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Empress of the Sol-Nipponese Empire, Mizuki Mogami

Mizuki Mogami

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Full Name Mizuki Mogami
Also Known As "Empress of the Sun"
Title(s) Empress of the Sol-Nipponese Empire
Occupation Imperial Sovereign
Former Occupation(s) Exiled Noble

Nationality Nipponese
Affiliation Sol-Nippon
Alignment Lawful Good

Status Alive
Species Human
Ethnicity Nipponese
DoB 26/02/YYYY
Age 26
Gender Female
Height 170.3 cm
Weight 54.1 kg
Blood Type A

Mother Rei Mogami, 最上麗
Father Hisao Mogami, 最上寿夫
Spouse(s) Lawrence II
Children ó
Other N/A

Likes Tea, nature, magic
Dislikes Coffee, pollution, foreigners
Hobbies Meditation, calligraphy, music

Portrayed By Unknown

Mizuki Mogami (born 26/02/YYYY; 最上美月, Mogami Mizuki) is a Nipponese noblewoman currently reigning as the 2nd Imperial Sovereign of the Mogami dynasty. She became Empress (Nipponese: 皇后, Kōgō) of Nippon following the long-expected death of her father, Emperor Hisao, two years ago. She was coronated in a lavish and heavenly display, incorporating elements from the previous dynastyís coronation traditions and those of historical Mogami lords. Her reign has been thus far peaceful and benevolent, for her economic policies have allowed local businesses to expand and her social policies have seen the formally marginalised ethnic minorities become more integrated into Nipponese culture.

The Empress is colloquially referred to as the Empress of the Sun (Nipponese: 太陽の皇后, Taiyō no Kōgō), in reference to her alignment with absolute monarchism and theocracy. She is a supporter of the dynastic and monarchal system lording over much of the world, and has expressed solidarity with royals-in-exile. She isnít necessarily opposed to republicanism and democracy, but she has great doubt in it.
Empress Mizuki is not just a monarch, but a theocrat as well. She explicitly supports Shinto and Far Eastern theocracy, but nominally opposes Near Eastern and totalitarian theocracies.
The Empress supports traditionalism, monarchism, economic independence, benevolent colonialism and assimilation. She opposes liberalism, republicanism, economic & cultural globalism, genocidal colonialism and multiculturalism.

The Empress is a devout Shintoist and a qualified practitioner of its magical arts. Her theological studies have allowed her to receive greater blessings from her deities, and she is particularly devout to Inari-Ōkami, the kami of foxes, fertility, agriculture, prosperity and worldly success. As a result of her chosen deity, Mizuki is highly skilled in the arts of shapeshifting and has the power to fertilise rice fields with a mere vocal song.





Policies & Achievements

The Empress of the Sun has yet to enact any truly spectacular or noteworthy policies, or press particularly hard on an issue. She has, however, seen to the fulfilment of more than one of her fatherís wishes and has added upon them.

POLICY I: Improvements to infrastructure
The Empress has seen to the overall improvement of the countryís infrastructure and the well-being of its people. Access to clean water has been guaranteed, and new tracks have been laid - connecting more of the countryside to the urban centres.
POLICY II: Integration of minorities
Despite the Empressís personal distaste towards foreigners, she has spoken in favour of the marginalised and has at least somewhat improved their lives in the country. Racism has lowered in severity, and foreigners have an easier time finding employment and a place to live within the [v]Empire[/b].
POLICY III: Unification of Soleanna & Nippon
Through the Empressís marriage to Lawrence II, she has united the two countries under a single dynasty and crown.


The Empress has sought to embody the perfect wife in the eyes of Nipponese culture. She has wisened herself, trained in martial arts, and acts in a dignified yet submissive manner.

Empress Mizuki owns a white tiger, imported from Chun Nan. She has managed to gain the tigerís trust and loyalty through unknown means, and is able to rest comfortably next to it without fear.

The Empress is believed by some to be a true descendant of an unnamed deity. There is a prophecy regarding this, stating that the child of a deity unnamed will bring great glory to Nippon.

- Magic Council Record

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