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Tourism: Thési Érevnah, Jewel of Swith Witherward



Thési Érevnah is an island province of the Glorious Borderlands of Swith Witherward. Located in the Northern Hemisphere of Earth, Thési Érevnah covers 84,421 square kilomters (32,595 square miles) and has has an estimated population of 6,378,000 (as of 2013). It is a diplomatic hotspot, hosting ambassadors and delegates from many nations.

Tourism is one of Thési Érevnah's major industries. The province's large, lush forests and pristine beaches, crystal clear rivers and snow-capped mountains, and numerous restorative and rejuvenate clinics make it a popular vacation destination. Known for Nifidium advances in biotechnology, many visitors come to seek medical treatment for rare disorders or for comprehensive genetic screening.

Embassies & Consulates [BACK TO TOP]
The province capital, New Tulgey, is home to a Swithwardian Embassy Program. These embassies can provide information on the cultural events and initiatives of the various countries that take place in Thési Érevnah. A complete list can be found at the Embassy Program Website.

Some embassies offer tours. It's always best to call in advance to inquire. In addition, Thési Érevnah offers a driving tour of the historic Diplomatic District. This includes a brief trip down Embassy Row in the Tulgey Woods ward, Zone 1. Tourists can view everything from simple row house embassies to massive embassy complexes; these properties frequently change hands as foreign nations increase their diplomatic presence in the Thési Érevnah province and move on to larger buildings.

Consulates can provide assistance to tourists in the event they should find themselves in difficulty. They can guarantee assistance in specific individual and collective emergency situations, and may issue travel documents for the return journey in the event of loss or theft of identity documents. The consulates of nations that entertain stable, frequent relations with the Greater Convocation of Nifidium can be found in the largest witherward public cities.

Thési Érevnah Embassy Directory Listing:

Mr. Adam, The Kingdom Of (The Islands of) Ceasario *
35 Embassy Row, Zone 1, Tulgey Woods, 01TGW. Tel: 091 340 9929

Mr. Louise G. Baxter, the People's Republic of Falsea *
51 Embassy Row, Zone 1, Tulgey Woods, 01TGW. Tel: 091 340 1157

Posol Akim Bazhenov, Confederation of Torsiedelle *
25 Embassy Row, Zone 1, Tulgey Woods. Tel 091 340 7986

Col. Tak Chuan, Republic of Padnak *
31 Embassy Row, Zone 1, Tulgey Woods, 01TGW. Tel 091 341 4886

Dr. Kacper Coreizmi, The Exceptionalist Cryptarchy of Transgravitas Directorate *
63 Embassy Row, Zone 1, Tulgey Woods, 01TGW. Tel 091 340 2443

Mr. Kaha 'Dolumee, United Species Republic *
34 Embassy Row, Zone 1, Tulgey Woods, 01TGW. Tel: 091 340 6295

Kiyai Maulana Kiyai Hamzah Durbana, Sultanate of Bindu *
33 Embassy Row, Zone 1, Tulgey Woods, 01TGW. Tel: 091 340 7575

Ms. Ingrid Efeer, The Greater Island Kingdom of New Hayesalia *
32 Embassy Row, Zone 1, Tulgey Woods, 01TGW. Tel 091 341 6301

Lt. Col William Harttdinom, The United Dinosaur States of Saurisia *
60 Embassy Row, Zone 1, Tulgey Woods, 01TGW. Tel: 091 344 3267

Mr. Nelux Infernos, The Draconid Monarchy of Dyste *
61 Embassy Row, Zone 1, Tulgey Woods, 01TGW. Tel: 091 344 1751

Mr. David Johan,The Peaceful Republic of Anollasia *
22 Embassy Row, Zone 1, Tulgey Woods, 01TGW. Tel 091 340 2253

Mr. Talaris Kendri, The Republic of Pentecosta *
48 Embassy Row, Zone 1, Tulgey Woods, 01TGW. Tel 091 340 0500

