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Insurrection: [no longer canon, reworking]

The Insurrection is the proper name given to an undeclared civil war fought between Earth's primary military, scientific, and exploratory agency, the United Nations Space Command and various loosely organized groups of rebels over control of the Colonies for some 41 years, between the year 2184 and 2225. Originally, the breakaway movements started as disquiet against the Colonial Administration Authority's oversight of the Colonies, with the colonists tired of the organization's bureaucracy. It first began with peaceful protests, but after years of frustrating negotiations, some groups began to use more forceful methods ultimately abandoning diplomacy in favor of all-out war.

What had once been widespread support for the Insurrectionists quickly dried up at the outbreak of violence. Though they started out targeting only military and Colonial Administration targets, as the UNSC counterinsurgency operations began more and more innocent people were caught in the crossfire.

By 2224, the Insurrection had claimed millions of lives. The various rebel groups had become extremely adept at creating improvised explosive devices difficult for the UNSC to detect or stop and had struck many high profile targets, even in orbit above Reach itself. Opponents of the war believed the simplest solution was to simply give the rebels their autonomy - for the UNSC to pull out, and let the rebels have their independence. However, the value of the colonies made them simply too important to abandon.

Originally confined mostly to a few systems including the Eridanus system, the fighting spread to several other systems during the decades. It finally ended with the capture of the leader and other ranking officials.

---The Callisto Incident---

The Callisto Incident in January 2184 was what effectively started the war between the UNSC and Insurrectionists. The AS-FC CV Callisto, a corvette, was captured by Insurrectionists when boarding merchant vessels, and all crew aboard it were killed. In response, the UNSC sent a Battle Group of three destroyers: the UNSC Jericho, the UNSC Buenos Aires, and the UNSC Las Vegas.

On March 2, 2184, the battle group eventually found the Callisto in the 26 Draconis system. All of the ships fired six Ares Missiles at the renegade corvette. However, the Callisto managed to avoid destruction by maneuvering behind an asteroid. The Insurrectionists then detonated a nuke hidden inside the asteroid before hand, launching the debris toward the UNSC ships.

The Buenos Aires was engulfed in the explosion and destroyed, and the other two ships were seriously damaged. Second Lieutenant Preston Cole, as the only living or conscious officer aboard the bridge of the Las Vegas, took control of the vessel. He signaled the Callisto, activating the ship's distress signal and requested medical aid for the wounded. When the Callisto docked with the Las Vegas in order to take command of the ship, Cole launched the ship's last Ares Missile, which had been moved by the crew to the docking bay, directly into the Callisto, critically damaging the Callisto. Cole then bluffed by opening the empty missile silos on his ship and ordered the Callisto to surrender and allow Las Vegas's AI to take control.

---Eridanus II---

A coup took place on Eridanus II in 2194. By 2195, the planet was under the control of the Secessionist Union.

In 2205, the Sundered Legion formed on Meridian, bringing the Insurrection to the moon, though the moon would retain a sizeable UNSC presence.

[Retaking of Eridanus II]

In 2196, Operation: CHARLEMAGNE was conducted by Project ORION operatives in response to the murders of both civilians and government officials on Eridanus II. The operation was swift and silent, resulting on only 1 ORION casualty and crippling losses to the Eridanus II Insurrectionists. The ORION unit even recovered a sub-orbital transit station above the planet without being noticed.

---Operation: KALEIDOSCOPE---

Operation: KALEIDOSCOPE was a series of assassinations targetting various Insurrectionist leaders in 2204.

---Rise Of The URF---

In 2209, a number of rebel cells merged under one leader named Robert Watts, a former UNSC Colonel, and formed the United Rebel Front. Skirmishes were constant and unexpected. In 2213, the URF finally captured Eridanus II.

---Operation: TREBUCHET---

Operation: TREBUCHET was the UNSC's response to the URF. It lasted longer than a decade and involved many different military units and ships inside of 2 star systems. It is one of the largest military operations conducted by the UNSC.

[Eridanus Operations]

In 2213, the operations began. They were intended to crush any dissent in the colonies. Fighting broke out at Eridanus II, and rebels in the area that were supporting the breakaway from the UNSC and attempt to take over the system. The UNSC respond harshly to this, sending an entire fleet of Destroyers, Carriers, and Cruisers to combat the Insurrectionists. They were defeated with minimal effort, being heavily disorganized compared to the UNSC. The survivors of the rebel team escaped to a nearby asteroid belt to get to Eridanus Secundus. By 2225, a fully-functional base was built into an asteroid.

Ground campaigns on Eridanus II take place. Marines are sent to the planet in force, with the hope of controlling it once more. While in the beginning civilians who pledged their allegiance to the UNSC were in favor of the battles, the campaign being dragged on for a long time made it extremely unpopular. TREBUCHET soon became the UNSC's main conflict.

[Epsilon Eridani Operations]

When the fighting spread to Epsilon Eridani in 2224, the war's death toll was over 1 million, most casualties being civilians. On Tribute, a Marine force was posted to help stop bomb-makers in the system. In May of the same year, a disastrous hostage situation took place in Casbah City. 2 Special Operations squads are tasked with defusing the situation. One of the squads was killed in a bombing at the scene. 38 civilians, 6 Marines, and 2 Insurrectionists died due to the bombing.

---Black Tuesday and the National Holiday---

In January of 2225, a terrorist attack was carried out in an Arcadian spaceport in Pirth City. The bombing killed 53 civilians and 7 staff members, while injuring 78 civilians and 21 staff members. Money was donated for repairs, and a mourning was held for the loss of human life.

In April of the same year, a terrorist attack was carried out on a luxury cruise liner named the National Holiday. It had departed Reach and just left its atmosphere when 2 space-taxis raced towards the ship. When they were hailed, they refused to acknowledge the contact and docking requests. The captain of the ship attempted evasive maneuvers, to no avail. The taxis collided with the National Holiday, tearing it in half with the force of the explosion. The captain, who was unable to pilot the ship, calmly directed other ships out of its path. It dropped into Reach's atmosphere and started to burn away. It crashed down, and all 1500 passengers, 80 crew members, and 3 pilots were killed on impact, if not from the attack or the burning away of the hull. The explosion was enough to burn away the hull paint of ships with a radius of 1.25 miles.

---End Of The Insurrection---

In November of 2225, Robert Watts, the Insurrectionist leader, along with many other high-ranking soldiers, was captured. The undeclared civil war ended, and peace was mostly restored. Terrorist attacks still occur, but not on as large of a scale.

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Insurrectionists: [story section no longer canon]

Insurrectionist Logo

"Earth is in the past.
And the past is dead."

Notable Groups:
  • United Rebel Front

  • Freedom/Liberation Party

  • Secessionist Union

  • Sapien Sunrise

  • New Colonial Alliance

  • People's Occupation

  • Reach Rebels

Major Bases:
  • Eridanus Secundus [Formerly]

  • Camp New Hope [Formerly]

  • The Rubble

  • Venezia

  • UNSC

  • UNSC Subdivisions

  • UEG

  • UEG Subdivisions

  • ONI


The Insurrectionists, also known as Innies, insurgents, or simply rebels, are groups of semi-organized terrorist groups fighting against Unified Earth Government rule of the colonies. They want complete autonomy from Earth because they perceived the UEG as a Draconian oppressor and did not believe in advancing their cause through diplomacy. The entire leadership is made of up UNSC and UEG defectors, allowing them to have connections inside the UNSC itself. While there were insurgents fighting for their cause, they also attracted attention from mercenaries looking for monetary gain.

The Innies have been fought by every means. This includes space combat, vehicular combat, air combat, and even CQC. When losing a battle, they tend to resort to guerilla and terroristic actions, such as using large-scale explosives. This does not happen only during a battle, however. Bombings have happened throughout Insurrectionist-controlled territory. Everything they can lay their hands on is stolen. This includes everything from weaponry to entire starships. With the ability to stay under the radar, they operate black markets and far-flung facilities, keeping in contact via ChatterNet's offline mode.

Public opinion swayed during the Insurrection, ranging from sympathy to adversity. There were also some who agreed with the thought to self-governing planets but disagreed with violent methods (mostly soldiers on this one). UNSC propaganda and UEG supporters underlined the unity of all humanity, casting the Insurrectionists as "freeloaders unwilling to contribute to the common good". UNSC High Command stood by the Carver Findings, which was a view presented by scientist Dr. Elias Carver. They stated that colonial peace could only be achieved through military means. Most civilians, however, believed the UEG could have reached peace by meeting the Insurrectionists' demands and granting them independence. The UEG's decision led hundreds of thousands of civilians in Insurrectionist-controlled areas to their deaths. In accordance with the Carver Findings, military operations began.


Most rebel movements started around the mid-2180s. They demanded independence from the Unified Earth Government, with a total of 12 planets with them. Over the next decades, petitions escalated into violence. The fighting spread into UNSC-occupied territory, particularly the Epsilon Eridani star system, which was the heart of the UNSC's power. A variety of tactics were used, ranging from terrorist attacks to ship-to-ship combat.

In 2196, a joint ONI/UNSC operation began in the Eridanus system in response to the murders of civilians and public officials. In 2204, Operation: KALEIDOSCOPE was launched, which targeted various high-ranking Insurrectionists. However, by 2213, the rebels had recaptured the planet of Eridanus II. This allowed for stronger forces to be involved in unexpected skirmishes.

In 2211, a major terrorist attack occurred on Mamore. A nuclear device was activated in the Haven Arcology, killing 2 million people and injuring 8.3 million. In response to this, the UNSC started operations in 2213. They were intended to crush any colonial dissent. Fighting broke out on Eridanus II, and all rebels on the planet were supporting the breakaway. The UNSC responded harshly, sending an entire fleet to dispatch the rebels. Minimal effort was needed, as they were disorganized compared to the UNSC. Survivors escaped to a nearby asteroid belt and went to Epsilon Eridani.

By 2224, deaths ranged up to 1 million, minus the Mamore terrorist attack. On Tribute, Marine forces were posted to stop bombmakers in the area. Later in the year, a disastrous hostage situation took place, leaving an entire ONI unit and all the civilians inside the structure dead. In 2225, a spaceport in Pirth City on Arcadia was the site of a terrorist attack. It killed 60 and injured 99 people. In Nairn of the same year, a luxury cruise liner by the name of National Holiday was leaving planet Reach, when 2 space taxis raced towards it. They ignored all docking commands and hails. The captain realized too late what was happening, and the taxis crashed into the side. It was torn in half from the force of the explosion. The captain calmly directed other ships out of the way, before the 2 halves plummeted down towards Reach and crashed. All 1583 people on board were killed.

By Mosha of 2225, UNSC soldiers raided a meeting between 12 Insurrectionist leaders. They were arrested or killed, and that ended the Insurrection. Despite this, there are still rebels devoted to the cause, with an unknown number left. Terrorist attacks dwindle, but still happen.


The Insurrectionists do not have a main uniform, including combat gear. Instead, they utilize whatever is available to them. The means for obtaining this clothing is usually stealing or scavenging, as they must stay under the radar. Civilians that support the rebels, however, will donate things to them.


  • Any Civilian, Law Enforcement, &/or Military Clothing [particularly flannel]

  • Most Footwear [particularly boots or heavy shoes]

  • Gloves [if possible]

  • Headwear [ski caps, berets, balaclavas, army caps, goggles, and glasses if possible]


The Insurrectionists steal any weapons they can, due to not being able to purchase them for the most part except from the black market. Weapon caches have been found hidden in various places, such as fields, holes, trees, and inside buildings. With the black market at an all-time high, it is not too hard for the insurgents to aquire them.

Insurrectionists [battle]

Dead Insurrectionist

Robert Watts

Various Insurrectionists

Ilsa Zane [left], Howard Graves [right]

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Callisto Incident [non canon, reworking]:

A violent time that will not soon be forgotten in history, the Callisto Incident was a violent encounter between Arcadian military forces and local terrorists nearby the planet of Arcadia. It was the final encounter to spark a series of orchestrated attacks against the military. While patrolling the planet, the AS-FC CV "Callisto" had stopped for a routine inspection of a merchant ship. It turned violent after shots were fired by the ship's occupants, resulting in 30 dead, including some of the Callisto's crew. After the initial firefight, terrorists boarded the Callisto, forcing weaponized spacecraft to be brought to the scene. All warships involved were destroyed.


In January of 2184, an underground group was suspected of diverting refined technetium, selenium, and other Shaw-Fujikawa Translight components for sale on the black market in exchange for a huge monetary gain. Militaries in the area realized they could not let these resources fall into terrorist hands, for fear they could be used destructively. All ships travelling through the Procyon system were to be searched for suspected contraband.

On January 23rd of 2184, the AS-FC CV "Callisto" was patrolling around Arcadia when it stopped to perform a routine inspection on a merchant-class vessel by boarding and checking its cargo. According to surviving crew members, the occupants of the merchant ship were nervous, supposedly due to false rumors of impressments. Everything went downhill, though, after a terrorist drew a weapon and shots were exchanged between the 2 groups. This resulted in the deaths of 5 Naval officers and 25 (all) of the merchant ship's occupants. There was no contraband located onboard the vessel. This sparked outrage in the system and beyond, leading to the Insurrection.

1 month later, the Callisto stopped another vessel for a routine inspection. When Naval officers boarded, they found the cargo bay empty and were immediately ejected into space. The 'merchant' crew then boarded the Callisto and murdered the rest of the crew onboard. Its computer system was gutted and replaced, and the Corvette-class ship was used destructively against military ships. They responded aggressively, tasking 3 light destroyers named "Las Vegas", "Buenos Aires", and "Jericho" with finding and disabling the captured vessel.

On March 2, the Callisto was located. The insurgents aboard, realizing they had been found, piloted the ship to a nearby asteroid field. The military ships were determined to destroy the ship before it reached the asteroids, otherwise it would be able to play "cat and mouse". The military ships lined up to fire, and they did just that, firing 18 heat-seeking Ares missiles at the Callisto. Only, the Callisto rolled and executed a slingshot orbit around the ateroid to the far side. As the missiles recalculated their route around the rock, a preemptively-placed nuclear weapon within the asteroid, sending debris hurtling towards the battle group. The Buenos Aires was obliterated, the Jericho was damaged and the Las Vegas was hit by a glancing blow that crumpled the hull. The Las Vegas took such a hit that most of the bridge crew was dead, save for Lieutenants Preston Cole and Jorgenson, who were knocked unconcious. The unscathed Callisto turned back to face the warships.

