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Emperor Matthew I

Matthew I

Emperor of Earth, Savior of Mankind

Reign: 29 November 2033 -- Present
Enthronement: 31 December 2033

Matthew I is the first emperor of Earth and founder of the empire.

Rise to Power

In 2031, Earth was ruled by a unified global government under the United Nations, dominated primarily by the Chinese Communist Party along with other socialist factions. European nations had mostly capitulated to tyrannical rule. A divide and conquer strategy of identity politics had been implemented to subvert western cultures. Privacy rights, property rights, and the right to self preservation had all been diminished globally. One of the last regions to capitulate to UN tyranny was the former United States of America. The UN peacekeeping operation in this territory heightened tensions to the eventual boiling point. Various underground organizations had formed and were acting to subvert the central control of the UN. Among these groups was a fringe quasi-religious secret society known as the Order of the Radiant Dawn. The Ideals of the order consisted of social conservatism, personal freedom, family values, and most importantly the supremacy of mankind over any other form of intelligent life. The order was led by the man we now know as his majesty Matthew I, emperor and savior of mankind. The order was resistant to the collectivist and so-called progressive values being pushed by the UN government. On the 4th of February of 2031, bombs exploded across the peacekeeper occupied cities of North America. Two days later a military coup took place in New York, led by officers sympathetic to or members of the order, many of whom previously served the independent United States. A bloody war engulfed the world for nearly 3 years, until on the 28th of November, 2033, the last forces of the United Nations surrendered. The next day, Matthew I declared the establishment of the Empire of Mankind, the first unified regime he declared that would take to the stars. The emperor officially took the throne on the 31st of December and ordered the construction of a global capital city in Siberia. This city would be called Setsuri. Matthew I had been given a divine gift, visions of mechanisms for faster-than-light travel, and quickly ordered the construction of a fleet. Over the following years, wars were fought on the galactic front and the empire expanded.

Political Beliefs

The emperor's political theories are centered around mankind's destiny as the rulers of the universe. Much of these ideas are tied to religious beliefs that mankind was created in the image of God and was tasked with Stewardship over the universe. Directly reactionary to the anti-human agenda of the previous UN technocrats, Matthew I has stated the solution overpopulation was galactic expansion, not population reduction measures. Economically, the only sound theory is capitalism. His Majesty is staunchly opposed to any and all forms of socialism. Socialism is an economic theory which led to the deaths of millions, and disastrous inefficiency. The final aspect encompassing his majesty's concerns was the hedonistic lifestyle promoted by the world's previous overlords. It was incredibly easy for them to oppress a population concerned only with living for instant gratification.

Social Issues:
Social policy should be determined as a matter of what is actively promoted by the government and spiritual authorities, not something which must be actively forced directly upon every member of the population. With that noted, there are certain acts of degeneracy which cannot be tolerated. Legal penalties are necessary to prevent corrupted individuals from betraying their spouse and committing adultery. Such penalties should include stiff fines or moderate sentences of service or internment. The molestation of children is intolerable and should be met with the stiffest of penalties, capital punishment. There should be no legal recognition of same-sex partnerships as marriages. A marriage is to be between one man and one woman for the purpose of procreation and raising a family. As same-sex partnerships do not promote procreation, they should not be incentivized with the legal and financial benefits of true marriage. While these partnerships should not be considered marriages and should not be actively encouraged, it should remain perfectly legal for two or more consenting adults to do whatever they please in the privacy o their own home. Public displays of indecency should be actively discouraged though legal channels. Those who expose themselves indecently in public should be fined or imprisoned, especially if children are present. Individuals who remain single after the age of thirty should be subject to a mild bachelor's tax.

Capitalism and a free market are the key to a successful and thriving empire. Socialism and communism have been tried countless times on both local and global levels and have led to mass suffering and the deaths of millions. The Imperial corporate tax rate should be minimum, ensuring a high level of return for innovators. Industries should be allowed to keep profits to either expand or improve the compensation of workers. Frivolous so-called consumer-protection lawsuits devastated the old world and shall not be tolerated in the new order. Unless a company has egregiously violated the safety or defrauded the consumer, there should be no incentive for the customer to file suit. Injuries which would have been prevented by reasonable thinking have no standing as wrongful harm caused by a product. Consumers should be responsible for how products are used. Importation of goods from other nations should be subject to heavy tariffs. Trade between Imperial worlds and colonies should be incentivized through a lack of tariffs. The empire should establish colonies and expand into new systems to acquire resources if possible rather than depending on international trade. To ensure supply chains remain intact, space piracy should be combatted with maximum force.

Article 20 Rights:
Article 20 of the Imperial constitution guarantees all citizens the right to keep and bear arms for defensive purposes in private and in public. It also prohibits the restriction of certain categories of arms or accessories thereof. This article was added to the constitution specifically because most problems which arose in the old world could have been prevented had the population been armed. The last bastion of armed individuals sparked the revolution which saved humanity and established the empire. The right of all citizens to own weapons and carry them in public is essential. Additionally, this extends to vehicles such as space-faring vessels. Merchants and travelers must be able to defend themselves from hostile aliens and space pirates.

Foreign Policy:
The supremacy of man is to be guaranteed. A strong Imperial military is necessary for the defense and expansion of the empire. The empire shall not negotiate with pirates, primitives or terrorists. An attack or declaration of war on the empire shall be seen as an declaration of war on mankind. Races which are incorporated into the empire shall be able to gain citizenship through various channels. For those which have fought back citizenship will be granted to worthy individuals. For those which have openly welcomed imperial rule, citizenship shall be granted to all individuals. Service shall guarantee citizenship.