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Death of the Patron - The Breakaway States of Patagonia (1976)

"I'm sorry but there won't be any poetry tonight" ~ Le Patron

How did it all of this happened, you might ask yourself. How did this utopia of free-spirited young men, post-modernist philosophers, and surreal artists had fallen like this. Well let me tell you a story about a certain Bush Junior of FOXHOUND, son of CIA Bush Senior, who had just saved the world from nuclear destruction in the Patagonian Missile Crisis on 1976. When the Patron thought it was smart to start WWIII by dropping nukes on Leningrad with a Metal Gear for whatever plan he had in mind. The two fought in their respective Metal Gears and depending on who won, the world would be spared from nuclear Holocaust. Bush won over the Patron in their little mech fight and the world still goes on living - oblivious of what the two had done. The Patron died in his nuclear-equipped Metal Gear and WWIII is subverted for now. But they didn't thought through about what Patagonia would do without the Patron.

In Patagonia, chaos ensued. People who were raised or accepted that they're just mere extensions of the Patron's imagination couldn't believe that their own demi-God had just died. What to do without the Patron? What are we in this world? The people contemplated in sorrow. Now there are upstart Futurists trying to claim that they're right and that they have the Patron's post-mortem support. Futurism got split into three: the left, center, and right. Left-wingers believing in anarcho-syndicalism and brutalist aesthetic. Centrist futurists are just hedonists living the moment without any ideals to speak of. Then right-wingers are Marinetti enthusiasts and Evolan ultratraditionalists who should piss off to Italy. Militias began fighting in the street and lootings as well as massacres occurred amidst all of this - as it always has in the country. Things got worse and followers began brawling against each other in the streets. Patagonia is going to fall at any moment without the Patron's spiritual authority.

The worst happened in May of 1976. The Avant-Gardist State collapsed and the country got carved up into four states. Patagonia losts Magellan to Allende's clique of exiles from Easter Island and the northern region to reactionary Argentines. F*ckin' Argentines. In the center of the country, you got the Regency of Patagonia led by German surrealist poet Karl Radek, a proponent of Italian futurism and a claimant to the Patron's legacy. The closest there is to Patagonia before the "Shattered Mirrors" just a lot more statist. Go south then you'll see total chaos and degeneracy that you'll expect from old Patagonia. They are the "Aristocacy" led by French artist George Batailles of Accephale and they're hedonists through and through.

Go further south and you'll find both paradise and hell. The Republic of the Southern Cape is led by impressionist painter Lawrence Montgomery as its President. They genuinely believed in the Patron's aim to create an artistic utopia and freedom of expression. They are idealistic liberals wanting to create a Jules Verne's fantasy world in a cruel reality. Then there's the Dirlewanger Brigade... Nazi scums led by the notorious Dirlewanger himself who has broke off from the Blackshirts and led a long march to the south. They are bandits and the scourge of Patagonia who live from pillaging and raping.

Is Patagonia truly lost? We don't know for certain. But in the end, ordinary people would suffer and life will go on in this barren wasteland.

Supreme Southern Argentine Command

Capital City: Santa Rosa
Population: 183,500
Currency: Argentine Peso
Type of Government: Occupational military junta
Head of State: King Juan I
Head of Government: Leopoldo Galtieri
State Ideology: Paternal Autocracy

The Supreme Southern Argentine Command or the Argentine Zone is an occupied military territory in northern Patagonia or the Pampas region by the Royal Argentine Army. Officially, the Zone is a vassal of Her Majesty King Juan's Peronist government in Kingdom of North Argentina. When the Patron died in the Missile Crisis and Patagonia collapsed along with it, the Argentine military quickly mobilized and overwhelmed MSF mercenaries as well as Blackshirts along the 87th Highly Militarized Zone border amidst the Border War.

The Argentine Army have been able to capture northern Patagonia or the Pampas region but met fierce resistance from Blackshirts in the rump Regency of Patagonia - stopping their advances to a halt. The Argentines are furious when they failed to fully capture Patagonia and are now planning on what to do next after their May Offensive. Bidding their time as the Regency are planning to declare war against the Aristocracy - their opportune time to strike against these Futurist degenerates.

"Round the Futurist Degenerates
and Shoot Them!"

Ordinary Patagonians who were sick and tired of Futurist chaos were ecstatic when the Argentines invaded the country and established a presence in the region. King Juan decreed that the Patagonians are now considered Argentines and were eligible to obtain Argentine citizenship by 1979. But for now, their status remains in limbo. Though they are not citizens, they were heavily taxed upon by the occupying military and some of their properties "appropriated" to support the Argentine war effort.

Patagonians were disillusioned that their saviors and harbringers of order are now acting like colonialists and as if they own the place. The occupation and heavy-handed method in weeding out Futurists partisans often by means of torture and extrajudicial killings triggered an uprising by Gauchos and proponents of a restored "Patagonian Republic". The government back in Buenos Aires sent their big guns and an iron fisted man to rule the place and quell any dissent for Patagonia is rightfully Argentine.

The Eagle's Final Tango

General Leopoldo Galtieri is the Zone's Governor-General and Argentine's military man in handling the Patagonian situation. He is seen as a rising star in the military as he was the commander of the Army's Engineering Corps. Now his skills are put to the test in Patagonia and King Juan of Argentina, his liege, expects him to fully Argentinize the territory and remove any former degenerate Futurist influence in the lands. The Pampas is valuable to Argentina moreso than the rest of Patagonia. And for Peron, he views it as imperative that Patagonia be reclaimed in order to set his attentions on the Falklands.

Galtieri, Loser of the Falklands
Now Caudillo of Patagonia

Galtieri's first policies included land reforms for landless Patagonians to placate them while leaving the rest to Argentine settlers in his dreams of turning the region to the breadbasket of Argentina. Then he plans on rebuilding the fractured infrastructure of Santa Rosa which has seen better times since the Surrealist Reign of Terror to leave a legacy in the south. As Galtieri have something that he could promise to the Patagonians that no rival claimants could not; a sense of security and order. For Galtieri, it seemed like life is looking up for the rising general. North Argentina's century of misfortune would all be reversed in this Christmas Offensive...

Galtieri has a burning hatred for Futurism and the degenerates below Argentina - artistic hooligans of the Regency, hedonists of the Aristocracy, idealistic fools of the Cape, and Nazi scums of Dirlewanger's Brigade. The thought of Futurist still having control over the south and continuing their Reign of Terror makes Galtieri furious. He is cruel and unmerciful to Futurist partisans and believers of them. Ordered his men as well as paramilitaries of the Argentine Antifuturist Alliance to round up any suspected Futurist then execute them on the spot or hang them from a helicopter.

Galtieri's approach is heavy-handed and like any Argentine pinhead officers, he isn't able to grasp the nuance of the political situation in the south and his only tactics against the "warlord states" basically amounts to a zerg rush of Argentine soldiers rushing to the south all the way down to Tierra del Fuego like WWI of old. Derisively named the "Galtieri Plan". Galtieri is betting on the Christmas Offensive and his Galtieri Plan to win him support back in Bueno Aires and win back Argentine's rightful possession in the south. So far, the Futurists have offered little to no resistance.