The Jericho and Callisto exchanged missile fire before the Jericho was disabled. The crew aboard the Las Vegas was to report to the bridge of the dead ship, and Lt. Cole called in a surrender to the terrorists, who docked with the Las Vegas. The insurgents offered to evacuate the injured to Lawrence Space Station if the crew of Las Vegas offered no resistance; Cole accepted. However, he had a few crew members earlier move the ship's last Ares missile into the cargo bay they were docking with the Callisto at. The missile was detonated, crippling the Callisto and forcing the surrender of the terrorists.

Following the incident, the militaries of every planet started to crack down on dissent. This sparked rebellion, starting the Insurrection. The incident was considered to have "woken humanity from complacency", and terrorists started waging war on what they deemed corruption.

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Mechanical Augmentations:

---Overview/Brief History---

Mechanical Augmentations (augs for short) utilize cybernetics for the improvement of humans and the replacement of missing limbs. It is distinguished from basic limb prosthetics in that they interface directly with the central nervous system, as opposed to just the ends of peripheral nerves.

With technological advancement, it soon became the first method of augmentation which allowed people to assume superhuman abilities, albeit not without limitations. The most concerning of these is the body's rejection of the augmentations, known as Darrow Deficiency Syndrome. The only known way to counteract this is for the affected individual to take the anti-rejection drug, Neuropozyne, for the rest of their lives or else suffer from migraines, seizures, or even death.

With research beginning as early as the 2050s, mechanical augmentations became widespread by the 2070s. It was the predecessor and research template to physiopharmaceutical augmentation and the much more advanced nanotechnological augmentation that came into use by the 2090s.

---Early Development---

Experimentation on the enhancement of the human body and mind had been a known concept since the 20th century. As medical technology and scientists' understanding of human biology continued to improve, human augmentation started to become a reality. The first human bioengineering protocols were implemented when humanity began to colonize their home system. Due to the baseline human body's ill-suitability for long-duration spaceflight and different planetary gravity conditions, the space explorers and colonists were given biochemical enhancements to enable their bodies to adjust to these challenges.

The main obstacle in mechanical augmentation was finding the perfect interface between man and machine. While external prosthetics can be made from hypoallergenic materials, there was no such luxury when implanting devices in the brain. Early augmentation projects addressed human diseases such as Parkinson's Disease, where patients had metal electrodes inserted into their brains to stop the tremors. While successful, the unfortunate side effect of using stiff metal electrodes was their vulnerability to impacts caused by bodily movements. This caused tissue injury and compromised the device's effectiveness.

In 2052, Darrow Industries made a breakthrough that would revolutionize augmentations: they pioneered the PEDOT cluster array to create a biocompatible matrix device known as the biochip. The basis of the biochip was to use PEDOT, an organic conducting polymer, for the electrodes, which were attached to artificial neurons grown specifically for the device. The entire biochip would then be implanted into the host's brain and, because of the PEDOT cluster's entirely organic construction and its neuron to neuron interface, would be less prone to side effects.

However, the biochips still suffered from glial tissue buildup around the PEDOT cluster, which is detectable by elevated levels of cytotoxic-M and DDS-Y enzymes in the matrix. Not only did this compromise the effectiveness of the biochip, but it could also lead to rejection, known as Darrow Deficiency Syndrome (DDS). To prevent this, augmented individuals had to take Neuropozyne, which broke down the buildup of glial tissue.

Even with all the groundbreaking advancements into mechanical augmentations, there remained a very small percentage of the population whose bodies would still reject them due to being genetically incompatible. Among these people was the father of mechanical augmentations himself, Hugh Darrow. To help with this, Darrow Industries published the first genetic compatibility test in 2051 to determine if an individual's body would accept or reject augmentations.

---2050s Development---

By the 2050s, many biotechnology companies existed all over the world and were helping to advance mechanical augmentations, making them commonplace (but still controversial) in society. One such company, Sarif Industries, which had been founded in 2040 and had quickly grown to become one of the major biotech companies by 2047, was on the verge of a breakthrough. Despite it being over 20 years since the first biochip had been developed, nobody had yet figured out how to prevent the glial tissue buildup that ultimately led to rejection if Neuropozyne was not taken.

This all changed when Sarif Industries' head researcher, Megan Reed, created the X1 biochip prototype with her team. Unlike previous biochips, the X1 biochip's PEDOT cluster incorporated a mutagenic chemical composition that was isolated from the DNA strands of Patient X. After six weeks of testing against a regular biochip, the team discovered that not only did the X1 biochip have no noticeable glial tissue buildup, but it also appeared to strengthen its neural connections, meaning Neuropozyne would no longer be necessary.

---Mortal Dictata---

"The Mortal Dictata Act defends many things, but mostly it enshrines the individuality and validity of each human life. I hesitate to call it a human rights charter, because that term has been utterly devalued and its intent completely distorted over the centuries. The Mortal Dictata are a suite of laws that remind us of the basic moral duty that we owe our own species. They bar us from creating humans for the purposes of harvesting tissue, even if that human has an otherwise independent life; they bar us from enslaving others; and they bar us from cloning entire humans. The Mortal Dictata recognize a central principle that no human should be brought into existence or coopted primarily as a convenience for others. Each life is equal and valid."
— Dr. Graham J. Alban

The UN Mortal Dictata, also known as the Mortal Dictata Act, is a human piece of legislation enacted by the United Nations. It is based on the UN Genetic Rights Act which was extended to the Core Worlds in 2143 to regulate the activities of offworld genetics technology corporations which at the time conducted suspicious research outside Earth's legal jurisdiction. Essentially a basic human rights charter adjusted and expanded to cover biotechnological and medical advancements, the Dictata emphasizes human individuality and basic rights in relation to genetic engineering; most notably, they forbid the cloning of human beings, or the exploitation of humans for the sakes of experimentation.

[The Mortal Dictata Act]
  • A human being shall be defined as a person recognized and accepted by a reasonable layperson as being human on the basis of form, behavior, or external appearance, and no authority shall be permitted to use any element of a genetic profile to exclude a person from that definition.

  • A human being shall not be restricted, selected, or subjected to discrimination on the basis of their genome or genetic profile, whether altered or unaltered.

  • A human being shall not be brought into existence with the intent of providing biological material or research data for the use, treatment, or benefit of another.

  • A human being shall not be subject to any commercial claim, patent, or restriction on the basis of any part of the genome or genetic profile, whether altered or unaltered.

  • A human being, regardless of any engineering of their genome or introduction of non-human or artificial DNA, shall not cease to be classed as human under any circumstances.

  • No human being shall be subjected to genetic alteration except with their express and informed consent, or, in the case of a person under the age of 18, with the consent of their legal guardian for the sole purpose of correcting a health defect in the child.

  • A human being or part of thereof may not be owned by any individual or organization.

  • A human being shall not be cloned for the sole purpose of warfare or any above reasons.

---List of Augmentations---


  • Hacking Implant (ability to hack most modern devices and a large amount of older ones)

  • Ocular Implant (replaces lost eyes)

  • Tactical Navigation Device (allows for user to pilot unmanned crafts)

  • Infolink Implant (built-in radio communications)

  • Social/Stealth Enhancer (social part determines human personality via speech patterns, stealth part idk, it just sounds cooler together)

  • VISR Zoom Function (variable zoom binocs with a directional microphone)

  • Wayfinder Radar System/Motion Tracker (connects to hud to display the radar)
    -Augmented Reality: Highlights mission objectives and other things of interest

  • LiDar/ATS Mark-Tracker (marks enemies depending on synthetic or mechanical build)

  • Aim Stabilizer (speaks for itself, it acts as auto-aim)

  • Focus Enhancement (allows user to focus better, whether using a firearm or otherwise)

  • Z-5080 Short-Range Spectrum Vision (infrared through walls)


  • Aim Stabilizer (it connects with the arm augs, obviously)

  • Nanoblade (so you know the assassin's creed hidden blade? it's that, but the mechanical arm folds up into the length of a short sword)

  • P.E.P.S (acts as an emp towards machines and a non-lethal attack towards synthetic things)

  • TITAN Shield (deploys as a shield; it is weaker than the rhino armor, but a lot more agile)

  • that one minigun attachment that won't be named because it's specific to one guy


  • Implanted Rebreather (allows user to breathe in toxic environments for up to 15 minutes without external protection such as a gas mask)

  • Sarif Series 8 Energy Converter (powers the augs; powered by biocells, which act as batteries)

  • Sentinel RX AUG Health System (shows the operational status of the augmentations, as well as the amount of damage done to them)

  • Typhoon Explosive System (outward explosions around the user; projectiles exit from back-mounted implant)

  • Icarus Landing System (produces hardlight shield around user; guides them to predetermined (by user) location; auto-detects altitude)

  • Hardlight Shield (surrounds user in hardlight bubble; no infantry firearm rounds are able to penetrate it)

  • Quiksilver Reflex Enhancer (increases the reflexes of the user)

  • M805X Forward Acceleration System/Fulcrum Mitigating (thrusters than can pivot on a dime; allows the user to basically fly for a short time)

  • Active Camouflage/Glass-Shield Cloaking (effectively makes the user invisible)


  • Cybernetic Leg Prosthesis (allows the user to jump 3 times higher)

  • Icarus Agility/Speed Enhancer (allows the user to run faster)

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Sunburned Radio was founded in 2146. It is the largest radio station on Arcadia. Types of music played include Jazz, Rock, Classical, and Flip (a descendent of Metal). FM 102.8, the other half, serves as the news side of things.

-It serves as a propaganda source during wartime.

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Panchaea Logo

Panchaea Concept


Panchaea installations are vast constructions, located in oceanic bodies of water and reaching down to 4921.26 feet below sea level. It is a geo-engineering project that was started in 2190 with the goal of stopping climate change, or "global warming".

The trillion-dollar project was designed and funded by billionaire and mechanical augmentations inventor, Hugh Darrow, along with various corporations. The installations use iron seeding and geothermal management to regulate the oceans', and eventually the planet's, temperature. The structures stretch into a deep pit of over 4921.26 ft. with a diameter of 980 ft. It features 2 docks to accommodate freighters, and also has 2 tall towers surrounded by cranes and pylons that exist by radar systems cradled by radomes. The entire ring section is surrounded by small facilities and docks.

To help influence action against climate change, the Panchaea Project encourages the uses of things it does itself, such as close-orbit mirrors[1], solar-powered cells, wind power, wave power, iron seeding[2], cloud ships[3], synthetic trees[4], and Deep-Ocean Water Displacement[5].

    [1]Orbital microsatellite mirrors that deflect UV rays.

    [2]Stimulates ocean plankton to consume carbon and jet it to the ocean floor.

    [3]Mobile, wind-powered vessels capable of turning sea water into white counter-solar clouds via weather modifications.

    [4]Nature-imitative carbon capture technologies.

    [5]Piping system to draw water from the ocean depths and below the continental plates to simulate the planet's capacity for self-healing.


Panchaea's officially stated purpose is to counter climate change. It does this by promoting phytoplankton growth via dispersing of iron into the oceans. The expected outcome is that more carbon will be trapped in biomass-like substances and be desposited on the ocean floor as a sediment. Iron dust seeded across large expanses of ocean stimulate the growth of phytoplankton and their 2-month photosynthesis bio-cycle, which draws the carbon from the atmosphere and channels it down Panchaea onto the sea bed via the phytoplankton and iron seeding.

The facility contains a ring section that parodies large particle accelerators. It employs superconducting cryodipole magnets that confine that accelerate the iron particles for the project. The giant ring section is the source for atmospheric influence. This combination cools down a planet, its atmosphere, and its oceans.

---Panchaea Systemic Controls---
  • Hyron Core

  • Flood Controls

  • Structural Protection System

  • Pressure Regulation Control

---Behind The Name---

Panchaea, or Panchaia in Greek, was a rational island paradise first mentioned by the Ancient Greek philosopher Euhemerus in the latter half of the year 4 B.C.E. It was located in the Indian Ocean on planet Earth, and it held a temple for the Greek god Zeus. Publius Vergilius Maro called the island "incense bearing, rich with sands".

Panchaea's Ring & Tower

Panchaea's Tower, Control Center, & Docking/Landing Area

Panchaea's Ion Chambers

Panchaea's Particle Accelerators

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Slipspace Engine:


The Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine (SFTE) or slipspace drive is a spacecraft propulsion system that is capable of making transitions to and from slipstream space, thus enabling faster-than-light interstellar travel.


The engine was developed by a group of engineers and theoretical physicists led by Tobias Fleming Shaw and Wallace Fujikawa and was completed in April 2091. From that point onward, the drive became one of the most important technological innovations of humanity. The drive is not without limitations, although these may be partially because of slipstream physics rather than engineering imperfections. By 2102, a vast majority of large spacecraft were equipped with a slipspace engine, including most, if not all of the Navy's warships. In 2103, the Tart-cart, a specialized D77 dropship, was modified to use a slipspace drive. This is the smallest known military spacecraft ever to use a Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine along with the Bogof, another modified D77.


The Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine functions by creating ruptures, referred to in some sources as wormholes, between normal space and an alternate plane known as slipspace (also known as slipstream space and Shaw-Fujikawa space). The nonstandard physics of slipspace allow it to be used as a shortcut realm, aacilitating interstellar travel between distant regions in reasonable time. The engine makes ruptures by using high-power cyclic particle accelerators to generate microscopic black holes. Because of their low mass, Hawking radiation gives them a lifetime of around a nanosecond (or potentially a little longer than a whole second) before they evaporate into useless thermal energy. In that nanosecond, the engine manipulates them into forming a coherent rupture between normal space and the slipstream. An engine remains active for the entire period that a spacecraft is in the slipstream. When active, a Shaw-Fujikawa engine emits alpha (helium nuclei) and beta (fast electrons) particles.

Slipspace drives were considered black boxes, which were very difficult to repair or maintain after they went hot for the first time. Kurt McDaniels considered slipspace drives dangerous, noting the aforementioned radiation and that space and time was said to distort around an active device. Dr. Catherine Halsey, a highly-praised scientist, also observed that in the past, several technicians had simply vanished while manually adjusting a drive. A ruptured slipspace drive can create slipspace "splinters" in normal space, eventually consuming the drive and the entire ship which the drive was placed on. Mechanical failures like Slip Termination, Preventable, or STP, can also occur with Slipspace drives, usually resulting from poor maintenance. The elements Selenium and Technetium are used to manufacture Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engines.

