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Grand Emperor of the United Confederation: Charles Von Roland

Grand Emperor
Charles Von Roland

The Male Sovereign of Svenska-Britannia at the time of his Coronation as 'Grand Emperor'.

Charles in his Battle Dress Uniform, leading his Vanguard force during the Battle of Saint Petersburg.
Grand Emperor of Svenska-Britannia


His Imperial Majesty, Grand Emperor, Sovereign – Formal Address (Formal)
Charles – In-Formal Address (In-Formal)


March 15, 2015 – Present (31 years)


March 15, 2015


October 25th 1990


Grace Von Roland

Full Name

Charles Von Roland


House Von Roland


Fernando Von Roland


Revellie Von Roland


Stockholm Institute of Education (Graduated)


Abrahamic Faith


Military Service



Service Branch

Imperial Army

Years of Service

5 Years


Brigadier General (Promoted to Grand Emperor)

Awards, Decorations & Services

For service and heeding far beyond the Calls of Duty.

For showing exceptionally meritorious service in the Imperial Army.

For servitude and leadership to the United Imperium.

For Military Service on Multiple Fronts and Successful Military Leadership to countless Victories.

For being wounded on the Battlefield against an enemy of the Imperium.

For dutiful service in the Imperial Military for about 5 years or more.

For extraordinary effort in keeping the Imperium united and peaceful along with giving prosperity to the nation.

For Tremendous Efforts in Civilian Service.

"This responsibility i will bear shall surely bring a new course to both the Confederation and the United Imperium, With God as my Witness I shall not betray my purpose and Follow his Commandment: To serve the people and lead both the United Imperium and Confederation beyond the stars!"- Charles Von Roland.

Early Life, & Military Service
Charles Von Roland originated in Stockholm, under the care of the Imperial Family.
He was a bit of a troubled kid since he had a considerably hard time getting along with others due to his obsession with military history and fancied strange hobbies that most people would find weird.
He had to get a false identity to live life as a commoner so he can study his academics without favouritism and excessive pampering and care, however due to his weird personality and strange hobbies he was often bullied alot, teased by others and being judged upon.

Regardless of the Harrassment and Bullying, he persevered and kept a jolly and joyful spirit throughout the entirety of his academic life, making many friends that he could relate to and have many a common interest with. Being glad that the endurance he built up was worth it by the end.
He was able to keep himself in check and finish his school and was taught in the art of politics, after doing so he then made the choice of joining in the military at a young age, he has experienced being in War and under pressure and rather frankly enjoyed the chaotic nature of War mostly due to his Martial Adventurism.

Just as when Charles was going to bore away his life in the Imperium, Svenska-Britannia made an official declaration of war against the Russian Federation due to their unjustified and horrid invasion of the independent Republic of Ukraine due to their Constant Aggression and Expansionism. The Imperial Military had been fully mobilized under the orders of his Father and so he enthusiastically took the chance of joining in the war on the frontline as his way of service and with it an opportunity to enjoy the thrills and adventures of War in it’s entirety.

Charles participated His first battle in the entire war during the battle of Saint Petersburg fighting alongside the Vanguard force of the Military , he personally led a large force of the Vanguard in the first wave of landing ships that made it’s way along the ports of the city. Machine gun fire and artillery barrages rocked all around him as he was leading the force deep into the city to overwhelm much of the Russian defensive fortifications emplaced on the city itself. By the end of the Battle he received several bullet wounds to the leg and arm but recovered quickly enough to get back into the War, He earned the ‘Black Cross’ for being wounded on the Battlefield against an Enemy of the Imperium.

Charles and the soldiers under his command acted as Rear Guard for Allied Forces on the retreat from Koenigsburg after a large Russian counter-offensive, he made the decision of reinforcing the entire front and filling it with trenches and multitudes of Artillery along with Anti-Aircraft platforms and Machine gun nests. Charles had learned the skills of Fortifications and Heavy Defenses during his time in the Imperial Military Academy in Stockholm when he was serving as a mere Colonel back then. In one instance of the Battle he was wounded by a Russian Sniper while he was personally supervising the defenses and equipment, of course he took it rather personally and led a fireteam to eliminate the sniper.
It took the Russians a month with considerably large casualties in their Armored Divisions and Air Armadas before they finally breached through while at the same time Charles was being relieved with allied reinforcements which composed of several Divisions worth of soldiers from the shores via Landing Ships and Transport Aircraft.

