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Emperor Matthew I

Matthew I

Emperor the Radiant Dawn

Reign: 29 November 2033 -- Present
Enthronement: 31 December 2033
Heir apparent: Marie

Born: 22 December 1999
Full Name: Matthew Charles Curtis MacSween
Spouse: Empress Emilia (m. 2025)
Issue: Crown Princess Marie,
Princess Rosa,
Prince Archer

House: MacSween

Matthew I (born 22 December 1999) is the current emperor of the Radiant Dawn Empire. He is the first to sit on the Emerald Throne, having established the empire immediately following the downfall of the United Nations of Earth. His reign began immediately upon the end of the World Liberation War (15 March to 29 November, 2033). Upon his ascension, he issued the Great Oath of Mankind, in which he vowed he would lead his race to the stars, to claim the galaxy as the rightful divine inheritance of Man.

Life and work

His majesty was born as the eldest of three children in a middle class family. Born in the United States, prior to the UN one-world-government his majesty grew up with a sense of freedom that would be unknown to those even just slightly younger than him. During his schooling years he tended to be one or two years ahead of the postmodernist leftist curriculum, at least until university. Throughout high school and university he listened to the then-controversial talk show host Alex Jones on a nearly daily basis. It was because of this his majesty was alarmed by the erosion of civilization and demonetization of the west carried out by the left. He also developed fanatical belief in the fact that man was destined to rule the stars.

Upon graduating university, he started a small business, a simple general store. Not long after, the UN took full control of the world, including America. the constitution was erased and patriots were disarmed. From a select few friends colleges and customers, he founded the Order of the Radiant Dawn as a secret society to undermine UN control by any means necessary. During a secret expedition, he uncovered the secrets of faster-than-light interstellar travel and had a vision of god, in several manifestations, appointing him to lead man, the chosen race, to inherit the divine creation that is the universe.

The Order prepared for and initiated the Great Liberation War of 2033 through corruption, espionage, infiltration, and rallying allies. When all was said and done, the UN administration fell and His Majesty revealed his gift from god and proclaimed the Empire of the Dawn. Since then humanity has colonized many planets in various systems, won several interstellar wars, and accumulated unprecedented wealth under his leadership.

Despite the workload of administrating the largest empire in human history, he still enjoys teaching a weekly historical seminar at Setsuri's Otoya Yamaguchi High School. (Named for the young nationalist hero who saved his nation from communism.)


His Majesty's political values
As the leader of mankind's first interstellar empire, his majesty combined the tried and tested methods of the old world with new visionary ideas put forth by himself and other members of his order. The emperor is a die-hard nationalist. The unified empire would require a unified culture. The barbaric and uncivilized practices of primitive and uncivilized regions were swiftly abolished. Disgraceful displays which were for so long tolerated by western nations and the UN were swiftly abolished. His majesty could see clearly that tolerance of barbarism in the name of multiculturalism was the ultimate downfall of the former nations of Earth. The regions of Earth, previously known as the "third world" as well as areas of the so called "first world" which had been overrun by third worldly barbarism were placed under heavy military occupation post-war, as civilization was brought about by force. His majesty's efforts brought an end to practices such as female genital mutilation, witch hunting, stoning and mass rape. With the earth fully unified under the imperial tricolor and a superior and civilized culture, it was necessary to project nationalism on a much larger scale than previously implemented. Milky Way galaxy would be the theater. On earth, civilized cultures are preserved and combined tastefully, while human dominance and supremacy is asserted throughout the galaxy. Subject races must integrate to human society and culture.

On economics his majesty is rather libertarian. Economic regulation should exist only to protect the consumer. Anti-trust laws are a key part of his majesty's economic policies. Only specific industries are deemed worthy of monopolization, in these cases a natural monopoly is the most efficient outcome.

On foreign policy the emperor holds true to on absolutely key principle: no nation-building. The empire does not provide so-called humanitarian aid to other states, the well being of foreigners is not the responsibility of Imperials. If another state is defeated in war regime change is not to be carried out, instead, without question the territories of the defeated state should be annexed and colonized. If a conquered state consists of uncivilized creatures it is not out of the question to simply exterminate them to make way for colonization by Humans and other civilized races of Imperials.


His majesty has always been a controversial figure. Even as an irrelevant young high-school student, his opinions and views were considered to be "inflammatory" at the very least, most of the time they were not taken seriously or dismissed as some form of social wrong. In those years his majesty had been pelted with accusations of racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, and countless other leftist "wrongthink" labels. Of course as a staunch opponent of the UN and EU during the old era, he was rightfully perceived as a threat.

Modern controversies are much less drastic and revolve mostly around rumor, however it is well known that his majesty enjoys a strong drink and has been criticized for "depending" on alcohol in social circumstances. He is known to joke in reference to his "liquid courage". On one, fondly remembered and humorous occasion his majesty, just after officially opening the 3rd Annual Imperial Parliamentary Gala, exclaimed "BRING THE STRIPPERS AND BOOZE!" at the top of his lungs, before sharing a laugh with the Minister of Finance.

His majesty has was criticized for his decision to force civilization upon the "third world" through military occupation and brute force, but has been credited with excellent results. No longer do humans live like animals or cling to barbaric practices, such as albino hunting, human slavery, genital mutilation and witch burning.

He has joked that while he would rather not have any statues depict him nude, if they did, they should divert from classical tradition and "highlight masculine features". It is well known what he meant.

While completely justified, some criticized his decision to summarily execute a disarmed would-be assassin in the middle of a large crowd. When the attacker charged at him, he blocked the the knife with his cane, knocking it several meters away. The attacker was tackled and detained by two Imperial Guardsmen, before his majesty drew his sidearm, pressed it to the man's forehead and pulled the trigger. This had taken place in the middle of Setsuri's Emerald Sqaure as the emperor was being escorted to his vehicle after inspecting the newly opened Museum of Human History.

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