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The Spiritual Republic of Caryton



The Spiritual Republic of Caryton

The Spiritual Republic of Caryton


Motto: Milia De Benedictionibus (Thousands of Blessings)

Coat of Arms
The symbols are the staple grain (the oat), the national flower/plant (oxalis stricta)


Population: 81,052,314

Capital: Georgine

Largest City: Georgine

National Anthem: Carrier of Miracles

Official Language: English

National Language: English

State Religion: The Gospel Church of Caryton

Demonym: Carytonic

- Leading Reverend: Dorothy Shirleyton
- Assistant Leading Reverend: Kyle Johnson
- Figurehead: Cary Marie I the Golden Retriever

- Upper House: Central Council
- Lower House: Outer Council

Establishment: from Alta
Independence: October 5, 2018

Highest Point: Mount Liberty
Lowest Point: Moses' Valley

GDP (nominal): 2.02 trillion USD
GDP (nominal) per capita: 24,700.10 USD

Currency: Cary Credit (CC)
1 CC = $2.16

Drives on the: Right

Calling code: +415

Internet TLD: .src

The Spiritual Republic of Caryton commonly called Caryton, is an Ecclesiastical Meritocracy in The Alliance of Dictators. It is bordered on the north by - , on the south by -, by the east by the Halkuon Ocean and on the west by Lenspheria. Caryton has an estimated population of 81,052,314 pious, hard-working, and exceedingly candor citizens. The agrarian nation is lead by Leading Reverend Dorothy Shirleyton with a tender and grandmotherly hand. The Spiritual Republic is famed for its agrarian lifestyle, deeply devout citizenry, church government, centuries old clothing norms, stringent morals, and ultimately its tranquil simplicity and peaceable governance. Caryton comprises of 5 subdivisions, 2 autonomous territories, and an incorporated semi-autonomous dominion of far-flung islands, known as Carynesia.

The Spiritual Republic of Caryton is a relatively large country with a large government that is totally run by the Gospel Church of Caryton. The GCC chooses its heads based on merit, faith, knowledge of not only the scriptures, but knowledge of leadership as well. At the top of these heads is the de facto head of state, who once elected by the church based on his or her merit, rules the nation until death or excommunication. However, one figurehead is seen as irreplaceable, a technical head of state even beyond the Leading Reverend. A three year old female Golden Retriever, Cary. Of course, she can't make any leadership decisions, so she is instead held as a national treasure and figurehead. She only really has the position because many believe her to be a deliverer of miracles and a vessel of Christ.

Economically, the Spiritual Republic of Caryton is comprised of Spirituality, Defense, and Welfare with Industry regarded as excessive. The nation can be considered to have an agricultural economy, with only 6% of the population living in large cities. This migration to small towns is as a result of the collapse of the old regime and it's cruel planning methods meriting a dramatic regression to a rural population that the Gospel Church of Caryton maintains due to such a simple life falling in line with its teachings.

The semi-autarkic Carytonic economy can be considered to be quite controversial. In theoretical terms, the country is frightening in how rich it is and how well its economy does for itself. The problem and speculation then lies in the new country's perpetuated stagnation by the Church in order to keep the population humble. This status quo does not mean that the average rural citizen is poor-- quite the contrary. However, the absence from growth has lead to a lifestyle which one may call joyless due to the complete absence of consumer goods. The economy is driven by a four-pronged combination of private industry, government industry, church-owned industry, and regional/state industry. There is no black market to speak of in Caryton, due to the Prohibition Act and a well-funded military and border protection force. Taxes are flat, but in conjunction with taxes believing members of the GCC also pay a 4-15% income tithe to the church, thus creating two separate but cooperating treasuries that often bail each other (and the people) out in times of need. Welfare is envied by foreigners, as the Ecclesiastical Meritocracy provides education (even through university), medical care, utilities (electricity, gas, etc etc), and other aspects for free. The state holds one of the regions largest welfare safety nets due to the bicameral economic system between the church and the front government it operates.