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Names of Characters:

---Government Positions---
  • Jerome Harrel - President of Arcadia

  • Edward Buck - Vice-President of Arcadia

  • Jamie Reyes - Governor of Pirth City

  • Alex Jacobson - Governor of Catania

  • Joe Greene - Governor of Doarmir City

  • Shannon Young - Governor of Nacona

  • Decker Parkes - Governor of Rockport

  • Stephanie Maxwell - Governor of Alexandria

  • Brandon Kaplan - Governor of Carthage

  • Destiny Savannah - Governor of Genoa

  • Wayne Young - Governor of Arcadia City

  • Toby Atanwe - Governor of Petelia

  • Ridley Jacobson - Governor of Cradle

---Military Positions---

  • John Forge - HIGHCOM General/Supreme Commander

  • Victor Marchenko - Gunnery Sergeant

  • Harrison Stacker - Sergeant

  • Jordan Fairbanks - Covert Operations Agent

  • Allison Stanek - Covert Operations Specialist

  • Maria Karyo - Corporal

  • Anne Navarre - Sergeant (pilot)

  • Serin Osman - Covert Operations Head

---Law Enforcement Positions---

  • Jonathan Kinsler - Arcadian Patrol Commissioner

  • Henry Kellman - Police Officer

---Scientific Positions---

  • Megan Reed - Head of the Scientific Administration of Arcadia

  • Janice Reed - Scientist

---people not gotten to yet---

Cassandra Reed

Joseph Manderley (some ceo)

Gunther Hermann

Carla Browne

Scott Presley

Lloyd Princeton

Michael Berry

Paul Collins

Samuel Carter

Mari Hela - UN secretary-general

Leonardo Goldberg

Max Chenn

Gordon Quicke

Eli Quicke (possibly in the gordon dude's family)

Lenny Carmichael

Sandra Renton

Gilbert Renton (is the brother of sandra)

Janey Harrison

Richard Hundley

Yuen Kong

Harley Filben

Vinny Bourges

Johnny Alred

Louis Paning

Ian Hilton

Charlie Fann

Stanton Dowd

Athene Margoulis

Chad Dumier

Isaias Sandoval (some high-ranked position holder)

Nadine Stollock

Jenna Thorne

Gabriel Thorne (sibling to above)

Don Wilder

Hugh Darrow (augmentations inventor)

Talos Rucker

Vaclav Koller

Radich Nikoladze

Daria Myska

Irenka Bauer

Aurelius Milkovich

Tibor Sokol

Teresa Petrauskas

Vlasta Novak

Volkard Rand

Angela Gunner (soldier) (also yes they will shoot a machine gun)

Olivie Delvos

Dusan Sokol (sister to the other sokols)

Felicia Ullmann

Howard Thorpe

Gregory Thorpe

Josie Lubos

Paulina Machieraldo

Brian Tindall (high rank in military)

Percy Butler

Timothy Orwell

Nia Colvin

Eric Kross

DeClan Faherty

Mikhail Zelazny

Jacob Whit (yes whit not white)

Tim Carella

Lyle Rogers

Ted Burgundy

Cindy Martinez

Joshua Korbin

Tony Marez

Archie Reynmann

Donna Morgan

Todd Saman

Pavel Mikulski

Morgan Everett

Kylie Dredger

Bill Taggart (some spokesperson)

Delara Auzenne

Nathaniel Brown

Luis Gallois

Nomad Stanek (father to the stanek girl somewhere above)

Nada Birak

Costache Dinkins

Tomas Romanek (this name was probably already listed)

Zofi Ruzicka

Richard Smallhorn

Nikolas Zipra

Radko Perri

Wayne Haas (police officer)

Eugen Weisse

Drahomir Konicki

Karl Montag

Tars Rytir

Masa Kladek

Dominik Kladek

Milena Epstein

Harmony Knapkova

Milos Avadalle

Viznik Lekarna

Lee Hong

Brenton Radford

Sheppard O'Neil

Wing Hui (wing salesman)

Jenny Alexander

Jackson O'Malley

Bobby Bao

Nikolá Pradesh

Tyler Prúscha

Nía Ryolâ

Viola Stýl

Gus Prõll

Grant Vlgráv

Darya Punnèr

Triúmre Plasz

Melissa Segaí

Jáya Ènvola

Raul Esposzi

Alžbêta Barbora

Eliška Jakub

Ignác Karel

Priyah Lest

Šedlèc Prcicè

Julie Enszer

Frankie Enebšennè

Nátalíe Císeli

Madison Ćovalośhki

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This is a list of robots used by Arcadia. There are varied types, from defense to medical. They are protected from harm by energy shields (not completely). The bots are controlled by the GCSA, but some types are co-operated by other groups, such as the police and other public services.

---List of Robots---


  • N-CN9 "Blackbox" Operator
    -This bot is used for defensive and offensive situations. It is mounted with a long-range energy beam and an SMAG/12 4.6x30mm gun.

  • "Mule" Operator
    -This bot is used for heavy cargo transport over long distances.

  • 100101 S-Class Security Bot
    -Small, treaded securiy bot that sports 4 7.62x51mm guns.

  • 80-X Boxguard
    -The Boxguard is a security bot that can fold into a cube form. It can drop from high altitudes and take virtually no damage while folded up. It sports 4 legs, dual top-mounted miniguns and 2 side-mounted guided-missile launchers. When it is destroyed, it collapses and explodes outward, causing a big explosion and shooting out debris.

  • AutoSec Bot
    -The AutoSec drives on 4 wheels and has a mounted machine gun on top of it. They are the most popular type of security bot.

  • Page Bravo-3 Peacebringer
    -This bot walks on 2 legs and utilizes a 7.62x51mm minigun on the front. Specialized variants contain flamethrowers.

  • Page Delta-7 Peacebringer
    -This bot is heavily armored, walks on 2 legs, and has 2 mounted 7.62x51mm miniguns and 2 rocket launchers.

  • Overwatch Viscerator-22
    -Flying, gyroscopic machine that has 3 whirling blades that gyrate around the center.

  • BLACK WIDOW Comms Satellite
    -Used in foreign territories to establish a communications array. It is undetectable by most devices, and will stand strong in the event of a signal jammer.

  • Clarion Drone
    -Will propel itself through space and can use a wide variety of sensors and cameras to transmit the data of its captures.

  • Holo-Drone
    -Stellar variant of the Clarion drone

  • MAKO Drone
    -Armed with Archer missiles and is used to attack ground targets.

  • Zovem Suppressive Fire Drone
    -This drone, in conjunction with the rest of its squadron, imitates heavy fire on an enemy; In reality, it only contains a 5.56mm gun.

  • SEAL Drones A, B
    -Both are armed with a .50 AE cannon, sensors, cameras, and microphones. One variant walks, while the other variant hovers until it needs to increase altitude.


  • GmbH Scanner Type I Drone
    -This is a hovering/flying robot used by the AP and GCSA for monitoring cities and other areas covered by the Surveillance Grid. It is mounted with a light, scanner, and a camera for quick scene-analysis.

  • GmbH Trace-Evidence Type II Drone
    -The smaller and land-faring sister bot to the Scanner drone, it is used in crime scene analysis. The robot crawls around the site and a three-dimensional map is created to display all pieces of evidence.

  • "Harvester" Operator
    -The Harvester is used to clean city streets. It compacts the trash and then takes it to the nearest recycling plant or incineration plant.

  • Panzerwerks Big Cleaner
    -This bot has 2 variants. The first variation is fit for room cleaning, whether a big or small area. The second variation is a street cleaner. They both utilize treads.

  • Unit-D Auditor/Restoration Drone
    -This drone is present in prisons to monitor physical aspects of prisoners. They also act as the medical aid in the event a prisoner is injured.

  • Autoserv
    -A household robot that acts as a servant. It can bring items from across a structure, such as drinks. It dan link up with the Valétte AI.


  • Kobold 410 "Engineer" Operator
    -These bots are used to repair machines and equipment.

  • Matsu-Gravas R-118 RoboRepair
    -This robot is capable of maintenance and construction. It is equipped with a Kroya Searchlight 3 laser attachment on the M-G IRL arm, along with optics and visual processing units. It can be remotely controlled, or autonomous if it's battery-run.

  • Sybil 495 "Science" Operator
    -This bot is used for [science reasons].

  • Eco-Reclamation Unit
    -A probe that is designed to reverse environmental damage. It is also used during weather control operations.


  • "Medical" Operator
    -This operator bot is used by medical professionals to help with medical procedures. One can also be found at all medical kiosks found around cities for quick aid (with instructions for use ofc). It can also diagnose the targeted individual with diseases, broken bones, body states, and radiation.

  • Matsu-Gravas GV-4 Nightingale Med Bot
    -This bot serves as a ground-based medical and transplant robot. It can also help with augmentation installments and removal.

---Artificial Intelligence---
  • Superintendent

  • Valétte
    -A personal assistant AI. It is used in most establishments, and its job varies depending on the situation. For civilian use, the [im taking a test now]

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This is a list (incomplete at that) of technology used by the Inner Colonies.


  • Falcon Wing ADU
    -This serves as a combination between a wingsuit and a parachute that is worn like a backpack. It allows the user to descend at the speed they prefer, along with allowing them to glide.

  • Augmentations

  • Camouflage Blanket
    -Though it does not fully hide the user from view visually, it cloaks their thermal signature. This is incorporated into some armors.

  • Data Pad/Pocket Secretary
    -This serves as a small, portable computer device. It allows for information, images, sounds, and files to be stored on it. This can be implemented into augmented lenses (worn by a user as glasses).

    -Militarized variant of the Data Pad. It has additional features such as analyzing combat information and equipment. It can also display virtual maps of the surrounding area. The TACPAD can be implemented into armor worn on the wrist or worn individually. (note: not a pip-boy)

  • Infantry HUD Probe
    -Small drone that allows the user to control it and see through its camera via their HUD.

  • Graf-Hauptman Detritus/Saline Actuator
    -This device has the ability to form oxygen from fresh, brackish, or salt water. It filters out any detritus in the water.

  • Sterile Field Generator
    -Produces a hardlight bubble around an area.

  • LuminateBoard
    -A holographic version of a bulletin board. It is able to be interacted with by the screen, being a touchscreen device. It is displayed from 2 metal pieces that can be fitted to any solid surface.

  • MEP-PU-2178D/E Fusion Generator
    -This generator converts nuclear fusion into usable elctricity. It is used in places wind turbines or solar panels cannot be. It is controlled by a computer screen mounted on the side.

  • R27 Hull Jack

  • RoadWare
    -Computer software that pilots ground vehicles. It is required by law to be on while travelling at high speeds.

  • CAA Surveillance Grid
    -The Surveillance Grid is used by the GCSA to keep track of citizens and tourists alike electronically. Everything from bank accounts and purchases to personal information and identity are kept track of. The system is implemented into most public and government technology, meaning if a person is "off the grid", they are not able to drive vehicles (roadware is linked to the sg), you won't have access to an identification, you cannot be treated at a medical center, automatic doors won't slide open, cashiers and bank tellers won't take your money (this includes online purchases), and you can't use public transport, among way more things.

  • Electrolock
    -Electronic locks that allow use of a touchscreen, facial scan, and thumbprint instead of a key. (these options are voluntary, meaning you could have 1, 2, or all 3)

  • Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine
    -(made this dispatch already)

  • Camera/Document Drone
    -Records for news and documentation purposes for release to the public.

  • Telemetry Probe
    -Functions as a black box, as well as documenting information along a spacecraft's journey.

  • Tactical Simulator/War Games
    -Allows for soldiers to train inside of simulations. The levels can be created or based off of real locations.

  • Artificial Intelligence
    -Self explanatory

  • Audio Logs
    -Records the best HD audio to be found; it also can record and display the immediate surroundings.

  • Biocell
    -Provides the supply of energy for augmentations.

  • Bioelectric Energy
    -The energy inside of biocells.

  • Black Echo Communication
    -A communication network that can pick up a receiver across the galaxy.

  • Datacube
    -Devices that power internet, information, and communication devices.

  • Datavault
    -The storage of files and data inside of devices.

  • Holo Projector
    -Displays screens holographically

  • Laser Tripwire
    -A security measure placed in a doorway that detects any solid object that passes through it. Blue lasers trigger security bots, red lasers trigger alarms.

  • Spoofer Lockpick
    -Sends an electric current through a lock to deactivate it. The transportation authority for the area can disable these remotely if they are on security doors blocking roads.

  • Biofoam
    -A first-aid measure that regenerates muscle tissue that self-seals and prevents bacterial infection to wounds. The initial application is painful, but the foam contains an anesthetic that numbs the area around the wound.

  • Acoustic Dampening Field
    -Blocks sound from escaping or entering the predetermined area.

  • Optican MediGel
    -Heals wounds from blunt impacts to plasma burns. The gel is applied to the wound, rubbed in, and acts as a temporary solution until medical aid is available.

  • Health Pack
    -Acts as an advanced first-aid kit. It includes Biofoam, Optican MediGel, a stitch kit, polypseudomorphine, self-adhering antiseptic battle dressings, and more.

  • MoodEx/Pentazemin
    -A drug to calm the user down. It is also used to treat shock-induced patients and suppress shaking.

  • Multi-tool
    -Used to remotely hack devices.

  • NEON
    -Used to disable illegally-obtained augmentations on the user.

  • Neuropozyne
    -Used to fight Neuroprosthesis Rejection Syndrome, which is a build-up of scar tissue between augmentations and human skin, blocking electric signals between the two. Doses vary on the augmentation amount. (note: some people are immune to NRS)

  • Orchid
    -A chemical agent designed to fight NRS and phase out Neuropozyne. It works by targetting and removing genes responsible for glial tissue buildup and utilizing the CRISPR method, thus allowing the user to naturally bond with their augmentations.

  • Lavawall Security System
    -A firewall to defend software.

  • Panchaea Installations
    -(already wrote this factbook)

  • Praxis Kit
    -Allows an augmented individual to "unlock" an augmentation immediately after use instead of "unlocking" them through prolonged use. These features are so the body does not become overwhelmed by the amount of augmentations being used in a short time.