However Galtieri is a hero back in Argentina who dubbed him the "Iron Caudillo" and the ordinary Patagonian citizens would rather take heavy taxation and bouts of corruption from military authorities over widespread chaos and anarchy that the Futurists preaches in the Regency of Patagonia. The military administration may be Byzantine and over-extended but it gives the Patagonian some semblance of law and order. But what is most alarming is that Galtieri can dehumanize an entire people and justify the mass murder of them. However, as Galtieri is concerned, the war would be the dreaded red eagle's final tango.


The Regency of Patagonia

Capital City: Bariloche
Population: 210,750
Currency: Patagonian Barter
Type of Government: Corporatist confederacy
Head of State: The Patron's Spirit
Head of Government: Karl Radek
State Ideology: Right-wing Futurism

The Regency of Patagonia is a corporatist confederacy reminiscent of the Italian Regency of Carnaro of old with Carnaro serving as their myth of a Futurist society. The Regency claims to be the successor state to the Avant-Gardist State of Patagonia led by the Patron and in the Patron absence, a regency council was formed as there is no mortal that could have a claim over the Patron's title. This troika consists of three men; Karl Radek the Futurist poet, Salvador Dali the Surrealist painter, and Jean Damozay the French ace pilot. But for all intents the regency exists as a rump state and the country has descended even further to mob rule and organized violence.

When the Avant-Gardist State fractured and a Civil War occurred; the Reign of Terror continues in the Regency and the hectic surreal life of the country goes on even after Futurism run its course in the country. The Blackshirts that remained in the country managed to hold back against the invading Argentines from the north and the Regency is now eyeing to destroy the hedonist degenerate Aristocracy of the south - the damned noveau-riche bourgeoise and traitorous intellegentsia devoid of ideals that had escaped further south to escape the regency's mob.

And the Experiment Continues...

The Futurist movement in Patagonia has fractured into three: right, center, and left. The Futurist Right regained focus and began adopting proto-fascist values of corporatism, direct action, hatred of women and the bourgeoise, and glorification of political violence as its ideals. Since the leftists didn't have to dilute Futurism with their ideals of syndicalist ultra-progressivism and the centrists with their hedonist ways; the Patagonian Futurists could now bring Futurism to the extremes as they desire to create a warrior caste of poets, artists, and warrior priests in the country. For women are now subjugated as baby factories and sex objects.

Leftist thought of equality and egalitarianism are suppressed by an ultranationalistic mob. Landowners have their property seized and their families murdered in cold blood. Sexual degeneracy is suppressed and the only accepted form of expression is beautiful acts of violence and senseless killing in the name of the state. Music has been declared as the state ideology and operas following the "Theatre of Cruelty" thought were expanded. Direct democracy abolished and a rudimentary legislature is established divided between the "Council of Good Men", "Court of Reason", and the "Executor-Judges" all comprised of artists wearing togas and Masonic decorum playing legislators, judge and executors.

A troika is now ruling over what remains of Patagonia and they consist of three "wise men". The first is German Futurist poet Karl Radek whose poetry is known for being revolutionary in discarding syntaxes and bombastic in displays of emotion. The Futurists see him as a worthy substitute for the Patron and him being the manifestation of Futurists' fury in a post-modernist world without the Patron's guide. Then there's the famed Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dali whose known for being a fascist sympathizer as well as an eccentric in Patagonia. He represents the artistic soul and community of the country.

Escadron: The Warriors in Black

Former French WWII ace Jean Damozay is the very definition of living the fast life. He knows of no fear and lives in constant danger as he continues to fly in a hastily-repaired F-104 Starfighter with the G-Force overwhelming his spirit in the air. They have their disagreements which often ends in act of violence in a constant need to dominate one another but they are all bounded by their loyalty to the Patron's Spirit in which they believe His spirit lives on even after death.

Out of the three, Karl Radek is the most influential and many see his rise to power as a parallel to the Patron's. Radek's rise to power could be simply attributed to charisma and a greater will to action compared to upstarts like Andre Breton, Sartre, and the others of the Futurist Left that he has purged through the Committee of Public Safety. He doesn't have the same divine aura like the Patron but the Patron's essence of direct action, esoteric-spiritual warrior vitality, and his impulse to acts of violence is implanted on Radek.

Radek has mobilized the Blackshirts and a popular militia called the "Escadron" to defend Patagonia from her enemies and promote the Surrealist Revolution once again - signifying that the country underwent a more statist turn. The Cult of Reason is established as a religion to worship the Patron and justify their atrocities in the name of "accelerating society to a better future". Use of guillotines becomes widespread and anarchy becomes organized chaos in order to increase Radek's Escadron militia powers at the expense of his allies Dali and Damozay.

The Disciple Karl Radek

The Reign of Terror continues in Patagonia under Radek as the bourgeois are murdered, landowners displaced and their land collectively managed along corporatist lines, and internal dissent squashed by the Escadron. Infrastructure takes a hit amidst the chaos and by the rampaging Escadron who wants to remove any traces of "the old" under Radek's orders. Industrialization continues in order to maintain Patagonia's "Fast Life" and unprovoked violence from mobs becomes the country's greatest expression of the subconscious thought and as a catharsis. In a mostly proletarian and artistic populace, class distinction gets erased and the societal unit gets reorganized as "Mobs" led by union leaders and rabble rousers to concentrate their collective fury against the Argentines, and the family unit gets broken down even further.

The Regency's only goals for now is to defeat the Argentines and send them up north as well as defeating the traitors in the Aristocracy as well as the Southern Cape for their betrayal of Futurist ideals - the Patron's ideals. But for now, Radek will placate and sedate his own followers with grandiose displays of nationalism and political theatrics. Like D'Annunzio and Mussolini of old.

A Desperate Plea for the Future

But how much does the Troika believe in their own rhetoric? All the talks and shouting that futurism is bound to return to Patagonia, that the nationally-conscious proletarians would prevail, the degenerates in the south crushed and the reactionary Argentine pushed back? Radek could see the writing in the wall that Futurism is about to collapse at any time in Bariloche. The Troika and the Provisional Union of National Syndicates (PUNS) are living on borrowed time.

As the Blackshirts remnants are desperately trying to maintain order in Chubut and the Argentine Christmas Offensive are overwhelming disintegrating Blackshirt positions. People are losing faith in the promises the once living Le Patron made before he made that daring stunt in Leningrad in 1976. Patagonia and their entire life as well as world is collapsing around them with the fall of the Patron and it is all due to the fault of Le Patron himself. Radek doesn't have the same mystique as Le Patron and too often he uses the same old rhetoric in order to legitimize his position.

It is a brutal irony that the Troika could not accept the future that Le Patron had caused for what it is and continue to dwell on the past. The what could have beens and the past where they could live without worry as they toil for a better future. So desperate are they that they try to pin the blame for their downfall on somebody else. The Jews... the liberals... the American emigres... all are condemned to death in fiery pogroms. Somebody to blame... The Bariloche regime is lashing out against change, all in the name of safeguarding the Futurist revolution.

