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The Asiendalian Kingdom of
Inoffensive Centrist Democracy

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Military forces

Raykrayan and Asiendalian Military

25% of the nation's GDP goes to the army

Special Troops
T-45 Power Armor(48 150)Retired / In storage

T-60 Power Armor(18 900)In service/ In production

The T-60 series of powered combat infantry armor is an evolution of the T-45 power armor design. This stop-gap model was extensively modified and effectively re-imagined, leading the Asiendalian military to reclassify it from an upgrade to a separate power armor variant. Entering service after the conclusion of the Battle of Anchorage, the T-60 was used extensively by the Army in all theaters alongside the T-51 power armor, including the domestic front, enforcing order in the nation.

As with other power armor models, the T-60 is designed for a single operator. Compared to the T-45, the T-60 is much more heavily armored, although it lacks the sophisticated armor pattern of the T-51. The end result is an extremely protective armor system, though protection comes at the expense of agility and a reduction in battlefield awareness, as the additional power pack armor plating reduces rear visibility together with the oversize pauldrons. As usual for T-series power armor, the helmet completes the ensemble and includes an air filtration system, a bullet-proof vision slit, an electric lamp, and external ports that allow the operator to listen to his surroundings and double as attachments points for extensions. The standard upgrade is a drop-down ocular.

Any shortcomings of the T-60 were compensated for through deployment: A T-60 power armor was usually deployed with support from light infantry units, equipped with energy weapons. After the Great War, T-60 power armor became a rare sight until the reformed Brotherhood of Steel under Captain Saint Jackson recovered a substantial number of these suits (or T-45 conversion packs) and adopted the T-60 as the service uniform of its soldiers.

Infantry Flag

232 000 000 soldiers(offensive)
5 000 000 ready for duty
165 000 000 in reserves
10 000 000 on the borders(defensive)
24 000 000 abroad in allied bases and garrisons. (both roles)
All:272 230 000 soldiers.(w/o reserves)
Equipment -









PP 2000



PKP Pecheneg (6P41)

Izhmash SV 98

Dragunov SVD

Barrett. 50cal

As Val

VSS Vintorez


AGS-40 Balkan automatic grenade launcher

RPG - 7 & variants

RPG-30 Kryuk

2B25 Gull silent mortar

AT-14 Spriggan(9M133 Kornet)

9K333 Verba

Udav 9x21

MP 443 "Grach" 9x19

Colt X .45

Beretta M9 9x19


Saiga 12k

Battle axe

K1 Battle knife

6B45 ballistic vest

6B46 tactical vest

6B47 military helmet

6Sh117 all-purpose lightweight individual carrying equipment

1PN139 thermographic monitor

NPI-2 wearable GLONASS receiver for the soldier

'Sagittarius' commanding officer tablet computer

Ratnik-3 suit

Read factbook

And also the special forces -

These are the best special forces in the Asiendalian army.

M4A1 modified with grenade launcher.
4× grenades(smoke ×4, stun ×4,normal ×4)
Night vision
Combat knife
Pistol : Colt X

"Black Ops"
Asiendalian secondary best forces.

Grenades ×2
Pistol : M9 Beretta
Combat knife

Read factbook

Nuclear weapons

N-1 Mach 30 (27800) In service/ In production

Armored Vechiles
All Armored Vechiles: 156 690
H75 "Boza" / H76 "Katil Boza" ( 2500) Retired / In storage
A31G15 "Lepilo" (1250) Retired / In storage
CHE "Kuchilo" 435 (3120) Retired / In storage
"Bubolechka" T120A3 (740) Retired / In storage
A1-ARK "MaikaKravica" 336 (4870) Retired / In storage
KAMAZ Typhoon (18 650) In service/ In production

S-133 "Partizan" (4560) In service/ In production

AV-890 (100 200) In service/ In production

AV-6 (20 800) In service/ In production

Artillery and Missile Systems & MLRSs
All Artillery:

2S35 "Koalitsiya" SV (1200) In service/ In production

Haubitze (3100) In service/ In production

BM-30 Smerch (800) In service/ In production

"Kozak" (1010) In service/ In production

KAMAZ Tornado-G(1025)In service/ In production

S-400 "Triumph" Missile system (1300)In service/ In production

Bastion Coastal Missile System "Yakhont" (1400)In service/ In production

-Operating with P-800 Onyx , P-700 Granit, P-270 Moskit, Naval Drache missiles

All tanks: 16280
T-72 (1560) In service/ In production

Terminator 2 BMPT (1200) In service/ In production

T-14 Armata (5000) In service/ In production

Leopard-1(505) Retired / In storage

UTA-400VA (15) sent by Great Slavyaniya

"Kotkata Strazh" (8000) In service/ In production

Navy forces

Navy Flag

The whole navy consists of 901 ships and 234 submarines, also 13 580 hovercrafts, and including 70 000 boats and small vessels.
All marine troops count: 40 580 000
(89% male, 11% female)
All budget spend on navy every year
~ 35 750 854 325 711 Querls.

"Nathan James"(destroyer type ship) -The Spear of the Navy

Uses :
150mm cannon
Missile Type "Tomahawk" Mach 12
Missile Type "Kathleen" Mach 12
Torpedo Type "Snakefish" (200km/h)
Helicopter land spot : 1 (1max Helicopter)
Anti-Missile System Type installed "BrandenShield"

Captain:Tom Chandler

XO: Mike Slattery

Hovercraft "Kotilo" A4 (13580) In service/ In production

~modified with small anti-air missile silos ×2 using Missile Type"Naval Drache" Mach 6
~modified with Gatling M15 15mm gun / 5400 munitions - > used in close fight (range 800 meters)
Max. 60 soldiers can be transported via one "Kotilo"

Fregate class S7u "Sandra" (130) In service/ In production

1 x 76 mm dual purpose main gun
8 x C-803 subsonic anti-ship missiles with 180 km range
32 Vertical launch system (VLS) cells for 50 km range HQ-16 (Shtil) SAM with semi-active radar seeker.
2 x Type-730 Close in Weapons System (CIWS) with dedicated search, track and fire control radar. This is being replaced by the 11 barreled Type 1030 CIWS in the newer ships.
2 x 6 ASW rocket launchers for short range rockets
2 triple 324 mm lightweight torpedo tubes

Fregate class S3A2 "Krasnii Volk" (120) In service/ In production

1 × 130mm A-192M primary gun
16 Universal VLS cells which can be armed with P-800 Oniks (300-500 km range) anti-ship missiles, Kalibr-Nk land attack cruise missiles (2500 km range), 91RTE2 Anti-submarine missile (which drops a torpedo 50 km away)
Long-range air defense is provided by 32 Redut VLS cells, which can carry 32 9M96E series SAMs of 40-120 km range
2 Palash CIWS with twin 30 mm Gatling guns each. It has an integrated electro-optic fire control system and 8 short range SAMs.
2 pedestal mounted 14.5 mm heavy machine guns
It has 2 x 4 330mm torpedo tubes for the unique Paket-NK torpedoes which can engage enemy submarines as well as torpedoes, thus serving a dual role.

Battleship class A11 type "Victoria" (340) In service/ In production

298mm cannons ×10 main battery
->Range 37.1km
57mm secondary battery cannons ×6
->Range 14.1km
67mm secondary battery cannons ×2
->Range 15.1km
Anti-air missiles "Naval Drache" & "Drache" Mach 6
Missiles Type "Tomahawk" Mach 12
Missiles Type "Kathleen" Mach 12
Missiles Type "Babait" Mach 12
Torpedo Type "Snakefish" (200km/h)
Anti-Missile System Type installed "DevilFish-1"
Helicopter land spot : 1 (1max helicopter)

Destroyer type "Zerstörung" (80) In service/ In production

Missiles Type "Kathleen" Mach 12
Missiles Type "Lopata" Mach 12
Torpedo Type "Bluewhale" (250km/h)
Anti-Missile System Type installed "Wyvern"
Anti-Air System Type installed "SuperSky"

Cruiser class Y3 type "Ritter des Krieges"(45) In service/ In production

298mm cannon ×2
->Range 40km main battery
105mm secondary battery cannons ×4
->Range 16.7km
Anti-Air missiles Type "Naval Drache" & "Drache" Mach 6
Missiles Type "Kathleen" Mach 12
Missiles Type "Kathleen-2" Mach 12
Torpedo Type "Bluewhale" (250km/h)
Anti-Missile System Type installed "Black Gate"
Anti-Air System Type Installed "SuperSky"
Helicopter land spot : 2 (2max helicopters)