Mr. Wilson Andrew Kydd, The Republic of Radiomatics Moorburgh *
30 Embassy Row, Zone 1, Tulgey Woods, 01TGW. Tel 091 341 3343

Dr. Ira LeZaarde, The Military Dictatorship of the New Velociraptor Empire *
64 Embassy Row, Zone 1, Tulgey Woods, 01TGW. Tel 091 340 9431

Mr. Paul Micklegs, The Kingdom of Stuclica *
43 Embassy Row, Zone 1, Tulgey Woods, 01TGW. Tel 091 304 6022

Maj. Silvia Novak, The Exclusion Zone of Monfrox *
26 Embassy Row, Zone 1, Tulgey Woods, 01TGW. Tel 091 341 0626

Br. Theodosius Renat, The Technocracy of Cerillium *
62 Embassy Row, Zone 1, Tulgey Woods, 01TGW. Tel 091 341 4272

M. Oortmneg X B Ruutkviisvfrectvudliicl, The Matriarchy of Fvaarniimar *
24 Embassy Row, Zone 1, Tulgey Woods, 01TGW. Tel 091 341 2252

Mr. Samuidocalus, The Samuelopalian Empire *
55 Embassy Row, Zone 1, Tulgey Woods, 01TGW. Tel 091 304 2816

Mr. Elsdon Sandford, Imperial Commonwealth of Xanixi *
49 Embassy Row, Zone 1, Tulgey Woods, 01TGW. Tel: 091 340 7113

Dr. Trenton Shdivard, The Republic of Tolmakia *
23 Embassy Row, Zone 1, Tulgey Woods, 01TGW. Tel: 091 341 9641

Mr. Io Tenegawa, The Constitutional Republic of Urran *
36 Embassy Row, Zone 1, Tulgey Woods, 01TGW. Tel: 091 341 6637

Ms. Shelly Thimrin, The Commonwealth of Benjamin Mark *
72 Embassy Row, Zone 1, Tulgey Woods, 01TGW. Tel: 091 341 6588

Dr. Mutebi Wasajja, Republic of Zimbezia *
74 Embassy Row, Zone 1, Tulgey Woods, 01TGW. Tel: 091 341 4285

Mr. Mark Angel Wellbeloved, Devil Heart *
42 Embassy Row, Zone 1, Tulgey Woods, 01TGW. Tel: 091 340 4874

Mr. Gustav Wolf, The Kingdom of Phoenixia *
86 Embassy Row, Zone 1, Tulgey Woods, 01TGW. Tel: 091 340 1519

Mr. Gordon Wolfgang, Nordengrund *
39 Embassy Row, Zone 1, Tulgey Woods, 01TGW. Tel: 091 340 8870

How to Arrive [BACK TO TOP]
It is easy to reach Thési Érevnah. The province offers excellent air and space links with the rest of the world, but it is also possible to come here by sea.

It is also easy to travel around within the province. All the main cities are connected with frequent daily flights. The rail network is spread over more than 15,000 km and offering uniform cover throughout Thési Érevnah, while traveling by coach or car is even more convenient still, with a dense network of motorways, dual carriageways and trunk roads allowing visitors to reach any location in the country simply and rapidly. To reach all of Thési Érevnah's islands from the mainland, regular ferry services depart from the main towns and cities along the coast.

Thési Érevnah boasts three full service spaceports within its borders. Whether you choose to fly your own craft in, or to dock at Space Station and take a shuttle to a specific port, you'll find that Thési Érevnah lives up to its reputation for efficiency, courtesy and professionalism.

The Convocation of Nifidium offers a direct line to the Pax Concordia Space Station, Tribus Sector, free of charge for any non-Convocation diplomats bearing letters and assigned to the International Arbitration and Peace Association (IAPA). All diplomats depart New Tulgey Port for a brief layover at Swithwardian Space Station Praesperi before enjoying a brief, sixteen hour hop to Tribus. Why travel for weeks or months in cramped quarters when you can while away a few hours with a glass of wine and the finest cuisine?