  • Public Banking Terminal
    -This is an ATM, guys.

  • Rebreather
    -Allows the user to breathe in underwater and toxic environments. This is an alternative to the rebreather augmentation.

  • NightTech Goggles
    -A modern version of night vision. It is an alternative to the augmented lenses, which come with night vision.

  • Transgenic
    -Genetically modified animals. (the guta is a result of this)

  • Universal Constructor
    -This machine has the ability to manufacture both mechanical and synthetic objects on molecular and atomic levels.

  • Tactical Navigation Device
    -Allows a user to remotely pilot any unmanned vehicle or mounted weapon.

  • Cryo Chamber
    -A plastasteel chamber used to cryonically freeze the person inside. It causes "freezer burn", a pailful condition that causes damage to cells, joints, and organs. It is sometimes used for high-alert wakening training exercises, as well as to allow them to sleep during slipspace jumps.

  • Plastasteel
    -A self-molding material used to make weapon grips, furniture, and more. It could also be used to construct makeshift prisons, cuffs, or other holding devices.

  • Cytoprethaline
    -A drug designed to prevent the degradation of humans inside of cryo-pods. It is injected periodically while the user is in the pod. [trivia: people allergic to this cannot perform direct military service, but can pursue civilian roles affiliated with it.]

  • PQI [Pop Quiz Interrogation]
    -The PQI is a quiz that is used for interrogating individuals by the government. It utilizes hand plate, eye scanner, neural marker, and facial recognition software to calculate an individual's trustworthiness.

  • Neural Marker
    -A device that reads a person's thoughts and displays them on a screen. It is placed on the right temple and transmits the thoughts to the linked computer. It can also monitor several brain functions.

  • iDROID
    -An alternative to the HUD used in augmentations. It is a portable data device that can download information, files, pictures and videos.

    -An alternative to the zoom function used in augmentations. It is a variable-magnification set of binoculars fitted with a directional microphone.

  • Fulton "Wormhole" Device
    -This device can transport anything from one place to another utilizing a scaled-down version of the Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine.

  • Noctocyanin
    -Medicinal plant blend that heightens awareness.

  • Acceleramin
    -Medicinal plant blend that boosts concentration

  • Hardlight
    -Fuses light particles into different shapes to form objects/barriers. It can even be used as a projectile.

  • RAD-X Vaccine
    -A vaccine to the mutation-inducting RAD virus.

  • Deradiator
    -A flud compound that destroys virus spores in the body. It can also be used as a tranquilizer against RAD-5+.

  • TIID [Thermal Imaging Infection Detector]
    -A thermal imaging device that allows the user to view synthetic infections.

  • Holo-Drone
    -Small, mobile, spherical drones that are used remotely for the creation of high-quality, holographic, real-time images. It can be used for communication in high-risk areas or as a decoy.

  • IFF [Identification of Friend or Foe]
    -A system used on augmented HUDs used by law enforcement and militaries to tag others. It states whether they are a friend or foe. Friendlies appear yellow, while hostiles appear red. The user determines who's who.

  • Identity Disk
    -Acts as a technological dog tag.

  • Hospitality Computer
    -Can be found in multiple places, such as city kiosks or public buildings. They are run by the Superintendent and aid the user in finding their way by either showing them a map holographically or downloading it to their HUD.

  • Herbal Synthesizer
    -Device used to quickly consume herbal medicines and drugs.

  • IHADSS [Integrated Helmet & Display Sight System]
    -Allows the pilot and co-pilot of an attack craft to fire weapons where they are looking. This system also works with surveillance ships.

  • Energy Shackle
    -A small, purple-blue device that forms a ring of energy around something or someone, effectively restraining them. They come in different sizes for different operations. In addition, the device can shock the individual.

  • KFA-2 x2
    -A scope on pistols and shotguns that relays visual data to the user's HUD when it is linked.

  • Kindler
    -A device used to map out unknown areas quickly.

  • LASER-Cutter
    -Utilizes high-powered lasers to effectively cut through almost anything.

  • Lead-Foil
    -Used to block out the effects of radiation from reaching synthetic beings.

  • M-Spec Reentry Pack
    -Worn on the back of the wearer to safely enter a planet's atmosphere without falling too fast. It also forms a specialized hardlight shield around the user when they are close to the planet's surface to protect them (mostly) from injury.

  • Gravity Lift
    -Used as elevators, despite missing a floor. An individual steps into the beam and they are moved the direction it is currently moving. An individual cannot be moved until their entire body is within the beam. They start out moving slowly to avoid injury and/or surprise.

  • Manticore
    -A security protocol (this is software) that erases any useful data that falls into enemy hands, but only that copy.

  • Bone-Knitting Polymer
    -Knits fractured bones together. It is inserted through a cauterized wound. It essentially speeds up the natural bone-repair process.

  • Portable Aid Station
    -Used by soldiers in the field. It serves as a portable aid station.

  • Sealant Mesh
    -A thin sheet of bronze-colored material that forms a partial seal over wounds. It helps to keep air inside an injured person as well as keeping the blood inside of them.

  • Neutral-Buoyancy Gel Tank
    -A mobile life-support system that keeps a person alive in the event of critical injury.

  • Dyson Sphere
    -A megastructure that captures a star's entire energy output. The energy can then be stored and transported to planets for obvious reasons.

  • Shield World
    -A 'planet' the size of Earth's moon that serves as a penal colony. Its purpose is to have a beautiful environment for prisoners to look at while they are stored in hardlight prison cells.

  • Microtail
    -A tracking device used by the military. M-waves are pinged to the tracker to reveal its position to the searcher.

  • Modular Dispersal Technology
    -The systems that detach sections of a starship while in a vacuum. This works by connecting the different sections together with shaped energy.

  • Buffer Field
    -Allows manipulation of gravity in multiple ways. When near one of these, a sense of high air pressure is felt.

  • Containment Field Device "The Apex"
    -2 rings that emit a stasis field that circles the individual in the middle. A shield of hardlight then circles around the stasis field.

  • NanoReagent Hydrocarbot
    -Suspension of heavy carbon matter by nanomachines that renders it into usable fuel.

  • NAVCOM Computer
    -Used to coordinate slipstream jumps and plot courses or steer ships at sublight speed

  • Neural Inhibitor Collar
    -Thick brands of metal that prevent any neural signals that are not necessary for the continuation of life. This will paralyze the subject.

  • Overshield
    -Energy shielding that forms around the current hardlight shielding.

  • Particle Beam Weapon
    -[gonna make a dispatch for this, be p a t i e n t]

  • Chatter

  • Phase Pulse Generator
    -Allows energy weapons with a high output to fire deep into space.

  • Planetary Security Intelligence
    -An Artificial Intelligence that is put in almost full control of an Inner Colony in the event of an invasion. They can only be overridden by high-ranking military officials or scientists.

  • Credit Reader
    -Automatically scans a credit chip and transfers funds to or from the individual's bank account.

  • Seeker
    -An intrusion AI. Its purpose is to breach enemy communication networks and databases for information.

  • System Peril Distributed Reflex
    -An automated program to reboot and fix AIs when they stop working for some reason.

  • Slipbeacon
    -Used to send distress signals while in slipspace.

  • Smart-Linking
    -The process of linking machines and other functional objects to a person's HUD.

  • Structural Stress Compensator
    -Devices placed in strategic locations on structures under stress.

  • Styllight
    -A pen-shaped device that forms and shapes hardlight.

  • TSV-442 Translation Software
    -Universal translator. It is able to translate all known languages.

  • WYRD III Optical System
    -Smart-linked aiming system.

  • X-ELF Radar System
    -Cipher's radar system

  • Pangu
    -A gigantic structure built over cities that can no longer expand out or up (up as in the buildings themselves can't go up). Along with the interior of a pangu, buildings can be built on top of it. The interior is mostly public services. The lower class live on the bottom half while the upper class live on the top half. The sun can only be seen fron the lower half during dawn and dusk.

  • Rumbledrug
    -A drug that drastically increases the user's strength and resistance to injury.

  • Ace
    -An anti-anxiety agent.

  • Bone-Knitting Polymer
    -Injected into a physical wound to heal fractured bones.

  • Chorotazine
    -Injection to subdue head injuries.

  • Flash Cloning
    -Clones cells from certain regions of a bodily limb to use for a short amount of time.

  • Neutral-Buoyancy Gel Tank
    -Stores an organism to sustain life after a crippling injury.

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The GCSA was founded in 2130 to keep track of citizens by utilizing the CAA Surveillance Grid. The grid tracks the citizens and tourists on Arcadia through their transactions, visitations, networking, online accounts, and more. They also document everything on cities, from public service files to maps and layouts. Along with this, the GCSA keeps track of all economic activity on the planet, including agriculture, import/export, and mining.

---Surveillance Grid---

The Surveillance Grid is used by the GCSA to keep track of civilians electronically. Bank accounts and personal identity are kept track of using the grid, removing the need for individual keys. While technically anyone can go offline, they would have a severe disadvantage because of the numerous features governed by the grid, features such as the privileges to purchase goods or drive private cars, all of which can only be done while connected to the grid. In addition to this, the Surveillance Grid runs security cameras found on public buildings, [ooc past here] as well as animals. They are fitted with microcameras and microphones (heh). [ooc ends here]

A subdivision of the GCSA, the Transit Authority, have jurisdiction over RoadWare, the part of the Surveillance Grid that controls the roads. They have access to things like signs and road blockades. The Superintendent also has access to RoadWare.

[OOC Information "Off the Grid"]

All of the Inner Colonies' illegal immigrants are off the grid, and are essentially second- or third-class citizens because they either can't afford to keep a charade going or never tried to become naturalized. They must either depend on charity or perform illegal work to make a living. Because they cannot keep electronic accounts, they use other forms of currency such as poker chips or a barter system to make business transactions. Certain businesses are aimed specifically at them, such as the Packbus. In addition to those serving illegal purposes, some locations are kept off the grid as a means of assisting the government.

Packbus - The Packbus is a transportation service aimed at illegal immigrants. In order to appear legitimate, they make sure the driver and a few of the passengers are legal citizens who allow the GSCA to monitor them electronically via the Surveillance Grid.


  • Raven Rock Mountain Complex

  • CAA Center 3063-OM-Y

  • McCormick-Attenborough Office

  • Plurita Valley Office



  • The Surveillance Grid can be compared to 1984 or Brave New World, as they share the same characteristics of a "Big Brother" dystopian society. (this isn't so much so, and is really the only thing you'll find like this except maybe cipher)

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RAD, or the Radiation Accelerated Disease, is a disease that transforms the contractor into a mutant. Higher levels of radiation accelerate the disease, hence the name. At its slowest, it can take an entire town in 1 1/2 days. People who contract the disease gradually lose control of themselves, eventually falling to it completely. The mutants band together with a single goal in mind; to wipe out all healthy living organisms.


Airborne spores from Biomass growths or extended decomposition of a RAD-5+ mutant corpse are a potential hazard for uninfected. Infection can be as quick as seconds to minutes depending on exposure levels. The spores released by decaying mass or the biomass can even clog up gas mask filters. For example, if a spore is inhaled, it can take 5 seconds for infection to start. It also takes 5 minutes for a gas mask/rebreather to clog up. (This does not happen with augmented rebreathers)

Food and water can be contaminated by spores or mutant blood, staying infected for months on end.

Individuals can be infected through physical attacks by RAD-4 and above. Deep wounds, such as significant stabbings, injections from Leachers' barbed cells into open skin, or excessive contact with infected blood and flesh may also spread the disease.


Clearly shown in the name, radiation accelerates the disease’s progression. The higher the intensity of radiation, the quicker the speed of change. Radiation also allows for the growth and sustainment of Biomass. Without exposure to radiation, i.e. wandering around, it could take years for the mutant to develop the next stage of RAD.


Since its creation, it has been tested on willing participants or field procedures to test its effectiveness. It is a red colored fluid compound that should be injected into a vein or artery via a syringe. The solution destroys any radiation and/or mutant spores inside the body, and skin pigmentation returns to normal. It is a painful and shock-inducing procedure, reaching the point of feeling as if the skin is boiling. It has a high chance of healing RAD-3 and below, but it may also fail and turn the mutant's skin red or even kill them. If the solution is used against stages RAD-4+, it acts as a tranquilizer, allowing for capture of the mutant(s). As the stage gets higher, the amount of derads needed increases.

[Derads should not be taken more than once a day because they release higher endorphins such as cortisol based on how many times they are taken. A large sum of Derad usage has been linked to kidney and liver failure. It is disposed of through urination, so regulation is mandatory]


Animals are not mutated by the disease, but they can die from it, especially in high-radiation areas.

---Naming System---

The names of the RAD stages come from how the mutant at the stage acts. Some also get their names from appearance. The name of the virus is called RAD. The X is a placeholder for the stage of the virus the victim is at.

---List of Stages--- "X marks the spot"

  • RAD-1: Incubation
    -A period of time between the infection and initial symptoms of the disease showing up. Varies from less than a week up to several months, depending on the amount of radiation afflicting the host's body. Can be detected through blood pricking and is not infectious. If the infected person is discovered and treated with Deradiators, this stage can be cured within a day.

  • RAD-2: "Green/Yellow Sickness"
    -Flu-like symptoms post the virus' incubation period. The disease at this point weakens the immune system, making it much easier for radiation to pierce the body. Subjects may be exposed to vomiting, headaches, nausea, coughing, sneezing, fatigue, hallucinations and fever. Their skin pigmentation begins to change, coloring a pale yellow or green. If the infected person is discovered and treated with multiple Deradiators, this stage can be cured within a week.

  • RAD-3: Outcast
    -More serious conditions start to occur. Hair loss, skin pigmentation change to pale yellow or green. Infected become deeply paranoid and suffer schizophrenia-like symptoms. The symptoms of the previous stage continue. If the infected person is treated with multiple Deradiators at this stage over the course of a month, the infection is halted and the disease dies off. This process is extremely painful and not a guarantee, with a noticeable side effect that the skin pigmentation turns to a deep red color. This pseudo cure is a mixed blessing, as while they’re no longer capable of being infected and won’t mutate further, the fear of mutation by most drives the mutants out.