The Aristocracy of Soleil

Capital City: Puerto Soleil
Population: 130,050
Currency: Patagonian Barter
Type of Government: Elitist oligarchy
Head of State: The Patron's Spirit
Head of Government: Georges Bataille
State Ideology: Centrist Futurism

The Aristocracy of Soleil is one of the many breakaway states of Patagonia that claims the legacy of the Patron. They are located in the southern part of the country in the Chubut province. Its "leader" is famed French author and Accephale leader Georges Bataille who took control a southern portion of Patagonia from both right-wing social fascists and left-wing Futurist posers in the Southern Cape. The Aristocracy claims the legacy of the Patron's experiment in Patagonia - noting that they still maintain the hedonism and anarchic euphoria of Patagonia's society before the collapse.

Georges Bataille claims to be a servant of the Patron and proclaims that he is following the Patron's orders from the grave which is to live life to the fullest by indulging in their vices without consequences, consideration of others nor restraint. They despise the Regency up north which they claims to be authoritarian fascists who sully the name of the Patron and Futurism. Claiming that they should "f*ck off back to Italy" for following the cuck Marinetti. They're cordial with Dirlewanger however since they give the Aristocracy slaves and the Aristocracy supplies booze, drugs as well as women to them. A fitting working relationship between two hedonists.

The Aristocracy follows a particular strand of Futurism called "Centrist Futurism" which claims to neither follow the crypto-fascist statism of the right nor the communal democracy of the left after the Shattering Mirrors of 1976. Centrist Futurism espouses the values of chaotic anarchy which enables man to let out their impulses and darkest nature to see man in the naked flesh - away from civilization and fully submitted to their id. The ego and superego is destroyed so that man can live life to the fullest. Man will live with no restraint in Puerto Soleil and Battailes will crown his land as the modern day Sodom and Gomorrah where gluttony and lust will run wild.

Hedonism is Good for the Soul

This means that degenerate acts of nudity, rape, pedophilia, and subjugating people to their kinks are commonplace within the Aristocracy's order and normalized to the extent that it has become socially accepted. The common man would accelerate by partaking in savage acts of killing for the sake of gore and violent orgies so as to feel that their soul would transcend reality. Their "government" is laid out as an aristocracy or oligarchy of the intellegentsia - artists, thinkers, academists, and etc. with so-called "proles" which is the majority of the nation only living to serve the needs of the intellegentsia be it material or sexual. And the proles' children taken away by the Accephale for the sexual gratification of the 1% and sacrificed to the Patron on the altar. This ordeal is perpetrated by the proles' delusion of becoming a part of the intellegentsia some day much like Sisyphus.

The leader of this degenerate aristocracy is the famed French writer and Accephale secret society leader, Georges Bataille. Bataille had seized control of Patagonia's richest and most artistically illustrious capital of Puerto Soleil in order to found his aristocracy after fleeing south from the Regency who wants "high brow" artists like Bataille dead. The man has the full backing of an aristocracy of artists and celebrities all acting as noveau-riche nobles for he has served their every depraved needs be it sexually or materially. Unlike the Regency, the Aristocracy maintains the support of the Deus Irae Masonic lodge and various elites throughout the world where it is rumored that a circle of American celebrities and politicians are involved in a certain child trafficking ring...

The wealth from the bourgeoise are confiscated by his Accephale for a new breed of an artistic bourgeois-class and positions are chosen through meritocracy... decided by the Grand Council of the Nouveau Hommes (New Men). Bataille has an unsettling fascination with eroticism, transgression of morals, mysticism and the surreal which he channels through his actions in carrying out his depraved wants through "Will to Power". The Accephale used to enforce Battailes' will is a secret society turned militia founded by Georges Bataille during the Shattered Mirrors in which necrophilia, pedophilia, and Satanic rituals are rife under their ranks. The higher commands of Accephale participate in ceremonies involving lots of sacrifice and rape in order to attain higher powers that will make African warlords gush in terror.

Sodom and Gomorrah

Count Georges Bataille

As if Le Patron never left, Battailes and the Aristocracy are attempting to maintain their lavish lifestyle amidst the civil war at the expense of military needs. For Bataille believes in an economy that is run on over-consumption and mass consumerism rather than post-scarcity where resources are abundant. The Aristocracy's economy was managed along free-market capitalist lines in a way that excessive competition is encouraged and the markets would be overstocked with surpluses of goods leading to higher supply. The Aristocracy became as a consumeristic as America and products which came to Puerto Soleil are both of high quality and bountiful. Lasting long enough to survive to support their lavish lifestyle.

Bataille wants the Patagonians to overspend and excessively consume so that they could truly enjoy the riches that Puerto Soleil has to offer and spare much needed time for artistic endeavors. In addition, he believed in the dictatorship of the surreal which posits that life is inherently illogical and that there's a divine being that made all of this worked - which is the Patron's Spirit. So there's no point in actually governing things as long as the Patron sees it fit for this surrealist experiment to work. For the music, festivals and galas will continue under starry Soleil nights that would lift everybody's worries in this little war and Futurism will remain for a thousand year. Battailes is a man totally esoteric in his thinking but it is yet to be seen if the petite bourgeis could maintain their lifestyle within the comforts of Soleil's gates.

However, Bataille doesn't care at all. As long as Futurism justifies his actions then so be it as is the case with most proponents of Futurism in Patagonia.

The Republic of the Southern Cape

Capital City: New Hope
Population: 48,150
Currency: Patagonian Peso
Type of Government: Communal democracy
Head of State: The People's Council
Head of Government: Lawrence Montgomery
State Ideology: Left-wing Futurism

The Republic of the Southern Cape or South Cape is another breakaway Patagonian state born out of the ruins of the Avant-Gardist state after the Shattered Mirrors of 1976. The country is located on the southern tip of Patagonia bordering South Chile to the west, the Aristocracy to the north, and the cursed Dirlewanger's Brigade to the east of Tierra del Fuego. The South Cape may just be Patagonia's last hope for a balance of order, security, and freedom amidst the advances of the authoritarian Argentines up north and the many bickering chaotic Futurist states too busy fighting each other. It is geographically isolated and is the weakest of the breakaway states. The government is managed as a communal direct democracy which works for a small population of 48 thousand and the country has managed to establish working infrastructure and public services against the expectations of foreign observers. "Only fools would think that life could bear fruit in the southern icy edge of the world" they said but Premier Lawrence is determined to prove that notion wrong.

A View of New Hope, 1977

The South Cape was established on 1976 a few months after the Shattered Mirrors. The country was founded by a poet by the name of Lawrence Montgomery of British descent and he personally led a caravan of refugees from Puerto Soleil and Barloche to the south in order to escape the chaos that engulfed both regions. Life was hard in the south where there's nothing but glaciers and mountains. But the coasts offered a majestic view of the place with its picturesque mountains, humble towns, and clear blue waters. Lawrence founded a nation of refugees in the south with its city named "New Hope" for a hope of a better future. It accepted people of every creed, race, gender, and beliefs into its society in the hopes of truly establishing a truly free and inclusive society. People freely participate in this new direct democracy that Lawrence is building that would take the minority's needs into account. Attempting to avoid the mistakes of an ochlocracy in Patagonia. Though the People's Councils is inefficient and hectic with many different viewpoints from members of the trade unions; it at least gave the people a voice and power to decide their future.

