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Embassy MAFIA application

Embassy MAFIA ambassador application form
for 21st Century Rome applicant ambassadors


If you are interested in joining the Embassy MAFIA, fill this form and send it to the Legatus currently in charge. After evaluating your capability for the position, you will notified of the decision and your entry in the Embassy MAFIA, if finally approved, publicly announced in the region RMB.

Depending of the availability of regions, you will be assigned to one of them immediately or, more probably, might have to wait for some days until a new deal is closed.

- [b]Main nation[/b]: 
- [b]Ambassador nation[/b]:
- [b]Are you disposed to accept a role-playing region?[/b]:
- [b]Are you disposed to monitor high activity RMBs?[/b]:
- [b]Are you disposed to use an offline forum?[/b]:
- [b]Do you speak a language other than English?[/b]:
- [b]Other information of interest[/b]:

- Main nation: the nation you regularly use in 21st Century Rome.
- Ambassador nation: the puppet or secondary nation you are going to use in the barbarian region. Leave blank if you haven't though of a name yet.
- Are you disposed to accept a role-playing region?: for obvious reasons, RP based regions are more demanding even for posting there just occasionally, as your messages there should be in character to avoid breaking immersion of other players.
- Are you disposed to monitor high activity RMBs?: very populated or active regions will require considerably more time to check the ongoing events. If you consider you won't have the time (or the will) to peek though such a myriad of messages, you should indicate a "no" to this question.
- Are you disposed to use an offline forum?: some regions use a third party forum rather than the built-in RMB; if you are fine with that choice, you might be required to register in an external site.
- Do you speak a language other than English?: in case we contact a region which uses other language besides (or in place of) English.
- Other information of interest: you can add anything you consider might be relevant for the position (like having contacts in other regions that might be interested in the exchange, or having practiced a similar job formerly), otherwise leave this field blank.