  • RAD-4: Marauder
    -Skin fully changes to a deeper shade of yellow or green. At this stage, RAD-X begins influencing the infected’s mind. Away from higher stage mutants, Marauders become reclusive, continuing the symptoms of the previous stage. However, when in groups or when higher stage mutants are present, Marauders seemingly shift to the single minded purpose of infecting others. Retaining human intelligence, they plan and coordinate with other mutants to spread the disease. Marauders act as frontline commanders for the disease, whether to kidnap uninfected or to raid towns to further spread the virus. Fully capable of using firearms, their numbers and capabilities mean they offer a significant challenge against opponents.

  • RAD-5: Sapien
    -Once an infected human has reached this stage, the disease takes full control. Infected will attempt to find a source of radiation, and then will stay close to it. At this point, intensive physical altering of the human body begins at this stage. Limbs may detach, bones snap, and muscles contort, giving a horrific visage that sometimes has them referred to as the Undead. Victims of this stage seem to be locked inside of their own bodies, with reports that Sapiens have been seen talking and moaning to themselves. However, when sighting uninfected, they go eerily silent while attempting to kill or maim those who entered their vicinity. Sapiens act as guards for mutant dens, spreading spores to create biomass from their exposed wounds. Lacking any feeling of pain, Sapiens are capable of wielding their exposed bones as makeshift blades, spreading the disease to those unfortunate enough to be hit. If a Marauder is present, they can be given orders, but lack the intelligence to do anything other than blindly attack if not.

  • RAD-6A: Creeper
    -A possible transformation from Sapiens, Creepers' bodies undergo further mutation. Their skin tightens around their bones and muscle structure, going so far as to prominently show off their ribs as the skin tightens around them. Their joints change to allow inverted movement, and combined with their streamlined body grants them the ability to climb surfaces at high speeds. A lumpy growth appears on their upper back, a precursor of their next stage, forcing the Creeper into a quadrupedal hunchbacked form.

    Creepers act similar to scouts for the mutants, capable of using their voice to articulate cries of help to lure uninfected into their traps. Creepers rely heavily on other mutants for outright combat as their weakened bodies means they are unable to use weapons more powerful than a basic knife, or wear any meaningful armor for protection. When a Marauder is present, they can further coordinate their traps with fellow mutants.

  • RAD-6B: Hitman
    -The alternate transformation after Sapiens, the Hitman’s mutations are muscular focused. Bones strengthened and muscular growth are accelerated disproportionally, with one arm staying relatively human and the other growing to massive proportions. All over the arm, portions of skin harden and grow in patchwork fashion. Hitmen possess superhuman strength in this arm, capable of shattering bone and throwing full grown men. This disproportionate weight means the Hitman moves at a slow gait, incapable of matching the speeds of an average person’s full sprint.

    Hitmen act as frontline troops for mutation, breaking down defenses and attacking defenders. Their mind is weakened from the transformation from the Sapien, meaning Hitmen’s only tactic when a Marauder is not present is to simply rush the opponent and pound them into submission.

  • RAD-7A: Leacher
    -The following stage after the Creeper, Leachers are even more physically altered. From the lumpy growth on the back of the Creeper, Leachers grow an additional limb. They also gain a second head, with the purpose of spitting barbed biomatter filled with the disease and acidic fluids. Additionally at the knuckles, the skin peels back to reveal bones sharpened into a claw like form, while overall their form grows taller and thinner.

    Leachers new transformations allow it to combat uninfected toe to toe. Their extra limb allows them to climb walls and suspend from ceilings to ambush unsuspecting people, while the exposed bones are sharp enough to stab through clothing and skin, infecting those they injure. Their slim stature, longer limbs, and internal mutations allow for bursts of speed seemingly unnatural, making them fearsome in close quarters. The barbed biomatter their second head spits can fly up to 15 feet, piercing exposed flesh and burning skin, infecting those it injures.

  • RAD-7B: Crusher
    -The following stage of the Hitman, Crushers' other arm grows to equal size as the enlarged one, bones become denser, and their skin thickens all over the torso and arms. The patches originally on the arm now spread to the torso and arms, becoming thick and hard enough to fully block blade slashes and blunt trauma, while also absorbing the impacts of small bullet calibers. With the redistribution of weight, Crushers are able to move at higher speeds, capable of matching a human in sprint but the altered center of mass means their control at speeds is diminished, causing many Crushers to simply charge in a straight line until they stop, forcibly or gradually.

    Crushers are significantly better in combat than their previous stage. With their thickened skin and weight, their invulnerability to the common pistol calibers and wastelander weapons, Crushers can easily attack multiple uninfected. However without the presence of a Marauder, their tactics are the same as their smaller brethren; blindly attack until incapable or successful.

  • RAD-8A: Malicious One
    -The final form of the the Type-A variation, Malicious Ones seem more like RAD-X personified than as a human being transformed. Growing a third head capable of spewing corrosive acid capable of melting metal, Malicious Ones’ limbs also grow longer, and a second hooked limb grows alongside the other. This allows them total control for climbing and hanging, and also increases their overall speed and agility to superhuman levels. Some instances have hair-like follicles.

    Their overall intelligence is also regained along their transition into the final stage of RAD-X, allowing them to be able to create complex traps and manufacture items for other mutants. Like Malevolent Ones, they seemingly lack emotions, with the purpose of spreading the disease as efficiently as possible.

    As a result of their increased intelligence, Malicious Ones are the de facto leaders of the mutants, capable of issuing orders to Marauders and organizing all other mutants. When in the presence of a RAD-8, lower stages of mutants seem to gain intelligence due to proximity.

  • RAD-8B: Malevolent One
    -The final form of the type-B variation, Malevolent Ones grow even more physically adept. Larger than an average human, all of their bone and muscular structure is enlarged to allow incredible strength. Their skin also hardens into a chitinous-like substance, capable of deflecting or halting most small arms fire, but does nothing to stop explosives or fire.

    Unlike the Hitman or Crusher, their intelligence can be compared to humans, though they seemingly lack emotions, with their only goal being infecting more and more people. Like the Malicious Ones, they too can command other mutants and seemingly increase lower stages' intelligence within proximity.

---Alternate Forms---

  • Descendant
    -Descendants are produced in laboratories from RAD-4s, -6s, and-7s, specifically for testing. Much like Outcasts, Descendants are cast away from normal society if allowed to leave. They are capable of speech, but if forced to interact with others, they bundle up in clothing. Therefore, they can not hold most occupations. Descendants are considered as weakened mutants to the eyes of most mutants, having feral mutants avoid harming them if the Descendant is not hostile; though, they are unable to be infected or spread the disease, or even receive radiation. RAD-8s may also provide care for them, as they would feel sympathetic to the Descendant. They can not use their mutations, such as a third limb or immense strength. Instead, the biomass/chitin growth is dead weight.

    Skin pigmentation is relative to what stage of RAD-X they are descended from.


While not part of the RAD-X Stages, Biomass is a byproduct of Sapiens, and an alternate form of the disease. When in proximity to an adequate source of radiation and a sufficient supply of water, Biomass can quickly grow in the span of hours to cover entire rooms and buildings, expelling spores in ever increasing quantity. Biomass consists of organic material similar to the patches of skin grown over the bodies of Crushers, along with the bodies of deceased infected and any other organic matter such as animals or food. Given sufficient time, it can cover entire rooms, and will spread outward, even forcing open access through barricades to allow for continuous growth. When mutants are around, they will tend to its growth through expansion or increasing organic material the Biomass has access to.

Biomass is immune to bullets and incredibly sturdy against physical trauma, with the only known method of removing it is continued exposure to flame. Attempts to cut pieces away are incredibly risky, as direct skin contact is guaranteed infection, and worthless as the Biomass will eventually regrow what was removed. Biomass offers beneficial traits to mutants. Wounds sustained in combat will be healed overtime, replaced by growths of biomass over the body. Biomass seems to be able to communicate with later stages of RAD-X infected, with disturbances being investigated by Sapiens or higher stages. Attempts to destroy it will also draw mutants in the area to its defense.

---Other Information---

  • Plague Town
    -A town that has been overrun and held by mutants. These places are avoided for fear of infection by mutants or biomass.

  • RAD-X Vaccine
    -Like its name suggests, it renders RAD-X a non-threat by completely stopping the infection. It can be pread through the air or be injected with a syringe. The radiation level must be under 750 mSv to administer the vaccine.

---In-Character Knowledge---

  • Survivors with no first hand knowledge of mutants would, for the most part, know only stories and their “nicknames”;

  • Official documentation refers to mutants as labeled stages, but most troops in the field would refer to infected by their colloquially known names.

  • Plague towns would be a constant worry, and sick people would likely be seen as potential threats due to the nature of RAD-X.

  • Due to the grotesque nature of their appearances, people are generally disgusted by mutants, and terrified of meeting the same fate by being dragged off.


[1 this is not the flood from halo]
[2 regular civilians and most foreign leaders wouldn't know about this]
[3 heavy clothing can block barbed spores]
[4 pistol calibers that won't penetrate 7+ include all of them]
[5 small arms that won't penetrate 8+ include everything under 7.62x67mm and up]
[6 a friend told me rad-x was a name for something in fallout; this is not from fallout]

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The Superintendent is an artificial intelligence in charge of Arcadian infratructure and public services, as well as making sure they run smoothly. Its Data Center is located in the Pirth City Transit Authority HQ. It is able to manipulate road blockades (this includes ones installed in the roads and doors (in some areas the roads run between the buildings in a city, there are doors there for a few reasons; city lockdown, police chase, etc)), ATMs, digital signs, lights, road paths (digital road arrows and such), city intercoms, medical stations, map stations, ordinance stations, and much more.


  • Control city ordinance

  • Control public services


  • It is used by the AP to monitor and record people.

  • The transit authority is a branch of the GCSA, as they control the Surveillance Grid.

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Allegiance: Arcadia

Branch: Secret Service/Intelligence


  • To provide military intel

  • To develop/test equipment

Motto: Semper Vigilans (Always Vigilant)


  • Serin Osman - Commander

  • Margaret Parangosky - Commander-in-Chief


Cipher is an Arcadian Intelligence Agency founded in 2132, as the need arose. It is designated as the official intelligence service branch for the Arcadian Military.


Cipher has a multitude of roles, delineated to its various branches. A few roles are military espionage, public morale, and specialty projects. Many of its functions and branches are enigmatic, and its personnel are regarded as mysterious by most military and government officials. Cipher personnel, especially officers, are often referred to as "spooks".

---OOC Information---

Cipher often operates independently of other military branches. Sometimes, it contravenes laws and protocols to accomplish tasks, especially top-secret ones. Its agents enjoy significant latitude in the discharge of their duties, often violating moral bounds or aquiring vast amounts of military resources to achieve their ends.

Cipher utilizes 2 methods of mind control, which include drug-induced conversions and Manchurian Agents. The drug-induced method, also known as the Bliss Method, includes exposure to a plant called the Datura Stramonium. Enough exposure to it will lead to deliriant and hallucinogenic effects, and eventually toxic effects. It can be made into 2 forms; liquid and powder. The powdered version keeps the individual influenced, while the liquid version keeps them resistant to harmful effects while still experiencing pain.

The Manchurian Method includes the use of Manchurian Agents. A Manchurian Agent is a sound, phrase, or situation that triggers a response in a person that usually sends them into a mindless or brainwashed state. They can be conditioned to do anything from simply walking somewhere to murdering a person. In this case, the phrase is "[insert phrase here]".


As this is secret service, most of their stuff would not be leaked to the public; its duties, for example. (also 1 and 3 collaborate on some things)

  • Section Zero: Internal Affairs, Espionage, and Investigation

  • Section One: Military Intelligence

  • Section Two: Propaganda and Information

  • Section Three: Special Projects

  • Beta-Five: Extra-Special Projects

  • Tip of the Shadow: Recovers, decodes, and analyzes information for Section 3

  • Prowler Corps: Utilizes stealth ships called Prowlers

  • Retrieval and Aquisitions

  • Reverse Engineering and Prototyping - Xenotechnology (REAP-X)

  • Signal Corps: Creates radio signals to confuse enemy troop movements

  • Dept. of Colonial Security: Section that receives information from the GCSA

  • Cipher Security: Main security/infantry teams


  • Cipher Recon 111

  • Theta 2

  • Kilo-5

  • Sapphire 3

  • Ferret Team

  • Alpha Shard



  • Serin Osman - Commander

  • Margaret Parangosky - Commander-In-Chief


  • Graham Alban - Section 3 Scientist

  • Richard Barclay - Cipher Security

  • Hugo Barton - Beta-5

  • Connor Brien - Section 1

  • Veronica Clayton - Beta-5

  • Veronica Dare - Section 1

  • Demos Dorsey - Parangosky's Flag Lieutenant

  • Alistair Estrin - Section 3

  • Jordan Gaines - Section 1

  • Aaron Gibson - Section 3 - Head of Black Operations

  • Henry Glassman - Beta-5 - Scientist

  • Vartan Gysirian - REAP-X

  • Walter Hahn - Recruiting Agent

  • Corinthia Hansen - Cipher Security

  • Elias Haverson - Cipher Security

  • Damien Hogarth - Section 0

  • Jack Hopper - Section 2

  • Michael Horrigan - Cipher Security

  • Mason Hundley - Cipher Security

  • Lucius Jiron - Section 1

  • Henry Lamb - REAP-X

  • Veta Lopis - Cipher Security

  • Irena Magnusson - Section 1

  • Luther Mann - REAP-X

  • Musa Ghanem - Tip of the Shadow

  • Kopano N'Singile - Section 2 - Commander

  • Murtag Nelson - Signal Corps

  • Jerome Ortega - REAP-X

  • Tim Pherson - Retrieval and Aquisitions

  • Greg Ramos - Section 3

  • Noah Caloes - Prowler Corps

  • Noah Reibach - Section 3

  • Ari Rezneck - Section 0

  • Ned Rich - Prowler Corps

  • Annabelle Richards - Cipher Security - Commander

  • Maya Sankar - Section 3

  • Josh Smith - Tip of the Shadow

  • Rani Sobeck - Section 1

  • Laszlo Sorvad - REAP-X

  • Michael Stanforth - Section 3 - Commander

  • John Sullivan - Section 2

  • Michael Sullivan - Tip of the Shadow

  • Steven Sullivan - Prowler Corps

  • Sandra Tillson - Retrieval and Aquisitions

  • Madeline Tress - Section 1 - Deep Space Scientist

  • Akio Watanabe - Cipher Security

  • Ivrin Yarick - Dept. of Colonial Security


  • Prowler
    -Stealth design, used to gather electronic intel and surveil, has the ability to leave behind space mines (sometimes nuclear), can hold 2 AC-220s or 2 D77s

  • Mariner-Class Retrieval Ship
    -What do you think?


