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Conglomerate at Springmont

Conglomerate at Springmont


Chair, BOD




Springmont Stock Exchange

Alex Guard

Dr. Rozales Windspeed


Stock Exchange Square, Berry Townsend Ave., 789AA-21, South Winbridge, Springmont

Bushoattle Banking Group

Jennifer Cutworth

Leon Grasswillow


Utopia Center, Ogdenaire, 7500-JH8, Springmont

Film & Media Corporation

Alan Bibb

Maria Khan


Rolland Dittmann House, Ogdenaire, 7500-JH8, Springmont

Springmont Information Service (SPRINT)

Viren Hocksley, former VP of Springmont

Gustav Armsbishop

SPRINT Center, Englewood Tower, McDolf Avenue,
789AA-21, South Winbridge, Springmont

Springmont Mining Corp

Dean Markow

Jean Oskar


Level 4, Tetrix-Oskar Tower, Bainbridge Ave. 12,
789AA-21, South Winbridge, Springmont

National Utilities Corp

Aaron Hawkley

Dr. Tillier du Frostmont


NUC Tower One, Bainbridge Ave. 8,
789AA-21, South Winbridge, Springmont

Pleasantmill Hill Cheese Factory

Arnold Brussel, former Ministry of Industries & Energy

Cort Hearthfort

Pleasantmill Hill Cheese Factory, Fort Royalmore Park,
Ogdenaire, 7500-JH8, Springmont

Springmont Egg Co.

Dr Houston Ziesman

Sullivan Treecastle

Springmont Egg Co, Fort Christianswich, Ogdenglen Hills Road, Palmworth, 786YT-8, Springmont

IronHope Pte Ltd

Dr Isaac Volderson

Art Bigstormberg

IronHope Pte Ltd, Stagecraft Estate, Palmworth, 786YT-8, Springmont

Springmont OB Shipping Co

Davis Deltoro, former President of Springmont

Dr Rinaldo Aton Herbert


Suite 40, Xavier-Landau Tower, Julianson Avenue,
789AA-21, South Winbridge, Springmont

Fossen-Highpowder Corporation

Dr. Farquhar Fossen

Mr. Kamel Highpowder


Suite 55, Xavier-Landau Tower, Julianson Avenue,
789AA-21, South Winbridge, Springmont

General Chassis Defense International

Dr Isaac Volderson

Mr. Herel Vasav


Sigguspall House, East Sunworth Ave., Palmworth, 786YT-8, Springmont

Grossblair Electronics

Mrs. Maria Hookbrook

Mr. Damion Burkes


Suite 11E, Englewood Tower, McDolf Avenue, 789AA-21, South Winbridge, Springmont

President Inc

President of Springmont

Mrs. Pamela von Rustclay

Suite 4.1, Summerdale Building, McDolf Avenue,
789AA-21, South Winbridge, Springmont

Springmont Rail

Mrs. Susan Kyter

Mr. Paul Doshcamp


Suite 9.1, South Folks Center, Julian St.,
789AA-21, South Winbridge, Springmont


Mr. Ian Bathquay

Dr. Kevin Humboldt


Suite G1, South Folks Center, Julian St.,
789AA-21, South Winbridge, Springmont

Merrill Greenbaum International Airport

Mr. Liam Crestaire

General (ret.) Kazz Kingsridge

www.Greenbaum-International .com

Merrill Greenbaum International Airport, South Winbridge, Springmont

New Winhaven International Airport

Mr. Merrill Greenbaum

Brigadier (ret.) John Worthingvale

www.New-Winhaven .com

New Winhaven International Airport, South Winbridge, Springmont

Other's Conglomerate




Corndaglish Holding Grp

Dr. Petersen Corndaglish

Brigadier (ret.) Adam Davidson, Army

Corndaglish Plantation

Dr. Lyon Corndaglish

Mr. Lee Tinderworth

Corndaglish Properties

Mr. William Ironford

Mrs. Juanita Rosecraigs

Corndaglish Motors

Dr. Petersen Corndaglish

Mr. Adley Redgraves

Corndaglish Industrial

Dr. Petersen Corndaglish

Mr. Scott William Cameron

Corndaglish Logistic

Dr. Petersen Corndaglish

Timothy Bernwooth

March Rubber Product

Simon March

Kimberley Foots

Redflag Machinery Group (Subs. of Corndaglish Motors)

Dr. Petersen Corndaglish

Mr. Conrad du Rainford

Concordia Refineries

Mr. Andrew Fordlanding

Ms. Janet Greenspan

Axuson Petro

Dr. Rodger Reeser Axuson

Mr. Ryan Axuson

Mayorlarks Group

Mr. Adam Mayorlarks

Mr. James von Ernsberger

Fredericksglen Landing Group

Mr. Hayden Faldyn

Mr. Reuben Markson

Fredericksglen Air (a subs of Fredericksglen Landing Group)

Mr. Hayden Faldyn

Mr. Peter Mansteens

Amberland Investment Corp.

Dr Jack Simon Tyler

Mr. Esteban Jepsen

Bermooth Technologies

Mr. Tommy Riflemaker

Mr. Rico Matsuura

Mossborg Dieseltech

Mr. Jerrold Vandeberg

Mr. Micah Spachtholz

Cringov Automotive (Mossborg Dieseltech subs.)

