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The United Communes of
Moralistic Democracy

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South Laudesia

In 1956, after almost five bloody years with approximately 18 million Laudesian soldiers dead, the Empire of Laudesia was forced to lay down arms and halt their war against the triumvirate. News of the causalities could no longer be hidden from the public, and so with the Triumvirate steadily closing in on Bristol, a coalition government consisting of the paramilitary group SoD (Sword of Democracy), liberals, and monarchists in support of Henry Septus’ daughter overthrew the fascist government, killing leader Jarred Mosley in the siege, the new government immediately offered an unconditional surrender to Beutarch and Wansul. In the following years, the rest of the Iron Legion (Grovasia, Zandovia, and King Scorm) fell, in Laudesia fascists, and fascist supporters were hunted down by Wansulian military with the coalition government assisting by assigning targets. Queen Rose Septus exploited this arrangement to systematically target any other noble with claims to the royal throne, and the top charismatic/influential politicians and businessmen, to ensure that another Mosley would not come to power. Robert Golden founder of the Laudesian East Golden Company, the richest man in Laudesia, was one of these targets even though Robert Golden stayed out of politics, for the most part, Queen Rose assures the Wanuslians that Golden supported the fascist regime using his mass amount of wealth. Fortunately, Robert Golden was able to allude Wansulian authorizes for twenty years, moving from island to island in war-torn North Zandovia. The fall of the four fascist governments led to a Cold War between Wansul and the Beutarch, Wansul occupying Democratic Northern Laudesia, and Beutarch occupying The Communes of South Laudesia. Over the years Wansul and Beutarch slowly gave the two Laudesias back her autonomy, however, each government still reflected their master’s. Like Wansul, North Laudesia was an Authoritarian Democracy with the young and ambitious Queen Rose at its head, in the South multiple different independent communes were formed out of the major cities with the central government in Beutarch, however, this lead to a complete breakdown of order in the rural areas, causing mass illegal immigration into North Laudesia. In 1976 Wansul officially pulled out of the Laudesian government, however, Laudesia was still forced to be part of the triumvirate, and still unable to raise their own military because of the accords, forcing them to rely on heavily Wansul military to protect them from the communists in the South. A few years later Queen Rose died of natural causes, without a proper successor a power vacuum started to form in North Laudesia, this led to a multitude of factions grabbing for power and ultimately leading to violence and anarchy. In the chaos, the left-leaning local government of the city of New Selby, which is on the border of South Laudesia and North Laudesia, switched sides and pledged allegiance to communist Beutarch and the South Laudesian Communes. This lead to the government of Wansul becoming directly involved, citing the domino theory, and afraid that the lack would exacerbate this, turning all of Laudesia red in a few years and completely tipping the balance of power. Beutarch claimed this act illegal, stating that New Shelby chose to join the Communes on their own, Beutarch petitioned the United World Organization several times to no avail, feeling as those they had no other recourse Beutarchian soldiers entered New Shelby in North Laudesia to defend what was “rightfully under their protection”. This lead to a firefight between Beutarchian forces and Wansulian, who entered the city from the North. For weeks the firefight slowly grew worse and worse, expanding to other parts of the border between South Laudesia and North Laudesia, the conflict continued to escalate until a full-scale battle between Wansulian forces and Beutarchians on the border of Wansul and Beutarch forced the nations to declare war on one another.