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Dangeom Moon - Biography (WIP)

Dangeom Tomomi Moon

Photo Taken For Color Magazine

President of Shiruku

In office:
Jo 1 (January 1), 2018-

Preceded by: Souma Ma

In office:
Jo 1 (January 1), 2010-Ens 73 (December 31), 2017 (1 Term)

Preceded by: Souma Ma
Succeeded by: N/A

Personal Details


Creh 39 (September 9), 1991 (age 27)
Yeon-An, Quonamen Province, Shiruku


5’ 5” (1.65 m)


112 lbs. (50.8 kg)



Political Party:

Social Trust




Miyako Moon (Adopted)




Quonamen State
- Juris Doctor

Zodiac Sign:




Political Identity:

Far-Left Moderate Social Libertarian


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Political Compass:

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8 Values:

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Political Affiliation:


"Judge people by their personality, not by their sexuality."
- Dangeom Tomomi Moon, National Pride Day


Early Life

Moon was born on Creh 39 (September 9), 1991 (age 27) in Yeon-An, Quonamen Province, Shiruku. She went to Seacoast Primary for her First-Age School where she excelled in ELA, programming & foreign languages. She graduated at 9 having skipped the second year. For her Second-Age School she went to Summit High. At Summit High Moon took advanced ELA & advanced math. She graduated summa cum laude on Hexils 14 (June 9), 2006. Moon had originally wanted to go to college for Film and Acting, but she says that her mother persuaded her not to by “guilting” her. She applied to Quonamen State and was accepted for law on a full scholarship. At Quonamen State Moon says she suffered from insomnia, depression and anxiety due to all the pressure put on her to succeed. One day her roommate told the school management about her depression and management set up therapy and counseling for her. The therapy helped her and over the next year her mood and health improved greatly.
Moon continued her studies and graduated with a Juris Doctor and honors in 6 years. She became an associate at Liao & Yuen where she worked for 2 years.

Rise in Politics

In 2014 Moon became a lawyer for the Social Trust Party, as one of their lawyers she appeared in numerous cases, most of them being related to police brutality or civil rights. She argued for the Chen family in the 2015 Chen v. Congregation of Christ, in which she argued that the Congregation of Christ could not refuse to provide a funeral service to the family of Kyo Chen because Ms. Chen was transgender. The Judge and Jury ruled in favor of then Chen’s, making it illegal to refuse service to someone because of their gender identity or sexual orientation even after death.
Moon says that in 2016 the chairman of the Social Trust Party approached her and asked her if she wanted to run for president. She says that she told the chairman yes and began preparations the next week. She announced her candidacy on Jo 1st (January 1st), 2017.
After Moon’s announcement she quickly rose in popularity and became the top pick for the primaries. She defeated her primary opponents, Hiroto Nakahara & Ling Matsumoto, in a landslide. She received 72.4% of the primary votes, the largest gap in history. On Trull 20th (April 3rd) the Common Constitution Party candidate, Viên Kobayashi, claimed that Moon was using her looks to charm leaders of Super PACs into raising funds for her and convincing their members to vote for her. The smear campaign quickly fizzled out due to lack of evidence and Kobayashi dropped out of the race 3 weeks later. On Ens 1 (October 19) the election was held. Over half of all eligible voters voted in the election. Moon won 51.8% of the vote. She defeated the Pacifism Coalition candidate by 2%.


As leader Moon cut funding to the military and spirituality. She relocated the funds to education and healthcare.


  • Gun Buy-Back Act
    This policy made the selling and purchasing of guns illegal and issued a buy-back program for guns in circulation.

  • Enviromental Protections Act
    This policy was created to make Shiruku entirely renewable energy dependent by the end of Moon's first term.

  • Universal Healthcare Act
    This policy created a government controlled healthcare program.

For & Against

  • For: LGBT Rights, Equality, Environmental Protections

  • Against: Tax Cuts On The Wealthy, Racism, Homophobia, Transphobia, Biphobia, Alt-Right

Personal Information

Moon is currently in a relationship with a woman she identifies as L. She is very private and rarely talks about her personal life. It is known that she has arachnophobia (fear of spiders), and apiphobia (fear of bees). She has hemophilia, but says that it doesn’t get in the way of normal life.

Personal Trivia

  • She stated that her favorite candy is chocolate, specifically white chocolate

  • She loves collecting mini things, such as miniature plastic kitchen supplies

  • She was originally going to go to college for film and acting, before her mother persuaded her not to

  • She loves photography and has a large collection of Canon and Polaroid cameras

  • She is fluent in 5 languages: Japanese, Chinese, Korean, English & Hindi

  • She is conversational in 2 languages: Filipino & Esperanto

  • She has a basic knowledge in 3 languages: Arabic, Thai & Russian


“As one, we raise ourselves higher.”
-Dangeom Tonomi Moon, Inauguration Day 2018

“We will endure and overcome.”
-Dangeom Tonomi Moon, 1st Press Conference of 2018

Additional Photographs

Moon at a campaign rally in northern Shiruku
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