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The Ecclesiastical Meritocracy of
Moralistic Democracy

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Leading Reverend Dorothy Shirleyton



Leading Reverend Dorothy Shirleyton

The Leading Reverend's portrait, showcasing her humble nature.

Leading Reverend of the Federal Gospel Authority of Caryton

In office:
1-1-19 - Present

Preceded by: Position Created

National Administration of the Gospel Clergy

In office:
10-5-18 - Present

Preceded by: Transitionary Temporary Bishop Head Jackson Arlington
Succeeded by: None - Position Still Held by Leader

Personal Details


January 15, 1938 (age 81)
City Fourteen, Republic of Alta





Political Party:

First United Holy Party of the Gospel Church (prioritizing religion over political ideology.)


Bishop Howard Shirleyton (Widowed)


Eleanor Shirleyton (40 - F)
Adam Shirleyton (33 - M)
Bernice Shirleyton (32 - F)
Betty Shirleyton (47 - F)
Todd Shirleyton (20 - M) (Adopted Carytonic)
Heidi Shirleyton (26 - F) (Adopted Carytonic)


Alta Central University (now Carytonic Central Gospel University)
- Degree in Religious History
- Degree in Law
- Degree in Philosophy
- Degree in Economics


Christian (Gospel Church of Caryton Denomination)


"The blessings of Christ are infinite and immeasurable. As members of this grand Gospel, this church, we must learn to see every blade of grass, every petal of flower, every feather of bird, and every hair of beast as a gift from God. Jesus had died for our sins, and it is this Gospel's belief he left with us sinners part of his blessings as our redemption, even sometimes in unconventional form like our miracle-bringing Cary."
- Dorothy Shirleyton, National Christmas Address - "The First Christmas of Caryton" 12/25/2018

Leading Reverend Dorothy Shirleyton is the head of the Gospel Church of Caryton, and by that, the head of the Spiritual Republic of Caryton. Formerly a lawyer-turned-revolutionary in the former Republic of Alta, she now lives lavishly and publicly, the friendly old woman maintaining both her responsibilities as leader and religious leader. A very devout woman, she often prioritizes Sunday Service over matters of diplomatic emergency. Always visiting one place or another, always praying or making some donation, she takes what little time she has off to live in a near-regal fashion. However, despite this, she is an extremely humble woman. She uses a cane to walk.

Early Life

Shirley, like many others in her time was born into a poor, miserable family in Alta's poorest region. Famine and economic crash coupled with an inhumanly authoritarian regime made times rough. Thankfully, she scrounged enough money to complete a few college courses. She lived miserably throughout most of her adult years, especially with waves of anti-christian persecution. In her later golden years, when the civil war erupted, she was one of the witnesses of Cary, and was a writer of a revolutionary newspaper, distributor of bibles, and a secret preacher. She organized several revolutionary efforts and her strategy and public sympathy had won the Caryists many battles. She, alongside many other founding members, upon starting the church, took the merit exam, and out of 22 other applicants, she received the highest score.



  • National Gospel Authority Act
    Created the 5 divisions directly governed by the Gospel Church of Caryton, and two semi-autonomous territories, one belonging to the Mormon Church, the other more non-denominational Christians.

  • Moralist Act
    Enforces the ban on illicit drugs, marijuana, tobacco, vaping, etc. Heavily cracks down on any black market trade of these materials. Bans alcohol and pornography, etc. Makes K-12 education mandatory. Strengthens public decency laws, dress codes and moral conduct. Enforces usage of good manners. Glues the church and state together. Makes premarital sex a felony crime, bans divorce save for abuse matters, etc.

  • Theomeritocratic Act
    Gives the Gospel Church of Caryton complete and unrelenting control over the state. Connects government jobs with ministry roles. Disperses missionaries throughout other nations.

    For & Against

    • For: Religion, Traditionalism, Theocracy, Prohibition, Moralistic Values, Meritocracy, Conservatism, Environmental Protection, Racial and Gender Equality, Family Values, Patriotism, Human Rights, Agrarianism (slightly).

    • Against: College-campus Liberalism, Anti-Traditional Values, Communism, Socialism, Monopoly, Anarchy, Imperialism, Fascism, Totalitarianism, State-sanctioned Atheism.

    Personal Information

    Personal Trivia

    • Dorothy Shirleyton has been made famous for her elaborate and originally made gifts to other nations. She fashions hand-knit scarves, quilts, stained glass paintings, gift baskets, and glass trinkets to leaders of choice.

    • Famed for her grandmotherly leadership, Dorothy tries to take a plain folks directive towards leadership, often spending time with the people.

    • Dorothy Shirleyton walks using a wooden cane. Despite her frail nature, she is oddly active despite her inhibition.

    • Dorothy frequently addresses her people via mailbox, sending monthly postcards. If not a postcard, it will be television broadcast.

    • She is still an avid organist.

    • 35% of Shirleyton's salary goes to charity, and an extra 10% of it goes as tithes to the church.

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