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[Section 5: Arcadian Military]



With the rise of Arcadia, a military was needed to defend the planet due to tensions between Earth and the recently colonized worlds around it. At the rise of the need to quickly form it, it was not properly divided into branches. After the near-unification of the entire star system, it developed into the Unified Procyon Defense Force.

[major points of info: john forge big man, 6,649,472 soldiers, primary installation is fort deen (alexandria, pacifica)]


Helljumper, Helljumper, where you been?
Feet first into hell and back again!
When I die please bury me deep!
Place an MA5 down by my feet!
Don't cry for me, don't shed no tear!
Just pack my box with PT gear!
Cuz one early morning 'bout zero-five!
The ground will rumble, there'll be lightning in the sky!
Don't you worry, don't come undone
It's just my ghost on a PT run!

  • Undersuit/Uniform: Olive Drab

  • SV-Infiltration/Sneaking Suit: Light/Dark Gray and Olive Drab (All-weather survival and infiltration suit designed to be heat-, water-, and shock-proof while maintaining optimum body temperature in addition to the noise-dampening and light armor)

  • ECH252: Black [open-faced, sealed, glasses, tactical eyepiece]

  • Ballistic Vest: Black
    -Ammunition Pockets [ALTUM]

  • Cannae Legion Backpack

  • VZG7 Boots: Black

  • Shoulder Pauldrons, Kneeguards, & Lower Arm Guards: Olive Drab

  • S90 Gas Mask

  • Info Patch [slides over undominant arm, displays info of the person, such as blood type and name]

  • Radio Set/Earpiece


  • John Forge - Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps (head of the planetary force)

  • Victor Marchenko - Gunnery Sergeant

  • Harrison Stacker - Sergeant

  • Anne Navarre - Sergeant & Pilot

  • Maria Karyo - Corporal


  • M6G

  • M6J (suppressed variant of m6g)

  • Shockbreach (lowest setting matches that of a police-grade taser, highest setting will incinerate a body part)

  • MA40 ICWS Assault Rifle

  • BR85 Service Rifle

  • M392 Designated Marksman Rifle

  • AZTEC32 Assault Rifle

  • SRS 99 Anti-Materiel Rifle

  • Z-110 Directed Energy/Stasis Rifle

  • M45 Tactical Shotgun

  • M90A Close Assault Weapon System (this is the M90A, not M90)

[Sub-Machine Guns]
  • M7 SMG

  • Valkyrie-45 SMG

[Machine Guns]
  • M247 HMG

  • M247 GPMG

  • AIE-486H HMG

  • M655 HMG

  • M8 Auto-Defense System "Wolf Spider"

  • M319 IGL

  • MG460 AGL

  • M19-B SAM Launcher

  • M41 Rocket Launcher

  • Akira-18 Anti-Air Laser Cannon

  • Asymmetric Recoilless Carbine-920 [Railgun]

  • LAU-65D/SGM-151 Missile Pod

  • Energy Dagger (wrist-worn)

  • Energy Bayonet (gun mount)

  • Spoofer Eletronic Lock Pick

  • VX7 Nerve Gas

  • PG000E Portable Electricity Generator

  • C-12 Shaped Charge

  • EB Green Heavy Tape

  • Riot Captor Spray (tear gas)

  • KSA-Type Smoke Deployment (smoke grenade)

  • Pepper Spray

  • BA-51 Collapsible Nightstick

  • Riot Shield

  • Flashbangs

  • Camouflage Blanket (blocks user's heat sig)


  • Infantry HUD Probe

  • Graf-Hauptman Detritus/Saline Actuator (converts water/contaminated water to oxygen)

  • Electrolock

  • [insert every medical device/medicine here]

  • Multi-Tool

  • NEON

  • Rebreather

  • Tactical Navigation Device

  • PQI

  • Neural Marker

  • iDROID


  • Fulton "Wormhole" Device

  • Deradiator

  • TIID [Thermal Imaging Infection Detector]

  • Holodrone

  • IFF Marker

  • IHADSS [Integrated Helmet & Display Sight System]

