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History of Genocides

There were around 9 genocides in total in Sivean History
[I do not believe we should do anything like this in real life] [My English is not perfect, please notify me of any spelling or grammar errors]

Political Genocide

When humanity left earth and landed on Sivean. Many of those who use to be part of the old earth governments were executed, along with their immediate family members. There was no room for opposition to the empire. For the empires goal is for the survival of humanity. This resulted in Sivean political dominance to ensure the planet was souly controlled by them. Many of those executed were taken into the thick jungles, never to be heard from again.

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Mental and Physically Disabled Genocide

After the first city of Sivean was constructed, the Emperor and the Sivean Council decided that to ensure humanities survival, they must eliminate undesirables such as the mentally insane and physically disabled. Attempting to keep it secret at first, many people were kidnapped or falsely arrested. However, rumors started to spread and it was eventually found out that they were being executed in secret camps in the jungle.

This would result in the Sivean Emperor admitting to what they were doing. This ultimately sped up the process as they no longer had to keep it covered up. It went from back ally kidnappings to door to door raids. The elemination of the Mental and Physically disabled continues to this day.

These executions would lead to the first large scale rebellion..

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Civilian Genocide

Once the news got out of the Mental and Physically Disabled Genocide. Many people became enraged, this resulted in mass riots and one of the largest rebellions in Sivean history. The streets were covered in fire from riots. the GA was deployed to deal with the situation. They would fire into the crowd of people without warning. Unfortunately, it did not end there. The GA raided multiple apartments, houses, condos and a variety of business. They shot every adult they found, kidnapping any children left behind. The riots and GA raids continued for months until the riots stopped, with the civilian populous horribly overwhelmed and left with no morale left.

The children left behind were taken to special camps, where they will be brainwashed until adulthood then released back into the general populous

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Religious Genocide

Originally, religion was allowed in the Sivean Empire, with many people practicing their religions. However this all changed after a radical religious terrorist groups began opposing the Sivean Empire, it was allowed completely. Anything religious was burned and anyone who refused to publicly denounce their religion was arrested and sent to work camps in the thick jungle. The conditions in these work camps were horrid. At this camp, you would work till you couldn't anymore, then brainwashed. Many people simply refused to work and just would not give up their religion. In order to convince them to obey, they began executing prisoners by either setting them on fire, hanging them, or stoning them. When none of these convinced them to convert. The prisoners were simply killed off in mass graves left for the animals.

To the current day,many people are still being sent to these camps.

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[u]Population Control Genocide

It was the darkest time in Sivean's history. Poverty was rampant, rations were getting smaller and smaller and people were starting to die of starvation. The Sivean Council & the Emperor decided it was time to drastically lower the population this would lead to the largest genocide in Sivean History. The GA were deployed to every city, town, and colony. Their mission? To kill all the oldest first, and if that didn't meat the quota start killing everyone else besides children.

Many towns were simply decimated by warships from orbit with little to no survivors, those lucky enough to survive these bombardments were usually just killed by clean up crews. Those in larger cities were slightly luckier, they could not just bombard a city so they had to go door to door. Many people did not escape...

This would last for a total of 1 week, 1 week of death and destruction to save humanity, for the greater good. This proves that Sivean will not let morales get in the way of humanities survival.

Estimated deaths

Prisoner Genocide

The prisons and camps were filling up with no room left for more. The councilman of Law and Judgment decided believed the only way to make more room, is to destroy those who currently inhabit them. His plan being approved by the Emperor, the killings started throughout all the prisons and camps.

Those in the prisons were offered a faster and painless death being lined up and shot in the head point blank one by one.
However, those in the camps were a lot less lucky. Many people in the camps were tortured to death by a variety of ways. Most commonly, they were put in a big ditch and set on fire.

The plan went smoothly and the prisons and camps were now ready for new prisoners. However, this would go on to happen another 3 times as the prison and camps filled up to max capacity and ending in the same result.

Estimated Deaths

Alien Natives Genocide

After discovering a collective of large alien tribes in caves. These aliens seemed like a squid that could move on land. They had one large eye and 6 tentacles. The Sivean Empire took great caution in researching them. For years they monitored their behavior and one day decided to make first contact. The Alien Natives immediately attacked the researchers.

This would result in them being designated as a threat to all of humanity. The GA were deployed immediately to the location. The Alien natives were slaughtered, they stood no chance against the technology humanity possessed. ith most of the Aliens being slaughtered the GA were ordered to find and take any survivors to a secret underground facility where they will be trained to work in mines.

Estimated Alien Deaths

Cybernetic Genocide

Before this genocide, it was legal and widely popular to have cybernetics in your body. Many of these cybernetics were for leisure. But some were made to make you stronger. The Councilman of Human Purity was revolted by these augmentations, claiming they would weaken humanity and lead to our downfall. It took years for him to convince the other council members to agree and to get the Emperor to approve of a new plan.

This plan was to terminate anyone with cybernetic augmentations regardless of what they were. This of course, did not apply to members of the GA and CA who needed them for their duties.

Civilians have been getting executed on the streets simply for have cybernetics. With it's wide spread popularity, many people have been and many people will be killed for it.

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Obesity Genocide

While obesity was not common in the Sivean Empire, it was a potential problem. The Councilman of Human Purity along side The Councilman of Law & Judgement worked together to get the council to agree to a plan to eliminate this potentiol threat.

It became illegal to be obese, and allow someone to become obese. Those who were obese were taken to work camps to lose the weight, if they could not lose the weight in 3 years, they were terminated.

Current Deaths and Counting