by Max Barry

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Signature Part 2

Like the fallen leaves under the tree. Even if I eventually get stamped on in the snow. Now I rise above you looking for the spring. The remaining feelings are blown away by the wind.
- Changbin/Chan, Skz

Imma look back, Imma look back to the future in fact. Let me examine the progress, the demons that tried to suffocate the road to success. Imma look forward into the sea, oblivious sea I call ďhistoryĒ. Thunderous waves that rage, destroying the maze of memories I wanna see.
And so, should I give up? But really, can I give up? We live in a time and space, a world full of blinds; it makes me wanna give up. But then again, no I shouldnít give up. I feel it inside, donít wanna give up. We live in a time and space, a world full of blinds; now Iíve had enough.
Calling out for help, on this carousel. Life is like a dare or an open fair. I just wanna tell, tell the citadel, 'Dream'. Empire, campfire, unpile old files, set fire.
Rise higher, go wild and chase my dream.

-Felix/Seungmin/Chan, Skz

Itís too fast. Iíve waited for this moment, what about you? Are you a little scared? Or are you excited? To be honest, it hurts to send you away.
Every time the day went by slowly, I prayed for it to pass by quickly. But right now I feel the opposite. Iíd like for this moment to stop for a bit. Time donít stay here, go somewhere else.

- Changbin, Stray Kids