴇxɪsᴛᴇɴᴄᴇ
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Wormhole manufacturing

The RSS █████████
emerges after a 3 century research shift

Wormhole manufacturing is the process of utilizing the unique curvature of wormhole spacetime to construct ships or preform research instantaneously. By sending a research vessel or station into a wormhole the perception of time from inside the wormhole slows to the point that a self sustaining vessel can preform centuries worth of research or manufacturing and emerge with the end result in a matter of hours. Wormhole manufacturing has allowed for a rapid expansion of technological growth and military capabilities in the Rising Sun Initiative.

Wormhole manufacturing was a concept recognized long before the construction of the first wormholes, with the first exotic matter wormholes coming into use in 20██ experimentation with time dilation properties first began with a small self sustaining test vessel housing 10 crew members aged 22 to 25. After 3 days in wormhole space from the perspective of observers the test ship emerged with all crew members aged 1█ years from the crew's perspective. After several other tests long range wormholes with no practical end point were constructed to allow for instantaneous research and manufacturing, suitable generation ships of both industrial and research variants were also constructed. Currently 7██ wormholes exist for the sole purpose of wormhole manufacturing and research.


█████ ██ ███ ███████ ████

█████ ██ ███ ███████ ████ allows for the erasure of time and the viewing of the future up to 26 hours as of 2085. When █████ ██ ███ ███████ ████ is activated aboard a ship during that time it is immune to any contact with outside matter with the exception of atmospheric and low density spatial gasses, this is to prevent nuclear fusion upon de-activation. During the active period all sentient beings are free to move and act though they will be unaware of the ship's actions. When █████ ██ ███ ███████ ████ is completed all sentient beings affected lose memories of the active period (10 to 12 seconds).

Usage of █████ ██ ███ ███████ ████ in combat situations will allow for flanking for smaller vessels such as interceptors and momentary invulnerability for capital ships. █████ ██ ███ ███████ ████ does not require any energy or output any energy when activated, it cannot conduct heat and remains at a constant temperature of 15 degrees Celsius, a █████ ██ ███ ███████ ████ unit is created when a manufactured shell is left unobserved for approximately 7 hours. Testing has shown that █████ ██ ███ ███████ ████ is extremely hard to damage but can be destroyed with enough force, upon destruction its properties are lost and cannot function again until it is left unobserved for 7 hours again after reconstruction. █████ ██ ███ ███████ ████ does not contain any moving parts and can only be linked to a ship through mental strength, capital ships will require multiple humans to be in contact with █████ ██ ███ ███████ ████ while willing it to link with a ship. Activation of █████ ██ ███ ███████ ████ occurs through mental strength of a designated "captain" of a ship, if there is any uncertainty that the individual in contact with █████ ██ ███ ███████ ████ is captain in the individual's mind the effect of █████ ██ ███ ███████ ████ will not activate or will be weakened. To view the future an individual must be in contact with █████ ██ ███ ███████ ████ and will it to view the future, the individual will then enter a comatose state ranging from 5 seconds to a full hour depending on when the individual desires to view. It is currently unknown how █████ ██ ███ ███████ ████ came into existence or who was responsible. As █████ ██ ███ ███████ ████ aged its maximum future viewing time has increased linearly with an additional 22 minutes every year. There is currently no estimated upper limit to the growth of time viewing, many fear that this is the beginning of an omnipotent RSI though others value this as an important early warning system for both the RSI and Synne Industries.


Rising Sun Navy Overview


Ship image

Ship Name

Ship Type

Carrying capacity

Power plant


In service


Currently unavailable

Kralle Class

fleet cruiser

1,450 fighters

classified accretion reactor

15,000 x rail laser pods. 3,500 x missile launch tubes. 1,250 x heavy railguns. 400 x kinetic bombardment silos. Misc other DEW



Currently unavailable

Requiem Class

fleet cruiser

3,000+ fighters, 1,200+ bombers, other

classified accretion reactor

7,500 x rail laser pods, 14,000 x missile launch silos, 68,000+ x point defense lasers. Misc other DEW



Currently unavailable

Grey Tower Class

ground support cruiser

480 bombers

4 x heavy accretion reactor

1,350 x rail laser pods, 500 x point defense lasers, 26,000+ x missile launch silos, 50 x medium railgun



Currently unavailable

Brimstone Class

missile cruiser

178 fighters

6 x accretion reactor

400 x rail laser pods, 18,000 x missile launch silos, 4,000 x point defense lasers



Currently unavailable

Hellroller Class

heavy ramming cruiser

48 tugships

22 x heavy accretion reactor

4 x heavy ramming surface, 200 x rail laser pods, 500 x missile launch silos, 100 x point defense lasers



Currently unavailable

Ambellience Class

heavy ramming cruiser

32 tugships

14 x heavy accretion reactor

4 x heavy ramming surface, 180 x rail laser pods, 150 x missile launch silos, 200 x medium railgun



Currently unavailable

Ignisruuk Class

point defense cruiser

200 interceptors

8 x accretion reactor

6,000 x rail laser pods, 8,000 missile launch silos, 16,000 point defense lasers. Misc other DEW



Currently unavailable

Tallen Kör Class

armored fuel cruiser

150 fighters

4 x light accretion reactor

200 x missile launch silos, 4,600 x point defense lasers



Currently unavailable

Harpy Class

fast cruiser

90 fighters, 22 repair ships

10 x accretion reactor

6,000 x rail laser pods, 500 x missile launch silos, 3,600 x point defense lasers



Currently unavailable

Millennium Class

laser cruiser

58 scouter ships

16 x accretion reactor

4,000 x rail laser pods, 5,700 x point defense lasers



Currently unavailable

Century Class

laser destroyer

30 scouter ships

10 x accretion reactor

3,900 x rail laser pods, 2,600 x point defense lasers



Currently unavailable

Decade Class

laser destroyer

24 scouter ships

10 x accretion reactor

1,100 x rail laser pods, 3,700 x point defense lasers



Currently unavailable

Without Consequence Class

support destroyer

30 transport ships, 44 repair ships

6 x heavy accretion reactor




Currently unavailable

Empire Class

ground support destroyer

56 bombers, 20 fighters

12 x light accretion reactor

400 x rail laser pods, 1,200 x missile launch silos, 500 x point defense lasers



Currently unavailable

Innovation Class

logistics destroyer

10 repair ships, 8 scouter ships

4 x accretion reactor

800 x point defense lasers



Currently unavailable

Invention Class

logistics frigate

10 repair ships, 6 scouter ships

4 x accretion reactor

760 x point defense lasers



Currently unavailable

Red Dragon Class

laser frigate

4 scouter ships

2 x light accretion reactor

400 x rail laser pods, 500 x point defense lasers




Any further reading is restricted to select officials of the Rising Sun Initiative.
Attempting to read said documents without explicit authorization will be met with
instant lethal precision orbital strike, as an added countermeasure a class 20 memetic
kill agent has also been placed below this text, further reading by unauthorized
personnel will result in a memetic induced stroke and disabling of the cardiovascular

note: Any unauthorized distribution of the memetic kill agent below will be met with legal action

List of Rising Sun Initiative Projects currently active.