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[Section 4: Arcadian Laws]

This is an unfinished list of Arcadian laws. Punishments range from a slap on the wrist (not literally), to prison, to the death penalty.

[Title 1: Basic Laws (aka i dont have a section for them or dont realize where they go)]

  • The legal drinking and smoking age is 18 years.

  • Smoking is legal in public areas.
    -This does not include schools.

  • Manslaughter/murder is illegal.

  • A pledge of allegiance is mandatory for citizens to say every morning at 8:00 AM.

  • Citizens have the right to practice their own religion.

  • Mistreatment of the flag in any way is illegal.

  • Adultery is illegal.

  • Salesmen cannot call people in an unsolicited manner.

  • Citizens have the right to free speech.
    -This right is slightly limited for public wellbeing.

  • Citizens have the right to protest, albeit peacefully. Riots are dealt with by law enforcement.

  • Citizens may have multiple spouses.

  • Citizens can be openly LGBT. Jokes made about this are things to not be taken seriously. Violence related to this, however, are dealt with by the respective law enforcement division.

  • Citizens have the right to vote. (despite what ns says about it being an autocracy)

  • Contraception is optional. Though, abortions are not permissible after 3 months.

  • Citizenship must be attained to stay on the planet for over 3 months. This cannot be circumvented by leaving and returning after a short amount of time.

  • Homosexual citizens can adopt children.

  • Regional and World Assembly laws are in effect. Adherence is mandatory.

[Title 2: Judicial/LE]

  • [Miranda rights here]

  • Suspicious texts or conversations, if serious, can lead to the monitoring or detainment and search of an individual.

  • Placement in prison depends on the severity of the crime. [there are different levels of arcadian prisons, like max security]

  • Citizens cannot be bailed out of prison via payment.

  • Court judgments cannot be made based on the individual's race or gender.

  • Terminally ill/elderly inmates must be placed in the care of prison infirmaries.

  • If a suspect of a crime is not captured within 15 years' time, they are exempt from prison due to likely deterioration of evidence and witness accounts.

  • False criminal accusations against an individual is illegal.

[Title 3: Property]

  • The naming of a newly-discovered element is to be derived from the name of the discoverer, or any name they chose that is within reason. (issue-inspired)

  • Citizens may not hold an animal against its will UNLESS it is a pet, like a dog or cat. With exotic animals, you must obtain a special license.

  • A citizen's place of residence must be within permitted building zones and exist in accordance with structure laws. This varies by city.

  • Citizens have the right to own property. This applies to realty and commercial property, but not people or animals.

[Title 4: Leisure]

  • The purchase, possession, and use of marijuana, medical or not, is permitted. Though, it must be kept in regulation.

  • Public nudity, except in designated locations, is not permitted.

  • Noise from a citizen's residence must be kept at (socially?) acceptable levels. This is highly enforced in urban/suburban areas. Not so much in rural areas.

[Title 5: Environment]

  • A special license from the government is required for major environmental change.
    -Ex. Removal of a hill for construction

  • Poaching is not permitted. There are many near-extinct species.

  • Restrictions on hunting vary by continent. The average hunting limit for any animal is 3 a day. Hunting may not occur in federally-protected areas. These are marked with signs.

  • Pollution and littering have strict consequences. Protection of the environment is vital, as tourism and agriculture are major industries and Arcadia is bound to a climate treaty.

  • Heavy deforestation is illegal.

[Title 6: Industry/Commercial]

  • Employees whom receive tips are to be granted those tips in contradiction to pulling and distributing the earnings.

  • Children above the age of 14 may work in commercial and industry buildings. Under this, the workers must be paid.

  • Owning a business requires a specific educational course that usually takes 6 months to complete.
    -Manufacturing companies that produce any product must be licensed. This does not include child-run operations, such as lemonade stands.

  • Use of the imperial system of units/measurements is mandatory.

  • Occupation employers may not discriminate against any group of people. However, judgments against citizens who are, for example, unhygienic, are legal.

  • Imitation items are restricted dependent on the setting.
    -As jokes on a civilian level, they are fine. However, on an industrial or commercial level, fraudulent items are not tolerated.

  • Restaurants must list ingredients in their products, licensing, and other information [side effects, etc] in a visible place where customers can view it.

  • Maternity leave is permitted. The manager of the firm makes the final decision on the length of time. The minimum is 2 weeks.

  • Industrial output must be reported to the GCSA.

[Title 6A: Agriculture]

  • Livestock must be free-range. This means they must have the ability to roam around in areas like a pasture.

  • Only approved pesticides are permitted for use on agricultural sites.

[Title 7: Firearms]

  • Citizens must have proper documentation to purchase and own a firearm. Background checks are required. A valid weapons license for the class of weapon must also be obtained.
    -The minimum legal age to buy a firearm is 18 years.
    -A hunting license is required for hunting.

  • Citizens may own handguns, sub-machine guns, rifles, and shotguns. All weapons must be semi-automatic.

  • Civilians may not carry weapons on government property, regardless of owning a license. This includes schools [this does not pertain to citizens if they are passing through on a roadway inside of a motor vehicle]. Police stations are exceptions if the person is renewing a weapon license and the weapon is unloaded.

  • Citizens may obtain 'concealed carry' licenses, therefore allowing them to brandish hidden firearms.

  • Weapon manufacturers and salespersons must have a permit to manufacture/sell firearms.
    -They may not be held accountable for any crimes committed with their products.
    -Improvised weaponry is illegal. Firearms with less than 3.7oz of metal are prohibited as well.

  • If a citizen has a criminal background containing at least 3 violent misdemeanors or 1 violent felony, has been dishonorably discharged from the military, or has abused drugs, they may not possess a firearm. Tourists may not obtain weapons (on Arcadia) as of recent terrorist attacks.

  • It is illegal to hunt with a weapon not classed as either a rifle or a shotgun. These weapons must be kept semi-automatic.

  • Citizens may not buy a weapon for an individual under the legal age.

  • None of the above restrictions apply to "weapons" classified as toys.
    -The legal purchase ages of paintball and BB guns is 15 years.

[Title 8: Medical]

  • Vaccines are mandatory.

  • Medical professionals must have a medical background of a patient before an operation such as a surgery can begin.

[Title 9: Vehicles/Travel]

  • Citizens must obtain a license to operate a vehicle. Licenses obtained on other planets are valid.

  • Vehicles travelling at high speeds must be under the control of the RoadWare system implemented into ground vehicles.

  • Citizens may not use their phone while operating a vehicle, unless the vehicle is in park or the vehicle is being controlled by RoadWare at that moment.

  • Commercial, transport, and luxury ships must be fitted with a GPS locator and provide a travel plan to the local air traffic control. This is optional for smaller, civilian-class vessels without a clear landing zone.

[Title 10: Education/Schools]

  • Sexual education is a mandatory course.

  • Truancy is illegal.

  • A pledge of allegiance to Arcadia must be sung every morning inside of school.

  • Citizens do not have to have a legal home address to attend school.

  • A dress code is enforced.
    -Students may not wear clothing promoting the use of drugs, violence, or firearms, or wear sleepware.
    -Students on Arcadia may not be forced to wear uniforms to school.

[Title 11: Taxation]

  • Citizens have a say, within reason, in where their tax money goes.

[Title 12: Copyright]

  • US Federal Copyright Laws

[Title 13: Social Media & the Internet]

  • Copyright laws apply online.

  • Social media & website accounts are to be left alone for 20 years after the death of the individual unless a family member or friend states otherwise.