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The Federal Republic of Stroulia ~WIP~

Federal Republic of Stroulia
Federala Respubliko de Sudalotero

National Flag

Coat of Arms

"Justice, Equality, Compassion"

The Song of Stroulia

Map of Stroulia with individual states.

Regario (is also largest city)

Official Language(s):

National Language(s):


Federal constituional republic
  • President: Michael Kenna

  • Prime Minister: Richard Scottson

  • Upper House: National Senate

  • Lower House: National Council

603,752 km² (233,109 sq mi)
12,531,000 (2020)
  • Total: £652.700 billion

  • Per capita: £48,500

Stroulian pound (STP, £)
Internet TLD

Drives on The:


The Federal Republic of Stroulia, commonly known simply as Stroulia, is an island nation located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. It comprises the main island of Stroulia as well as the smaller islands surrounding it. It has a varied climate and wildlife, with hundreds of species of flora and fauna. Its population is approximately 12,531,000 as of 2020, and an area of about 604,000 sq km (233,200.7 sq mi). The capital is Regario and is the most populous city with 3.43 million inhabitants.

The earliest known human settlements on Stroulia date back to at least 2000 years ago, having migrated from the continent Europe. European colonization began in the 15th century, with the discovery of the island in 1465. War between the English and French eventually led to England gaining total control of the island in 1628. Stroulia proved one of the empire's most profitable colonies, rich in natural resources, leading to a mass migration of people to the island. Tensions between these colonists and the natives gradually built up until open fighting started occurring, leading to the enslavement of the native people to be sold to other nations and used for labor on the island, causing the native population to drastically decrease.

By 1896, a self-identity had formed over time by the colony population, seeing themselves as more Stroulian then British, and in 1900 successfully gained independence from the United Kingdom, establishing a constitutional monarchy. By 1936, the country had become soiled by corruption, as well as falling into near economic collapse as a result of the Great Depression. On May 5th that year, the country's independence day, the military took over the government through a coup d'état, suspending the constitution and placing the country in an indefinite Martial Law. Though the economy initially rose back up, by 1950, the economy has severely staggered, and human rights abuses were rampant. This led to the Stroulian Civil War, a grueling conflict lasting from 1957 to 1968, resulting in the military government being overthrown and a new democratic government taking its place.

The country is a federal republic with a parliamentary system, with a President as head of state and Prime Minister as head of government. It is a mainly ethnically homogeneous, though with a growing diversity due to immigration in recent years, and its official language is English, though mainly spoken with a distinct accent, and also recognizes its own natively spoken language, referred to as "Denalingvo" or simply as "Stroulian". It has the twentieth largest economy in the world, mainly relying on imported goods, with its extensive history with the UK playing a key role. It is a developed country and has the twelfth highest per capita income, with a high human development index. It ranks highly in government transparency, civil and political rights, quality of life, economic freedom, and education.


The name "Stroulia" is derived from a combination of the native name of the island, "Sudalotero", meaning "Land of the South People", and the person who discovered it, Stephen Patrick Parkman, an English explorer.


Records of some of the earliest human settlements on Stroulia date back to the late 3rd millennium BC, with fragments of human remains and local pottery being dated to at least the 21st century BC. These people groups were likely to have traveled from continental Europe, though other finds and remains dated to a later point in history show some African settlements as well. These groups seemingly had little interaction with one another, as very little evidence of expansion of settlements exists, though what has been found shows a society of primitive technology and advancement that lived off hunting and gathering, with meat and fish likely being the main diet as there is no evidence of agriculture in this early period.

Little is recorded of the island and its inhabitants during this time, and what little is recorded is generally lost to history or highly damaged. What is known is that the people living here established both a unique language and writing system, which is similar to hieroglyphics. Much of it in untranslated, however, and the early language of the first Stroulian tribes isn't known, though based on the modern incarnation of the native Stroulian language it may have carried a mix of early Indo-European languages and something similar to Polynesian languages.

Over the next two millennia, human settlement on the island expanded, showcasing some of the first signs of agriculture as well as the development of weaponry as different tribes would come into conflict with each other, mainly over ethnic conflicts. The largest of these tribes was the Sudatribo, or "South Tribe", located on the southernmost region of Stroulia. Other tribes of note include the Okdenmoj, the Sabmoj, and the Arbaroj. Based on the evidence found, the Sudatribo would go on to absorb these other tribes and dominate the island.