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Proposal C2/MMDCCLXXIII-Reestablishment of the office of Quesdor and Denarii

Reestablishment of the office of Quesdor and Denarii

Senate of Rome

Acknowlaging The return of the Map

Realizing the influx of both new nations and an RP Renaissance

Looks Back on the Old Days (before the Imperator Retired temporarily)

Looks opon The Office of the Quesdor and the concept of the monetary system

Realizes that Denarii could help revie citizen participation

Proposes the return of the office of the quesdor and the monetary system of Denarii

1. The office of the Quesdor will be in charge of handling the current Denarii holdings of the citizens of 21st Century Rome

2. To apply for Quesdor, a nation will have to use the old Quesdor app and take the pledge

3. if app and pledge are unavailable, the Imperator will create a new one

4. The Quesdor will also be in charge of updating the map when land is bought or land is gained through RP

5. Denarii will be used as the currency of Rome

6. Denarii will be used to

a. buy Unoccupied, roman owned land on the map

b. found a roman house

c. buy stocks on The Roman Stock Market

7. Denarii will be obtained via

a. service in the region, (Regional officer, Embassy MAFIA, etc)

b. as a prize in regional festival activities

Hopes that this will create a more active and involved region