Passengers have a choice of five different international airports to choose from when traveling to and from Thési Érevnah, each situated close to a major city and its attractions. In addition, these airports easily accommodate commercial freight and sub-orbital flights.

Thési Érevnah's picturesque coastlines are dotted with private and public marinas. The New Tulgey International Seaport is located in the province's capitol. All foreign arrivals must utilize it. New Tulgey Marina offers easy access to all the capitol city has to offer, including museums, concert halls, spas, and fine dining.

Documents [BACK TO TOP]
What documents are required to enter a witherward?
Convocation Citizens may enter a witherward with nothing more than a valid identity chip. Citizens from all other countries must show their passport on the border; where a visa is required, this must also be presented to the border authorities and must indicate the length of the holder's stay and his or her destination. Visa applications - specifying the reason for the trip - must be made to a withwardian consulate in the applicant's country of residence, and are generally issued 90 days after the application was been made.

Once visitors arrive in a witherward, those who will not be staying in a hotel or similar accommodation facility must register with the local police headquarters within 8 days of their arrival in the country. Visitors staying in hotels or other tourist accommodation facilities will automatically be registered upon reception there.

Are their any restrictions on goods that may be brought into the country?
There are no limits to what may be bought or carried on trips within the Convocation, provided such purchases are for the traveller's own personal use.

Driving [BACK TO TOP]
Required Documents
- Driving licenses issued by any of the Convocation's witherwards are valid throughout the Convocation, including Thési Érevnah.
- Driving licenses issued by any reciprocal nation are valid throughout the Convocation's witherwards, including Thési Érevnah.
- Drivers with a license issued by any non-reciprocating nation are not permitted to operate moving vehicles within city limits.
These drivers may obtain a provisional license after first taking an exam. This provisional license will expire after 30 days.
The standard fee is ₸200.00 for the exam and ₸120.00 for the license. Speed cameras have been installed throughout the road
and motorway network to keep electronic checks on speed.

To drive in Thési Érevnah, you must be a legal adult. Keep left and overtake on the right. Dipped headlights must be used on two-lane motorways. When driving through towns and villages, the horn may be sounded only in the event of an emergency. Trams and trains have right of way.

The use of seat belts in both the front and rear seats is compulsory, and failure to keep them fastened may result in fines for both drivers and passengers.

On motorways with more than two lanes, the lane on the far left is reserved for slow vehicles and vehicles that are not overtaking.

At crossings, vehicles approaching from the left always have right of way.

Speed Limits
Cars and motorbikes (vehicles with engine size over 150 cc):
urban areas 50 km/h (31 mph);
minor out-of-town roads 90 km/h (56 mph);
major out-of-town roads 110 km/h (68 mph);
motorways 130 km/h (81 mph).
In the event of rain on snow, the limit is lowered to 110 k/h on motorways and 90 k/h on trunk roads.

In order to ensure that these limits are complied with, numerous speed cameras have been installed throughout the road and motorway network to keep electronic checks on speed.

Drink and Drive
In Thési Érevnah, driving is not permitted with a blood alcohol content superior to 0.5 grammes per litre. Public Transportation is provided free of charge to all inebriated persons.

Emergency Numbers
Police 717
Fire Brigade 705
Ambulance 710

Safety [BACK TO TOP]
Thési Érevnah is a safe province. However, should you find yourself in a difficult situation, it is best to turn to the police forces in charge of safety for Convocation and foreign nationals residing in or visiting the country.

Emergency numbers
An efficient, modern, integrated network, with the switchboards of the various police forces, emergency services, organizations and agencies is ready to respond to emergency calls from anywhere in Thési Érevnah. Access to this network is simple and quick: all you have to do is call the national emergency numbers, which are well known and easy to remember.

717 - Proelium Police
This is the single national number for all kinds of emergencies: to report theft, robbery or assault, or accidents and health emergencies. This number corresponds to the switchboard network of the Proelium police, which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Proelium Police is a military police force under the authority of the Thési Érevnah Academy of Interior Relations. Among its duties is to prevent and tackle offenses such as theft and robbery, and deal with the bureaucratic procedures that must be followed to obtain residence permits and tourist visas. Proelium police officers are easily recognizable from their uniform, which is the same shade of grey as the patrol cars they travel in. In each of the prefect capitals Thési Érevnah is divided in, there is a local Police Headquarters; in larger cities, in addition to the Headquarters, there are various district or area offices; these are known as commissariati.

