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Arcadian Patrol

Arcadian Patrol

Arcadian Patrol Logo

Affiliation: Arcadian Government

Classification: Policing Agency

Role: Head Law Enforcement

Headquarters: Pirth City

Motto: "Integrity, Civility, Pride"


The Arcadian Patrol is a police force on Arcadia, operating similarly to Earth police. Commissioner Kinsler is the commissioner of the patrol. [hey this looks short but it's not exactly the moment of truth right now]

---Numerical Communication/Law System---

  • Police 10 & 11 Codes



  • CH252 Helmet [Sometimes worn w/ glasses]

  • All-Black Uniform

  • Utility Belt

  • Ballistic Vest [Orange / White Text]

  • Body Armor (Standard)

[Riot/Heavy Armor]

  • Tan Uniform

  • Gray Riot Armor [Shoulderpads, Vest, Helmet w/ Orange Blast Visor, Kneepads]

  • Gloves [Black]

  • Utility Belt / Slung Weapon on Back [Shotgun or Rifle]



  • "Humbler" Stun Gun

  • Riot Captor Spray (Tear Gas)

  • KSA-Type Smoke Deployment (Smoke Grenade)

  • Pepper Spray

  • BR-48 Collapsible Nightstick

  • Flashbangs


  • M6A (standard)

  • M6B (specialized)

  • M6K (suppressed internally/special ops variant)


  • MA5B ICWS Assault Rifle

  • XBR5 Light Barrel Service Rifle


  • M90 Close Assault Weapon System

  • DTM/LE M870-3

[Sub-Machine Guns]

  • M7 SMG


  • Riot Shield

  • Wrist-mounted Energy Dagger



[Ground Vehicles]

  • M831-Troop Transport "Troop Hog"
    -5 bed-mounted seats, can be fitted with dual rear-mounted M247H Machine Guns

  • TurboGen Independent Wheel Drive "Spade"
    -Can have a roof-mounted weapon, gunner operates from rear flatbed

  • HuCiv 1500XLD-S "Genet"

  • HuCiv 301M-S "Peacemaker"
    -Speedy boi police car

  • ZPD74 Ultra-Light MC "Kenshin"

  • AMG TD "Capri"

  • HuCiv HC1500 "Dewmax"
    -Large space on rear half for cargo/officer transport

  • M312 HRV "Olifant"
    -Huge space for smaller-vehicle transport, features treads for easier traction, can be fitted with M41 Light Anti-Aircraft Machine Gun "Vulcan"

  • HRUNTING Mk. III [C] A1 Cyclops "Peacekeeper"
    -Fitted with riot shield, autocannon that fires various riot-control/lethal ammunition, plasma cutter, hydraulic rams, assorted cutting blades (it can also stomp and grab/throw things because it's an exoskeleton)

  • SNG4 Armored Personnel Carrier "Bear"
    -Fitted with roof-mounted machine gun (.50 caliber) and roof-mounted driver-operated water cannon

  • RCV-7 Armored Vehicle "Securicar"
    -Dual water cannons, large plow on the front

  • SNG4 STEV "Lockdown"
    -Back half with room for 6-8 SWAT Homies

  • 80-X Boxguard
    -Heavily-armored, fitted with dual machine guns (military variant has miniguns) and dual tear gas sprayers (instead of missiles)

[Air Vehicles]

  • STAG HMO "Eagle"
    -Fitted with chin-mounted turret (20mm) and 2 side-mounted turrets (Also 20mm)

  • STAG HMD "Oppressor"
    -A searchlight is good, right?

[Water Vehicles]

  • Harveste 6293 "Predator"
    -Always stocked with x4 MA5B ICWS and mounted with dual M247T General Purpose MGs (7.62x51mm)