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About Me IRL

Egalitarian Centre-Left with Libertarian, Meritocratic and Utilitarian ideals (LinkWhy I'm an Egalitarian not a feminist).
Anglican Christian (Theistic Evolutionist)
AGA (Assigned Gender Aligned) Het Male
Pro: Egalitarianism, Democracy, Meritocracy, Utilitarianism, UK, EU, Sea exploration and marine biology (Deep Sea Exploration), Human Rights, Freedom of expression, Freedom of Religion, LGBTQ+ rights, Environmentalism, Science, Space travel and Settlement on other planets, Law Enforcement with accountability
Neutral: Capitalism (with leaning toward ethical capitalism), Prostitution, Abortion (pro-choice leanings;I think it should be a case by case basis)
Anti: Authoritarian, STEMinism without Biology, Radfem (especially TERFs), Racism, Sexism, Femininity Shaming (especially in women and girls;includes encouraging them not to use terms like actress or heiress), Masculinity Shaming (especially in men and boys), Thinking innocuous words like Tomboy and Lady are offensive, Homophobia, Heterophobia, Transphobia, Cisphobia, Political lesbianism (not Lesbianism in general; I support LGBTQ+ rights but I also think people shouldn't force hetero-leaning women to partake in Lesbianism if they don't want to), Religious Discrimination, Terrorism