A Patagonian Ranger
"The Last Thing You Never Saw"

Montgomery, the ever-so idealist, wishes to found a Jules Verne-like society in the South Cape. People call him crazy and too optimistic but a man could only dream - especially after witnessing through the blood bath that is the Reign of Terror. A Jules Verne society with steampunk aesthetics and technological wonders. But Montgomery is a realist and a pragmatist as well - the survival of the commune amidst a Patagonian civil war is what matters the most. The South Cape renounced its claims over the statehood of Patagonia as well as its claims as a heir to the Patron. Instead the Cape is looking to develop inwards. It has developed good relations with Allende's Southern Chilean Commune yet their guarantee of independence comes with the price of increasing Chilean influence in the country. Montgomery wants the Cape to be independent - bowing to no one in Chile or Argentina. In addition, if the Cape were to win the civil war then it would have the potential to proclaim the Republic of Patagonia once again.

Recently, they have been mining the place in which they discovered valuable minerals and oil was just discovered off the coast of the country. Thanks to oil, minerals, and fishing through communal management; the Cape is given the chance to grow economically and have its multicultural population grow in the future. Yet all of that peace and prosperity may be in jeopardy as the Cape is surrounded by hostile neighbors such as the Brigade and the Aristocracy that wish to annex it and raze it to the ground. Thankfully, it has able to develop a 15 thousand strong Patagonian Rangers clad in old SWAT gear and cowboy dusters. Conscription has been introduced and all of the people of the Cape will have to defend their home and way of life from those who want to pillage their home like the Babylons to Judea... Wait, why are there American gunships off the coast of New Hope? And their guns pointed directly at us?

The People's Council

The Premier


The Premier of the Southern Cape is a British poet, journalist, and former mayor of Neuquen by the name of Lawrence Montgomery. Montgomery had been a surrealist poet who was unorthodox in his romanticist poetry in addition to being an interpret journalist who singlehandedly established Patagonia's primary source of information - Vox Populi - which is where he gained a following. As an artist, he disagreed with the Patron's futurist ideals which he claims to have been corrupted due to the influence of MKULTRA and Montgomery became the Patron's primary critic yet he had the privilege of being spared from Blackshirt lynchings as he was protected under the Mark of the Patron. Lawrence represents the streetside cafe intellectuals who wrote political manifestos from cafes as well as the "Noveau Borgeoise" when he set up the Vox Populi newspaper. Aiming to cover the news objectively and he has gained profits from it. Profit that went to his local union funds.

Lawrence LARPING as a Roman Senator
Secret New Rome Path?

He is a genuine believer in what the Patron preached during the Surrealist Revolution - the downfall of a conservative old guard and the establishment of a libertine society of free-thinkers and bold artists. Unknown to the public, Montgomery was a close friend of the Patron and he was even present in the Patron's earlier life such as working with him during an orphanage revolt. Montgomery was the exact polar opposite of the Patron. But Montgomery did not expect the Patron to be so insane and Montgomery grew disillusioned before settling in Neuquen in resignation to become its mayor. Neuquen was spared from the horrors of the Reign of Terror thanks to the peace kept by Santos' Gauchos, the Patagonian Red Army, and the bribes Montgomery gave to rowdy Blackshirts from outside of the city. Under, Neuquen flourished and became the seat of government for the Avant-Gardist nation.

After the Shattered Mirrors of 1976, the death of his old friend the Patron, and the subsequent Argentine invasion; Montgomery parted ways with Santos the Gaucho and assembled a caravan of refugees headed for the south which grew larger day by day. It was dubbed the Patagonian Long March and many died under his caravan due to lack of food, poor living conditions, and diseases swept the caravan. Montgomery felt guilt for the many deaths under his command as well as poorly-planned decisions (which still haunts him to this day) but he pressed on to find paradise in the very edge of the Earth on the south. Named it New Hope for it to be the paradise of his followers and a memory to those fell in the journey. As Premier of the Cape, his position is only ceremonial and he mostly enacts the will of the people represented through the People's Council as he has full trust in them.

Life is Quaint and Blissful in the Cape

Montgomery is a committed anarcho-syndicalist who believes in horizontal-based hierarchies, direct democracy, and trade unions control over the economy as a proponent of the Futurist Left. The settlement of New Hope grew to become a quaint little trading hub on the very edge of the south as well as a haven for refugees fleeing from the horrors of the Aristocracy and the Brigade. Though it was a small, unremarkable settlement - it prospered as every basic needs of its citizen was met and peace was maintained under Lawrence's eye with help from the Patagonian Rangers that defended it. Lawrence has something that both Radek and Battaile don't - the full gratitude and support of the people. Montgomery embarked on a policy of Depatronization in order to remove the Patron's association with Futurism although Patagonian Futurism is the Patron's creation. He is haunted by past memories between him and the Patron who was his friend. How foolish could he be to trust the man during the May Revolution? Whatever it may be; Lawrence seeks to reinvent Futurism. A libertine ideology of cultural self-expression, freedom, and technological progress with moral restraints.

However, Montgomery is at the crossroads. The Cape saw itself increasingly becoming the target of the Dirlewanger Brigade's raid and the political squabbling within the People's Council is hindering the war effort against the Aristocracy. He could feel his idealism slowly eroding as the council continues to bicker and his people struggle to see the greater picture - to eliminate the Brigade and the Aristocracy. Instead, most Capeans would rather blissfully tend to their lands instead of fighting. Montgomery would struggle in maintaining his principles in this warzone known as Patagonia as tough decisions have to be made and he would struggle to reconcile between doing what he thinks is right and enacting the will of the people. The dead bodies left by the Dirlewanger Brigade on the border would keep him awake at night and he's uncertain if he could pull his people together through this madness in a world without Le Patron.

Svetlana Komarova was a Comrade-Lieutenant in the Patagonian Red Army and an ace pilot in the Aviators Soviet of Patagonia. Then an influential figure in the Cape's People Council as well as flying for the South Cape. Opponents called her "Pale Rider". Komarova was born to a Russian emigre family on 1954 who fled the Soviet Union in 1953 for being opponents of Soviet Marshal Zhukov who became General-Secretary. Her parents were veterans of WWII with her father serving in the Red Army and her mother in the Night Witches. Komarova was born in Patagonia so she never got to saw her homeland of the Soviet Union amidst all of this chaos. Yet she wanted to follow her parent's footsteps and enlisting in the Patagonian Red Army and the Aviators would be a step in the right direction, she thought.

Ensign Svetlana Komarova

Komarova is a military veteran and decorated war hero of the Patagonian - Argentine Border War from 1973-76' where she regularly partook shorties in a Su-17 in dogfighting and bomber runs. She had an accredited kill of 13 and she remembered full well the feeling of witnessing a downed aircraft in flames with the pilot's parachute nowhere to be seen. It was a disturbing thought to her that she could end up the same way as them. But the thought of doing bombing runs on Argentine lands disturbed her. The thought of seeing so many civilians perish under her and the Aviator's bombs but she accepted it as a part of war. The sky is where she felt so alive with the G-force pulling her soul and seeing the bright blue sky in front of her. It helped her put away some thoughts about the sheer chaos that Patagonia was experiencing down below.