Government Structure and Societal Issues
Caryton is an Ecclesiastical Meritocracy, meaning that the government is run by the Church and therefore separation of Church and State never happened-- however, those in power in the Church are strictly evaluated and chose based solely on merit, expertise, and tolerability. The Leading Reverend is the supreme commander of the military, and schools teach creationism and a creationist version of evolution. The government leads a moderately-sized influence on the people, but neither enough to anger the left or the right. The government's policy focuses more on religion rather than political thought. However, progressive and conservative decisions alike have been made-- notably gun rights, racial and gender rights, and the like. However, even Caryton has made controversial and taboo decisions, like outlawing abortions and recognizing homosexuality as taboo, and therefore refusing to let them officially be married in church. Gender changes are also illegal. Taxes are notably flat on the people but a tithe is also required of all GCC-believing citizens.

The age to become an adult is 17, and thus consent, marriage, and driving laws apply. In the infamous Prohibition Act: tobacco, vapes, "soft and hard drugs", alcohol, pornography, subversive music/art, and anything regarding the practical or hypothetical use of magic or witchcraft are banned and classified as drugs. Premarital sex is a felony crime, and there are manners laws for the public to uphold "respect and good nature". Caryton embraces "traditional gender norms" where a woman dresses in a dress, a man wears a suit, and the male usually works unless the family is on a farm or in economic turmoil. The wife typically takes care of children and earns side-income through pursuing her hobbies. Most urban women are shopkeepers or freelancers for this reason.

The Congress of the Spiritual Republic of Caryton is built on a tricameral legislature. One house consists of a citizens council chosen by sortition like a jury to serve as a fair and random representation of public opinion. One house consists of elected regional representatives, and one house consists of meritocratically-appointed members of the Gospel Church of Caryton's clergy.

There are three branches of the government in a hierarchical authority. The legislative branch is subservient to the executive branch, which is subservient to the judicial branch. Despite the Judicial Branch being the most powerful branch, it does not actively lead the country but subscribes to a silent sort of regulation of the nation's legal affairs. The Judicial Branch interprets laws and executive actions based on the constitution and the biblical law.

There is no electoral college in Caryton. For non-appointed government roles, there is proportional representation. Political parties exist in minor government roles but for leading positions, representatives of the church take a merit exam and the highest-scoring candidate would be appointed.

In the legislative branch, Citizens Council members serve a term of 1 year. Regional Representatives serve for a term of 5 years. Church-appointed legislators serve for a life term.

In the executive branch, the Leading Reverend serves a life term. The cabinet serves as long as the Leading Reverend serves, and upon their death or resignation, the merit exam is re-issued.

In the Judicial Branch, the 15 justices serve for a life term.

An example of typical Carytonian biomes

Climate and Environment
Caryton is a very environmentally stable nation. The majority of its country is comprised of grasslands and flower fields resembling the Great Plains. However, notably in central and northern Caryton, it is very mountainous and forms an alp-like biome in which these fields are incorporated in hills and mountain valleys. Several rivers run through Caryton, and of them creeks and brooks. Flower fields and sometimes enclaves of wooded areas are common. Caryton maintains a stable, pleasant climate in most bits of the country. Summers are pleasantly warm and dry, but winters are chilly and often times rainy, snowy, or stormy. In the mountainous regions, this winter is often times intensified. Strong environmental laws and strict enforcement of these, coupled with a mixed economy results in a thriving nation. Alternative energy is slowly replacing fossil fuels, and it seems like Caryton is often to place to be when the world is endangered. Caryton is carbon-negative namely due to its agrarian priorities.

Previous to Caryton, the land was ruled by the Republic of Alta. Far from a republic, the often violent and volatile state was on the brink of civil war and collapse. The state was impoverished and many people had been persecuted, if not wiped off the face of the map. Christianity was one of those oppressed groups. The nation fell into civil war with dozens of cliques forming and slowly eating at the government of Alta. In one of the poorest districts however, people took up arms to protect a new form of inspiration. A golden retriever, reportedly blessed by a dying elderly peasant, had apparently healed the blind, sick, and weak. Armed rebels swearing to protect this vessel of Christ (proven by multiple accounts of the dog choosing christian-oriented items when tested) quickly converted the most desperate and horribly-off provinces, and soon enough, after a surprisingly limited number of skirmishes, the whole of the nation fell to this sect, and not only the Altites, but any other clique members that did not convert were exiled to the continent of Errada. Five days later, the Spiritual Republic of Caryton was proclaimed.

