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The Empire of
Corporate Police State

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Military Equipment

Handheld Weapons


The Sivean Empire lacks are large collection of different handheld weapons. With really only having the basics needed for "peace keeping"


The G-32 is a standard rifle capable of firing a laser that burns on impact. This weapon usually takes 2 or 3 hits to kill a human being.


The G-33 is a modified version of the G-32 for more long range combat. Essentially a sniper rifle, it's capable of firing a laser that burns on impact. This weapon usually takes 1 or 2 hits to kill a human being


The B-50 is an AT & AA rocket launcher. It is capable of firing 2 rockets before needing to be reloaded. It usually only takes one rocket to destroy a vehicle.


A Katana is given to Officers of the GA more for ceremonial reasons then actual use. It is a average Katana, nothing special about it.

Artillery Pieces

The Sivean Empire has only a few artillery pieces created to do as much damage as possible

Rail gun

Recently coming out of testing the rail gun is capable of firing a heavy rod at eminence speeds and long distances. Capable of destroying an entire colony is a couple of shots. These rail guns are rare, but very, very powerful.

Nuke Launcher

Inspired by the Davy Crochet, a artillary piece capable of firing a nuclear warhead was commissioned for use, capable of leveling an entire city in one shot, the Nuke Launcher has never been fired at other people "yet"

Ground Vehicles

The Sivean Empire uses a variety of ground vehicles for a variety of purposes, usually being tracked because of the harsh jungle covering nearly the entire planet.