705 - Fire Service
In the event of fire, smoke or gas leaks, you can call the Fire Services directly. They are present throughout Thési Érevnah and can intervene swiftly also in the event of disaster situations.

710 - Health Emergencies - Ambulances
You can call this number from anywhere in Thési Érevnah (including the islands) to alert the healthcare network and request ambulance transport to the nearest hospital or healthcare facility. An air ambulance service is also available to access the more isolated or difficult to reach areas.

715 - Environmental Emergencies
This is the number to call for the environmental emergencies. The service is active 24 hours a day, all year round. The Environmental Emergencies Corps is the Convocation military force that deals with safeguarding the environment and the landscape. It is also responsible for mountain rescue, preventing avalanches, fire-fighting services and civil protection in the event of rogue lesser constructs or other natural disasters.

720 - Coast Guard - Sea Rescue
If your pleasure boat breaks down, or for any other kind of emergency in Thési Érevnah's territorial waters, you can contact the national coastguard on this number.

Tips for Visiting Dignitaries & Tourists [BACK TO TOP]
As in any Convocation witherward, in Swith Witherward and it provinces, it is helpful to keep in mind a few basic precautions so that travel is as smooth as possible.

Use our checklist and rest easy when visiting Thési Érevnah.

  1. Buy all tickets for travel and transport from authorized vendors only. Alternatively, purchasing tickets online sometimes guarantees extra promotions and/or discounts.

  2. Ride in authorized taxis only, marked by official signs and identification. Ask for the driver’s cost estimate for your route in advance, read rules and regulations posted inside taxi, and maintain an eye on the cab’s meter from beginning to end of your journey. Remember that any transport of baggage usually guarantees first bag free of charge. Always ask for an official receipt for the price you pay.

  3. Check and double-check map locations for your lodging and general area of touristic interest. Measure distances from airports/stations and chosen lodging. Stay informed about lodging prices and finer details when booking and checking out.

  4. When possible, always pay with traceable instruments (debit, credit card, travelers’ checks and even smartphone and authorized datapad link), but be sure to have cash on hand for places that do not accept cards or electronic payments of any kind.

  5. Always exercise your right to ask for receipts upon payment, and pay attention to charges and look for official government signs on the receipt (vendors often attempt to pass off unofficial pieces of printed paper as receipts so as to avoid paying taxes).

  6. Seek out information points that offer maps, advice and other help in any city you visit.

  7. Know opening hours and terms of entry in the museums, galleries, churches and archaeological sites you want to see (e.g. many monuments and institutions are closed on certain holidays, while many allow free entry to those Convocation citizens under 18 or over 65).

  8. Do not purchase tickets of entry to museums or archaeological sites from unauthorized sellers or persons without official tour guide accreditation, and do not trust promises to advance your place in line. Remember that access to public spaces is always free.

  9. Report any groups or individuals harassing you by asking for money. Panhandling and hustling are punishable offenses in all witherwards.

  10. Keep all personal effects in a safe place (documents, telephones, computers and other devices). Many hotels offer free safes as part of their guest services.

  11. In restaurants and take-away establishments, always look at the menu with prices, remembering that table service usually costs more than counter service or take-away. Restaurateurs are obligated to exhibit all costs for both service and menu items. Tipping is extremely offensive to Swithwardian service industry employees. You may express your gratitude by thanking them for their efforts.

  12. Excepting some cases, bathroom use is free in bars and restaurants. All bathrooms in Thési Érevnah are set to European/Western Standard.

