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Political Organization


The Kingdom of Septentrionne Polaris is officially a parliamentary monarchy even though the king is a polar bear. So the political regime in place is a kind of federal democracy.

Administrative Subdivision

The kingdom is divided in five territories called "State" :
- The Royal Land of Kerguelénéa
- The Néolie State (or Néolie Republic)
- The Archipélie State (or Archipélie Republic)
- The Dedanderid Duchy
- The Great Duchy of Adélie (or Adélie's Duchy)

Néolie, Archipélie, Dedanderid Duchy and Adélie's Duchy are partially independent (they have a local government.), in contrary to The Royal Land of Kerguelenéa who was directly administrating by the central goverment.


Local Goverment

Legislative Power:

All these 4 independent states have a "Regional Council", who represents legislative power. The members of Regional Council were elected every 4 years.
For all this state, the election is free and universal for all citizens over 18 years old, except the Dedanderid Duchy where the citizens must have over 21 years old and pay taxes to vote.

Executive power:

In state scale, the person who represente the executive power is called the "governor."

In Dedanderid Duchy and Adélie's Duchy, the governor is their Duke and Duchess respective.
In Néolie and Archipélie State, the governor is a "President governor", elected every 8 years for Néolie and every 6 years for Archipélie.

Central Goverment

The Central Government has more power than the Local Government; his power is effective over all states, and the laws voted by this government have priority on the "local laws."

Legislative Power:

Every 8 years, all the citizens of the Kingdom (the five territories) vote for the member of "Politic Clinic" (name of the Central Legislative Assembly). This vote is free and universal for all citizen over 21 years old. The governors have a seat in the assembly too.

There is a council named "the Royal Land's Committee" where the Politic Clinic's members from the Kerguelenéa territory gathers to created law concerning their territory (that replaces the Regional Council).

Executive Power:

After the Politic Clinic election (every 8 years so), the member vote the "King's Emisary". He represents the executive power but also the King and the kingdom for the other countries.

The King

The King are one polar bear so he has in theory all the power but concretely he has no power. He isn't used very often to represent the country abroad, but more use for represent the balance of government. The successor of the king was this natural child. If He doesn't have child, the next King will be chose by the assembly bringing together all regional council with the Politic Clinic. This assembly was named "The Regent Assembly" and it was the bigest assembly of the country.