  • Energy Shackle

  • KFA-2 x2

  • Kindler

  • LASER-Cutter

  • Lead-Foil

  • M-Spec Reentry Pack

  • Gravity Lift

  • Microtail

  • Containment Field Device

  • NanoReagent Hydrocarbot

  • Overshield

  • Styllight

  • TSV-442 Universal Translator

  • WYRD III Optical System


[Ground Vehicles]
  • M12 Light Reconnaissance Vehicle "Warthog"
    -Can be mounted with M41 Light Anti-Aircraft Machine Gun "Vulcan" (12.7x99mm AP), M68 Asynchronous Linear-Induction Motor "Gauss Cannon" (25x130mm projectile at 13,611.6 m/s), or 102mm SC-HE "Rocket turret"

  • RG33 MRAP "Thorn Beast"
    -Fitted with roof-mounted MG (.50 caliber)

  • M121 Light Strike Vehicle "Jackrabbit
    -Fitted with roof-mounted M68 ALIM and M319 IGL

  • PR11-T MRAP "N-Forcer"
    -Fitted with roof-mounted AIE-486H HMG

  • M274 Ultra-Light ATV "Mongoose"
    -Can be fitted with dual forward-facing M67 LAW

  • M750 Troop Transport "Guta"
    -Rear bed, able to carry 15 passengers, including the front passenger seat

  • TGS-MH 6x6 Expedition 24.687 "Brickade"
    -Large enclosed cargo bay

  • M808C Main Battle Tank "Scorpion"
    -Fitted with M512 Smooth Bore High Velocity Cannon (fires 90mm Tungsten shells) and M247T Medium Machine Gun (7.62x54mm)

  • M1HA Battle Tank "Challenger"
    -Fitted with 120mm cannon and M247H Machine Gun

  • TL-60A OBRUM Heavy Tank "Rhino"
    -Railtank, top-mounted M247 HMG, dual rear-mounted M319 GLs

  • M400 Artillery System "Kodiak"
    -Fitted with M400 Long Range High-Arc Cannon (400mm) and AIE-486H Heavy Machine Gun (7.62x59mm)

  • M650 APC "Mastodon"
    -Fitted with M41 Light AA Gun, large cargo/personnel bay

  • M98 Battle Tank "McCormmick"
    -Fitted with 105mm cannon (HEAT, HE, AP) and M2095A2 MG (.30 caliber)

  • M2102 Light Armored Vehicle-Troop Transport/Anti-tank/Anti-aircraft "Scrub Grub"
    -AT variant is fitted with twin TOW missile launcher (12 rockets) and AA variant has the same launcher but with heat-seeking missiles

  • 80-X Boxguard
    -Fitted with 4 legs, 2 7.62mm miniguns and 2 guided-missile launchers

  • 80-M Boxguard
    -Manned variant of the Boxguard

  • Page Delta-2 Peacebringer
    -(same as previous with only 2 legs)

  • HRUNTING/YGGDRASIL Mk. IX Armor Defense System "Mantis" [exoskeleton]
    -Fitted with M655MG/AM [20mm] and M5920 SGM Launcher [unguided] [35mm]

  • HRUNTING Mk. III "Cyclops"


    • Arctic // Can easily smash ice and snow // Fitted with wrist-mounted flamethrower

    • Desert // [above but sand] // Fitted with wrist-mounted M12 [.50 cal]

    • Desert Sniper // N/A // Fitted with SRS 99 AM [14.5x114mm]

    • Heavy Assault // Can easily smash most metals // Fitted with M41 LAAG and LAU-65D

    • Incinerator // N/A // Fitted with arm-mounted flame cannon [yes, cannon]

    • 'Undead' Containment // Can easily smash some metals // Fitted with arm-mounted energy cannon

    • Breaker // Can easily break some metals // Fitted with plasma cutters, hydraulic rams, variable grabbers, and assorted cutting tools

    • Protector // Can easily break some metals // Fitted with large tanks of fire-retardant foam, a high-pressure foam projector, and a high-torque gripping arm

  • Magnetic/Mass Accelerator Cannon (structural installation)
    -Large railgun that fires ferric Tungsten or depleted Uranium (29.85ft in length at 98425.19 ft/s)

[Air Vehicles]
  • F99 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle / Combat and Reconnaissance "Wombat"
    -Fitted with dual 7.62x59mm MGs

  • D77-Troop Carrier/Heavy Lift/Attack VTOL "Pelican"
    -Fitted with motion trackers, a chin-mounted 70mm 360* rotary cannon, dual Anvil-II ASM Rocket Pods (eight missiles each), rear ramp with AIE-486H HMG or 25mm GL. Also contains internal troop bay that holds 8 people (Sitting)

