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Nations, that recognize Sinlenian Zindujan

1 - People's Republic of China
Recognition since 20th December 2010. Currently relations between PSRSZ and PRC are quite cold due the opportunist tendencies of PRC.
2 - Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Recognition since 20th December 2010. Sinlenian Zindujan's closest ally. Economical and military partnership.
3 - Socialist Republic of Vietnam
Recognition since 22nd December 2010.
4 - Islamic Republic of Iran
Recognition since 24th December 2010, even despite serious political misunderstanding.
5 - Republic of Cuba
Recognition since 24th December 2010. Originally a close ally of Sinlenian Zindujan, but currently there are serious disagreements between Cuba and Sinlenian Zindujan due the Cuban proposal of legalising same-sex marriages.
6 - Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal
Recognition since 31th December 2010. Ram Baran Yadav had oficially recognised Sinlenian Zindujan under the pressure of Comrade Prachanda and his party.
7 - Republic of Belarus
Recognition since 6th January 2011.
8 - Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
Recognition since 1st February 2011. Sinlenian Zindujan's closest ally in South America.
9 - Republic of Nicaragua
Recognition since 10th February 2011.
10 - Plurinational State of Bolivia
Recognition since 22nd February 2011.
11 - Republic of Ecuador
Recognition since 22nd February 2011.
12 - Federative Republic of Brazil
Recognition since 2nd March 2011.
13 - Republic of Mozambique
Recognition since 14th March 2011.
14 - Republic of Cyprus
Recognition since 10th April 2011. The only state of the European Union to recognize Sinlenian Zindujan.
15 - Lao People's Democratic Republic
Recognition since 1st May 2011. Oficially recognized Sinlenian Zindujan under the pressure of Vietnam and China.
16 - Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste
Recognition since 8th June 2012.
17 - Oriental Republic of Uruguay
Recognition since 19th June 2012.

Past recognitions:
Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya - recognition since 28th December 2010.