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The Foundational Government of
New York Times Democracy

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*Bolded nations are kept active, non-bolded are usually permitted to CTE

**I don't 'like' my RMB posts with my puppets

Kadur: Actual first nation, grumpy retired main.

Stellar Colonies: Head honcho main nation.

Fendur: Constantly changing troublemaker.

The Jar Jar Jar of Jar Jar: Actual troublemaker.

Nova satus: A kind of trial run for many ideas I'd later develop in TAMDEZ and TACEZ (IU Drive, different laws of physics allowing different technologies, pre-established IU Portals, etc.)

Alard: Some kinda moon.

Martian communities: Mars, duh.

Slettar Conolies: I thought we had him at second, but whatever.

The greatest award: Who wouldn't want it? Also, a veteran of the South Pacific campaign.

The 3 Horned Spotted Yellow Bellied Crab: So delicious...and a casualty of the South Pacific campaign. May those who died provide in death as delicious fried crabs.

God god binks: Personally, I think that the name says it all.

Strahlar crahlonies: (Applicable)

Sir stellar: He keeps rambling about a British California and how peanuts are being horribly mistreated.

Beellar beelonies: nOt ThE bEeS

The romaine: "Lettuce pray"

Environmental Autonomous Research: A Valsoran environmental organization.

Memagra: Speaker of Memes

Vulcan Science Directorate: They've apparently determined time travel is impossible.