When Patagonia collapsed in the Shattered Mirrors of 1976, Svetlana was given confusing and conflicting orders as she flew in her Su-17. Communications went silent and she was greeted to three different voices. The first was from the Chileans who request her to land in Magellan as a guest to Allende, the Patagonians in Bariloche requests her presence pronto in the capital, and the Argentines demand her to turn her aircraft in and she would be given a royal pardon. Instead of following the three demands, she flew south to the country back to her base around the present day territory of the South Cape. There she was briefed by the new sheriff in town - Premier Lawrence Montgomery who said the country went to the gutters and he plead her to stay to create an air force for the aerial defense of Southern Cape. Which she reluctantly accepts.

Now working for the government in the Southern Cape, Svetlana is now flying for the nascent Southern Cape Air Force (SCAF; one of the few remaining air forces in post-Patron Patagonia) which operates on a hodge podge of Soviet, American, and French aircraft either acquired from the black market, generously donated, or captured by the Argentines. She found herself doing most of the work in building this air force as a pilot instructor to an all-woman's team as well as the one maintaining the hastily-prepared aircraft from falling apart. The matter of fuel shortages was solved by extracting oil off the coast of New Hope. As a pilot, she ran bombing runs on the lands of the Dirlewanger Brigade, primarily. She turned into a killer machine the moment she encountered their Nazi ilk. She firebombed them to the Stone Age with no remorse as she has heard tales of downed female pilots being violated and captured as sex slave by Brigade patrols. One time, she had to bomb a village housing slaves under the Brigade as a mercy kill and this gave her conflicted conscious. She viewed Dirlewanger's men as less than human and had no remorse in killing them.

Her Su-17 Painted in All-Black

She became Lawrence's lover and fiancee after getting to know him better ever since the first time they met. The two are in love and they don't hide it in public by kissing with a socialist fraternal kiss then holding hands when they're in public. She appreciate him for his intelligence and he appreciates her for her bravery and compassion. Lawrence has given her a shoulder to cry on for the seemingly stoic Pale Rider - weeping about the many people she had killed as a pilot. The two have a cordial relationship but Lawrence has been alarmed by her lately when she began to take an interest in the political affairs of the country. She has voiced her support of a military intervention against the Dirlewanger Brigade next door and wants to deepen ties with Allende's southern Chilean Commune.

Her orthodox communist views has found support among council members lately and this is making Lawrence worry. Though she pledges to protect the Cape's syndicalist system; she has voiced her complaints to Lawrence who seems to be more preoccupied with partaking in grand infrastructural projects rather than focusing on the military. She has contacts in the Kremlin and Chile who could lend support to the Cape but Lawrence doesn't want to alarm the Americans who have their cruiser stationed outside New Hope and wants to maintain the country's neutrality. Svetlana is one of the possible Premiers of the Cape as she's going to run against her lover Lawrence in the elections. Other than Bishop Jorge Mario (Pope Francis), she has become a major opposition to Lawrence and has plans of creating a Soviet Republic of Patagonia.

"To see my friends and family gunned down by the Argentine Army was my baptism in fire. How could I as a man of faith be expected to turn the other cheek when there are corrupt men who continue inflict injustice upon the world? And blessed by Vatican authority? No, the time of mercy and forgiveness has passed. There's only salvation in killing for God and if God were to put me in hell for my actions then so be it."

"There's No Heaven for Men Like Us"

Few ever had lost so much in this world as Jose Mario Bergoglio who was a Catholic priest and bishop from Argentina. He has lived through traumatic events of the Argentine Dirty War where his church colleagues were murdered by Argentine soldiers during a mass for criticizing the Peron regime. By association, his family was murdered in their own homes at night by the Argentines after Bergoglio escaped the massacre called "Christo Incident". Bergoglio was scarred by the death of his family and friends at the hands of the barbaric Argentine Army. What sin did they commit? Why did God allowed this to happen? Bergoglio escaped to Patagonia by the 87th HMZ border with these thoughts haunting his mind. A small contingent of Patagonian Red Army soldiers aided in his defection and he was safely escorted to Neuquen. Bergoglio became a stateless refugee in an utterly foreign country and society - a society of hedonists and livers of the "fast life" that knows of no God nor religion.

In order to remain a Catholic priest in Patagonia lest they will be killed by the Blackshirts, Bergoglio became a so-called "warrior priest". A priest who would directly fight in the frontlines and preach the values of Futurism infused with Christianity. Initially, Bergoglio did not believed in Futurism but the more he fought in the frontlines against the Argentines - the brief visions of his family and friends that they've killed, it motivated him to fight. He saw the Argentines as less than human and Bergoglio, the warrior priest, became the so-called "Dark Pope" for the cruelty he has shown to the Argentines with Old Testament fury. The man abandoned his Catholic teachings of compassion and became a hard line Futurist after succumbing to the country's "Heart of Darkness". Proclaiming Le Patron as his God and his works as his Bible. Now he has become a warrior-priest - a shaman who delves in esoteric occultism and uses his martial prowess in fighting so as to achieve enlightenment.

"A Light Shining in Darkness"

Bergoglio or Francis was a feared warrior-priest during the Border War and the Argentines told campfire stories about a vengeful spirit who carried a large bloodied cross on his back. The warrior priest Bergoglio impaled dozens of Argentine soldiers with a simple stab of his sharpened cross. When the Argentines rolled into Patagonian territory, they were greeted to the sight by their comrades impaled and hung on a cross like Jesus of old. Francis went off the deep end and for this they call him the "Bishop of Death" and both the tribals as well as Argentine soldiers feared him. Most Argentine conscripts would do well to avoid abandoned churches and run away when they hear the choir of "Dies Irae" in the battlefield. The man has lost all notions of civility and mercy for his enemies did not showed him such qualities when they gunned down Bergoglio's friends and family in cold blood.

However when Patagonia collapsed on 1976 during the Shattered Mirrors, the frontline was disintegrating as Argentine forces rushed through the border and any Patagonian defenses became disorganized and crumbled later on. The so-called Bishop of Death was captured by gleeful Argentine soldiers who couldn't wait to torture him for what he did to their comrades. Bergoglio was doused in gasoline, lit on fire, then thrown down into a ravine as he burned along the way. The Mapuches said that the man did not scream as he fell down because he "was too angry to die". But they did not expect the charred Bergoglio, from head to toe as well as a broken nose, had the strength to drag himself and limped into the nearest settlement. When he reached the settlement, he found himself in a settlement of Quaker missionaries. He was treated by the missionaries who prayed for him, injected him painkillers and rolled bandages around his body. Bergoglio became something of a "Burned Man" yet he showed his gratitude to the Quaker missionaries in his hearts. Perhaps there was goodness in this world after all and it seems that the old merciful Bergoglio who preached compassion might be coming back.