Mr. Jerrold Vandeberg

Ms. Lisa Ludney

Ingram AutoVenture (Mossborg Dieseltech subs.)

Mr. Jerrold Vandeberg

Mr. Thad Beavin

Remington Arms (General Chassis Defense International subs.)

Dr. Isaac Volderson

Mr. Ronny Weinfeld

Heronbridge Optronics (General Chassis Defense International subs.)

Dr. Isaac Volderson

Mr. Wynn Fredericksside

Rossbaum Industries (Mayorlarks Group Subs.)

Mr. Adam Mayorlarks

Dr. Abram Santillan

Mars Communication

Mr. Joe Fitzwalrus

Dr. Igor Borislov

ADAX Inc. (Fossen-Highpowder Corporation Subs.)

Dr. Farquhar Fossen

Dr. Maria Yazzlemann

Rotax Defense Ltd.

Air Lt. General (ret.) Elliot Lockhart, Air Force

Mr. Davis Pellecchia

APEX Integrated Auto (IronHope Pte Ltd subs.)

Mr. Art Bigstormberg

Mr. Manual Ludtke

Miklaus Automobile (IronHope Pte Ltd subs.)

Mr. Art Bigstormberg

Mr. Ezequiel Rynn

Ironcastle Aviation (General Chassis Defense International subs.)

Dr. Isaac Volderson

Air Colonel (ret.) Aldo Maserwitch, Air Force

IronHope-Bremont Shipyard (IronHope Pte Ltd subs.)

Mr. Art Bigstormberg

Mrs. Carol Fukano

Solomonbergh Yard Ltd.

Naval Major-General (ret.) Lew Solomonbergh, Navy

Mrs. Erin Rubal

Rafael-Driessler Shipyard

Naval Lt. General (ret.) Edison Boudreaux, Navy

Dr. Mikel Couvillier

Knoxfoot Government Arsenal (President Inc subs.)

Mrs. Pamela von Rustclay

Brigadier (ret.) Issac Boardley, Army

BishopTech Aerotronic

Dr. Kirby Ginsberg

Dr. Kirby Ginsberg

Timberclaus Arms

Lt. General (ret.) Donovan Timberclaus

Mr. Rafael van Casper

Track & Facilities Management Services (SpringmontRail subs.)

Mrs. Susan Kyter

Mr. Jeff Fleetham

Foods & Entertaiment Services(SpringmontRail subs.)

Mrs. Susan Kyter

Mrs. Lina Cooperhead

Umbrella Bus Specialist (IronHope subs.)

Mr. Art Bigstormberg

Mr. Lee Bisons

Krysoft Communication Group

Mr. Fredric Koskinen

Ms. Lena Stillwater

Anwar Ltd.

Mr. Fareed Anwar

Ms. Nora Lindsay

Ramon Machinery Ltd (Anwar Ltd. subs)

Mr. Fareed Anwar

Mr. Killen Ramon

Danford Market Ltd. (subs of Anwar Ltd.)

Mr. Fareed Anwar

Mr. Anton Grabcysky

Lichgreen Commodities Ltd

Dr Houston Ziesman

Mr. Lincoln Jellerson

Extinley Locomotives Ltd

Mrs. Jena Extinley

Mr. Tim Cropp

Rexcrown Rolingstock Ind

Mr. Benjamin Fingerstone

Mr. Robert Fingerstone

Global Triton Investment Group

Mrs. Monica Falkon

Ms. Emma Rumbley

Bluethorn Hotel Group
(Global Triton Investment subs.)

Mrs. Monica Falkon

Mrs. Jenny Chainford

CEO Roundtable of Springmont
CEO Roundtable of Springmont (CEOROS), a policy dialogue forum registered in 2008 and which brings together CEOs of over 70 leading companies doing business in Springmont. Together, the companies led by members of the CEOROS account for more than 40% of the tax revenue collected by Government, and employ over 70 000 Montian. The CEOROS aims to foster regular dialogue among the CEOs in order to identify key obstacles to economic growth and to work out solutions which can be discussed with the Government.

Current Chairman: Micah Spachtholz, CEO of Mossborg Dieseltech
Current Vice Chairman: Art Bigstormberg, CEO of IronHope Pte Ltd
Current Hons. Secretary: Lena Stillwater CEO of Krysoft Communication Group

1. Springmont Information Service (SPRINT)
CEO: Gustav Armsbishop
2. Pleasantmill Hill Cheese Factory
CEO: Cort Hearthfort
3. Springmont Egg Co
CEO: Sullivan Treecastle
4. IronHope
VEO: Art Bigstormberg
5. Monteluci Springmont (a VLT Automotive Group)
6. Sprint-TekNet (a JV between Sprint and TekNet)
7. 1 Colutels in Ogdenaire
8. Markt, Inc. Superstore
8. Monster Cycles
9. IronHope VLT Automotive Ltd
10. Pub 15s
11. Pullman Oil Company Springmont
12. CuppaCoffee
13. Hicksopolis Springs Gingers Ale Ltd
14. Fort Worthingwood Cars Supplies
15. CHotel in South Winbridge, &Port Knoxdam
16. of Hicksopolis Springs Gingers Ale Ltd (Dr James Bloominghunt, CEO)
17. Moto Pizza
18. Clengin Family Restauran
19. The Springmont OB Shipping Co