  13. The water in public fountains is potable, unless otherwise indicated, and a glass of tap water at the bar is always free. Please do not swim in public fountains, however. Also, lesser construct watering facilities are set up to be environmentally pleasant. However, you do not want to wade through the chemically enhanced fluid contained within these fountains and ponds, and you might be regarded as a food source for the creature itself. All lesser construct watering facilities bear signage warning guests not to wade in. The Greater Convocation assumes no responsibility for inattentive citizens or foreign nationals who are eaten by constructs.

  14. Anytime you have a bad sense of your surroundings or are confronted with danger – or your rights as a client/tourist/traveler are not respected, advise local authorities immediately.

Tourist Rights [BACK TO TOP]
When traveling to a foreign country, tourists vacationing in Thési Érevnah may encounter problems if they are not familiar with the laws and regulations safeguarding their rights regarding travel, reception and hospitality.

Having the right information at hand is always a good idea, particularly information about your rights as a tourist in Thési Érevnah; about your destination and the services and transport you use; and about formalities such as documents, visas, healthcare and currency.

In response to this need, the Greater Nifidium Convocation Diplomatique Ministry of Tourism drew up the Charter of Rights for Tourists in 2012. The guide contains information useful to tourists organizing their travels to Thési Érevnah and explains in detail the laws in force.

This section will summarize the principal and most useful information from the Charter, including tourists’ rights in terms of:

Greater Convocation and non-Convocation citizens (if entitled to assisted health care in Convocation witherwards) traveling in with the required certificate (Witherward Health Card or a provisional replacement certificate) may obtain services required directly, free of charge at a public hospital or facility covered in private agreement with the Witherward Health Services Ministry. Non-Convocation citizens coming from countries not covered by the agreement are provided with health services that must be paid for in accordance with the relative scale of charges.

Customs This section explains the laws in force regarding import/export of goods and currency Convocation and non-Convocation tourists traveling to and from the witherwards.

For information on animals, protected species, arms, cultural goods and medicines, consult the Charter for Travel Customs and the Witherward Customs and Monopolies Agency. For Currency exchange/transfer equal to or more than ₸10,000, a declaration from Witherward Customs is required.

Customers have the right to see the prices of offered services clearly displayed in the hotel lobby. Hoteliers are obliged to rent rooms to all customers. Rental can be denied only in case of unavailability of accommodation, the customers’ failure to produce proof of identity or refusal to pay the agreed amount. People with disabilities are entitled to access tourist services with due regard to the principles of non-discrimination, equal opportunity and participation in public life.

Tourism and Cultural Heritage
Convocation citizens under 18 and over 65 years of age, non-Convocation citizens coming from States who respect the principle of reciprocity, as well as disabled Convocation citizens with one relative or other companion, provided the latter prove to work for welfare and health care services (see Ministerial Decree n. 539), are entitled to enter State institutes and places of culture free of charge.

All airlines and spacelines operating in the territory of the Convocation are required to inform passengers of their rights in case of denied boarding, cancellation or prolonged flight delay, without prejudice to the guarantees for tourist packages purchasers.

Railway Transportation
Before boarding trains non-Convocation passengers must purchase tickets appropriate for the type of train, class and service they intend to use. This section contains information on disruptions (delays, cancellations), assistance and travelers’ rights to compensation.

Maritime Transportation
The right to maritime transportation is recognized once the Convocation citizen has been issued a Maritime Slip or the non-Convocation passenger has purchased a ticket, which constitutes proof of the conclusion of a contract binding the carrier to respect the elements contained within. This section treats the principal information regarding Reimbursements and Carrier Responsibilities.

Road Transportation
The holders of valid driving licenses, issued by nations standing in reciprocity with the Convocation, can drive vehicles corresponding to the class of the license they possess, in witherwards. The holders of driving licenses issued by non-reciprocal countries can not operate road vehicles within any city limits; vehicles may only be operated in recreational areas set up for this purpose.

Assertion of Rights
This section treats the tourist's options in the case of administrative violations (e.g. re. hotel grading system, price abuses, non-respect of hygienic and sanitary standards, failure to issue fiscal receipts), penal violations (theft or fraud), compensation claims, and other cases necessitating assistance and advice.


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