Demographics of the Population of Caryton are quite simple. After the genocides of Alta, the ethnic matter was severely damaged. The "Carytonic Race" is believed to be Germanic, likely Hessian in origin. Carytonic people are noted to have blonde hair, green eyes, khaki-toned skin, and dimples. As for everyone else, Caryton is attempting to mend the wounds of old and develop a peaceful nation not tense due to race, but united in faith to God. As long as you believed in Christ, you were same as anyone else.

Linguistic Demographics:
95% English **official language**
5% Other
Religious Demographics:
82% Gospel Church of Caryton (The Ecclesiastical Meritocracy of Spiritual Republic of Caryton)
10% Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons)
5% Other Christian-based Religion
2% Catholic-based Religion
1% Other Non-Christian/Catholic Religion or Secular
Racial Demographics:
82% Carytonic
10% African-Carytonic
5% Carynesian
3% Other

Caryton's Place in the World
Caryton maintains a lukewarm foreign policy, automatically attempting to form relations with as many nations as possible, only cutting off once relations turn sour. Caryton is not imperialist, but does not fear involving itself in foreign affairs for national and international security. Caryton is reluctant to supply foreign aid, choosing to sort out its own problems and donate to needy in its own nation before sending help abroad. Therefore, Caryton prioritizes itself before sending humanitarian aid, a doctrine of "if we are unable to help ourselves, how can we help others?" frequently used in the leadership of Caryton.

Caryton maintains a strong missionary program responsible for proselytizing and humanitarian work. The main broadcasting service of the Spiritual Republic is the Trinity Broadcasting Network of Caryton which oversees television matters, church media, and more. Trinity Broadcasting Radio of Caryton is the audio wing of TBNC. The church and government use the internet only for official business, everything else is done manually.

Currently, Caryton does not contribute to international peacekeeping efforts during foreign conflicts, preferring to send its aid in form of nonpartisan neutral support affiliated with the Gospel Church of Caryton entirely.

It should be noted that while the Spiritual Republic lives in the 2020 era, it has the technological capability of the 1980s-1990s. This is namely due to the country being in its infancy, and the Ecclesiastical aspect of the government limiting much growth into the information age, if any.

Culture in Caryton is very religiously-flavored and dictated by the church. Religion unites you and forces you together like glue. That is part of the reason why crime is low in Caryton, due to a moralistic populace united with each other complete with a careful government and high social policy. Everyone is virtually family in Caryton. The hospitality is often reported as otherwordly, and even atheists from abroad are invited into dinner, even if saying grace is awkward. The sabbath day is observed. It is also custom for many to hold weekly block parties where neighborhoods would gather for dinner and kids would play with one another. Most people are VERY locally-minded, even to the degree of someone being proud of a hamlet of only 10 people. Still, the populace considers itself patriotic.

The rural populace is especially fundamentalist and prudent, leading an over-simplistic and essentially joyless life of hard work and fiscal conservatism. Clothing standards are centuries old in some places, and values are set back so far one questions if the nation even belongs in the 2020 era. The population is also deeply evangelist and will spare no time saving the souls of tourists.

Travel Warnings:
Caryton is regarded as a low-risk space to travel. While the population is welcoming and crime is non-existent, safety is not the issue with traveling to the Ecclesiastical Meritocracy. Do not, under any circumstance, defile the Gospel Church of Caryton, Cary, or any other tenet of Christianity. Do not blaspheme, do not bring in any item or substance that violates the Prohibition Act, and do not violate morality laws. The S.R.C. is zero-tolerance and does not grant diplomatic immunity.

One of the many rivers flowing through Georgine at night






Government power is substantially delegated to local authorities.

Proportional Representation

Votes translate linearly to elected representation, with no seats or electoral college.


Worship of the state religion, while not mandatory, makes an overwhelming majority. Church and state are not seperated.

Mixed Press

State-run media is the majority of media in the nation, but private and independent media are legal and surprisingly influential.

Protection of Public Order

The government wields a considerable amount of power over the public through the use of law enforcement and civil service and has the legal power to use its full authority in times of emergency.

Regulated Protests

Protests are allowed, but severely limited and under police control.