In another campaign of the War He led the 12th Carolean Infantry Regiment to liberate the Russian occupied polish republican capital of Warsaw, Utilizing a Blitzkrieg style tactic for Infantry of which had to personally pay by receiving multiple gunshot wounds to the pelvic joint and his left shoulder, nevertheless he personally led the charge against the Russians carrying an officer’s saber along with his sidearm which many of his soldiers were inspired by and reminds them of the times when officers from the 18th century up to the 1st Great War carried Swords as a symbol of their rank and Authority, Charles and the rest of the Caroleans charged and outmaneuvered the Russians as quickly as possible and overrunning them within a matter of a few hours before the Russian Garrison were forced to surrender.

During the Siege of Narva He personally took charge of the Defences and Logistics of the Siege, he was surrounded in the city by a Russian force twice larger than the garrison force that He commanded. So he utilized the skills he learned in the Imperial Academy had to make usage of the City's current resources to outlast the Russians in the siege of which he masterfully exploited to the full advantage without causing a strain to both His soldiers and the Civilians stuck in the city, while at the same time coordinating with Imperial High Command to relieve the garrison being surrounded. Eventually within a matter of a week or so they got liberated by an allied force and the Military would commend him with the ‘Army Cross of Merit’ for excellently holding the city against the Russians.

In the Battle of Helsinki Charles led the Charge of the 1st Guards Armored Division against a Russian force of over 75,000 troops, he managed to deceive the Russian force by making his division look more miniscule in comparison by the usage of a Ruse that fooled the Russians into thinking that a small reservist force was only defending the City outskirts. Only then at the right moment did he coordinate an all-out armored attack against the Russian forces with a combined Infantry and Armored charge which surprised and terrified the Russian Forces and broke their morale which caused a full-on rout and utterly obliterating their force and reducing them to only 1,000 by the end of it.

Riga was another noteworthy place that Charles fought in he fought off and forced the rout of an entire Regiment with only 100 soldiers. He and those 100 soldiers were tasked of being his personal large-scale recon force to scout out enemy structures and defensive positions, he was spotted by a Russian VTOL recon squadron and forced him to fall back. An entire Russian Regiment would come bearing down upon him and the recon force, so he made the decision of stalling the Russians as much as possible to prevent them making breach in one of the fronts in where an resting Imperial Force was making it’s preparations for another offensive, He and those 100 Soldiers managed to hold the line and made the Russians think they were fighting a large composition of Infantry which forced them to back away and retreat for the time being.

The Stand at Vilnus became legendary to Charles since he finally became a distinguished General that earned the eternal loyalty of his Men and the Fear of His enemies, He led the Defiant defence of the 5th Coldstream Infantry Division, against 5 Russian Divisions which were bearing down on a retreating Imperial Force that was exhausted from a battle previously. He and the Regiment placed themselves in a defensive position to bottleneck the Russian Divisions’ advance towards the coast, He utilized his artillery platforms and and coordinate them in one single massive barrage to reduce the size of the divisions significantly, one of the soldiers in the battle recorded that ‘it was as if the stars of the Heavens were crashing down upon the Russian Forces, and that God’s wrath has been made manifest and guided the Svenska-Britannians’. After the Barrage He wasted no time and ordered the entire advance of the Coldstream Guards Infantry Divsion with a full-scale counter-offensive with the element of shock and surprise still very fresh and ripe for the taking the Coldstream Guards fought with tenacity against an almost broken morale of 5 entire Russian Divisions, by the end of the battle 2 whole divisions of the Russians were obliterated in that daring Charge of the Coldstream Guards which terrified Russian Military Command and forced a complete rout of the remaining Russian forces that were still alive in the area, News of the Stand reached Svenska-Britannian news outlets which made him a War Hero throughout the entirety of the Imperium, Imperial Military Command commended him with the ‘Ribbon Tab of Extraordinary Service’ and the ‘Imperial Cross’ the Imperium’s highest Military Award ever given to a Soldier .