Stealth Cruiser class Y7 type "Giendrag" (20) In service/ In production

Missiles type "Kathleen" Mach 12
Missiles type "Shadowrunner" Mach 18
Torpedoes type "Bluewhale" (250km/h)
Anti-Missile System Type installed "Wyvern"
Anti-Air System Type installed "SuperSky"

Air force Carrier "Hakileus"(90) In service/ In production

~modified with missile silos
Missiles Type "Kathleen" Mach 12
Missiles Type "Lopata" Mach 12
Missiles Type "Superslav" Mach 20
Missiles Type "Theseus" Mach 24
Jets space : 45

Air force Carrier "Cyclops"(60) In service/ In production

Missiles Type "Kathleen" Mach 12
Missiles Type "Lopata" Mach 12
Helicopters space: 30

ASS 097 "Archidyakona"(1)In service/ In production

Armed with 200 - 300 pieces of Anti-Ship Missiles


Attack submarine "Kriegsherr"(186) In service/ In production

Torpedo Type "Snakefish" (200km/h)
Torpedo Type "Bluewhale" (250km/h)
Max Depth : 325 - 400m

Nuclear attack submarine "Achilles"(58) In service/ In production

Torpedo Type "Morski Vulk" (350km/h)
Torpedo Type "Bluewhale" (250km/h)
Missiles Type "Kathleen" Mach 12
Nuclear Missiles "N-1" Mach 30
Max Depth : 500 - 600m

Nuclear Attack submarine class Y-88 "Sarakanski"(8)In service/ In production

Torpedo Type "Morski Vulk" (350km/h)
Nuclear Missile Type "End Day" ( powerful as Tsar Bomba)
Missiles Type "Kathleen" Mach 12
Missiles Type "Theseus" Mach 24
Nuclear Missiles "N-1" Mach 30
Max Depth : 700 m

All Air Forces: 9061
All Helicopters: 2615

"Yastreb" A11 (720) In service/ In production

Gatling M17 ( 15mm) - (5800 munitions)
Missiles Type "Drache" Mach 6
Max Speed : 294km/h
Max Troops carried : 8 (without the pilots)

AH7 "Zilos" (100) Retired / In storage
MAH "Kapandura" 44 (98) Retired / In storage
MI - 24 (754) In service/ In production

Gatling M14 ( 11mm) - (4300 munitions)
Missiles Type "Scorp1" Mach 6
Max Speed : 258km/h
Max Troops carried : 6 (without the pilots)

Kamov Ka-52 Alligator(358) In service/ In production

The Ka-52 Alligator is equipped with 30mm calibre 2A42-1 aircraft gun, and can also carry a Strelets missile system, launch systems for guided missiles such as Ataka and Vikhr-1, as well as a launch system for S-8 unguided missiles.
Missiles Type "Drache" Mach 6
Max Speed : 288km/h
Max Troops carried : 6 (without the pilots)

AD13 "Hunter" (585) In service/ In production

Transport only~
Max Speed : 200km/h
Max Troops carried : 30 (without the pilots)

Fighters and bombers
All planes: 6596

Ground Attack Plane Dragon (GAP Dragon)(120) Retired/ In storage
Ground Attack Plane Dragon Nav
(Same Thing, but used by The Navy)(80) Retired / In storage

General characteristics
Crew: 2 (Pilot + weapons operator. 1 is technically only needed).
Length: 16.36 m.
Wingspan: 17.85 m.
Height: 4.48 m.
Wing area: 48 m˛.
Empty weight: 11,300 kg.
Max takeoff weight: 25,000 kg.
Powerplant: Two CE TF-203B turbofans, 9,070 lbf (40.45 kN) each.
Internal fuel capacity: 5,000 kg.

Maximum speed: Mach 0.6 (740.8 km/h).
Ferry range: About 4,200 km. on internal fuel.
Combat radius: CAS: 500 km. for 2 hrs. About same for other.
Service ceiling: 13,700 m.
Wing loading: 490 kg/m˛.
Thrust/weight: 0.38.

