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[Section 6: Economy]

---Economic Activity---


Tourism is a large part of the Arcadian economy. 60.3 million tourists visited in 2229, making it the fourth-largest tourist destination under Talitsa, Sundown, and Paradise Falls. Hotspots include Pirth City for its designation as the capital city as well as the largest city, the Stonehill Mountains for their karst and limestone makeup, the Montero Caves for their depth and length, and the Schil Peninsula for its elegant flora.


Agriculture is a major industry on Arcadia, as it is a net exporter for food. As of the census of agriculture in 2227, there are/were 4.5 million farms, covering an area of 1844 million acres, with an average of 418 acres per farm. While all farming activity ocurs on every continent, it is mostly concentrated on Avalon and the newly developed Eire, which are flat in most areas. Arcadia and Harvest have led many improvements in agriculture, such as smart farming/precision agriculture. The industry is overseen by Ida Mercantile.

[Currency & Taxes]

[placeholder tax rate is 11%] [currency is palatial]


i got nothing currently


note: local means its grown or made locally, not sold locally


  • Automobiles

  • Specialized Weaponry/Military Equipment

  • Machines/Farming Equipment

  • Petroleum

  • Coffee

  • Gunpowder

  • i should add more here

  • Concrete


  • Medicinal Supplies/Recreational Drugs
    -Praxis Kits
    -Orchid Drug
    -Herbal Synthesizer
    -Sealant Mesh

  • Augments [limb replacements and a simple neural chip only]

  • Honey

  • Cloth/Textiles

  • Beverages
    --Procyon Champagne [local drink]

  • Vegetables
    --Eurfs [local carrots]
    -Erta Beans [local vegetable]
    -Lima Beans
    -Green Beans

  • Fruits
    -Crolls [local fruit]
    -Orcoe [local fruit]
    -Arcadian Red Fruit [local fruit obv]
    -Hyaims [local fruit]
    -Coca [illegally]

  • Grains
    -Amaranth Grain
    -Fulia Grass [local grain]
    -Plabferi Grain [local grain]
    -Irukan [local grain]
    -Solderi [local grain]

  • Meats/Proteins

  • Dairy
    -Cheese [varied types]

  • Spices
    -Sky Spice [local spice]
    -Napkirįly Bay Leaf [local spice]
    -Ulgher Chi [local spice]
    -Ground Ginger
    -Green Zest [local spice]
    -Indigo Arrowleaf [local spice]

  • Decorative Stone [in like tile form]

  • Metals
    -Imbrium Metallum

  • Precious Metals
    -Vru'sa [local metal]

  • Wood/Lumber
    -Kafel Wood [homegrown from Kafel tree]
    -Oak Wood

[Trade Partners]

  • Earth - China, Derika, Himalayas, Rothella, UAE

  • Harvest

  • Meridian

  • Levosia

---Government Funding---

The Arcadian government funds many public services and more. The list below discloses the percentage of each budget. [terrible chart ik but its what i get for tryna be cool]