  • AV-14 Attack VTOL "Hornet"
    -Fitted with dual GUA-23/A Heavy Autocannons, single GUA-23 Heavy Autocannon (.50 BMG) and dual Class 2 Guided Munitions Launch Systems (unknown round, fires missiles)

  • AV-22 Attack VTOL/Gunship "Sparrowhawk"
    -Fitted with dual GUA-23/AW Autocannons (unknown round) and chin-mounted W/AV M6 G/GNR (25x130mm projectile at 792,458 m/s)

  • BEE/GBSM-Troop Carrier "Osprey"
    -Interior room to accommodate 6 passengers plus 1 pilot

  • UR-22-Gunship/Troop Carrier "Quadwing"
    -Fitted with dual 8-set rockets and belly-mounted chaingun (30mm)

  • UAR-47-Drone "Wasp"
    -Fitted with chin-mounted chaingun (.50 caliber) and 2 rocket pods

  • UH-144 VTOL-Troop Transport "Falcon"
    -Chin-mounted M638 autocannon and dual side-mounted M247H Machine Guns (or) MG460 Auto Grenade Launchers (for pasenger use)

  • AC-220 Gunship "Vulture"
    -Dual underside GUA-23/AW Autocannons (30mm), x6 A-47 AS Sylver Vertical Missile Launchers, x16 Argent V AA Missile Launchers

  • Alta F-993 "Destroyer"
    -Fitted with nose-mounted GUA-8/A Autocannon "Avenger" (30x173mm) and x12 Archer Missiles

  • Alta F-322 VTOL "Albatross"
    -Fitted with dual fuselage-mounted M638 autocannons (HE) and dual Anvil-II ASM rocket pods (4 each)

  • Morpho A-451 "Savage"
    -Fitted with nose-mounted GUA-8/A Autocannon "Avenger" (30x173mm) and x16 Medusa missiles

  • Morpho E-57291 "Tornado"
    -Fitted with GUA-23 Heavy Autocannon (.50 BMG), x 8 Hydra 70 or APKWS II missiles (70mm), and x14 GUA-61D/A rockets

  • D96-TCE Mk. C "Aegis"
    -Medium-sized cargo bay

[Space Vehicles]
  • AS-FC (Arcadian Space-Faring Craft) YSS-1000 Anti-Ship Spaceplane "Sabre"
    -Dual autocannons (30mm) and heat-seeking "Medusa" missiles

  • AS-FC F-41 Exoatmospheric Multi-Role Strike Fighter "Broadsword"
    -Dual M1075 ASW/AC MLA autocannons (35mm + HE) and dual M6088 ST/MMP (missiles)

  • AS-FC B-65 Suborbital Long-Range Fighter "Shortsword"
    -M995 ASW/AC MLA autocannons (30mm), x50 Mk 208 bombs, x30 GBU-1105 Cryo bombs, x30 XGBU-302 Disruption ( EMP) bombs, and a nuclear payload

  • AS-FC GA-TL1 Longsword-Class Interceptor "Longsword"
    -Dual front-mounted rotary cannons (120mm), dual wing-mounted M9109 ASW/AC MLA (50mm), x4 ASGM-10 Missiles, x1 Shiva-Class Nuclear Missile, x36 Space Mine "Moray"

[Space Installations]
  • Mk. V Orbital Defense Platform "Super MAC"
    -Fires 3000 ton Tungsten/depleted Uranium projectile at 39342842.25 ft/s
    --Powered by Orbital Defense Generators; Reload/recharge - 10 seconds
    -Known Stations: Cairo, Malta, Gao, Kathu, Leno, Switchback, Athens

  • Refit/Repair Station
    -Able to refit up to 6 ships at a time.
    -Known Stations: Osmo

  • Surveillance Station
    -Used to pinpoint any objects around the planet it orbits
    -Known Station: Osmo (yes, it does b o t h)

  • Navigation Beacon
    -Used to direct spacecraft
    -Known Station: RA-15

  • Research Station
    -Not much to explain here...
    -Known Stations: Ivanoff, Argent Moon

  • Deep Space Research Array
    -Researches large space-based events and objects