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Overview Sol-Nippon Empire

The Sol-Nipponese Empire
The Empire of Sol-Nippon

Imperial Standard

Imperial Seal

Eternal Sun Empire

"Indivisible Under the Everlasting Sun"

Sol-Nippon Proper




Soleanna City (Soleanna)
Kyōto (Nippon)

Largest City


Official Language

Sollia & Nipponese

National Language

Sollia, English, Nipponese



Ethnic Groups

Solus (49%)
Nipponese (44%)
Other (7%)


Solarianism (43%)
Shintoism (41%)
Other (16%)


Absolute Dual-Monarchy

‣ Emperor-King

Lawrence II

‣ Empress-Queen



Imperial Court


Sol-Nippon Union

1346 M.Y.

Preceeded By




Aryen (Ar圓)

GDP (Nomial)

$489 Billion (Per Capita) $27,950


0.877 ( Very High) ▲

Time Zone

UTC -10 to -12 (Soleanna)
UTC UTC +10 to +11 (Nippon)

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The Sol-Nipponese Empire (Nipponese: ソルニッポン, Soru-Nippon), commonly referred as Sol-Nippon is an absolute dual-monarchy east of Elashia and west of Acalas in the Disun Ocean. Originally a personal-union between Soleanna & Shin-Nippon-Teikoku (otherwise, known as Nippon), now fated as real union or otherwise a single nation under the wedlock of their emperor & empress. Sol-Nippon encompasses the undisupted territories of both Soleanna & Nippon, which stretches from them mid-eastern coast of Elashia to the south-western outskirts of Acalas. The Empire bolsters the might of both Soleanna & Nippon granted, rivaling Chun Nan.

















The name "Sol-Nippon" is a portmanteau of Soleanna & Shin-Nippon-Teikoku. With 'Sol' being deprived from Soleanna and 'Nippon' being deprived from Shin-Nippon-Teikoku (Commonly referred as, Nippon); Combining the two resulted in what is 'Sol-Nippon'. Whilst, the populus of Sol-Nippon are denoted as 'Sol-Nipponese', which is a play on words of Soleanna & Shin-Nippon-Teikoku's native demonyms.


Union of Soleanna & Nippon

The founding of Sol-Nippon came to be upon the marriage of Lawrence of Soleanna & Mizuki of Nippon, which in subsequent established a personal union between the Kingdom of Soleanna & and the Kingdom of Nippon. Although the wedded couple had decided to further the union into a real union upon the birth of an heir. Which would prove beneficial to both of the island faring nations according to each nation's statistical experts' conclusions, granted would result in present-day Sol-Nippon.


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Ethnic Groups

Ethically, Sol-Nippon is primarily composed of those native to Acalas known as Acalasan and to Elashia known as Elashians, by fault of the empire spanning between the two continents of Acalas and Elashia.


Species-wise, Sol-Nippon is predominately composed of humans, which make up about 82% of Sol-Nippon proper population while the minority being sub-groups of Kemonomimi (Otherwise known as demi-humans or people with animal characteristics). However, there isn't much visibility of segregation between humans and demi-humans in Sol-Nippon as Benevolent as the Imperial Government. As most demi-humans live by the same standards as a normal human, even some living the lavish life of that in service of nobility.






The Imperial Government of Sol-Nippon is an Absolute Dual Monarchy, in which two sovereign states are ruled by the same monarch. However, both state remains autonomous on domestic policy with the monarch whose power is practice unrestrictedly and is by de-jure the head of state & government as per se enriched in the law of the empire.

The legislative body of the imperial government also known as the Imperial Court is seated as more of an advisory group as the legislative power is also vested in the monarch. In spite of this, each member of the imperial court serves concurrently as a governor of a province of within Sol-Nippon; granted their power is only applicable at a domestic level. However, all actions made by imperial officials are subjected to be in the name of the monarch.


See Article: The Sol-Nipponese Armed Forces




Foreign Relations

See Article: Foreign Relations of Sol-Nippon

Internationally, Sol-Nippon interactions primarily take place on the eastern coast of Elashia and the western coast of Acalas; with most of its trade done domestically between Nippon & Soleanna. However, the biggest trade partner of Sol-Nippon is Chun Nan, whom it trades with for luxuries such as jewels, silk, porcelain, etc... on the eastern coast of Elashia. Whilst on the western coast of Acalas is more or less is the Republic Nekaro, which happens to be a commonwealth of then-Soleanna now that of Sol-Nippon; providing key resources such as iron & gold.


Economic Indication





Exchange Rate

Aryen (Ar圓) 1 = (NSD) $1.48

Sol-Nippon's economy is primarily driven on the domestic exports and sales of agriculture from Nippon, being much of the rural half and precision engineering & manufacturing from Soleanna, being the industrialized half of the empire vice-versa. However, Sol-Nippon has the tendency to venture into foreign economies at the expense of its trade surplus As one would put it, they've established an economic sphere of influence in the waters of Disun. By fault of their economic holdings in nations such as Chun-Nan, Nekaro and other coastal nations based in Disun.

Sol-Nippon jewel to its economic success is the Magius Engine, originating from Soleanna (1276). With no known nation having able to replicate nor succeed in its design; Presently, Sol-Nippon reigns in the industry in magical mechanics with the engine. Granted with its high demands, the prices for an individual engine is enough for a poor family to join the average middle-class family.