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[WiP] Autropolan Star Cluster

This page is being updated offline as of October, 2021. This will be a major revision of the regional wiki in preparation for a major update to regions and gameplay in NationStates. More information about this change can be found here.

The Star Cluster
of Autropolis

Regional Symbol

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· Interstellar Council:
⠀⠀┗ Supreme Chancellor
⠀⠀⠀⠀┗ Endolantron
⠀⠀┗ Secretary Chancellor
⠀⠀⠀⠀┗ Ellenburg
⠀⠀┗ State Exeutive
⠀⠀⠀⠀┗ Solariia

Autropolis is a sequestered star cluster founded by Endolantron on March 11th, 2003. By order of discovery, the region was populated thenceforth by: Futurus (March 20th, 2003), Shugeria (April 13th, 2003), Dakrov (May 5th, 2003), Kazete (September 27th, 2003), Navigator (October 2nd, 2003), Goazedth (October 22nd, 2003), and Zenar (December 8th, 2003).

In 2010, the first major government of Autropolis assembled following a population boom over a span of 3 years. The government then was known as the LinkFirst Planetary Council and was appointed with the following nations: Bordoria, Dalenport, Ellenburg, Kart hadaszt and Trackia. In 2011, the combined effects of a lack of recruitment and regional activity resulted in the First Planetary Council dissolving. Former member nations Ceased To Exist (CTE). By 2012, the region returned to its pre-2006 state. In early 2014, the regional founder, Endolantron, released a statement in regards to the regions status. The region survived stagnation and began rebounding in 2018 when Endolantron and Solariia formed an interim council. After the return of Ellenburg the former Planetary Council was reformed into the Interstellar Council. A series of laws passed establishing territorial limits, elections and new government positions. Autropolis participated with Forest and Yggdrasil in N-Daył and N-Day⁴.

The Planetary Council

The Planetary Council comprised several nations that served as representatives for Autropolis. Each successive Council was assigned a numeric value corresponding to the order of appointment. However, only one council ever assembled.

Planetary Council

Date of Appointment

Date of Dissolvement


First Planetary Council

September 21st, 2010


· Bordoria
· Dalenport
· Ellenburg
· Kart hadaszt
· Trackia

The Interstellar Council

The Interstellar Council was created as part of the Government Reform Act, A.L. 0001 and comprises several nations that serve as representatives for Autropolis. Each successive Council is assigned a numeric value corresponding to the order of their first assembly. Government Reform Act, A.L. 0002 specifies the duration of elected governments into three terms of 122 days each except on leap years where the first term will contain 121 days. The first Council was an exception to A.L. 0002.

Interstellar Council

Date of Appointment

Date of Dissolvement


First Interstellar Council

January 27th, 2019


· Endolantron
· Solariia
· Ellenburg

Foreign Relations

Autropolan foreign relations have, for most of its existence, remained minimal. Autropolis received most of its embassy construction requests in 2007-2008 but most ceased diplomatic missions by 2010.

Economic Indicators - Updated: 8/26/2018
Measured in Universal Standard Dollars ($)

Regional Population: 302,353,000,000
Regional GDP: $9.5 trillion
Average GDP Per Capita: $31,539.88
Highest GDP Per Capita: Futurus $40,019
Lowest GDP Per Capita: Archade $9,999