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Anti-Obesity Act

The Sivean Anti-Obesity Act

When humanity was suffering on planet Earth, many nations had or were on the brink of obesity problems. These problems ultimately lead to millions of deaths. Realizing this, the councilman of law & Judgment, created the Anti-Obesity Act. With Sivean's goal of keeping humanity alive, and improving humanity as a whole, the Anti-Obesity Act was passed by every member of the Sivean Council.

The Anti-Obesity Act placed numerous laws and punishments into action. The laws and punishments goes as follows

1. A person shall not allow themselves to become obese, regardless of health problems or medication.

2. A person shall not allow their dependents to become obese. Allowing them to do so is considered neglect, regardless of health problems or medication

3. A person who is overweight may not have foods containing more than 10 grams of sugar and/or 100 grams of sodium per serving.

Punishment for breaking these laws will result in a immediate placement in a work camp. At said work camp, they shall continue to work till they have returned to a optimal weight.

Failure to lose weight within a work camp in the time span of 5 years, shall result in immediate termination...