Guns: One WA Leerings 40 mm 7-barreled Gatling Cannon (1,400 capacity).
Hardpoints: 11 (8× under-wing and 3× under-fuselage pylon stations) with a capacity of 7,850 kg and provisions to carry combinations.
This plane is being bought from Common Territories(All rights reserved)

F-1A "Zemlovka" (420) Retired / In storage
K-135(350) In service/ In production

~Heavy bomber and transportation plane
Gatling M30 (35mm) - (13500 munitions)
Bombs Type "Xertoks" 1000 lb
Bombs Type "Rinator" 2500 lb
Max Speed : 350km/h
Max Troops carried : 45 (without the pilots)

Su-35 (570) In service / In production

Missiles Type "Drache" Mach 6
Missiles Type "Scorp1" Mach 6
Max Speed : 2,1 Mach

Yak-130 (780) In service/ In production

A symmetric or asymmetric weapon load, weighing up to 3,000 kg (6,600 lb) and consisting of various guided and un-guided weapons, auxiliary fuel tanks and electronics pods can be carried on 9 hardpoints: 1 on each wingtip, 3 under each wing, and 1 under the fuselage.
-Missiles Type "Drache" Mach 6
-Unguided bombs "Dert" 110lbs
20 mm M61A2 Vulcan (480 munitions)

Sukhoi Su 57 (806) In service/ In production

For air-to-air combat, the Su-57 is expected to carry four beyond-visual-range missiles in its two main weapons bays and two short-range missiles in the wing root weapons bays. The primary medium-range missile is the active radar-homing K-77M , an upgraded R-77 variant with AESA seeker and conventional rear fins. The short-range missile is the infrared-homing ("heat seeking") K-74M2, an upgraded R-74 variant with reduced cross-section for internal carriage. A clean-sheet design short-range missile designated K-MD is being developed to eventually replace the K-74M2. For longer ranged applications, four large izdeliye 810 beyond-visual-range missiles can be carried, with two in each main weapons bay.
The T-50 prototype has two tandem main internal weapon bays each approximately 4.6 m (15.1 ft) long and 1.0 m (3.3 ft) wide and two small triangular-section weapon bays that protrude under the fuselage near the wing root.Internal carriage of weapons preserves the aircraft's stealth and significantly reduces aerodynamic drag, thus preserving kinematic performance compared to performance with external stores. The Su-57's high cruising speed is expected to substantially increase weapon effectiveness compared to its predecessors. Vympel is developing two ejection launchers for the main bays: the UVKU-50L for missiles weighing up to 300 kg (660 lb) and the UVKU-50U for ordnance weighing up to 700 kg (1,500 lb).The aircraft has an internally mounted 9A1-4071K (GSh-301) 30 mm cannon near the right LEVCON root.

AC-130H "Ghostrider(101) In service/ In production

- 2× 7,62mm guns
- 1× 20 mm M61 "Vulcan"
- 1× 105 mm M102 Howitzer
- 1× 40 mm L60 Bofors cannon
- Missiles Type "Theseus" Mach 18
- Missiles Type "Drache" Mach 6
- Missiles Type "Scorp1" Mach 6
Max Speed : 480 km/h

B-52 "Stratofortress" (149) In service/ In production

The B-52H, with a weapons payload of more than 70,000lb, is capable of carrying the most diverse range of weapons of any combat aircraft.

The nuclear weapons capacity includes 12 AGM-129 advanced cruise missiles (ACMS), 20 AGM-86A air-launched cruise missiles (ALCM) and eight bombs.

The conventional weapons payload is eight AGM-84 Harpoon missiles, four AGM-142 Raptor missiles, 51 500lb bombs, 30 1,000lb bombs, 20 AGM-86C conventional air-launched cruise missiles (CALCM), 12 joint stand-off weapons (JSOW), 12 joint direct-attack munitions (JDAM) and 16 wind-corrected munitions dispenser (WCMD).

The B-52H can also deliver 51 500lb, 30 1,000lb and 20 2,000lb navy mines.

The aircraft can climb at the rate of 31.85m/s. The maximum speed is 1,000km/h. The range and service ceiling of the B-52H are 15,937km and 15,151m respectively. The aircraft can fly to a maximum height of 15,240m. It weighs around 83,250kg and the maximum take-off weight is 220,000kg.

Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit(150) In service/ In production

~Stealth Bomber
Maximum speed: 4 Mach
Expansion: 52 m
Flight distance: 16,500 km

Tupolev Tu-142 (150) In service/ In production

F-117 "Night Hawk" (150) In service/ In production

- Unguided Bombs Dert, Kolt and BongoMaimunata
Speed - Mach 0.9 - 1.2

F-22 Raptor(700) In service/ In production

20 mm M61A2 Vulcan (480 munitions)
Missiles Type – 8x "Drache"
2х 450 kg unguided aerial bombs "Kols"
8х 110 kg unguided aerial bombs "Dert"
Max Speed : 2,4 Mach

F-35(610) Retired / In storage

Guns: 1 × General Dynamics 25 mm (0.984 in) GAU-22/A 4-barrel rotary cannon, internally mounted with 180 rounds.
× 10 Missiles Type "Drache" Mach 6
× 4 Missiles Type "Naval Drache" Mach 6
(~"Naval Drache" is used against ships)
× 4 Missiles Type "Air-Ground-Drache" Mach 6
× 10 Bombs Type "Dert" 110 kg
× 5 Bombs Type "Drede" 550 kg
Max Speed : 1.9 Mach

BomBard55(810) In service/ In production

Bombs Type "Rinator" 2500 lb
Bombs Type "Bongomaimunata" 5000 lb
Max Speed : 1,5 Mach

Hell-Gargoyle 3000(650) In service/ In production

GAU/A6 - 6 rotary cannons / 25mm / 450 munitions.
Missiles Type "Drache" Mach 6
Missiles Type "Naval Drache" Mach 6
Max speed : 2,5 Mach

All Drones: 2206
Attack Drone "Renos" (452) In service/ In production

-Speed - 1.7 Mach
- 2× "Theseus" missiles
- 8× "Kols" unguided bombs
- 4× "Drache" missiles

Recon Drone "Texus" (1754) In service/ In production

USAF SR-71 high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft (number unknown) Retired / In storage

SR-72 Lockheed Martin "Aurora" (number unknown) In service / In Production

- Max Speed Mach 6 (with future improvements, it could reach Mach 8)
- Max Height reachable - 24 000 meters ( 80 000 feet)

Some Other Stuff
EMP Weapon"Gesos Xaus"(1)
Code number:45CGF68AA110
Power 1580~AA110(estimated time of recovery after the hit 25-50min.(depends))
Only manual stop!!
SSW-110456gHaJKKJ-Protection code #1
DugganHHJ12507662-Protection code #2
DFFvggGR56880-Protection code #3
Location:Underground passage #15 underneath base "Viktorman".(South Wing)
Highly recommended to be used only in necessary situations.

Type"Tomahawk" Mach 12 (51,359 produced)
Type"Babait" Mach 12 (7,554 produced)
Type"Lopata" Mach 12 (13,587 produced)
Type"Drache" Mach 6 (48,995 produced)
Type"Naval Drache" Mach 6 (37,648 produced)
Type"Wasp" Anti-Radar EMP Mach 6 (10,000 produced)
Type"Kathleen" Mach 12 (60,255 produced)
Type"Scorp1" Mach 6 (35,600 produced)
Type"Dwarf" Mach 20 (21,051 produced)
Type"Kathleen-2" Mach 12 (21,450 produced)
Type"Left Wing" Mach 12 (35,847 produced)
Type"P3N15" Mach 6(Slavyaniyan)(1,000 delivered)
Type"Superslav" Mach 20(Slavyaniyan)(20 delivered)
Type"Black Orden" Mach 16(18,454 produced)
Type"Orel" Mach 16(17,854 produced)
Type"Theseus" Mach 24(12,270 produced)
Type"Shadowrunner" Mach 18(7,645 produced)

Type"Snakefish" 200km/h (11, 870 produced)
Type"Bluewhale" 250km/h (8,570 produced)
Type"Morski Vulk" 350km/h (4,848 produced)

Type"Xertoks" 1000 lb (143,212 produced)
Type"Rinator" 2500 lb ( 67,875 produced)
Type"BongoMaimunata" 5000 lb (34,587 produced)
Type"Kols" 450kg (45,784 produced)
Type"Dert" 110kg (116,545 produced)
Type"Drede" 550kg (74,731 produced)

Anti-Ballistic Missiles
Type"D-1 Babushka" Mach 18 (40,845 produced)
Type"Korkolo"Mach 20 (43,642 produced)

Anti-Air Craft Systems
Type "SafeSky154"
Type "SafeSky158"
Type "Sky128"
Type "Godzilla"
Type "SuperSky"

Anti-Missile Instalations
Type "BrandenShield"
Type "DevilFish-1"
Type "Black Gate"
Type "Wyvern"