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The Republic of Sunset

"Not Thickness of Chains but
Strength of Ideals"

Location: LinkThe Ares Super-Cluster

Population: Un-Quantified
Capitol: New Vancouver (Unofficial; Virtual Government)
Largest City: Neo-Vancouver
Official Language(s): None
National Languages: Standard, Hundreds More
Demonym: Nimatojin
Government: Federal Representative Republic
Branches: Senate, Secretarial Divisions, Federal States
Establishment: United States and Japanese Space Programs.
Independence: December 31st, 2002.
Economy: Post-Resource Scarcity
Spending (Nominal) Per Capita: Very High
HDI (2175):
Currency: DiCoin () (DC)
Internet TLD: .sunset

To the Republic a diplomat is simply a different kind of soldier; Their weapons are words, gestures, behavior, and their armor is respect, decorum, and protocol. And just like any other soldier they are expected to be willing to lay down their life if needed...

~Secretary-General Erika Silaco

International Philosophy
The Republic of Sunset has a lot of friends and allies; Much of this is due to a policy of building up long-term relationships based on mutual understanding and exchange, economic and development cooperation, and government openness and stability. It will not risk these relationships except on the direst of need, especially not by engaging in what are judged to be short-sighted and petty activities. In the Government's opinion, these will mean so much of nothing if it cannot count on its friends when they might be needed the most...

International Relations
The Republic is a signatory to a wide variety of international organizations. It is the Government's view that, when chosen wisely, organizations such as these serve to both expand the influence of the Republic and to help ensure both stability and security for the nation and its friends and allies.
    The Triumvirate of Yut (Military, Economic, Political, Social, Cultural, Educational)
    Membership in the Triumvirate of Yut is the single most important international agreement that the Republic is party to. The organization holds a eminent position inside of most every aspect of Sunset, with some aspect of the Triumvirate touching every part of the nation from the education system to diplomacy to commerce and the media.

    Martian Interplanetary Defense And Security Charter II (MIDAS II) (Military)
    While mostly diminished, the MIDAS II Charter was one of the first military security agreements signed by the Republic and an important step along the way to its eventual membership in the Triumvirate of Yut. Several of the founding nations (New ArAreBee, Ravenspire, and The Kinslayer) have been partially or completely integrated into the Republic, and the agreement remains now as a document with considerable historical significance to the Republic.

    Martian Free Trade Agreement (MFTA) (Economic)
    The MFTA ties many of the Martian nations together into a single Free Trade block as far as their Martian colonies or states are concerned. Many of these nations are also members of other Free Trade blocks to which Sunset is a signatory, and thus the agreement is mostly redundant, but it does give access to some otherwise isolated civilizations and is thus maintained for reasons of trade and economics.

    Vinyatírion Economic/Readiness/Intelligence Treaty of Allied States; Economic Pact (VERITAS) (Economic)
    The VERITAS Multi-Aspect Pact is another Free Trade organization that gives the Republic access to an incredibly wide number of different economies all across the Sol System and beyond. While it is distinctly not a member of the Intelligence or Readiness Portion, these both being superseded by its membership in the Triumvirate of Yut, the Economic Aspect is again considered important for the number of otherwise edge civilizations and economies that it allows access to.

    The Martian Forum (Dialog & Cooperation)
    The Martian Forum was established to foster dialogue and diplomacy and to enable the frank and honest exchanges of views on matters of mutual concern between the nations of Mars.

Embassies and Ambassadors



Reciprocal Ambassador



The United Species of The Eridani Imperium

A. Mericia d'Laurent

Edric Darkmane



The United Systems of Fenvaria Republic

A. Michael Ross-Davis

To Be Set



The Star Empire of Huerdae

The Cobalt Phone

The Charcoal Phone



The Martian Empire of Hypatian Commonwealth

A. Marzi Pann

Lord Erwin H. Grant



The Federated Imperium of Kajal

A. P. Phineas Winklebottom

Ilosse Derin Kavar



The United Imperial Kingdoms of Macisikan

A. Arturo Mendez

Lady Arinsoe Harhotep



The Eternal Ascendancy of Menelmacar

A. Dyanna v. Smit

To Be Set



The Colonial Republic of New Dornalia

A. Ereraclya e'Eakhm

A. Grace Lefkowitz



Phoenix domain

A. Constant Ambrose

Samuel Kaiden



The Constitutional Federation of The Peninsular

A. Arthur Ball

Ch.A Johann Weckener



The Eternal Radiant Empire of Roania

A. FraKyn

An Odd Crystal



The Empire of Tarasovka

A. P. Jack Fry

Velemir Voi-Raevsky



Depending on the polity in question, the Republic will typically be represented by a central embassy building and then by a number of consulates - these are usually installed into existing buildings either as small 'storefront' locations or as much smaller kiosks. In more primitive circumstances a DOOP (Diplomatic Outpost, Orbitaly Deployed) will be delivered to an agreed-upon site; these can serve as embassy or consulate depending on local needs. Since various national entities have various laws concerning embassies and the establishment or not there-of, the existence of a physical embassy building should not be taken as fact.

