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The Galactic Empire of
Democratic Socialists

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Augustus Octavius

Octavius at his coranation

Supreme Leader

In office:
Death of Galba-Present

Preceded by: Galba Octavius

Nuke Cult Master

In office:
March of ????-death of Galba
Preceded by: Maximillain Zeus
Succeeded by: Alex Diyonisus

Personal Details
[table=plain][tr][td]Born:[/td][td]June 25, 1976 (age 44)
Atlaintis, Sperio[/td][/tr]


[tr][td]Political Party:[/td][td]Independant[/td][/tr]

[tr][td]Spouse(s):[/td][td]Liva Octavius[/td][/tr]

[tr][td]Children:[/td][td]Semile, Tiberius[/td][/tr]

[tr][td]Education:[/td][td]Atlaintis University
- Degree in Political Science[/td][/tr]


"You will pay for this Diyonisus"
- Supreme Leader Octavius, In the aftermath of the Assassination of General Scipio


Early Life

Born the Son to the Sperioian Supreme Leader, Galba Octavius, Young Agustus live as fairly simple life. Galba, and his mother Frida, refused to let the power of crown prince go to his head, so they enrolled him in school under Marcus Ledipus, after his Grandfather, the original leader of Sperio. At school, he was a good student, he always went out of his way to help those in need at his schools. this would later shape his Education policy. In High School, he met the love of his life, Liva. The two dated in secret as Galba was against the idea of the two dating due to her coming from a less than good background.

Rise in Politics

As the Scion, or Prince of the Sperioian Empire, he was exposed to the government as early as 8. His first role in the Sperioian Government was as a member of the Atlantis City Council, under Marcus Ledipus as usual. after his term in the Council, he started soul searching within the Nuke Cult and eventually became the master, or second in command to the Grandmaster, Grandmaster Ares. He was going well until he had to retire when Galba fell ill. Tragically, Galba died, thus, bring the 27-year-old Augustus Octavius into the role of Supreme Leader.


Shortly after he became Supreme Leader, he made his coronation into his wedding by marrying his long time GF, Liva. As the leader, he started to move towards the "Era Renaissance Novum" or New Renaissance Era. He made major headway towards the science and education reform. But he too much of his father in him, and began to expand his new empire to the stars.


  • Child Education Act
    K-12 public schools must adhere to strict standards, Education is free and if you can't afford it, the government will.

  • Crackdown
    In light of Human trafficking, barkeepers, nightclub owners/workers, hotel employees, and other Human Trafficking Hotbeds become Mandated reporters and are required to report human trafficking to the HRPB (Human Rights Protection Beurue).

  • Green Day
    Environmental protection orders to conserve the empire's national resources.

    For & Against

    • For: Enviromentalism, Equality, Education, Science Research

    • Against: Bias aganist anyone, Fascism, Poverty, Radical Conservism, the slave trade

    Personal Information

    The Supreme Leader is father of two, his oldest is Tiberius, who currently works as a Soldier and Scion to His father. His youngest is his Daugther Semile, currently the wife to the Japeth of Japathia. She also holds the Grandson of the Sperioian Supreme leader, named Percius. He is a devoted family man and a loving Husband to Liva.

    Personal Trivia

    • He trains falcons in his spare time

    • He can bake and Liva can do martial Arts, Not Vica versa.

    • His friend, Diyonisus, was made Grandmaster of the Nuke Cult. he served until he was feed to the Minotaur for teason arrested for treason


    “Liva, where's The Nuclear Staff?”

    “I hate War, but it's a necessary evil”

    "My gods are bombs, and their herald is a rooster, nothing makes sense

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