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Government Leaders

  • President of Arcadia: Jerome Harrell [2230-2234]

    Jerome Marco Harrell

    Biographical Info

    Homeworld: Nacona, Arcadia

    Date of Birth: August 15, 2185

    Current Age (as of 2230): 45 Yrs

    Mother: Audrey (Smith) Harrell

    Father: Thomas Harrell

    Brother: Cadmon Harrell

    Physical Info

    Gender: Male

    Height: 6ft 2in

    Weight: 173 lbs

    Hair Color: Brown, Dark

    Eye Color: Black

    ABO: A-

    Cybernetics/Augmentations: Prosthetic Lower Arm, Right


    Jerome Marco Harrell serves as the president of Arcadia from 2230-2234. He ran an extensive campaign that granted him office near immediately. He is a former Navy officer, holding the rank of Captain. He commanded the AS-FC FGT-127 "Chioglossa" before it was destroyed during a combat operation, leading to the ship's retirement. His leadership and morale-raising techniques helped his crew win many battles, including an invasion of the ship itself.


    [Childhood and Education]

    Jerome Harrell was born on August 15, 2185 to Arcadian Marine Corps Colonel Audrey Harrell, his mother, in Nacona, Arcadia. Growing up on Arcadia, Jerome became very close to his older brother Cadmon. Jerome also developed a close relationship to Petra Elaine Janecek, a civilian and freelance war journalist. He began his officer training as a freshman cadet in Corbulo Academy of Military Science on Circinius IV sometime preceding spring 2196. Organized into Hastati Squad, a freshman unit in the class of 2199, Jerome originally began as a team leader during field exercises.

    During his time in the school, he regularly exchanged video messages with his brother Cadmon, former student of Corbulo Academy who went on to serve as a Marine fighting on the front lines in the war against the Insurrectionists. Enjoying a close friendship with his brother, Jerome was deeply struck when Cadmon was killed in a battle with Insurrectionists, starting to express doubt about the sensibility of the UNSC waging war against the Insurrectionists and viewing his training with cynicism, failing to take the exercises seriously anymore. As there were no remains their mother felt Jerome should not leave school to attend his brother's funeral. Meanwhile, he continued to replay his brother's messages in his spare time.

    Jerome's reputation suffered at his constant disregard for the orders of his superiors and displaying a lack of proficient knowledge of infantry tactics. He was subsequently relieved of his duties as team leader, which then fell to squadmate Walter Vickers. Despite this, he persistently ignored orders and continued to cause Hastati to receive low combat scores, resulting in him being shunned by the rest of the squad. Worse, his health declined rapidly during the school's mandatory acclimation to cryosleep; he suffered from large blisters and a persistent cough.

    His classmates were unrelenting in their provocation of him, affirming their distaste for the freshman who did not live up to the example set by his brother Cadmon. Days prior to the end of the 2195-2196 school year, Jerome and Vickers were singled out by their squad leader April Orenski resulting in disciplinary physical training for them, and the remainder of Hastati. Frustrated by the verbal and physical harassment he received from his squadmate, Jerome assaulted Vickers in the school's mess hall. Senior cadets and underclassmen alike continued to encourage the altercation, in which the two were performing hand-to-hand combat tactics taught at the academy. Jerome mildly injured Vickers and only ended his violent strife to acknowledge Colonel Kennedy Mehaffey's presence. The professor took advantage of this quarrel in her mentorship of Jerome, hoping he would embrace the warrior culture of the UNSC and inspire him to become a better leader.

    Mehaffey's efforts dawned on the young cadet and he volunteered to lead Hastati moments prior to the start of their final combat exercise, a contest of capture the flag. While waiting for Zuma Squad to approach their flag's location, Jerome had organized Hastati into cover in a tight formation adjacent their flag, a seemingly ill-tactical maneuver. He ordered his soldiers to remove their helmets as they contained IFF transponders that were detectable by the enemy's motion sensors. With Zuma converging on Hastati's flag, Jerome positioned his squad in a formation reminiscent of the pincer movement, a tactic utilized to great effect by Hannibal at Cannae in 216 BCE, taught to the freshman cadets only a day before the exercise by Col. Mehaffey. The enemy soon realized that they had been funneled into a trap and were swiftly dispatched by two sections of Hastati cadets. The two Hastati elements continued to press in on Zuma's flag with ease, eliminating or capturing all enemy cadets, suffering no casualties of their own in the process. An emboldened Jerome, charging towards Zuma's flag, finally succumbed to his ailing health and collapsed meters away from completing the objective.

    Examination by Doctor Hughes of the Academy's medical staff revealed that Jerome's condition was an allergic reaction to the cryo drug cytoprethaline. As cytoprethaline is vital for cryo-sleep to prevent damage to cells, he was judged to be unfit for UNSC service and was to be medically discharged.