"All the King's Men
Die for God's Chosen People"

That was until the little Quaker settlement was overrun by Escadron thugs and Bergoglio was forced to escape once again. He could not bear to see his Quaker brothers and sisters killed and violated at the hands of the Escadron and this is where he repudiated Futurism as an ideal. Without any ideological direction, he became a hard line Catholic. By 1977, he managed to found an old SWAT uniform and a Browning M1911 gun which he took from the body of a dead Red Army militiaman. Then he hitched in a ride with a caravan heading down south to a country called "The South Cape" in which they called it as a paradise and a "land of hope". Bergoglio was skeptical but he saw the gates of heaven when he entered the town of New Hope - a truly beautiful town. He became a Catholic preacher in the town and he was popular with the folks. He made the Cape as his home as he did with the Quaker town. Lawrence was happy to allow Bergoglio continue his sermons but he became increasingly worried when Bergoglio became more radicalized in his view and speech. Bergoglio then trained a group of 500 men and women in the so-called "King's Men" - a Christian militia tasked with defending the Cape and acting out of the Patagonian Ranger's jurisdiction.

Bergoglio also known as the Dark Pope advocated for Christian militant values. That means viewing man of other religions with caution, defend the Christendom with great zeal from blasphemous ideologies and postmodernist values, show no quarter to enemies that harm God's children in self-defense, and advocated for total war against the enemies of the South Cape - the Regency, Aristocracy, the Argentines, and especially Dirlewanger's Brigade. He sees the people of the South Cape as a tribe and God's chosen people which is why he is so adamant in defending the Cape. Not wanting to see a repeat of the Quaker settlement's raze as he is now sick of running away. He is most vocal of his support of educating the Mapuches out of their Futurist raider ways, land reforms for landless peasants, that the wealth-hoarding bourgeoise could not be good Christians, came up with a "Share Our Wealth" program akin to Huey Long's plan, and the establishment of so-called "clerical unions" as an assembly of syndicalist-minded priests in working on construction sites to support the war effort.

"Now those who belong to the Patron
Have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires."

The Dark Pope has become the judge and executor of the country. Every POWs of the Accephale from the Aristocracy or Bandits from the Dirlewanger Brigade were sent to so-called People's Tribunal that were chaired by Bergoglio. The sentences were always the same in the summary tribunal - execution. Bergoglio uses Old Testament verses to justify his ruling and he lives by it as the executor of God's will. His primary methods of executions included execution by fire squad and even crucifixion for POWs near the border to serve as a warning for would-be invaders. Bergoglio is interested in running for the communal elections as he has the full backing of the clerical unions and the Christian populace of the Cape. If he were to win the elections, Bergoglio would proclaim the Cape as a Christian socialist commune with (socially charitable and militant) Catholic values while waging a crusade against Futurist profligates and Argentine tyrants in his SWAT uniform and armed with a trusty Browning handgun. He attempts to redeem himself for being a coward when his family needed him the most and a wicked servant of the Patron during his time as a warrior-priest.

Lawrence is alarmed by Bergoglio's radicalization and he begs of him to turn to his old ways and preach compassion as well as mercy. But Bergoglio knows full well that he has fallen too far in the deep end in his crusade against the Futurist profligates and doesn't see himself as worthy of redemption nor canonization. Only the thing he seeks for is revenge and he uses the words of God to justify it.

The Black Legion

Capital City: Porvenir
Population: 38,000
Currency: Patagonian Barter
Type of Government: Warlord bandit state
Head of State: Oberfuhrer Oskar Dirlewanger
Head of Government: Obersturmbanfuhrer
Charles Manson
State Ideology: Ultranational Socialism

The Black Legion is one of the many Avant-Gardist State's breakaway provinces located in barren south Tierra del Fuego and is the epitome of a warlord state as half of its population were roving band of raiders dressed in SS memorabilia once aligned with the Patagonien Freikorps and the Blackshirts or were simple bandits before Shattered Mirrors. They are the Black Legion and they are comprised of self-serving bandits and raiders who are loosely aligned with Dirlewanger and run under the SS moniker regardless of race. They can not be called a "state" nor a "nation" as there is no government, economy nor citizenry to speak of. Its leader, Oberfuhrer Dirlewanger, basically runs the entire show and his word is final in the country. There is no economy as the "economy" runs on ransoms, looting and pillaging its struggling next door neighbour - the Southern Cape. Bandits have no apt for economics for it is a social construct and a "spook" like property rights and morals. As for citizenry, there is no bureaucracy to keep tabs on who goes in and out. Civilians have mostly immigrated to the South Cape while those who remained were either killed or raped by Dirlewanger and his men. The future looks bleak for Patagonia at the very least.

"Come and See to Witness the Destruction
of Your Precious Homeland"

Living under the Black Legion is living hell for ordinary people of Patagonia: "Let's just say you're an ordinary father who works on the land with a nice family comprised of a Jewish wife and your two beautiful Mischling daughters. You sit on a porch as your wife fills coffee and your two daughters are playing in a field of flowers in your peace idyllic life in a farm. Things were peaceful until a notorious bandit and rapist by the name of Dirlewanger and his army of Black Legion murderers paid a visit to your humble dwelling. Legion men captured your daughters and wife while Dirlewanger puts aside to talk you. One of his subordinates simply said "Come and see" with his cold dead gaze as you see your farm and home burning behind this Dirlewanger figure.

Words doesn't come out of his mouth, he merely spits on you for being in his presence and motions his men to murder your entire family and loot your produce. Your wife and daughters gets violated as you are gagged by Dirlewanger himself. Your family screams in terror and pain while you are helpless to do anything while Dirlewanger made sure that you'll witness it for yourself. The soldiers stabbed one of your daughter's in the eye as they continue on their savagery on a little child while your pregnant wife is repeatedly stabbed in the stomach and the bottom before burning them alive out of spite for being Jewish and mischlings. After the madness is over, you witness their charred and bloodied remains beyond recognition as you let out a desperate scream. Simply annoyed, Dirlewanger points a gun at you on the head and simply pulled the trigger. Sparing you from living in the hell that is Patagonia."

The Average Dirlewanger Soldier

The Black Legion is far from being a centralized force. All of the bandits that serve under Dirlewanger are self-serving raiders who are only in it to kill people/rivals as well as to let out their twisted sexual fantasies on innocent people in order to have an illusion of power. They don't have any grand ideology nor goals to fight for aside from material personal interests. They merely loot, rape, plunder, and raze their neighbors in South Cape and sell captured slaves from their raids to be used for the Aristocracy. They still maintain the culture and ideals of the old SS (36th Panzer Grenadier) in spite of being few Germans serving in the Legion and its membership primarily comprised of Spanish Argentines, Russians, French, and Polish war criminals. They greet each other with "Sieg Heils" with the Hitler salute, used skulls of enemies as trophies or decorations, and "praise" Dirlewanger as their Fuhrer if their adoration for him is only superficial as they fear him as the largest murderer among them.

Nazi theory of "Aryanism" became an ascended state of mind to aspire to (where perpetual constant warfare and senseless violence brings about personal enlightenment) rather than a Germanic master race. This became the foundation for Ultranational Socialism infused with Futurist characteristics. Ultimately, members of the Legion don't care about Dirlewanger's ideals and they are merely in it for the ride. With that said, nearly all factions of post-Patron Patagonia despise Dirlewanger and his men. Both the Southern Cape and Argentina called the Legion as "murderous degenerates", the Regency views their senseless violence as "unrefined", while the Aristocracy only tolerates them for bringing them child slaves to be sexually manipulated. Yet they have grand ambitions of taking over Patagonia to convert into their own massive concentration camp and pogrom-playing field. With them planning on their invasion of the Southern Cape then jointly invading the Aristocracy together with the Regency before their turning their backs on them.


