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Sierra Grand State Department

Sierra Grand State Department

"Unit้, libert้, justice"
Office of International Embassies
Office of Culture
Office of Domestic Affairs
Office of National Parks

List of International Embassies:
• Sierrese Embassy to The Imagination Animals in Crossoveripolis
○ Ambassador: Lukas Ifren
○ Consulate in BonAztirapolis
◘ Consul: Frank Errich
• Sierrese Embassy to Celestial Wave in LightHaven
○ Ambassador: Ingrid Flerich
○ Consulate in Nova
◘ Consul: Terry Ungel
• Sierrese Embassy to GruffyRichard and HillbillyBob in Greater Nuketown
○ Ambassador: John Ifult
○ No Consulate
• Sierrese Embassy to The Potatoez in Spud City
○ Ambassador: Yvette Friegs
○ No Consulate

List of Sierrese Spoken Languages:
• English (Port Elisabeth and the Coastline)
• French (Also In Port Elisabeth and the Coast along with the Flora Province)
• German (Spoken in Port Elisabeth and Centre provinces)

State News:
• 50 Gendarmerie Officers killed in Port Elisabeth Riots
• Government assassinated John Umalison, known Nazi sympathizer
Led by Vice-Consul of Sierra Grand Johannes Friegs

National Parks of Sierra Grand:
• Port Elisabeth National Park
○ Park Grounds
◘ Camping
◘ Sailing
◘ Hiking
○ Mount April
◘ Mountain Climbing
• Liberty Sea National Park
○ Sea and Park Grounds
◘ Swimming
◘ Sailing
◘ Kayak/Canoe
◘ Fishing with License
◘ Hiking