Permanent Marriage

Divorce is illegal, save for cases of abuse. Widows and widowers remain celibate until death and cannot re-marry.


Same-sex marriages are not endorsed by the church and illegal.

Body Integrity

Citizens may not pierce their bodies, but circumcision is considered normal medical practice.

No Euthanasia

Citizens are not allowed to end their own lives.

No Gender Change

Citizens are not allowed to transition genders.

No Adultery

Adultery is illegal.

No Contraception

Contraception is illegal.

No Abortion

Abortion is illegal, except in case of health complications and rape.


Strict modesty laws govern how citizens may dress.

No Pornography

Pornographic media is illegal and considered a hard drug.

No Smoking

Smoking tobacco or e-cig products is illegal.

No Recreational Drug Use

Recreational drugs of any kind-- from marijuana to heroin-- is illegal.

No Medicinal Drug Use

Medicinal marijuana is not legal.

No Prostitution

Buying and selling sexual activity is illegal.

No Third Gender

Citizens are required to fit in the given two genders only.

Optional Organ Harvesting

Citizens are highly recommended and persuaded to donate their organs after their death but have choice over the issue.

Parental Licensing

Citizens must acquire a license in order to have children.


School-age children are taught a vague concept of sexual education, but pressured into becoming celibate until marriage.

No Premarital Sex

Premartial Sex is a felony crime.

Law & Order

Capital Punishment

Citizens may be executed for crimes.

Corporal Punishment

Citizens may be tortured for crimes, or more specifically felonies.


A period of military service is compulsory (but negotiable) for all citizens.

Free Gun Ownership

Gun ownership is legal and citizens have the right to form militias.


Homeless Shelter

The state provides the homeless with temporary residence and offers them jobs within the civil service, humanitarian, agriculture, and labor system.

No Gambling

Gambling is illegal.

Maternity Leave

Women receive paid leave from employment for childbirth.

Imperial System

The state mandates the use of the imperial system.

Minimum Wage

The nation enforces minimum wage.

Public Education

Education in the nation is free and mandatory from kindergarten to high school. University and trade schools are also paid for.


Private industry is permitted within a market-based economy.

State Welfare

The state provides welfare to elderly citizens (pension), social security, affordable healthcate and public education.

Universal Health Care

The state provides health care to all citizens.


Climate Treaty

The nation is a signatory in the Climate Treaty.

Humanitarian Project

The nation funds and supports its own humanitarian organizations.

Bond and Study Immigration

The nation accepts only people with cultural Carytonic ties, or with immediate family in the nation including recently married spouses. Foreign immigrants may be naturalized if they pass a university in Caryton with intent to stay and work there.

Membership of League of Nations

The nation is recognized as an independent state and a member state of the League of Nations, granting, subjecting and allowing the nation to vote for or against legal rights, agreements, laws and proposals in the General Assembly and the Security Council of the League.

Semi-Closed Borders

No nation has visa-free or visa-on-arrival agreement with this nation.

Weapons of Mass Destruction

The nation possesses its own weapons of mass destruction.

NS Stats






The Spiritual Republic of Caryton considers itself a free and meritocratic state and its policies certainly reflect that. However, many a foreign crowd have labelled the amount of control the GCC has on the country as authoritarian and have called for reforms.

Average Dispensable Income

The average disposable income of Caryton is slim, especially in rural areas. The people there are generally hard-working and minimalist.

Average Income

Before taxes and tithes, the average income of Carytonic people is estimated to be around 87,040 Cary Credits.

Average Income of the Poor

The average income of citizens who are considered "the poor" is about 31,767 Cary Credits.

Average Income of the Rich

The average income of citizens who are considered "the rich" stands at around 115,010 CC per year.


Caryton, while unique in its government, has a very plain population.

Black Market

Black market influence makes up less than 1% of the nation's economy thanks to the combined efforts of a pious citizenry and a strong defensive network.

Business Subsidization

In time of need, businesses are subsidized by church, state, or both.


The Carytonic people can be considered optimistic and loving, even if boring and overly simple.


See above.

Civil Rights

Civil Rights are a very controversial topic in Caryton. Nothing's abhorrently wrong, they don't have problems with racism or sexism or anything, but the church is very unwilling to change to an increasingly liberal foreign critic crowd.