  • Hard Sound Rifle "Buzzer"
    -A sonic weapon that utilizes concentrated sound waves instead of a projectile to kill. It leaves no wounds, residue, or powder burns and causes little exterior damage, causing it to be virtually untraceable in forensic investigations. It makes the sound of sheet metal falling onto concrete.

  • M99 SASR "Stanchion"
    -A scaled down version of the larger mass drivers to infantry use, the M99 acts as a long-range railgun. The OPS ATLAS+ system provides ballistic and trajectory data. Despite the size of the ammunition, 5.4mm, it has the ability to rip targets apart and is significantly longer than it is wide.


Cipher operates a number of different installations around the planet.

  • Airview Base

  • CASTLE Base

  • Farragut Communication Station

  • Beta-5 Ordnance Testing Facility

  • Midnight Facility [prison for bad bois]

  • Olympic Tower

  • Cipher Alpha Site

  • Operation: DAYBREAK [cluster of facilities]

  • Sword Base

  • Zone 67

  • Anchor 09 [space installation]

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The Vocal Cord Parasites, or the "Curse of the Forked Tongue" as it is known by most, are a group of parasitic organisms that infect the victim's vocal cords. Their existence had been theorized by scientist George Dine as early as the 2150s. He discovered a parasite called "The One That Covers" in 2187, and these discoveries lead to the San Hieronymo Group talking Dine into recreating the Vocal Cord Parasites from that as part of their ethnic cleansing project. The project was shut down, however, after it wa deemed that targeting an entire language was too risky to be put to use.

In 2191, the Insurrectionists obtained the DNA coding from an ancient human cadaver excavated from a permafrost region on Earth and the reverse evolution of a relative species of Pentastomida. George Dine was kidnapped and forced to recreate the parasites. They were weaponized, and various strains were created that reproduced when exposed to a language spoken by their host.

In 2193, a Hungarian strain of the Vocal Cord Parasites was exposed to Cygnus II in the Cygnus Star System, which led to the entire planet being quarantined off. The host of the parasites must be either quarantined or killed to stop the infection from spreading. The bodies of the dead must be destroyed completely, or A. they will break down into soil and spread to living organisms in the soil, or B. be spread by animals.

Eventually, a "cure" was developed. Infecting the parasites with Wolbachia bacteria would cause them to change into females, halting their reproduction and keeping them from becoming symptomatic, but at the cost of the hosts' fertility. It would also leave the victim with PTVD, or Post-Traumatic Vocal Disarticulation, disabling their ability to speak. Children cannot be infected, but can act as carriers for it, as the parasites can only infect matured vocal cords.


Initially in larval form, the parasite enters through the throat and latches onto the vocal cords of the victim and mimics the membranes flawlessly. Upon reaching maturity, the larvae mate, triggered by sustained exposure to the specific language the parasite was attuned to, feasts on the host's lungs, killing them. As the victim dies, they enter a zombie-like state of dementia that violently works to ensure that the parasites are spread any way and as much as possible because they lose themselves. Once symptoms manifest, the alveoli is infested, disregarding any fashion of saving the victim. If the host does not speak, the parasites cannot mate, and therefore they do not infest or get spread.

---Wolbachia Bacteria/Water---

Wolbachia can be used to infect the parasites, turning them into females and not allowing them to mate. The symptoms are halted, but renders the host infertile. Water contamination also prevents infection, killing off the parasites that enter it.

---Spreading Capabilities---

  • Water

  • Living Organisms [spread by using the hosts' vocal cords]

  • Vials/Containers

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Big Boy Hackers:

Juggernaut Collective

Classification: Universal Hacktivist Group

Founder: "Eli"

Leader: Janus


  • Juan Lebedev

  • Mikhail Kontarsky

  • D-Bar [Former]

  • Garvin Quinn

  • Anna Kelso


  • New Sons of Freedom [NSF]

  • Belltower Associates

Enemies: Illuminati


The Juggernaut Collective is a global hacktivist group dedicated to exposing and fighting corruption. They target the Illuminati (we are not going into this) in particular, who are often responsible for this corruption. The organization is led by the mysterious hacker known as Janus.


The Juggernaut Collective originated in the early 2140s when a hacker named "Eli" posted a call-to-arms message on the Darknet inviting those "dis-elushuned with the stranglhold 1 purcentors have on R world" to join him in attacking, exposing, and "spoiling their plots." The group made its debut on the hacker scene in 2145. During an event sponsored by Page Industries, they hijacked "atmospheric processors" used by a weather artist in Paris, France, Earth, thus trashing the event. Since this brash debut, the Collective has made its way onto the NSA's most wanted list. Around the same time, "Eli" was replaced on-line by a new nom-de-plume: "Janus".

Under Janus' leadership, the Collective has become increasingly effective. They were responsible for bankrupting two Fortune 500 companies, crashing the Syrian intelligence agency's mainframe and bringing the Seattle traffic grid to a standstill on Earth. They have ties with the New Sons of Freedom and help the NSF to avoid drawing the attention of the world's intelligence agencies. In return, the NSF provide personnel for ground operations.

---Activities Against the Illuminati---

Under the leadership of Janus, the Collective has become a formidable adversary to the Illuminati.

In 2147, the Collective succeeds in hacking into the Killing Floor, a computer system used by the Illuminati to give orders to the Tyrants, the Illuminati's paramilitary group. From the Killing Floor, the Collective uncovers the Illuminati's plans to assassinate Bill Taggart, leader of anti-augmentation activist group Humanity Front, in Switzerland. The assassination, if successful, would make Taggart a martyr for his cause and push for a UN vote on augmentation regulation. A group composed of Collective and NSF members travel to Switzerland and thwarts the assassination. However, the Collective is damaged after one of their members, D-Bar, betrays them, resulting in the loss of several members of the joint Collective and NSF effort.

In 2148, the Collective leaks incriminating details about Rifleman Bank Station, a black site facility owned by the Illuminati-affiliated Shadow Operatives used for the creation of Hyron drones. The leak was the culmination of Juggernaut member Garvin Quinn's investigation of the facility. As a result of the leak, the Shadow Ops go bankrupt, forcing the Illuminati to seek other operatives to carry out many of their ground operations.

---Organizational Structure---

The Juggernaut Collective appears to lack a formal hierarchy or chain of command. According to Garvin Quinn, the Collective is a collaborative effort working together to oppose the same forces. Although Janus is generally regarded as the leader by outside observers, Quinn prefers to characterize Janus' role as someone whose voice carries "a little more weight" than those of the others. According to Quinn, the Collective's decisions get made by the whole, not by one person. However, in view of the practical difficulties in congregating safely, this characterization likely applies only to the most significant decisions for the group.


As a group concerned with anonymity, the members of the Juggernaut Collective are naturally not publicly known. Apart from their leader, Janus, hackers of the organization include hackers D-Bar and Garvin Quinn. Other hackers of the group include SWellingTOWN and MKOFF, who, along with Janus, are listed in a report of top hackers at large who pose a threat to the Palisade Bank Corporation's data archiving operations.

Although the Collective originally began as a group of hackers, the Collective have recruited members with a diverse range of abilities and resources, including Russian federal assembly minister Mikhail Kontarsky, NSF investor Juan Ivanovich Lebedev, and augmented field agents Ben Saxon and Anna Kelso. The recruitment of Saxon and Kelso prove the Collective with significant capabilities in ground operations.

(Janus is clearly a cover-up name. No one else's "name" is known to the public except SwellingtonTOWN and MKOFF, but those are also both just cover-ups.)

(Most of this information is not known to anybody at all, even Arcadia (or is everything as it seems?). Only the events, their reasons for existing, and Janus are known publicly.)

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Particle Weapons:


A particle beam weapon is a type of directed energy weapon that uses an ultra high energy beam of atoms or electrons (i.e., a particle beam) to damage a material target by hitting it, and thus disrupting its atomic and molecular structure. A particle beam weapon is a type of directed-energy weapon which directs energy in a particular direction by a means of particle projectiles with mass.

An electron particle beam weapon works by disrupting electric circuits and electronic devices in its targets. If any living animals or persons were to be caught by the electric discharge of an electron beam weapon, they would most likely be electrocuted. An electron beam weapon can also damage or melt its target by the electrical resistance heating of the target.

---Beam Generation---

A neutral particle beam weapon ionizes hydrogen gas by either stripping an electron off of each hydrogen atom, or by allowing each hydrogen atom to capture an extra electron. When hydrogen gains electrons it forms anions; when hydrogen atoms lose electrons they form cations. A particle beam weapon that accelerates anions uses a traveling wave type particle accelerator. In this kind of ion accelerator, the negative ions are released inside a cylindrical ion acceleration chamber. This chamber has an electrode with an alternating electric charge of up to 1,000,000,000 (10^9) volts inside it.

Cyclotron particle accelerators, linear particle accelerators, and synchroton particle acclerators can accelerate positively charged hydrogen ions until their velocity approaches the speed of light, and each individual ion has a kinetic energy range of 100 MeV to 1000 MeV or more. Then the resulting high energy protons can capture electrons from electron emitter electrodes, and be thus electrically neutralized. This creates an electrically neutral beam of high energy hydrogen atoms, that can proceed straight line at near the velocity of light to zap its target and thus damage it.

The pulsed particle beam emitted by a particle beam weapon may contain up to 1 gigajoule of kinetic energy or more. The speed of a beam approaching the speed of light (186,000 miles per second) in combination with the energy created by the weapon would negate any realistic means of defending a target against the beam. Target hardening through shielding or materials selection would be impractical or ineffective, especially if the beam can be generated successfully and pointed at the target.


  • While the charge on the electrode is positive, the ions are attracted to the negative charge on the electrode, and thus bunched around it.

  • The alternating voltage switches the charge to negative on the accelerating electrode.

  • The negative charge electrostatically repels the negative ions and accelerates them to near the velocity of light.

  • The resulting high energy beam of anions passes through a chamber filled with low pressure gas.

  • There, collisions with the gas strip the extra electrons from the anions, and thus make the particle beam neutral.

  • The particle beam proceeds straight to its target, and damages it by running into it, and by disrupting the structure of the target with its kinetic energy.

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HDAA: page=dispatch/id=1206381



Liang-Dortmund is a mining and exploration company that work for several colonies. They are a subdivision of Traxus Heavy Industries They utilize large drills and mining rigs that can drive over large expanses of uneven terrain. They also operate their own bonded security by using modified UNSCDF vehicles.



  • M290 ATV


  • M820 Main Battle Tank

  • Arilus Heavy Drilling Vehicle [big boy drill]

  • EM-240 Neides Drill

  • S-2 Traxus Cargo Transporter [Forklift]

  • Traxus Komodo Rig [Mining Rig, large as a small FOB]

  • HRUNTING Mk. III "Cyclops" [Variant Class - Offworld // Utilize high-tension energy blowtorch, plasma cutters, and variable 'claws']


  • D79H-TC/HL

  • Brahman Light Hauler



  • Meridian Station

  • Jorta Station


  • Apogee Station


  • Darkstar Station

  • Pinnacle Station

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Traxus is an industrial company. They provide transportation of products as well as selling their own product: vehicles. The company is ubiquitous, as it is one of the largest companies in the Inner Colonies.



  • Civet [Car]

  • CivHog [Civilian Warthog]

  • Genet [Car]

  • M12 GT [Racing Civilian Warthog]

  • Project HOGSTICKER [idk]

  • M12S Civilian Sport Transport [Civilian Warthog, Taxi Variant]

  • Capri [Car]

  • Spade [Pickup Truck]

  • HC1500 [Cargo Truck]
    -HC1500 Semi

  • Traxus Komodo Rig [Mining Rig]

  • S-2 Traxus Cargo Transporter [Forklift]


  • Industrial Transportation

  • Commercial Shipping

  • Universal Transportation



  • Traxus Operating Tower

  • Traxus HQ


  • Factory Complex 09

  • Wind Power Station 07


  • Traxus IV

  • Asklon Shipping Facility


  • COBB Industries

  • Asklon Manufacturing

  • Liang-Dortmund Corporation

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ChatterNet is a communications network that is like social media. It's centralized on Earth, but the service can be applied to every colony. It is considered very secure; it can even be compared to military communications networks. If you know where to look, however, it can also be used to discreetly communicate without being seen by the Chatter Protocol Authority, The Office of Naval Intelligence, or the United NAtions Space Command. This side of it is generally used for business transactions. Though, going offline restricts access to most features, as they are covered by the Surveillance Grid. As secure as it is, however, it is not impenetrable. Experienced hackers have broken in through the ChatterWall firewall system in the past through a process called ghosting. They can spy on conversations and steal identities.

A Chatter is a wrist-worn computer that connects directly to ChatterNet. It can contact other users, keep calendars, and store different types of files, like audio. Some stores sell disposable Chatters for colonial refugees and poverty-stricken citizens that cannot afford a service.

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---Official Guide to Weaponry---

  • Humbler | Arcadian Patrol | Standard Issue
    -Caliber: N/A [stun gun]
    -Firing Mode: Single Shot
    -Range: 14m
    -Optics: Iron Sights

  • Shrinkwrap Cannon | Arcadian Patrol / Arcadian Military / Presidential Guard | Standard Issue
    -Caliber: Body-sized wrapper
    -Firing Mode: Single Shot
    -Range: 75m
    -Optics: Iron Sights

  • M6A | Arcadian Patrol | Standard Issue
    -Caliber: 9x19mm Parabellum
    -Firing Mode: Semi-Automatic
    -Range: 100m
    -Optics: Iron Sights

  • M6B | Arcadian Patrol | Special Issue
    -Caliber: .45 ACP
    -Firing Mode: Semi-Automatic
    -Range: 125m
    -Optics: KFA-2 x2 Scope

  • M6K | Arcadian Patrol | Stealth Operations
    -Caliber: 9x19mm Parabellum
    -Firing Mode: Semi-Automatic
    -Range: 160m
    -Optics: KFA-2 x2 Scope

  • M6G PDWS | Arcadian Military | Standard Issue
    -Caliber: 12.7x40mm
    -Firing Mode: Semi-Automatic
    -Range: 152.5m
    -Optics: KFA-2 x2 Scope

  • M6J Carbine | Arcadian Military | Special Issue
    -Caliber: 12.7x40mm
    -Firing Mode: Automatic
    -Range: 207m
    -Optics: KFA-2 x4 Scope

  • Shockbreach | Arcadian Military | Special Issue
    -Caliber: N/A
    -Firing Mode: Single Fire
    -Range: 50m
    -Optics: RDS
    -Note: The Shockbreach is like a taser at its lowest setting. At its highest, however, it can fry a human being.

