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IRL Views

Here are a collection of the various political quizzes I've done to give you an idea of who I am IRL. I figure you'd be much more interested in looking at a bunch of pretty looking graphs than reading long-winded paragraphs about myself.

LinkThe Political Compass

It's hard for me to say whether or not this would be accurate, considering it's the political compass, but it's been consistent with the other times I've done the test.

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The Sapply Compass is a much more accurate test, as far as I'm concerned, and much more representative of my actual viewpoints and positions.

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I'm actually closer to a Social Democrat, and I'm not a socialist, but I suppose Libertarian Socialism is fairly close.

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LinkThe Political Sextant

Pretty much on point. Social Democracy is basically my ideology, so it's accurate that this is my highest ideology.

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I would say that the way it assigns the percentages is pretty accurate to myself.

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LinkGoToQuiz: What is your political ideology

This is pretty on the money, as far as describing myself.

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LinkThe World’s Smallest Political Quiz

I mean, I guess it's accurate to myself? When you only have ten questions to describe your political ideology, it's not going to exact, I suppose.