Carytonic people are generally considered humble, hospitable, and compassionate.


It's a given in a country like this that compliance is astronomically high.


Caryton takes pride in its meritocratic system and efficient anti-corruption measures.


Crime is all but extinct in Caryton!


Caryton is cultured, but it's more of a religious deal than a heritage deal.

Death Rate

Death rate is stagnating but low.

Defense Force

Caryton puts its pride into maintaining its Ordained Combined Forces, ready for anything.


Caryton, in simple terms, can be considered carbon-negative.

Economic Freedom

Carytonic people are the most free economically out of any of the three stats.

Economic Output

Our GDP is at 2,020,989,000,000 Cary Credits and our GDP per capita stands at 24,700.10 CC. Not much, not bad either-- but this isn't exactly a consumer-based economy.


The Carytonic economy is propped up by agriculture, then manufacturing, mining, and many more industries.


97% of the able-bodied Carytonic population has a job.

Environmental Beauty

Caryton takes pride in its environment and considers it stunning, even if a bit plain. After all, there's no place like home.

Foreign Aid

Caryton intermittently sends foreign aid if its own economy is in surplus or if the church would benefit from doing so.

Freedom from Taxation

Tax evasion is punishable by paying more tax than you are initially taxed.

Government Size

Described as large due to the clergy running the country.


The Carytonic people are quite fit due to their lifestyle.

Ideological Radicality

People can be very devoted to their religion, but it's not cultish.


The people are considered blissfully ignorant of the world around them due to them being wrapped up in local matters. Carol's potluck meatloaf being better than Maribelle's potluck roast beef is more important than the world war going on.


Carytonic people are fairly inclusive but can be threatened by radically different people.

Industry: Arms Manufacturing

Considered high

Industry: Automobile Manufacturing

Considered below-average

Industry: Basket Weaving

Considered irrelevant, but above-average

Industry: Beverage Sale

Considered low.

Industry: Book Publishing

Considered high.

Industry: Cheese Export

Considered average.

Industry: Furniture Restoration

Considered high.

Industry: Information Technology

Limited to government and church.

Industry: Insurance

Considered above-average.

Industry: Mining

Considered high.

Industry: Pizza Delivery

Considered non-existent outside of urban centers.

Industry: Retail

Considered above-average.

Industry: Timber Woodchipping

Considered high.

Industry: Trout Fishing

Considered average.


Considered below-average.


The absence of corruption and law-abiding nature of the people have fostered a candor population.


Intelligence is subjective, but Carytonic people are held in a reasonably above-average regard for intellectual potential, despite the religious nature.

Law Enforcement

Considered efficient and sometimes un-needed. Police brutality is non-existent.


Anywhere from 95 to 102 is considered average. Lifespan is high in Caryton.


Non-existent. Simple as air.


Obesity is a worry among angsty mothers, but not too bad in the adult population.


Peaceful until provoked is a good way to think about it.

Political Apathy

Extremely high due to the religious government structure.

Political Freedom

Citizens are entitled to a basic level of political rights and the exchange of free ideas is encouraged.


Caryton can be considered somewhat primitive due to its adoptive tech level, even more so if you see the old fashioned ways of the rural population.

Public Transport

Considered below-average.


This is a no-brainer, especially given the religious demographic.


Considered one of the safest countries around.

Sector: Agriculture

Considered especially high.

Sector: Manufacturing

Considered high



Social Conservatism

Considered high.


Farms, flower fields, chapels, baroque art, Georgine's beautiful planning. What's not to love?


Considered high.


Considered to be pleasant.

Youth Rebelliousness

Considered non-existent

National Symbols:
National Animal - Golden Retriever
National Bird - Mourning Dove
National Plant - Oxalis Stricta
National Butterfly - Monarch
National Gemstone - Amber
National Mineral - Selenite
National Metal - Brass
National Colors - Cream, Gold, Pastel Orange
National Drink - Shirley Temple
National Food - Oatmeal
Staple Grain - Oat
National Sport - American Football

Massive credit to Zitravgrad for this factbook template. I may have tweaked it to suit my needs, but this was a huge inspiration for me to re-work my overview.