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Nation: Sevvania
Motto: "Neither to serve nor to rule."
Anthem: "Ballad of Serenity"
Capital: Sweetwater
Largest City: Haven City
Demonym: Sevvania
Government: Confederacy
Independence: Declared 1885
Population: ~20,000,000
Currency: Sevvanian Dollar ($) (SD)

Terrain: Desert scrubs, mountains, canyons, desert, temperate forests, scattered grasslands
Race: Human

History: Sevvania was founded in 1885, and has been in existence for one hundred and twenty-eight years as of 2013 AD.

Sevvania was established as a [NATION] colony in 1786. While it was initially little more than a series of mining towns, ... (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

Military: Sevvanian armed forces are divided into three major branches; Army, Air Force, and Navy.
•The Sevvanian Army is the main branch of the Sevvanian Armed Forces responsible for land-based military operations. It is the largest and oldest established branch of the Sevvanian military.
•The Sevvanian Guard is a sub-branch of the Army. It is a reserve force composed of local militias.
•The Sevvanian Air Force is the aerial warfare branch of the Sevvanian Armed Forces. The Air Force utilizes a variety of aircraft and rigid-frame airships.
•The Sevvanian Navy is the naval warfare service branch of the Sevvanian Armed Forces. The Navy is the smallest branch of service.

The Confederacy of Sevvania