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Flora and Fauna/Weather and Climate

---Flora and Fauna---

Tropical rainforests and temperate deciduous forests can be found in Arcadia's inner-continental areas. Palm trees and shrubs can be found littering the coasts.

^to be elaborated on

[Notable Plant Life]

  • Lichen

  • Moss

  • Ferns

  • Orchids

  • Vines

  • Epiphytes

  • Wildflowers

  • Shrubs

  • Hardwood Trees
    -Birch, Oak, Maple, Magnolia, Beech

  • Conifers
    -Fir, Pine, Spruce

  • Arecaceae Plants
    -Shrubs, Trees

[Notable Animal Life]

  • Insects

  • Arachnids
    -Chirping Spider

  • Slugs

  • Frogs [vary per continent]

  • Lizards [vary per continent]

  • Hawk

  • Cardinal

  • Owls [vary per continent]

  • Woodpecker

  • Mourning Warbler

  • Deer [vary per continent]

  • Rat

  • Dwarka Squirrel

  • Pheru Squirrel

  • Ribbon-snake

  • Speckled Jungle Dragon [think like a komodo dragon]

  • Frilled Salamander

  • Saurio [flat-bellied reptile]

  • Scale Lizard

  • Ghost Scorpion

  • Rafakrit Crocodile

  • Glowfish

  • Qothal "Nightmare Eel"

  • Great Red Shark

  • Moon Crab

  • Navorca [dolphin-esque]

  • Hyaline Crayfish

  • Idjom

  • Jungaloon

  • Sardans Cat

  • Foxes

  • Wolves

  • Gorgonopsid

  • Cephradon [manta ray-esque]

  • Porcupines

  • Ocelot

  • Anteater

  • Ambulocetus

  • Seagulls

  • Guta [4-foot claws and tusks, a tail, bipedal, 30 feet tall]

  • Koi

  • Doarmir [basically a wolf]

  • Moa [flightless birds/look like ostriches]

  • Shirm [small flightless bird]

  • White Sturgeon

  • Paelosur [blind cetacean]

  • Naeori [whales 3x the size of blue whales]

  • Walking Snail

---Weather and Climate---


  • For a short answer, the temperature ranges from 37F to 98.6F. For a more detailed answer, the temperature varies based on location. Coastal regions are quite warm, but even more so by the equator. Inland areas are generally cooler, especially in jungles. Higher elevations, such as mountainous locations, can be colder than inland areas, even if on islands.

[Precipitation and Gales]

  • Precipitation brings a pleasant change to the hot temperatures of Arcadia. The humidity doesn't rise much on rainy days.

  • placeholder for wind

[Inclement Weather]

  • There are different types of inclement weather on Arcadia. Thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, hail, and [some new thing]. Hurricanes and tornadoes follow a 7-rating severity scale. Hurricane intensity ranges from 75-197+ mph. Tornado intensity ranges from 73-266+ mph.

[Hours of Darkness]

  • Arcadia follows a 27 hour time. 1 Arcadian day is 1.09 Earth days. It also has a 390-day calendar, with every month having 30 days.