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The Glorious Borderlands of
Democratic Socialists

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Gentlemen! Behold!

About Swith

My actual photo is found elsewhere on NS
Good luck hunting for it

Motto Knit or Die!

Location Somewhere in the States.
Usually PA, when not in OH.

The Nifty Obligatory Sig Stuff
Religion: Atheist but tolerant (Taoist in philosophy)
Political Views: Somewhat Social Liberalism
Progressivism 42.5
Socialism 68.75
Tenderness 59.375
Rights: LinkIntolerance is ugly
Personality Type: LinkINFJ
NSG: Buttered Toast
F7 Location RP Threads:
Other PC: My right to free speech
does not preclude your right to have an opinion

NS Roles:
P2TM Mentor
Founder, The Apartment Block
Resident CoOP - Personification Life
Paedagog Member - Founder
IAPA Member
Genesis, Lamoni's Happy Flunky

Swith, Swithy, Swithers
Aut, Auty (I go by my middle name IRL!)
Vent Fennec
Typo Queen
Raptor Queen
Teflon Tuatara
Mother of Threads
Devourer of Shawarma
That crazy little [REDACTED] in P2TM

Married to

These are some of the people that make my world
a brighter place:
Bone Fort
The new velociraptor empire
Primordial Luxa
aka Agymnum
Northwest Slobovia

Real Life Stuff:
Hobbies include knitting, 40K Tabletop
and world domination
Fractal Hacker? LinkPhysics!

Highest Point: 4'10 w/out shoes

Time Zone: EST (-5 GMT)

Drives on the: sidewalk

Miss Swith's Vanity Page and Vital RP Help Links!

Oh look, a vanity page. Yeah, I was bored enough to do this on a dare. It's an opportunity for me to share vital NS links as well as capture a few of my favorite quotes from other players.

Boring Crap

You're looking at it. Miss Swith is an odd and boring creature, introverted really, who used to spend most of her time in front of a monitor when not in front of a microscope. Her real life was an endless parade of dead tissue pdf files, asinine graphs, and molecular woodigypooge, and she used her spare energy to stave off romantic advances from the Accounting Department's MiniKhan. (Miss Swith has no interest in becoming Indian via injection. Are you not paying attention to the sidebar? Miss Swith is demisexual.) Now she's on medical leave but does contract work for the same weird corporation. Miss Swith intends to be a cancer survivor, thank you very much!

Her online time is spent trawling P2TM and participating in RP. Mostly she pesters the heck out of Tiltjuice, Min and Agy, and uses Discord to pester everyone else.

Miss Swith enjoys worldbuilding, knitting and Rolos. Feed her gluten-free snacks and she'll be your best friend. Or not.

And this is the end of the third person posting. It's annoying as hell.

RP Mentoring

I'm currently a Senior P2TM RP Mentor, an honor I share with Cerillium. My fellow and amazing P2TM Mentors are Esternial, G-Tech Corporation, [nation]Giovenith], Mincaldenteans, The armed republic of dutch coolness, and Zarkenis Ultima. There are eight of us at the moment and, should you have a RP-related dilemma, don't hesitate to drop any of us a telegram. I promise I won't laugh derisively at your questions. In fact, I'm humbled to be of assistance to you. You, dear reader, are the future of Role Play on NS. Anything I can do to make your experience better will make me content.

And now, on to some vital information hotspots! Tally-ho!

Role Play Help

NS Basics - - Getting started on NS
Euroslavia wrote a comprehensive guide pertaining to this. It gives you the information you need to get the most out of your NS experience. "This thread will provide the basic framework for general rules and learning and all things in regards to how to properly Role Playing in the International Incidents and Nationstates forums." That said, it's also good for P2TM-users to review.

    Nationstates Terminology - General Terms
    Jenrak's II Thread Assistance Index - packed with Diplomacy Forums help
    LinkThe International Incidents IRC Channel - #II
      To join the IRC thread:
      1. Click on the #II link provided.
      2. You will be directed to a screen with a textbox. Type in #II (As in International Incidents, so the letter 'I', not 'L')
      3. You will be prompted for your nickname. Please use your nation name, or a similar name, or tell us who you are so we know.

      The IRC Channel is open to all IIers, regardless of tech level. You can hang out, talk, chat, whatever. Please be courteous and kind, and if you run into any problems, please let any of the Operators know. That's pretty much it.

Where do I start in P2TM?
People always ask me how they can get into P2TM.

    WHERE DO I START: The P2TM Guide needs to be your first stop. Nearly everything you need to know about the subforum is located there.

    GET ADVICE ON YOUR RP IDEA: Traveller's Café 3: Discussion, tea, brainstorming & advice is where you'll find a lot of good advice there, especially if you're thinking of starting up your own RP. Use it as a sounding board. Don't be shy. We've got a lot of combined experience.

    P2TM CHAT: P2TM Chat III is our official chat thread. Come and visit and meet the most active P2TMers. (Yep, I finally updated this link! 12/12/15)

    WHERE DO I LEARN THE BASICS OF RP: Esternial's Book of the Multiverse2. It has everything you need to know. Everything!

    MOAR INFO: This Compendium contains more treasures. You can also jump to this quick list to gain insight into the following:

      1. Four Things you may want to avoid
      2. Roleplaying: Character
      3. Roleplaying: Plot
      4. Roleplaying: Dialogue
      5. The Art of Losing

GM Guides
These guides will help you master the art of running your own game.

Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi
"I want you to stop by my RP." Well, when in need, type "Swith Witherward" into your OOC. Seriously, I trawl for my name. It's a habit I picked up from Nightkill. I might not instantly appear but I do check once a day. I might not have the answers you need but I'll certainly point you towards a Mentor or a trusted player who can lend a hand. If you haven't figured it out by now - I'm very laid back and easy going. Please don't let my minty green mask intimidate you.

Factbook Help
I need to share this one: Ponderosa's Guide to a Wiki-Style Factbook, Embassies, and Consulates thread. Everything you want to know about making one of these wiki style pages can be found there. It has sound code and phenomenal explanations.

Friendship is Beautiful
Giovenith, who is by far one of the brightest RPers on NS, honored a request for a Pony Swith. I wasn't a MLP fan until I met her and saw the world through her eyes. Hey, don't laugh. Stuff gets dark! This isn't just a kiddie show. Here's her handiwork:

Thank you, Gio! I'll cherish her forever!