    [Circinius IV Incident]

    Before the necessary paperwork for his discharge could be completed, Circinius IV was attacked by a huge Insurectionist force, completely overwhelming the Academy's Marine guard and forcing Jerome and his fellow cadets into front line service. Much of Hastati Squad was killed early on in the action, with Jerome, Orenski Maydee, and Michael Sullivan eventually becoming among the only survivors on the entire planet.

    The attack on the Academy prompted the deployment of a Marine force, whichrescued the cadets. A soldier, whose name is not noted, killed a group of 2 insurgents that had been pursuing the squad and escorted them outside to UNSC General Daniel Black's Warthog to escape to a Pelican extraction zone. The Warthog was driven out of the combat zone. However, the Warthog became inoperative after running over a fallen tree, and to make matters worse, Silva was mortally wounded by a bullet, and succumbed to it while escaping two pursuing insurgents. A mournful Jerome volunteers himself to be a decoy so that the soldier could facilitate a kill on the enemies with the last remaining fragmentation grenade. Jerome became inspired by the heroism and leadership of the soldier, and kept Silva's dogtags to honor her memory, remaining with the UNSC despite his medical condition.

    [Captain of the AS-FC Chioglossa]

    Sometime during wartime, Jerome attained the rank of Captain and had a ship constructed for him. While he was playing host to 6 soldiers and showing them around, the ship was boarded and hijacked by a group of Insurrectionists that threatened to depressurize the ship if anyone tried to interfere. This prompted the soldiers to armor up and retake the ship. When they were detected, the leader of the insurgents vented the ship, almost taking a soldier and Jerome with it. Jerome was given a breathing mask. He then accessed a security terminal and input his security codes, preventing the security systems to be accessible by the insurgents. A plan was made to access the bridge while Jerome accessed a locked room that was holding officers, but they were soon attacked by Insurrectionists forces. The soldiers shielded Jerome while he sealed the bulkheads, effectively trapping the insurgents and retaking the ship.

    [Requiem Expedition]

    The Chioglossa was tasked with finding Insurrectionist bases, as well as forming FOBs of their own. 2 years later, when coordinates of a main rebel base were found, the ship was dispatched to them, only to be shot down immediately. The ship crash-landed on Requiem, causing much of the crew to die or be injured. Jerome's right lower arm was crushed after debris fell onto it. He was rushed to a medical bay while the crash site was under attack by Insurrectionists. Reinforcements were called to the site, causing the insurgents to retreat. Jerome and his crew were evacuated by another ship. The crew were taken to a nearby FOB for treatment and return trips to other bases. Jerome's lower arm was replaced with a prosthetic one. His ship was not able to be restored, leaving it to be scrapped.

    [Post-Military Life]

    In 2220, Jerome Harrell was honorably discharged from the Navy voluntarily, as the trauma of the Requiem Incident was too much to handle. He became a politician on Arcadia, eventually becoming President of the planet. He now resides in Pirth City.


    • "We're soldiers, not hitmen."

    • "I guess i'm not too smart. But you know what I am? Good at my job."

    • "In our struggle to survive the present, we push the future farther away. Will I see it in my lifetime? Probably not. Which means there's no time to waste."

    • "A good soldier knows when and when to not listen to orders. He knows how to make decisions."

    • "When you pick up a gun, there's always a chance you'll die for nothing."

    • “If you try and rip the world apart, someone will always put it back together. You can kill dreams, you can kill innocents, you can kill freedom…but you can’t kill progress.”

    [disclaimer: he only said the second and third]


    As he was known for his renegade attitude and falsely accused of being a rebel sympathizer, Jerome was shunned universally during most of his childhood, in and out of school. He was not afraid of expressing his views on the Insurrectionists and the colonial wars. He even had an ardent stance on the destruction of the rebels by the UNSC. As a result, he was not expected to live up to the standards set by his brother, who was in the Arcadian Marine Corps, nor live up to his mother's expectations. Most didn't even believe he'd graduate from Corbulo Academy.

    After his graduation, however, doubts about his competency were alleviated. Supposed displays of pacifism towards rebels were forgotten as he led his squad, and eventually Navy ship crew, against rebel forces. He also has a high moral standard, as he was able to prevent 3 executions on military officials by persuasion.

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  • Vice-President of Arcadia: Edward Buck

  • Head of the Military:

  • Head of Law Enforcement: Commissioner Jonathan Kinsler

  • Mayor of Pirth City: Jamie Reyes

  • Mayor of Catania: Alex Jacobson

  • Mayor of Doarmir City: Joseph Greene

  • Mayor of Nacona: Shannon Young

  • Mayor of Rockport: Decker Parkes

  • Mayor of Alexandria: Stephanie Maxwell

  • Mayor of Carthage: Brandon Caplan

  • Mayor of Genoa: Destiny Savannah

  • Mayor of Arcadia City: Wayne Young

  • Mayor of Petelia: Toby Atanwe

  • Mayor of Cradle: Ridley Jacobson