His final battle before he was forced off service due to life-threatening wounds was during the Battle of Talinn, he was managing the logistics of the battle at the time before suddenly a sector-wide coordinated Russian artillery barrage rained down on his position. He saw as one of the Russian incendiary shells impacted near his position, sending him flying and burning his left arm with 3rd degree burns. And before he can tend to his Wounds, the Russians led a quick Offensive which overwhelmed his post along with his soldiers. He fought the Russian Infantry with his right arm holding his trusty Sidearm still valiantly holding and fighting till the very last bullet, the soldiers under his command were revitalized by their General’s fearless display of action and quickly regrouped and launched a counter-offensive which the Russians paid dearly with. By the end of the Battle it was said that Charles was standing over a destroyed Battle Tank and overlooking the fields of Talinn with a firm smile on his Face, happy to serve His nation and enjoy the thrills and adventure that the War gave him. He was eventually dragged off to a field Hospital due to his severe injuries which included: Gunshot wounds to both his left and right arms, Several shrapnel hits to his Face, a large gaping wound to his right leg, incendiary 3rd degree burns to his left arm and back, and leaked an enormous amount of blood from his mouth. How he even survived and stood was a mystery but some religious scholars and even a few scientists deducted that something or rather SOMEONE was protecting him until the very end and did not let him die.

By the end of the War, Charles was highly decorated and revered by both the people and the Imperial Military, calling him the ‘Immortal Soldier’ prior to his Coronation as Grand Emperor. When he was interviewed regarding the War He replied with the very words: “I’ve enjoyed the War actually, regardless of the wounds I carried and endured I felt that I was really free and welcome without even falling into darkness or mental instability. I was just doing my Duty to the Imperium both as a Soldier and it’s Future Monarch, I promise you that things will change for the better and I do so with an Enthusiastic vow.”

Romantic life & Marriage
Years later he met her soon to be wife in a town far from the capital, he was dense at the flirting that his wife-to-be was giving upon him, but eventually she confessed and he accepted it.

Their relationship in the first few years were quite rocky and almost ended in a disaster, but thankfully they managed to pull through and keep their relationship. Throughout the entire relationship they both did not tell each other their real respective titles since both of them never really talked about it that much, but as the times went on they became more and more open with their backgrounds and eventually they both revealed their Titles at the same time and were shocked about their Influences.

But nevertheless they went on with their Relationship until all the way up into Charles' Coronation as the Grand Emperor of the United Imperium and Confederation, shortly just a few minutes after the Coronation. Charles then proceeded to step infront of the chair where Grace was sitting in and knelt down, proposing to her with a Golden ring with a Pure Sapphire Gem on top of it. Grace was overjoyed at the proposal Charles gave her, so she accepted with extreme joy all the while News Cameras and Thousands of people were watching the entire thing go.

And now Charles Von Roland serves the United Imperium as its Monarch and would lead alongside Grace to lead the people to whatever path it may be.

Charles always likes to stay around with His Wife alot of the time to give them the amount of love and care that they need to just as how a Husband should show and give to his beloved one.

Political Rise to Power:
After Charles got Coronated and Married with Grace, he immediately set about in being Politically Active and started administrating the Imperium and the Confederacy. He realized that the Position elected unto him has run into major nightmarish situations ever since His Father last ruled the throne: Bureaucratic Incompetence in the Political Infrastructure, Government Officials engaged in Rampant Corruption, Inefficient Economical Policies and an entire list of issues that needed to be solved.

So seeing as he has the Responsibility of making sure the Imperium and Confederation is run well, he immediately set to work correcting these problems.