  • Windurger No. 2 Silenced | Arcadian Military / Presidential Guard | Standard Issue
    -Caliber: N/A [tranquilizer]
    -Firing Mode: Semi-Automatic
    -Range: 47m
    -Optics: Iron Sights

  • Arms Material Delta-114 Combat Pistol | Presidential Guard | Standard Issue
    -Caliber: .45 ACP
    -Firing Mode: Semi-Automatic
    -Range: 50m
    -Optics: RDS

  • Arms Material Delta-114 Riot Pistol | Presidential Guard / Arcadian Military | Special Issue
    -Caliber: 12.7x33mm
    -Firing Mode: Semi-Automatic
    -Range: 86m
    -Optics: RDS

  • Geist P3 | Presidential Guard | Standard Issue
    -Caliber: 9mm
    -Firing Mode: Automatic
    -Range: 43m
    -Optics: KFA-2 x2 Scope

  • Zenith CA-40 | Belltower Associates | Standard Issue
    -Caliber: 10mm
    -Firing Mode: Semi-Automatic
    -Range: 52m
    -Optics: Iron Sights

  • Zenith ZAP | Belltower Associates | Standard Issue
    -Caliber: N/A [stun gun]
    -Firing Mode: Single Fire
    -Range: 10m
    -Optics: N/A

  • Diamondback .357 | Belltower Associates | Standard Issue
    -Caliber: .357 Magnum Special
    -Firing Mode: Repeater
    -Range: 79m
    -Optics: KFA-2 x2 Scope

[Sub-Machine Guns]
  • M7 Caseless SMG | Arcadian Patrol / Arcadian Military | Standard Issue
    -Caliber: 5x23mm FMJ
    -Firing Mode: Automatic
    -Range: 50m
    -Optics: Iron Sights
    -Laser Sight

  • M7S Caseless SMG | Arcadian Military | Special Issue
    -Caliber: 5x23mm FMJ
    -Firing Mode: Automatic
    -Range: 60m
    -Optics: ACOG x3

  • Valkyrie-45 MT | Arcadian Patrol / Arcadian Military | Standard Issue
    -Caliber: .45 ACP
    -Firing Mode: Automatic
    -Range: 65m
    -Optics: Iron Sights

  • Ze'ev SMG | Presidential Guard | Standard Issue
    -Caliber: 9mm
    -Firing Mode: Automatic
    -Range: 40m
    -Optics: KFA-2 x4 Scope

  • MACHT 37LK | Presidential Guard / Arcadian Military | Standard Issue
    -Caliber: 9mm
    -Firing Mode: Semi-Automatic
    -Range: 58m
    -Optics: ACOG x2

  • MACHT P5 WEISS Sharpshooter | Arcadian Military / Presidential Guard | Special Issue
    -Caliber: .45 ACP
    -Firing Mode: Semi-Automatic
    -Range: 73m
    -Optics: KFA-2 x3 Scope

  • Hurricane TMP-18 | Belltower Associates | Standard Issue
    -Caliber: 9x19mm Parabellum
    -Firing Mode: Automatic
    -Range: 45m
    -Optics: Iron Sights
    -Laser Sight

  • MA5B ICWS | Arcadian Patrol | Standard Issue
    -Caliber: 7.62mm
    -Firing Mode: Automatic
    -Range: 248m
    -Optics: ACOG x2

  • XBR55 Light Barrel Service Rifle | Arcadian Patrol | Special Issue
    -Caliber: 9.5x40mm FMJ
    -Firing Mode: Semi-Automatic
    -Range: 430m
    -Optics: SR x4 Scope

  • MA5C ICWS | Arcadian Military | Standard Issue
    -Caliber: 7.62x51mm FMJ
    -Firing Mode: Automatic
    -Range: 300m
    -Optics: ACOG x2

  • BR55 Heavy Barrel Service Rifle | Arcadian Military | Standard Issue
    -Caliber: 9.5x40mm KURZ
    -Firing Mode: Burst [3]
    -Range: 932m
    -Optics: SR x8

  • M392 DMR | Arcadian Military / Presidential Guard | Standard Issue
    -Caliber: 7.62x51mm
    -Firing Mode: Semi-Automatic
    -Range: 640m
    -Optics: SR x5

  • AZTEC32 | Arcadian Military | Special Issue
    -Caliber: 12.7x42mm
    -Firing Mode: Automatic
    -Range: 401m
    -Optics: SR x3 FLIR

  • SRS99 Anti-Materiel Rifle | Arcadian Military | Special Issue
    -Caliber: 14.5x114mm
    -Firing Mode: Bolt-Action
    -Range: 1045m
    -Optics: SRS99 x10 Scope

  • Z-250 Directed Energy/Stasis Rifle | Arcadian Military | Special Issue
    -Caliber: N/A [hardlight]
    -Firing Mode: Burst [3]
    -Range: 445m
    -Optics: KFA-2 x5

  • Buzzer Hard Sound Rifle | Office of Naval Intelligence | Special Issue
    -Caliber: N/A [concentrated sound waves]
    -Firing Mode: Automatic
    -Range: 915m
    -Optics: SR x9

  • Arms Material Multipurpose Rifle System Model 4 | Presidential Guard | Standard Issue
    -Caliber: 5.56mm
    -Firing Mode: Automatic
    -Range: 367m
    -Optics: Iron Sights
    -Laser Sight

  • Inner Colonies-Automatic Rifle for Combat | Presidential Guard | Standard Issue
    -Caliber: 7.62x39mm
    -Firing Mode: Semi-Automatic
    -Range: 485m
    -Optics: KFA-2 x4

  • Inner Colonies-Automatic Rifle for Combat-Non lethal | Presidential Guard / Arcadian Military | Special Issue
    -Caliber: N/A [rubber bullets]
    -Firing Mode: Semi-Automatic
    -Range: 308m
    -Optics: Iron Sights

  • G44 Bullpup Rifle | Presidential Guard | Special Issue
    -Caliber: 5.56mm
    -Firing Mode: Automatic
    -Range: 390m
    -Optics: RDS
    -Drum magazine/machine gun conversion

  • Broughton Model 2000 Sniper Rifle | Presidential Guard | Standard Issue
    -Caliber: 7.62x39mm
    -Firing Mode: Bolt-Action
    -Range: 742m
    -Optics: KLSM Scope x6

  • Bambetov Sniper Rifle | Presidential Guard / Arcadian Military | Standard Issue
    -Caliber: 7.62mm FMJ
    -Firing Mode: Semi-Automatic
    -Range: 678m
    -Optics: KLSM Scope x6

  • Brennan Long-Range T54 | Arcadian Military | Special Issue
    -Caliber: 12.7x99mm
    -Firing Mode: Semi-Automatic
    -Range: 986m
    -Optics: KLAP Scope x9

  • Molotok-68 Anti-Materiel Rifle | Arcadian Military | Special Issue
    -Caliber: 14.5x114mm FMJ
    -Firing Mode: Bolt-Action
    -Range: 1157m
    -Optics: KLAP Scope x10

  • FR-27 Sanction Flechette Rifle | Belltower Associates | Standard Issue
    -Caliber: 7.7x56mm
    -Firing Mode: Automatic
    -Range: 299m
    -Optics: ACOG x3
    -Target-Seeking Flechette

  • SB-762 Battle Rifle | Belltower Associates | Standard Issue
    -Caliber: 7.62x51mm
    -Firing Mode: Semi-Automatic
    -Range: 365m
    -Optics: SR x3

  • LS-66 Sabre Direct Energy Rifle | Belltower Associates / Arcadian Military | Special Issue
    -Caliber: N/A [LINA Energy Pulses]
    -Firing Mode: Automatic
    -Range: 743m
    -Optics: KFA-2 x7

  • Hi-NRG Plasma Lance | Belltower Associates / Arcadian Military | Special Issue
    -Caliber: N/A [DPF Plasma Rounds]
    -Firing Mode: Burst [2]
    -Range: 500m
    -Optics: KFA-2 x5

  • Longsword-II 203 Eraser | Belltower Associates | Standard Issue
    -Caliber: .416 Synergy
    -Firing Mode: Semi-Automatic
    -Range: 703m
    -Optics: KLSM x7

  • Longsword Whisperhead SERSR | Belltower Associates | Standard Issue
    -Caliber: .416 Synergy
    -Firing Mode: Semi-Automatic
    -Range: 745m
    -Optics: KLSM x7
    -Suppressor [internal]

  • TRNQ 203-C Longsword | Belltower Associates / Presidential Guard | Standard Issue
    -Caliber: N/A [tranquilizer]
    -Firing Mode: Bolt-Action
    -Range: 604m
    -Optics: KLSM x6

  • PAX-22 Tranquilizer Rifle | Arcadian Patrol | Special Issue
    -Caliber: N/A [tranquilizer]
    -Firing Mode: Single Fire
    -Range: 312m
    -Optics: SR x3
    -Laser Sight

  • Broughton Model-1000 AIR-S | Arcadian PAtrol | Special Issue
    -Caliber: N/A [air shock]
    -Firing Mode: Pump Action
    -Range: 90m
    -Optics: Iron Sights

  • DTM/LE M870-3 | Arcadian Patrol | Standard Issue
    -Caliber: 12-gauge
    -Firing Mode: Pump Action
    -Range: 78m
    -Optics: KFA-2 x2

  • M45 Tactical Shotgun | Arcadian Military | Standard Issue
    -Caliber: M296 SC
    -Firing Mode: Pump Action
    -Range: 65m
    -Optics: RDS

  • Broughton Model-1000 Series | Presidential Guard | Standard Issue
    -Caliber: 4-Gauge
    -Firing Mode: Pump Action
    -Range: 88m
    -Optics: Iron Sights

  • KABARGA-83 Shotgun | Presidential Guard / Arcadian Military | Special Issue
    -Caliber: 8-Gauge
    -Firing Mode: Automatic
    -Range: 65m
    -Optics: Iron Sights

  • Widowmaker TX | Belltower Associates | Standard Issue
    -Caliber: 12-Gauge
    -Firing Mode: Semi-Automatic
    -Range: 80m
    -Optics: RDS

  • Widowmaker TX Tech-1 Devastator | Belltower Associates | Special Issue
    -Caliber: 8-Gauge AP
    -Firing Mode: Automatic
    -Range: 80m
    -Optics: Iron Sights
    -Laser Sight

[Machine Guns]
  • MPG-5 | Arcadian Military | Standard Issue
    -Caliber: 6.5x39mm
    -Firing Mode: Automatic
    -Range: 394m
    -Optics: ACOG x3

  • M655 Heavy Machine Gun
    -Caliber: 20mm
    -Firing Mode: Automatic
    -Range: 576.4m
    -Optics: RDS

  • M247 General Purpose Machine Gun | Arcadian Military | Standard Issue / Emplacement
    -Caliber: 7.62x51mm
    -Firing Mode: Automatic
    -Range: 547m
    -Optics: Iron Sights

  • M247T Medium Machine Gun | Arcadian Military | Vehicle Emplacement
    -Caliber- 7.62mm AP
    -Firing Mode: Automatic
    -Range: 438m
    -Optics: KFA-2 x2

  • M247H Heavy Machine Gun | Arcadian Military | Special Issue / Emplacement
    -Caliber: 12.7x99mm
    -Firing Mode: Automatic
    -Range: 703m
    -Optics: Iron Sights
    -Metal Shield [around barrel, protects operator]

  • Averdeen Light Machine Gun Type 48 General Purpose | Presidential Guard | Special Issue
    -Caliber: 7.62mm
    -Firing Mode: Automatic
    -Range: 465m
    -Optics: KFA-2 x4

  • AIE-486H Heavy Machine Gun | Arcadian Military / Belltower Associates / Presidential Guard | Vehicle Emplacement
    -Caliber: 7.62x51mm AP
    -Firing Mode: Automatic
    -Range: 862m
    -Optics: KFA-2 x5

  • M8 Wolf Spider Automated Defense System | Belltower Associates / Arcadian Military | Emplacement
    -Caliber: 12.7x99mm HEAT
    -Firing Mode: Automatic
    -Range: 1580m
    -Optics: N/A [automated]

  • Inner Colonies-Modular Automatic Machine Gun | Presidential Guard | Standard Issue
    -Caliber: 5.56mm
    -Firing Mode: Automatic
    -Range: 347m
    -Optics: RDS

  • M404 Heavy Rifle | Belltower Associates | Standard Issue
    -Caliber: 5.56x45mm
    -Firing Mode: Automatic
    -Range: 507m
    -Optics: Iron Sights
    -Laser Sight

  • M319 Individial Grenade Launcher | Arcadian Military / Arcadian Patrol | Standard / Special Issue
    -Caliber: 40mm Elec. Linked Grenades
    -Firing Mode: Single Fire
    -Range: 90m [arc], potentially infinite [projectile can bounce if trigger is held]
    -Optics: Iron Sights

  • MG460 Automatic Grenade Launcher | Arcadian Military / Belltower Associates / Presidential Guard | Special Issue / Vehicle Emplacement
    -Caliber: 40mm Elec. Linked Grenades
    -Firing Mode: Semi-Automatic
    -Range: 145m [arc], potentially infinite [projectile can bounce if trigger is held]
    -Optics: Iron Sights

  • M19-B SAM Launcher | Arcadian Military / Belltower Associates | Special Issue
    -Caliber: N/A [Archer Missiles]
    -Firing Mode: Burst [3]
    -Range: 6500m
    -Optics: HA Optical Aiming System

  • M41 Surface-to-Surface Rocket Medium Anti-Vehicle Assault Weapon | Arcadian Military | Special Issue
    -Caliber: 102mm High Explosive Anti-Tank
    -Firing Mode: Semi-Automatic
    -Range: 785m
    -Optics: KFA-R x4

