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The Militaristic Reich of
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Military Information (Major WIP)

Entire Military population: 1 billion
Entire Human Military population: 637,000,000
Entire Artificial Soldiers (Robots, Androids, Battle Droids): 363,000,000
S.A.A (Army) Population: 212,000,000
S.N.D.F (Space Navy) Population: 212,000,000
S.A.A.F (Air Force) Population: 212,000,000

Black Operations

Black Death Commandos
Info: A group of soldiers hand picked by Fredrick Arcson himself to undergo the most grueling training in the South Acren Armed Forces. They have access to some of the most advanced and deadly tech SA has to offer. They are deployed behind enemy lines for the sole purpose of destroying equipment, moral, communication lines, and all other needs of the enemy soldiers. Are known to fight to the death to complete their objective.
Numbers: Redacted
Number of Deployments: Redacted

Info: Team used as military police. Experts in hand to hand combat and Close Quarters Combat. Are called in to deal with providing security and prevention of unwanted civilians, can be used to dispel riots and mobs, and will be used as police in areas with Martial Law. Use either plasma shield and pistol or standard infantry rifle
Numbers: Redacted
Number of Deployments: Redacted

Shadow Squadron
Info: One of the worlds most dangerous Counter-Terrorist/Insurgent force to be created, these troops are called only when dealing with Terrorists.
Numbers: Redacted
Number of Deployments: Redacted

Info: Almost nothing exists on these soldiers but what is known is that they strike fear into those who know their existence. Their real mission title is unknown but many former enemies claim their leaders or generals were killed by someone they couldn't see or fight. Video surveillance of the assassination of former enemy General Kreigstine only shows the general getting cut down after opening his door by an unseen assassin.
Numbers: Unknown
Number of Deployments: Unknown
Image: Unavailable

Super Soldier Program
Info: A project well known by foreign powers, South Acren openly states it uses a serum to improve normal soldiers. Those injected experience enhanced strength, agility, intelligence, and heightened senses. The project originally used a temporary serum but now science has been used to make the effects last forever, with the added bonus of expanded life capacity.
Numbers: 30,000
Number of Deployments: 500

A.I. Implants
Info: A newer project, the A.I. Implant Project, Codenamed NorthStar, Is the effort to combine normal soldiers with A.I. Enhanced Armor. The project was soon a success and now most infantry are equipped with some A.I.

Robotic Soldiers
Info: Robots, Battle Droids, and A.I are in common use nowadays. Many robots, like the one in the photo, work alongside human soldiers. Project approved for public release.
Numbers: 363,000,000

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Standard Infantry Weapons
Assault Rifle:
CR-14 Eclipse

Rate of fire: 1,000 (Sustained fire)
Effective range: 1/2 mile
Maximum range: 1 mile
Ammo: Plasma, 30 "Rounds"

Sniper Rifle:

Rate of fire: 60 RPM
Effective range: 2-3 miles
Maximum range: 8 miles
Ammo: Plasma, 20 "rounds"


Rate of fire: 560 Shell per minute
Effective range: 1100 ft
Maximum range: 2000ft
Ammo: Plasma (Shotgun Version), 20 "rounds"


Rate of fire: 1,000 (Sustained fire)
Effective range: 1/2 mile
Maximum range: 1 mile
Ammo: Plasma, 50 "rounds"

F55 Light Machine Gun

Rate of fire: 1200 rpm
Effective Range: 3/4 of a mile
Maximum Range 1 1/2 mile
Ammo: Plasma, 200 "rounds"

Defensive Equipment

Planetary Energy Shield:
Info: Planetary Shield, used to protect planet from weapons, Natural or otherwise

Wrist-Deployable Energy Shield:
Info: Extremely scaled down version of Planetary Energy Shield. Is used by all forces.

X-24 Anti-Ballistic Missle System:
Info: Missle system used to shoot down anything that gets pass the shield

Cloaking Equipment: Most soldiers armor comes with the ability to cloak, enabling them to effectively disappear.



New experimental Exosuit for basic infantry. Can keep person in suit alive in space, underwater, the hottest deserts, high altitudes, and many other locations. The suit also adds extra strength to the person wearing it. The Suit comes with a Cloak, a Wrist-Mounted deployable Energy Shield, and A jet booster.