The so-called "leader" of the Black Legion is SS-Oberfuhrer Oskar Dirlewanger himself even though the position is only nominal. Dirlewanger was a former SS commander in the 36th Panzer SS Grenadier division or "Dirlewanger Brigade" which fought in the Eastern Front. He and his men grew a notorious reputation of being a brutish and fiendish lot with a penchant for carnal orgies and violence as they burnt down every village in Belarus, raped every women - Slavic or Jewish, and killed every man and child in pogroms around them with no mercy whatsoever. Dirlewanger was a member of the NSDAP before he was kicked out due to child rape allegations before finding himself commanding an entire penal battalion. Now turned into a ruthless killing machine of a military unit. After WWII, Dirlewanger and his men escaped to Patagonia through OSS-sanctioned Operation Fjord where they laid low in the icy wastelands of Tierra del Fuego under the Patron. Plotting for the creation of a Fourth Reich in South America... or just to raze hell by becoming bandits like old Fonte and killing every lamb they saw.

Dirlewanger's Men

After the fall of Patagonia in the Shattered Mirrors, Dirlewanger and his men quickly took over Tierra del Fuego and captured the town of Porvenir. There they killed the children because they were "useless mouths", selected the toughest of man among the males to join their ranks, and held the women as hostage and sex slaves for the enjoyment of Dirlewanger and his men. Dirlewanger once cracked a child's skull open for crying, stripped the men naked and injected them with lethal drugs, and then stabbed a pregnant woman only to rip her baby from the womb and cannibalize it. It's off to a good start and they quickly captured other towns using the same modus operandi. As their ranks grew, so did insubordination among his underlings and Dirlewanger often has to go on the field to whip them to shape and then scare them to obey him by partaking in the most brutal punishments known to man to his own men if they were caught hiding their loot. Then Dirlewanger heard that there was a nice settlement ripe for the taking in the town of New Hope in the Southern Cape. This might just be their big dig for the Legion but the only problem is that they have the Patagonian Rangers and the King's Men led by an insane priest. But Dirlewanger found a temporary ally in the Aristocracy by supplying them with captured slaves' women and children especially. Of course, Dirlewanger didn't toyed around with the female merchandise which would have lowered down the value for those snobs in Soleil.

A Nazi Scarecrow

On the surface, Dirlewanger doesn't seem to believe in anything and might seem like he's just leading the gang to fume and enact his depraved desires. But Dirlewanger is a believer in Ultranational Socialism which would put regular Nazism to shame. He considered his men as spiritual Aryans for partaking in war as warriors in an age of decadency and meekness. The land runs on a constant war economy and he has insane ambitions on conquering the entirety of South America in order to establish a "Fourth Reich". He has encouraged incestual relationships and has forced the men in his unit to have sex with their grandmothers, mothers, sisters, and their own children in order to preserve their "Aryan genetic purity" in the family bloodline but it only produced children with mental deficiency and physical deformity. Leading to the creation of so-called "Forest People" - heralded as the Legion's master race - that have terrorized folks with their feral-like mannerisms. Together with his second-in-command Charles Manson, he has dabbled in the esoteric occults and has managed to find the secrets of human resurrection. Beneath the icy glaciers, Dirlewanger is building an army of incestual Nazi zombies that would follow his every command and wreak havoc on South America in order to re-establish his Fourth Reich. A Reich in South America made out of Nazi zombies.

SS-Obersturmbannfuhrer Charles Manson is an American cult leader and criminal who founded the Manson Family in the states and then went on to become the Obersturmbannfuhrer of the Black Legion as Dirlewanger's deputy after making a name for himself when he preached the soldiers about "Helter Skelter" which we would explain later. There's no doubt that Charles Manson is one of America's most notorious occultist and criminal mastermind when he ordered naive members of the Manson Family to murder 9 people in order to trigger a race war in a politically and racially divided America under President George Wallace. The most notorious being the murder of Hollywood actress Sharon Tate in 1969 and the LaBianca family. Members also went to commit robbery, assaults, thefts, and even a planned assassination on President George Wallace to be blamed on the Black Panthers. Even though he never killed people directly, he manipulated his young female followers to carry them out.

"Death to Pigs" Written With Blood

However, Manson and his followers would be targeted by the FBI after a string of murders and an arrest warrant was issued on him. Manson then escaped to Patagonia in 1970 with his followers and was granted refuge by the Patron by settling in Santa Rosa. Perhaps his contact with the Patron is where things went downhill really fast. The Patron taught him psychic powers and tutored on how to brainwash as well as mind control people to do his bidding. Granting him great amounts of powers which kickstarted a path towards further darkness and mayhem. In Patagonia, he amassed a great following in Patagonia among American expats to number around 10,000. Manson Family was then renamed into the Church of Manson and his brainwashed followers were required to consume LSD and commit acts of "free love" where they would praise the Patron's and Manson's name in intervals. When Patagonia collapsed in 1976 during the Shattered Mirrors event, Manson went in a journey down south along with his followers. He was initially settled in the South Cape but after fights occurred between him and Jose Mario Bergoglio; he decided to join the Black Legion in order to spite Bergoglio. Thus a rivalry was born between the two.

Even though Manson never directly saw battle, he quickly rose through the ranks of the Black Legion when he became a spiritual advisor to Dirlewanger in which victories in battles were credited to his spiritual guidance. He preached to the men about the dangers of Jews who he claims to be secretly running the world and creating black people to overthrow the white man in demographic numbers through immigration. He called himself "Rasputin" and he quickly amassed a clique within the Legion loyal to him. Dirlewanger then put his psychic powers to good use in the war. He had the ability to mind control soldiers, crack people's neck, and sense if someone was disloyal or not to which he reported to Dirlewanger. Manson is a feared man among the Legion, second to Dirlewanger, for being able to read people's minds and manipulate them to do his bidding. Manson even took joy in torturing prisoners and captures for fun such as injecting toxic chemicals onto captured Cape Aviators female pilots' bodies then gleefully laughing as they had spasms before dying.

"A long time ago, crazy meant something.
Nowadays, everybody's crazy!"

The entire basis for Manson's thought was "Helter Skelter" named after the Beatles' song of the same name in the White Album. He claimed that the Beatles' member John Lennon and Paul McCartney were directly speaking to him and that they "told" him that a race war is about to occur between the white man and black people in one of his many schizophrenic episodes. This belief is reaffirmed when the Southern Insurgency occurred in the States between the National Guards and Black Panther movement. Manson intends on causing a race war by infiltrating family members into the police force to beat up black people, increase support for the KKK and George Wallace in an accelerationist move, and then attempting to steal nuclear launch codes in order to launch a nuke at African cities. He believes that black men are incapable of ruling themselves in the event of a black victory in the race war so he hoped that he and the Black Legion of Neo-Aryans and Nazi zombies would take over the world and enslave them.

