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Alvarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

-Current MoFA Logo
-Credit D3rpyDerps

-[Current Minister of Foreign Affairs:Aries]-
-[Current Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs:Admiral Sheer]-


Appointed by the Prime Minister, the Minister of Foreign Affairs acts as the Prime Ministers chief advisor when it comes to foreign affairs.
The Minister of Foreign Affairs will carry out the Prime Ministers foreign policies through the Ministry. Given permission by the Prime Minister
the Minister of Foreign Affairs shall do the duties of:

A) Serves as the Prime Ministerís principal adviser on Alvarian foreign policy;

B) Conducts negotiations relating to Alvarians foreign affairs;

C) Equators to foreign consuls in Alvaria;

D) Advises the Prime Minister on the appointment of Alvarian ambassadors and other diplomatic representatives;

E) Advises the Prime Minister regarding the acceptance, recall, and dismissal of the representatives of foreign governments;

F) Personally participates in or directs Alvarian representatives to international conferences, organizations, and agencies, subject to the involvement of the high government;

G) Negotiates, interprets, and terminates treaties and agreements, subject to the involvement of the high government;

H) Extends the protection of the Alvarian Government to Alvarian citizens and interests in foreign regions;

J) Supervises the administration of Alvarian laws abroad;

K) Provides information to Alvarian citizens regarding the political, economic, social, cultural, and other conditions in foreign regions, subject to The presence of better informed ambassadors or other persons; and the status of relations between Alvaria and the other regions;

L) Informs the Parliament and Alvarian citizens on the conduct of Alvarian foreign relations;

M) Promotes beneficial intercourse between Alvaria and other regions;

N) Administers the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and all other departments under it or lack thereof.


The powers of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry are up to the discretion of the Prime Minister, who also has the ability to override any decisions made.