Passports & Documentation
Internally the Republic doesn't issue anything that could be strictly called an 'Identification Card'. Citizens are those who can vote in the yearly Senate election and the identification for this is a cryptographic hash that indicates which voter the individual is ('#23,001,401') and which Senate District they vote in ('#23'). Some people carry this hash on a physical card and some people transfer it to their augmented reality implants. The Republic does issue a Medical Services card. It has an individual's medical history on it and is again cryptographically secured against casual access and again many if not most people transfer the information to their augmented reality implants. Since universal healthcare is free - if you've had your shots - it doesn't do anyone any good to steal this information. Unless you haven't had your shots. Neither of these is legally allowed to be used as a form of identification outside of their specific usages. Most employers use some kind of biometric system, passwords, key cards, or similar in combination with augmented reality 'certificates' or 'tokens'. The military uses a highly advanced biometric identification system which seems to be unbreakable.

It is the oddest thing.

For passports Sunset uses the Triumvirate of Yut Federal Passport. There's an augmented version and a physical version, both of which have the same information in the same formats. One is just faster. While privacy is a given in Sunset, travelers to other nations should understand that they will lose a measure of that privacy when traveling outside of the Republic and it is their responsibility to maintain as much or as little as they like.

Did I say that privacy is a given? Visitors to the Republic should carefully note that that is not entirely true. In fact it is just the opposite; Sunset could be classified as a 'Universal Civilian Surveillance State'. Thanks to the ubiquity of cybernetics - especially cameras and microphones - as well as the low cost of storage, most everyone is recording everything they do in some manner. While crime isn't unheard of, it is unheard of for someone to get away with it since most everyone is being recorded all the time. The vast majority of the citizenry have made their peace with this and since it is not the government doing the surveillance - in fact the government actively encourages the citizenry to watch it - most are fine with it. Still, this is one of the most important things for new arrivals to be aware of whether they intend to stay or not.

Contact Information
Looking to make contact with the Republic? Unless your civilization is entirely isolated from the outside world, there's a few methods that work for most everyone.

    The Internet: Sunset.Gov.Sunset
    As long as your nation has regular internet access, Sunset.Gov.Sunset should be accessible to just about anyone. It is a completely non-political website, given over to regular information about contacting various offices and departments in the Republic of Sunset and detailing information about its laws, regulations, and other information that visitors and residents might need. It is a one-stop information portal; Every government service from voter registration to health care information, passports, and naturalization can be handled through the website.

    Triumvirate of Yut Consulate:
    The Triumvirate of Yut deploys various types of sovereign consulates to the capitals and major cities of nations that it has friendly or at least neutral relations with. These are typically unmanned offices, something like large kiosks, with banks of computer terminals and a desk with a holographic receptionist who can answer questions in person as well as provide hard copies of requested materials. These consulates have their own outside internet connection, meaning that any filtering that the host nation does is bypassed by these facilities; all conversations and communications are conducted in the strictest of confidentiality between the individuals involved. They also carry a full range of consulate cards for the various Triumvirate nations.

    Consulate Cards:
    All Sunset diplomatic staff carry a stack of Consulate Cards with them. These cards, the size of a normal business card and embossed with their name and the Sunset flag, house a small holographic projector and microphone/speaker. Press the card and a holographic avatar appears and the bearer can interact with the card with any questions or answers they might be looking for. If the question is beyond the capabilities of the card and there is an internet connection it will put them in contact with a diplomatic representative.

    Diplomatic Staff:
    If you happen across someone in a Defense Force uniform and it happens to have blue trim, that's a diplomat of one stripe or another. There are also regular Diplomats and Ambassadors and they will usually be wearing a Sunset lapel pin or badge. Any of these should be able to answer your questions or direct you to someone of the appropriate rank if you need to conduct official business with the Republic.

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