  • Akira-18 Anti-Air Laser Cannon | Arcadian Military | Special Issue
    -Caliber: N/A [laser cannon]
    -Firing Mode: Single Fire
    -Range: 657.4m
    -Optics: KFA-2 x6

  • Asymmetric Recoilless Carbine-920 [railgun] | Arcadian Military / Belltower Associates | Special Issue
    -Caliber: M645 FTP-HE, 16x65mm
    -Firing Mode: Single Fire
    -Range: 1054m
    -Optics: KFA-RG x8

  • LAU-65D/SGM-151 | Arcadian Military / Belltower Associates | Special Issue
    -Caliber: ASGM
    -Firing Mode: Semi-Automatic
    -Range: 500m [if not locked]
    -Optics: KFA-R x2

  • Pulsed Energy Projection System | Arcadian Military / Belltower Associates / Presidential Guard | Special Issue
    -Caliber: Energy Projectile
    -Firing Mode: Semi-Automatic
    -Range: 150m
    -Optics: RDS

  • 329-Series Man-Portable Rocket System | Belltower Associates | Special Issue
    -Caliber: High Explosive Dual Purpose Smart Rocket [84mm]
    -Firing Mode: Single Fire
    -Range: 500m [if not locked]
    -Optics: KFA-R x2

  • Linebacker G-87 MSGL | Belltower Associates | Special Issue
    -Caliber: 40mm Grenades
    -Firing Mode: Semi-Automatic
    -Range: 344m
    -Optics: RDS


  • Personal Ballistic Shield | Arcadian Patrol / Arcadian Military / Presidential Guard / Belltower Associates | Special Issue / Standard Issue

  • Shocknet | Arcadian Patrol | Special Issue

  • Shrinkwrap Wrapper | Arcadian Patrol / Arcadian Military / Presidential Guard | Standard Issue

[Melee Weapons]
  • Wrist-Mounted Energy Dagger | Arcadian Patrol / Arcadian Military / Presidential Guard | Standard Issue

  • Nanoblade [augmentation] | Belltower Associates / Arcadian Military | Special Issue

  • BR-48 Collapsible Nightstick | Arcadian Patrol | Standard Issue

  • BR-48 Stun Baton | Arcadian Patrol | Special Issue

  • Stun Rod | Presidential Guard | Standard Issue

  • BA-51 Collapsible Nightstick | Arcadian Military | Standard Issue

  • Dynamic Combat Knife | Arcadian Military / Presidential Guard | Standard Issue

[Placed Explosives Lethal/Nonlethal]
  • C-12 Shaped Charge | Arcadian Military | Special Issue

  • KSA-Type Smoke Deployment | Arcadian Patrol / Arcadian Military | Special Issue / Standard Issue

  • VX7 Nerve Gas | Arcadian Patrol / Arcadian Military / Presidential Guard | Special Issue / Standard Issue

  • Riot Captor Spray [tear gas] | Arcadian Patrol / Arcadian Military / PResidential Guard / Belltower Associates | Special Issue / Standard Issue

  • Pepper Spray | Arcadian Patrol | Standard Issue

  • Shok-Tac V.5 Concussion Grenade | Arcadian Military / Belltower Associates | Standard Issue

  • Pulsar Type-E Electromag Grenade | Arcadian Military / Belltower Associates | Special Issue

  • M1-A Fragmentation Grenade | Arcadian Military / Belltower Associates | Standard Issue

  • M-28 Utility Remote-Detonated Explosive Device | Belltower Associates | Special Issue

  • GZ-1/MArk 87 Tactical Munition Mine | Arcadian Patrol / Arcadian Military / Presidential Guard / Belltower Associates | Special Issue, Standard Issue

A note: If you press ctrl + F, you can type in Arcadian Patrol, Arcadian Military, Presidential Guard, or Belltower Associates to find the organization's utilities.

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Owned places:

[Owned Locations]

[Procyon System]

  • Arcadia [the planet] - Heavily forested planet with a hilly terrain and several mountain ranges, though a high amount of fertile land and beautiful weather
    > Gihon - Harshly frozen; used for military training and research

    > Pishon - Fog deserts extending over atolls and season-dependent tints on drastic rivers; surprisingly deep oceans within the atolls; thin forests; strong derechos in the south

  • Terra Nova - Mostly desert and aquatic planet; mainly used for resource gathering, mining, and manufacturing
    > Akaszto - Greatly cratered moon; caves, ravines, and crevices filled with glowworms and gypsum; volcanoes throughout oceans

    > Muroz - Natural rock pillars present on most regions; sheltered geysers; massive floods during the second half of the year

  • Lyoladi Pint Asteroid Belt [Quardes] - Several military and research installations; frozen

  • Reynes - Second to Arcadia for agriculture and development; half the planet prairies and grasslands with fertile soil; very historically-driven with many different cultures and disputes

  • Redstow - Lacking of fertile soil; contains mostly cattle farms with a cooler environment; contains many smaller waterways and several thin but lengthy island chains; huge fir and redwood forests; largest fusion energy and uranium source

  • Emerald Cove - A mountainous environment with a rebel problem to the north; cave-riddled with many resources; french-inspired culture towards the center and south with flatter grounds, flower fields, and Kafel trees
    > Lakonia - Many large and small desert-covered islands alike; very stormy - hurricanes are prevalent

  • Far Isle - Mostly aquatic planet with many archipelagos and research/energy locations; very tropical and sunny; honeycomb-shaped stones line the beaches

[Corvallis Seeley System]

  • Yaak - Gas giant, harvested for energy and plasma; torrential metallic rain; superheated on sun-exposed side

  • Piera - Completely ocean, save for 4 large and swampy islands; holds vast amount of resources under oceans; many oil rigs

  • Dundas - Surface lavafalls, ravines, and caverns; pangea split in half; huge volcano to northeast; immense amount of surface minerals; heavily industrialized

  • New Cambridge - Heavily forested; many fog deserts and season-dependent tints on drastic rivers and lakes; harvested for abundant medicinal plants; western islands nuked after internal warfare

  • Opaque - Huge planet; evenly-distributed biomes, with 50% being taiga or tundras; weather is very rainy/snowy; poor resources; atmosphere dramatically overcast; used for atmospheric and weapon research; metal for augmentations and starship fuel obtained from here

  • Pammukale - Pure, white calcium fields on one section; massive hot springs on another section; one massive asteroid crater; methane, carbon dioxide, helium-producing foreign "scrub grubs" - uninhabitable; harvested for starship fuel and hardlight generator materials

[Orrichon System]

  • Sedra - Status is destroyed via nuke - atmosphere vented; used for weapons research and as a mining colony for parolees

[Sol System]

  • Mount Kanchenjunga, Himalayan-Indian Republic, Earth - One space elevator for trade purely between the 2 nations, specifically wood types, rocks, laser/missile tech, some ammunition; steep, no trees; slight economic center in the H-I Republic

[Unowned Locations in Owned Regions]

[Procyon System]

  • Atlas Vigilance - Extreme northern and southern locations built into holes surrounded by glaciers; historical divisions built into societies; vastly religious population; heavily forested; rustic

  • Vonihovean Asteroid Colony [Reporting Name: Asteroeidis] - Almost completely frozen; Forward Operating Base

[Corvallis Seeley System]

  • Hidden Lake - Vast mountain ranges that are littered with lakes; several grasslands with some forests; very tribal

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Pirthen-Larissa Project:

---The Pirthen-Larissa Project---


The Pirthen-Larissa Project is a project fully funded by the Jerome Harrell Administration. Ideas for the project come from within the adviser ranks and Jerome Harrell himself as a gift for his re-election as president of Arcadia. In his second term, he promises the continuance of functioning policies and the repealment and betterment of broken policies, as well as expansion of access to leisure for Arcadia. The president's connections to Liang-Dortmund allow him to use it as his administration's de facto construction wing; Thus, they will be the construction agency in the project.

The Pirthen-Larissa Project will cover several ideas, locations, and structures, with most being based on the home planet of Arcadia. These include the Lillian Topiary, the Welcoming Sprawl, the Pan-Romantic Intercontinental Highway System, the Pirthen Citadel, Auroa, the Colonial Connectivity Proposal, and advancement in space-based activities. The plan is expected to continue through Harrell's presidency and after it, summing up within 7 years.

With this project, the Harrell Administration's aim is to improve the already-wonderful public relations between the government and the people by providing an expansion of leisure and more activities to partake in, tourist destinations, a better-quality living environment, futuristic technology that provides more, and a defense array that protects the nation and allows for this project to move forward.

[The Lillian Topiary]

The Lillian Topiary is a place in Cape Hathers, Eire that displays the entirety of Arcadian history in a physical representation. Surrounded by gardens, it is a vast construction of walkways and halls that thoroughly cover important and less important events alike. As the history up to 2232 only encompasses 103 years, the topiary garden is built in such a way that it is able to expand as history is made. Private contributions are allowed to be made and are encouraged, as they fill in some blanks and allow for others to see how people fared during certain times, provided the contributions are with consent. This information will be displayed with 3D projections, holograms, and physical pieces, all of which may be interacted with.

[The Welcoming Sprawl]

The Welcoming Sprawl is, effectively, a large ring build around Arcadia proper that interlinks planetary flow of movement, defense, and communication. This is not to be confused with the Colonial Connectivity Proposal, which focuses mostly on off-world connection, but will eventually launch from the Welcoming Sprawl. The ring is a network of support stations that are connected with a transit tube, operating much like a ring version of a Pangu, where every area is connected with a MagLev train. The individual stations vary in size and are flecked with the glowing bubbles of industrial facilities, commercial regions, and defense regions.

From the low-orbit to the ground, it connects via gravity lifts that act as space elevators. Through the ring, monorail systems connect the stops. Civilian use is restricted to public transit areas only, though everything they may need is located in these areas, including food/restroom stops and such. The workers within also have their own transit system, and it is controlled by a different software. Eventually, the groundside Superintendent-class AI will operate the ring.

The defense portions of the ring are inaccessible to anyone without military clearance. These portions are equipped with space weaponry, with most of it being automated if nobody is there to attend when needed. They are also the hotspots for the interior security measures. Located on the edges of these areas are help and security stations, who can point you in the direction you need to go, although the MagLev stations have their own holographic maps.

[The Pan-Romantic Intercontinental Highway System/LEMUCA Corridor]

The Pan-Romantic IHS, also known as the LEMUCA Corridor, is a highway system that aims to connect the entirety of Arcadia proper, from Lemuria to Pacifica, with a single mega-highway and its many branches. Since it is transcontinental, it is under federal control. As the federal government has established the highway as a high-priority corridor, it must remain at 6 lanes or more at all times, while branches must remain at 4. To combat overcrowding and bottlenecks, the branches will serve as more scenic routes and connecting points, while the major highway system continues on to keep traffic flowing to areas with the most traffic. Every city connects to the system by either the highway running through it or a branch running parallel.

Running along this megahighway are various railroads, sanitation/water lines, power grids, and a universal internet service provider under the Edwin Chadwick Protocol. Based off of the beliefs of the 19th century philosopher, the Edwin Chadwick Protocol is a utilitarian system in which everything linked into the Protocol is subject to systematic long-term inspection and scientific surveys until its goal is reached and the goal provides for all. However, his beliefs are not limited to these public services; They are introduced into every public field and are encouraged in the private sector.

[The Pirthen Citadel]

The Pirthen Citadel, located in Pirth City, Mu, is a tower that will replace the current capitol building. Being a massive metallic building, it is a flowing design, following the design scheme of Arcadian cities. The tower is triangular-shaped, with the base size being 300 meters in length on each side. Boxy parts, open spaces, and covered walkways with plant life stick out in some areas, since the tower retains its size as it reaches upwards 2 kilometers into the sky. This is not the complete size, as it also extends below ground level for 400 meters. Every floor is connected with a large elevator on the southeast corner of the tower. Its one-way windows keep public eyes out, and hardlight barriers on street level may activate when needed.

The tower itself is heavily mechanized. Entire sections have the ability to move in the event they need to. They may also burn away, though this is only if they are detached due to an emergency. Government hubs for city and regional services are found within the tower, and some are even localized within it. The need for offsite storage facilities is reduced, as these services can store their vehicles inside the lower sections of the tower. Because of the mechanization, the Pirthen Citadel is able to enter 2 states of being.

The first state, also known as Configuration Yankee, is the dormant setting. It is the being of the tower during most of its life. It is signified by a single set of rib-like structures from the southwest corner to the north corner, and inbetween these 2 corners is the space in which the rib-like structures are present. The outer metal plating restracts slightly above the inner plating. A small portion of plating also extends down on the edge of the open space. In its second state, or Configuration Zulu, the tower lights up more, and the plating on the ribbed side retracts more to expose another 3 sets of rib-like structures. Hardlight barriers activate during this time. This is the tower's alerted state, and during the transformation, an alarm sounds throughout the city, echoed by alerts on mobile devices and other sources. The alert only begins during times of emergency, such as war.

[Auroan Archipelago]

Auroa is a series of artificial islands in the waters of the Napkirály Sea. Numbering around 73 individual islands, the chain is made up of a series of 11 individual biomes including marine estuaries and wetlands, arboreal/taiga forests, snow-capped mountains, and fjords. The islands are home to the Včelí med Technology and Research Company and Miláček City. There is not much government development outside of Miláček City, as the company was given free reign for their research purposes due to their contributions to Arcadia.

Včelí med's plans for the islands are to turn it into the Silicon Valley of Arcadia.

[The Colonial Connectivity Proposal]

Because connectivity matters, transportation and communication between Arcadia proper and her colonies are important. This proposal focuses on a connected public realm while keeping the lives of civilians as civil, accessible, and stress-free as possible. It makes seamless links between every municipality possible and allows for a smooth continuation of the Arcadian landscape. The terrorist threat of the nation of Vonihove brings in more security to the Procyon System, making civilian lives safer.

Although it may seem that this project only connects the celestial bodies to each other, this is not the case. It does this and provides an updated transportation grid on Arcadia's colonies. This includes both the technology and infrastructure. New paths, roadways, and more government structures may be observed appearing. Private companies and civilian contractors, such as Liang-Dortmund and others, are able to work alongside the Arcadian government and produce their own structures in regular planned city fashion, following the style of modernized cities. It also plans to treat landmarks and historical sites with grace and tediousness, or otherwise going around, depending on the decisions of the governing council in the area.

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