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The Greater Realm of
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Overview of Seikokka

The Greater Realm of Seikokka


Motto: One people, one realm, one destiny

Population: 17 million
-Density: 15.1 (per km^2)

Capital: Ichinejiro
Largest City: Ki

Official Language: Makennyou-itaku

National Language: Makennyou-itaku

Demonym: Seikokkan

Government: One-party national collectivist state
- Serene Protector: Ayaka Kiryuuin
- Grand Marshal: Uzume Kannagi

- Great Council
- Council of the Realm

Independence: 1st Era 1205

Land Area: ~7-8 million kmē

Highest Point: Mount Kaguya
Lowest Point: Suigyoku Plains

Currency: Mon

The Greater Realm of Seikokka

The Greater Realm of Seikokka, commonly called Seikokka, is a one-party dictatorship located in the western portion of the Steadfast. Seikokka borders the Kingdom of Iscobal and the Kingdom of Malevich to the South. Seikokka is estimated to be around 7-8 million square kilometers in size, with a population of 17 million. Seikokka consists of 3 prefectures, 20 subprefectures, and 2 realm commissariats.

Formed in the late years of the 1st Era, Seikokka is a relatively young but powerful nation. It started off as the second largest nation in the Steadfast, and quickly grew to become the largest, stretching over a vast area of 7-8 million square kilometers of territory in the northern reaches of the Steadfast. Currently, it is the strongest nation economically and militarily within the Steadfast, and it is regarded as a fearsome juggernaut by the rest of the states to its southern border.


Seikokka comes from the Makennyo-itaku word "Sei-" for West, and "Kokka" for country, as Seikokka is a union of Western states.

The standard way to refer to a citizen of Seikokka is a "Seikokkan."

Seikokka is a relatively young nation. Formed in the 1st Era 1205, it had been considered a successor state of the "Golden Horde," a partially legendary state that dominated the Steadfast, inhabited by the ancestors of Seikokkans. Prior to Seikokkan unification, its territories existed as the Merchant Republic of Draolis, the Free Kingdom of Houseki, and the Kingdom of Ghan. Additionally, new people groups moved into the northern and eastern reaches of Seikokka and had been living there for hundreds of years, forming the Commonwealth of Navarene and Kingdom of Thaemor. Kemonos and kemonomimis, descendants of ancient interstellar colonizers, comprised a large majority in these areas.

A southern empire, known as the Orrillian State, went on the warpath to unify the Steadfast. It partially succeeded, with the states comprising modern day Seikokka succumbing. Many of the kemono and kemonomimi populations were cleansed from these areas, and resettled with humans from the south. Due to internal resistance, rebellion, and war with another state across the seas, the Orrillian State completely and utterly collapsed, with every square kilometer of its territory returned to the conquered states or turned into new states and republics.

In the wake of this, the once more independent Free Kingdom of Houseki sought to unify with Ghan and Draolis, inspired by a new sense of ultranationalism fostered in being conquered for the first time. As the Free Kingdom of Houseki had already been surprisingly strong militarily, it used this leverage to annex Draolis first, and then used their newfound economic prowess to entice Ghan to join. For the first time in thousands of years, a kemono state had finally been reborn.

It met opposition however. Old aristocrats and merchants, mostly human, protested the new government's restriction on their activities and the government's extremely iron fisted methods of assimilation, which often lead to "revenge cleansings" of southern human settlers, which were tacitly supported by the government. This ignited into a civil war, with human Seikokkans and kemono(mimi) Seikokkans on one side, and southern human settlers on the other. Eventually, the latter won, installing Autarch Astolfus into power with the Socialist Realm Party, on the basis of ultranationalism, collective care, and defense.


Seikokka is located within flat, fertile plains, which makes up the majority of the country. Sprinkled throughout the countryside are lush forests, making for excellent places to gather lumber. Seikokka also has prime mining spots, resulting in the extraction and refinement of 60,000 tons of iron a year, along with 14,000 tons of gold and other precious metals. Seikokka is also located in an excellent place for maritime trading routes, and possesses a large trading fleet with which to conduct trade.

Seikokka has an extremely mild climate that makes it ideal for growing crops. Rains are predictable and relatively common, and it never gets too hot or cold. Snow is rare and practically non-existent during the winter seasons.

The environment is well protected in Seikokka, and well maintained. Environmental protections are enshrined in the Constitution of the Realm.