Info: The improved model of the RX-31, has become standard issue for infantry.


Info: Most advanced model to date, comes with all normal capabilities but with better armor and more equipment slots.

Land Vehicles
M46A3 Ravenger-
Armarment: Plasma Cannon, F60 Heavy Machine Gun, F55 LMG
Top speed: 95 MPH
Crew: 3
Defensive Equipment: Deployable Energy Shield

M92A3 Gargantuan-
Armament: Long Range Plasma Cannon
Top Speed: 115 mph
Crew: 4
Defensive Equipment: Deployable Energy Shield

Main Mech: M30 Class Titan
Armament: Two HMGs, 4 rocket pods
Top Speed: 75 mph
Crew: 1
Defensive Equipment: Deployable Energy Shield

AV-93 Trexus
Armarment: Two F55 LMGs
Top Speed: 120 mph
Crew: 6
Defensive Equipment: Deployable Energy Shield

M98A3 Behemoth
Armarment: Railgun
Top Speed: 60 mph
Crew: 4
Defensive Equipment: Deployable Energy Shield

Air and Space Forces

Ju-42 Falke:
Speed: Unkown
Armament: Four Plasma Cannons, two duel plasma cannons, two Raptor Missile Launchers
Crew: 2

F7A Hornet:
Speed: Unknown
Armament: Three X50 Chain-guns
Bomb load: Three 5000lbs bombs, Twenty 500lbs bombs, etc.
Crew: 3

Armament: 15 plasma cannons, 3 heavy laser cannons, 160 machine guns
Crew: 150

DC5 Destroyer:
Speed: Unknown
Crew: 250

Valkyrie Class Battleship:
Speed: Unknown
Armament: 8 Heavy Plasma Cannons, 10 Plasma Machine Guns, 100 light machine gun posts
Crew: 400

XM5 Dreadnought:
Speed: Unknown
Armament: 20 Heavy Ion Cannons, 15 Machine guns, 5 Rail-guns
Crew: 500

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Missiles: (Slowly being replaced by space based weaponry)
Info: Missile capable of Nuclear, biological, or Chemical warhead
Range: 25,000 miles
Number: 5,000 plus

Space Based Weaponry:
Achilles Laser System:
Info: World wide laser system that can target both planet based targets and those out in space.
Number: 2,500 active systems

Info: The most powerful weapon known to man, the AMX5 is used to destroy entire solar systems by being fired into the target system's star. The weapon heats the core to temperatures that causes the star to explode, creating a Supernov.
Numbers: Redacted
Image: Unavailable

WMDs and Weapon Projects:

Land Weapons

P55M8 Plasmyr
Known Info: A heavy mobile artillery vehicle. Used in sieges and heavy bombardments.
Speed: Classified
Crew: Classified
Shell: Classified

Space weapons

Stryker Station
Speed: Classified
Crew: Classified
Armament: Classified

Chemical Warfare

Virus XV31
Info: A virus created for the sole purpose of killing. First use was in REDACTED
Deployment: Classified
Image not available

Anti-Matter and Other Weaponry

Info: A large bomb that functions as a massive WMD capable of destroying planets by using the massive power of AM when ripped apart and turning it into an explosive. The blast can easily destroy earth sized planets. Cons to this is it is highly unpredictable on when it would explode.

Numbers: Classified

Info: A device that is dropped into a planets atmosphere, immediately destroying the particulates and elements in the atmosphere by pulling the surrounding ones into the machine, disassembling them and using the resulting energy to start a unstoppable fire that burns all of the connected elements and particles.

Number: Classified

Info: A bomb dropped onto the surface of a target planet, which then sends shockwaves through the planet, eventually offsetting the planets core, causing it to melt down. First test resulted in a Mars sized planet to explode. Unfortunately only works when the planet has a molten core.

Number: Classified

Info: A gun that effectively is a massive laser. It bores into a hole through the target planet, destroying its atmosphere, core, surface, and gravity. It is transported via VC13 Transport Ships.

Number: Classified

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