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Alvaria Right to Remove act


Right to Remove Act

IV Government of Alvaria
Proposed [04/16/2020]

NOTING That there is no legal way to remove someone from office.

NOTICING That this could result in someone staying in power after committing horrendous crimes

CONSIDERING Creating legislation to allow parliament to vote on removing someone who has been impeached from office

HEREBY: Creates legislation to resolve this.

    Date of Chancellor's Assent

    1. Definitions

    Impeachment - the action of calling into question the integrity or validity of something.

    2.Right to Remove

    Parliament shall be allowed to remove someone who has been impeached from office

    3.When to Remove

    Parliament may conduct a vote to remove someone from office after:

    I.Someone has been impeached; and
    II.Has attempted/refused to appeal their impeachment in court

    4.Impeached elected officials

    Impeached elected officials shall not be allowed to do their constitutional duties unless:

    I.The chancellor, or vice chancellor has given them permission to do so.

    5.Impeached Chancellor

    The chancellor may not conduct his or her duties with the vice chancellor taking their position. If the vice chancellor is also impeached, than the line of succession shall be followed until it has reached someone who has not been impeached.

Authored by Sivean