He instated a much more Efficient Bureaucratic System, letting his Wife commence Anti-Corruption Policies which resulted in the Arrests of Hundreds of Corrupt Government Officials and Employees a few of which were executed due to rebelling against the government for their own selfish desires, He Reformed the Economical System which supports a Self-Sufficient Autarkic System with Regulated Capitalist Elements and changed much of the economy to a system which runs efficiently yet gives much freedom and rewards to its workers.

Until to this Very Day, Charles busies himself with National Issues that need solving. And he only stops and relaxes when there is no Issue to solve for the time being.

Political Views:
Charles is to be blunt, a man of the people. He understands the situation that his citizens lived in before his reign, since he himself lived through those times as well. So Charles always listens to the people of their issues and complaints in the matters of their lives, always eager to help out his fellow countrymen.

Although albeit he feels that his nation needs to be further improved upon as much as he could, No matter how many more political contributions he could instate and develop.

He has the sole responsibility of the entire Imperium and Confederacy over his shoulders and it is already giving him stress that he could not even fathom to imagine.

Personal Preferences:
Likes: Peace & Prosperity, Admirable leaders, Benevolent Dictatorships, Righteous & Progressive Monarchies, Competent & Incorruptible Democracies, Friendly & Diplomatic Leaders, Liberty & Progress, Defensive Militarism, Civil Rights, Political Freedom, Universal Free Healthcare.
Neutral: Wars, Trade, Religion
Hates: Brutal Dictatorships, Tyrannical Monarchies, Incompetent & Corrupted Democracies, Warlords, Hostile & Unfriendly Leaders, Decadence & Oppression, Wars of Unjustified Extermination

When he is forced to take on Enemies in combat, Charles is able to turn the tide of a fight with his recent Biological upgrades and long term experience in the battlefield.

Combat Adaptability:
He can scan and adapt to his opponents combat capabilities via advanced Implanted Cybernetic Cogitators thus giving him an edge in the fight, the cogitator also lets his have enhanced human Processing Speed and along with significantly faster Reaction Time

Organic Resurrection:
Thanks to advanced Scientific Research when a human's body ceases to function, their consciousness can be transmitted (or "downloaded") into a duplicate human body, one which is empty of consciousness before the download. Giving him unlimited bodies to resurrect from.

Augmented Strength & Agility:
With significant efforts in Bio-engineering research, he is able to have Incredible strength and Speed. Enough to carry an entire car and being as fast as a motorcycle, while having enough force to destroy a meter thick pillar of concrete.

Human Regeneration:
With the usage of Bio-Technological Regeneration, he can easily heal from wounds caused by Kinetic, Energy, and Radioactive Weaponry. It also slows down the Aging process of a person to a massive degree, thus giving the host a Near Biological Immortality.

Mental Shield:
He has been enhanced to deal with mental attacks from psionics and other deadly forms of attacks with ease.

Positive: Diplomatic & Friendly, Eccentric, Open & Kindhearted if shown compassion and friendliness, has a weird sense of humour.
Negative: Militaristic, A bit Hot-Tempered, Quite Emotional.


1. Charles fought off and eliminated over 50 Biologically enhanced Elite Super-soldiers in on a conducted raid against the Imperial Palace.

2. Whilst making a speech in one of the Member States of the Confederacy, a coordinated terrorist assassination attempt with over 100 terrorist troops was made on his life. He eliminated about 25% of the terrorists in a lightning fast counter-attack before his Wife and their Bodyguards made a swift and decisive killing blow against the rest of the force.

His Political Contributions to the Imperium:
Note: Due to his Father not doing much and leaving it to lesser and incapable government officials, he has had to change and refine the government policies, thus making massive reformations and changes to fit the goals and objectives he's planned for the nation.

Advancement of Civil Rights
He further Implemented upon the Civil Rights policies instated to much more higher standards

Introduced Religious Freedom
Before 2015, Religious freedom isn't really that enforced all because of the dominating Abrahamic Faith, but he issued it to be enforced for religious movements to have freedom of religious speech.

Countless Economic Reforms
In his reign, he instated numerous Economical reforms which further improve and made the National Economy more efficient and stable.