A physical map of the Greater Realm


There are 17 million total Seikokkans according to the last census (2E 65), although that number has been suspected to have increased, although not by much. Around 97% of the population are of kemono or kemonomimi ancestry, with the other 3% being of human descent.

Seikokkans speak Makennyo-itaku primarily. It is descended from an ancient language known as Mokenno, which dominated the planet. It retains most of the features of the ancient Mokenno language in comparison with the other dialects that have cropped up in the rest of the Steadfast.

The main religion, Taiyou no Kousai, dominates Seikokka, and receives official state support. It venerates a deity known as Taiyou. It is a monotheistic religion, and focuses on devotion to the sun and oneness with nature and the earth.

The government of Seikokka is a one party state led by a Serene Protector and Grand Marshal. The ruling party is the Socialist Realm Party, which received explicit support from Augustus and Equus during the period of the Republic, a formerly democratic government. Currently, there are two councils in Seikokka. The Council of the Realm is made up of about 50 members, each from agricultural, industrial and service guilds. These Realm Council members then elect 15 people to the Great Council, and the Great Council elects successors or rejects succession suggests to and by the Serene Protector and Grand Marshal.

The latest ruler of Seikokka, Serene Protector Ayaka, has sought to increase the power of the dual councils in an attempt to democratize the country further.

Foreign Relations and Military
Seikokka is extremely disinterested in foreign relations outside of a purely economic relationship. Diplomats, when they're rarely used, appear aloof and don't seem to care much for anything that's happening that doesn't affect Seikokka. Its neighbors merely regard Seikokka as a sleeping colossus, albeit a sleeping colossus with massive markets that they like to trade in. No foreign power thus far has shown any interest in pursuing aggressive action against Seikokka, as an invasion or attempt at subjugation would most likely go extremely poorly for the invading nation.

Seikokka maintains a standing army of 62,000 men, which is an expensive endeavor that all other nations in the Steadfast cannot afford. This gives Seikokka a distinct advantage, not even counting technological differences, as other nations must rely on feudal peasant levies for their armed forces. This standing army of Seikokka is referred to as the Seikokkan Defense Force, and is highly trained, disciplined, and equipped with the best equipment that Seikokka can muster. Such equipment includes Seikokkan longswords with high frequency edges, armor with limited, primitive forms of shielding, and in some cases, semi-automatic rifles known as firelocks. Additionally, the SDF has 30 Wrath tanks at its disposal, and about 1,600 APCs. On a less official note, documents about a legion of "Immortals," mechanically enhanced super soldiers exist, but none have ever been seen in public.

Seikokka maintains a "New Void Navy," consisting of space bound corvettes and battlecruisers based on ancient era designs. Aside from acknowledgement of their existence, details are highly classified.


Economic Indicators

Rank: No data available
Currency: Mon
Fiscal Year: No data available

GDP (nominal): No data available
GDP (nominal) per capita: No data available
Labor Force: 100%
Unemployment: 0%

The economy of Seikokka is mostly dominated by agriculture, at an estimated 74%. However, since industrialization began in the 2nd Era 10, manufacturing and mining became the second highest employers at 21.2%. Other sectors of the economy take up just 4.8% of employment, showing that Seikokka is still a newly industrializing nation. Still, it is the only nation in the Steadfast to have industrialized thus far. All sectors of the economy are controlled by state owned enterprises, which operate relatively freely but still are technically state controlled. The Seikokkan Labor Front, a national collectivist organization, has workers councils in every farm, factory and other workplace, and have helped expand social security nets, further the drive for a united "people's community" (Minzokukyoudoutai), and have secured worker's rights throughout the realm.

Seikokkan culture emphasizes three things: honor, virtue, and duty. Honor is regarded as treating all with the respect they deserve, virtue as being the "ideal citizen" and pertaining to all Seikokkan morals, and duty is obedience to the nation and its needs. Seikokkan culture is relatively isolated within Ghan, Draolis and Houseki, not appearing anywhere else, as Seikokkan society is very closed off to foreign powers.
Seikokka also greatly values music, painting, and calligraphy, and often combines traditional music, painting and calligraphy styles with new ones.

Seikokka has a very well developed road system, as importance is placed upon internal trade and travel. Buildings within Seikokka are painstakingly taken care of. Seikokka also boasts a running water system which delivers water to every citizen in the nation, which its neighbors lack to an extreme degree.

Seikokka, when using machines (which is a very rare occurrence) typically uses coal fired engines. For manufacturing, water power is used.

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