Manson was central to the Black Legion Ultranational Socialist thought by putting ideas of race wars and genetic purity to the next level; even if it means alienating black people and forcing members to commit incest. Manson believes that good times breed weak people while strong times mold new warriors. He relishes in the insane and takes pride in being a called a "crazy lunatic" by the press as he fumbles around with incoherent blabbers. He is the Himmler to Dirlewanger's Hitler. Deeply knowledgeable in the occult, Manson has been able to create an army of Nazi zombies in the deepest depths of the glaciers around the Tierra del Fuego together with Dirlewanger. Together, they plan on invading the American continent in order to establish a Fourth Reich and accomplish Manson's dreams; launching a nuke to Africa in order to trigger a race war between whites and black people.

"I'm telling you, Mr. President, they're building an army of Nazi zombies!"

The Falkland Governate

Capital City: Stanley
Population: 15,310
Currency: British pound
Type of Government: Parliamentary democracy
Head of State: Queen Elizabeth II
Head of Government: Margaret Thatcher
State Ideology: Thatcherism

The Falklands Governate is an overseas territory of the United Kingdom which is an archipelago located on the South Atlantic Ocean. It consists of the Falklands Island and South Georgia as well as Sandwich Island. Officially the Queen of Britain, Elizabeth II, is the ruler of this British dependency with Conservative Margaret Thatcher as its Governor. But in recent years as tensions arose in the Patagonian region has saw increased military deployment in the island through the SAS, Marines, and British Navy. Naval war exercises are regularly conducted in the South Atlantic Ocean and Patagonian refugees of Welsh origins accepted into the Falkland isle.

In addition to a flow of capital in the region which turned it from a quaint settlement into a what is basically a military outpost. With the economy growing thanks to foreign investment in relation with the military build-up of the island. Previously, the Falklands Island was a territory in the Spanish Empire until their settlers left. Then the British arrived to claim the territory as their own and recent years has saw British-Argentine-Patagonian relations deteriorating over ownership of the island. With both the Argentines and Patagonians calling it "Las Malvinas". There was nothing desirable about the isle; only sparse settlements, farmers, and sheep reside it. But it has grown over the years thanks to British capital and new houses, stores, industrial centers, and military bases were built throughout the island. In reaction to the Patagonian collapse; the British military had been deployed to keep the "peace" in the region. Right, center, and left-wing Futurists... all of them are the same for this reactionary Britain.

The Boys in Green Have Come...
to Stay for a While

Britain's glory days as an Empire has ended as Zimbabwe-Rhodesia gained international recognition on 1980. The sun has finally set in the British empire. Now Britain in the 60s and 70s is a mere husk and isolated from the European Economic Community (EEC). The popular Conservative Enoch Powell, who was elected in 1970 thanks to his "River of Blood speech", resigned in disgrace for his poor handling of the Aden Emergency and the Futurist Insurgency of the "Her Majesty's Most Damned Outcasts" (HMMDA) led by David Bowie himself under his "Thin White Duke" persona. A Conservative government under Edward Heath on 1974 has continued his predecessor policies; free-market capitalist economics and promotion of Conservative values. But the Insurgency continues and an earlier Winter of Discontent in 1976-80 in reaction to job loss and wealth inequality has only exacerbated the situation. Drifting British society leftwards in a radical manner. However, the Falklands Island has remained in blissful peace and existence as the political situation in Britain deteriorates. Seemingly content with farming and tending to their livestock. Yet everything changed when Patagonia fell...

Conservative Margaret Thatcher is Britain's unlikeliest choice for Governor of the Falklands and she had managed to win the local elections as a sign that "Britain finally paid attention to the humble island". Before that, Thatcher had been a chemist and a secretary in the Edward Heath conservative government of 1974. She was notorious during her tenure as Secretary for Education and Science. She was criticized for the speed in which she enforced comprehensivisation (Circular 10/65) and 32-62% pupils dropped in attending comprehensive schools. Thatcher supported market forces affecting government funding of research in which she was criticized by her scientific colleagues. However one particular taint on her career would have to be her ending free milk for school children in around early 1976 after her particular visit to a public school ended in disaster as she forcibly took away a child's "free milk" given by his teacher after the policy was enforced. Tabloids like the Daily Mirror and the Sun has likened her to a petty Saturday cartoon villain who made babies cry by taking away their candies. This was a PR disaster for the Heath government and Heath had Thatcher quietly "given an early retirement" to the Falklands Island. This had been done before as the US likewise given early retirements for Nixon to Iceland. "Out of sight, out of mind".

Margaret Thatcher as Governor

Thatcher as Governor of the Falklands knew little what to do with this backward island as locals were most resistant to her laissez-faire policies. But her chance to shine came on May 1976 after the Patagonian Missile Crisis which put the world nearly into war then the Shattered Mirror Incident that same month after Le Patron's death in the missile crisis. The Shattered Mirror incident saw Patagonia collapsing into many bickering states and this has left Falklands and the Patagonian Welsh community vulnerable. She lobbied for Parliament to get involved in the Patagonian Civil War but they were hesitant. Until they were convinced by Thatcher's rhetoric of "restoring the empire" considering the miserable state Britain is in. Thus she was able to get support from the British government for a Patagonian military operation and has appealed for Lockheed and BAE Systems to support the British military in the Falklands.

Enchanting the British mainlanders with promises of "restoring peace and democracy to Patagonia" and "defending the Welsh brothers" of the Chubut region; her initiatives to start a war against Patagonia has seen major success and rallied the British to unbelievable heights of post-war nationalism. She has accused of both Radek and Bataille of the Regency and Aristocracy that they possess chemical weapons as well as weapons of mass destruction. While casually keeping her lips shut about Prince Andrew's involvement with Bataille's hedonistic clique. Thousands of British SAS and Marines were deployed in the Falklands as well as bringing their families along with them. This has boosted the Falkland's economy and many recreational centers as well as shops, houses, and power stations were built with private investment. Thatcher introduced "Thatcherism" into the Falklands island by opening the island to the free market which resulted in the local agricultural economy being pushed aside to feed the British war machine in the island. Thatcher had allowed the military to perform war games in the island.

No doubt that Thatcher's policies has alienated a good portion of Falkland locals but it is counter-balanced by her support from the new mainland British settlers. Her policies supportive of the war industry and foreign companies have killed the local economy which sustained itself from Ma & Pa shops as well as agriculture as it wasn't competitive enough. British soldiers and settlers were favored more in job opportunities and management to make way for new people. Trade unions and labor rights were curtailed which she called them as "an invisible enemy and Marxist trojan horses". Then she privatized public services of the island. Thatcher is ruling by buying time for "Operation Nimrod" against the Aristocracy to be commenced with a Royal Marine raid to Puerto Soleil. Britain did not put the Spanish Argentines or Mapuches into account and would have them economically subjugated under a Patagonian colony. Then in 1977, she became the ultra-secret "Secretary for Restoring the British Empire". She has worked with Galtieri in pacifying Patagonia with the false promise of returning Patagonia to North Argentina. Her relationship with Pinochet of Ancap Chile has been noted in squashing the communist threat of Allende's South Chile. Thatcher envisions Patagonia as the new British colony and the crown jewel after years of British hibernation in the isle.

But the question is "Is it really worth it to have British men die in grueling guerrilla warfare in Patagonia just to restore the Empire?".