Instated 'True' Gender Equality
After personally seeing people of selective genders discriminate and falsely accuse each other of crimes not actually committed, he forcefully made a judicial law which would enforce True Gender Equality with no Privileges from any representative gender.

Instated a Democratic Civilian Parliament
After seeing the absolute Bureaucratic disaster that plagues the Imperium, he would instate a 'Civilian Parilament' that has a Democratic Constitutional element to assist the Monarchy in dealing with issues and statecraft.

Provided Income Equality
Income equality is instated for working classes to give them a balanced check, regardless of the Job Specification.

Significantly Reduced Crime
He gave funding to Law Enforcement and Social Policies and Welfare, and in doing so significantly reduced crime to only but a mere speck.

Provided Free Universal Healthcare
He saw personally the situation of those who are sick and dying due to no form of financial access for healthcare, so he instated a policy which allows for anyone regardless of class to have Free Universal Healthcare at the most highest of standards in hospitals & clinics all over the nation.

Provided Free Education
He would support for the push of an educational system of Free Education for all students, and giving them the highest possible chances of academic success.

Advanced Political Freedoms
He further pushed for the advancement of Political Freedom, in order to prevent the exploitation of high ranking government officials and giving other officials a representative position

Further improved the Confederate Military
Being a soldier of war, he knows that a technologically advanced and well trained military is essential for national defence and international peacekeeping. So he gave further improvisation to the armed forces for that sole reason.

Brutally reformed and instated a Fair and Equal Judicial System
After personally seeing multiple courtroom cases being essentially in all terms 'rigged' against those who are innocent, he would instate a policy which in turn reformed the Judicial System and brutally took away judges who rig the cases for their profit and made it more or less a fair and equal form to give a fair chance to everyone.

Improved Public Transport
He knows as to how important public transport is to citizens, so he in turn gave subsidies to the transportation industry to crank out high-tech and efficient transport vehicles in use for imperial citizens.

Subsidized the Arms Industry
When having a strong military, one must have strong weaponry. He took that to heart and greenlighted the research of more advanced military hardware for the confederate armed forces to use on the battlefield.

Subsidized Law Enforcement
Law Enforcement is essential to keeping the streets of the nation crime-free and orderly, so he would implement a program to which Law Enforcers are to be well trained in their specialization.

Supported more Public Infrastructure
Public Infrastructure has been further improved upon, to give the nation more facilities for the general population to use.

Welfare for the Poor
He saw in account how the poor are being treated by the rest of the nation, so he gave them welfare programs to aid them in their needs so they could further improve themselves and make them better standing citizens.

Provided Homes for the Homeless
Homeless people are one of the issues plaguing the nation before 2015, he understood their situation and so by implementing a program which gave homeless people free homes in the form of high-rise apartments and subdivisions, homelessness essentially dropped to a zero.

Supported War Veterans
Being a veteran himself, he gives his support to those that fought in wars and would instate a program to help other veterans in terms of finances and life insurances.

Instated a Self-Sufficient Autarky Economical System
In 2016, he instated a government policy which prioritizes on economical self-sufficiency and the production and export of locally made products for economical efficiency.

Instated a Semi-Free Capitalist Economy
At the same time, he also instates a Pseudo Capitalist Economy to accept foreign trade and business companies. But he places some form of limit/restriction to companies to prevent any possible business fraud.

Placed Term Limits for Political Officials
Just like in a Democratic system, he would instate term limits on government officials to prevent any possible form of corruption after a legally mandated amount of time.

Introduction of Marriage Equality
He is open to all forms of Marriage and would introduce Marriage Equality to the nation, giving citizens no interference in marrying either the same gender or the opposite.

Identification of A.I as Citizens and given Rights
He knows the importance of A.I for the future of the Imperium and Confederation, so he and the scientific community would introduce a system of which the Improved and Corrected version of Asimov's Laws is applied to all A.I's, and when sentient is given citizenship.

Enforced the Ban of Slavery
Even though slavery has been banned ever since the 19th Century, he would place a program to make sure no forms of underground slavery or human trafficking ever happens. And he enforces it with brutal resolve.