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Factbook of the State of Seigana

せいがな国 Seigana-Koku
State of Seigana

Nickname: The Hermit State

Motto: The Crossroads of China

Capital (and largest city): Seiganapolis
Second largest city: Miyakoton

Official Language: Chinese, Japanese

Demonym: Hermit (official), Seiganian

Government Unitary Semi-Presidential Constitutional Republic
- President: Seiga Kaku
- Prime Minister: Yoshika Miyako

Establishment: from Japanese Vinland
Independence: 12/11/1816

Land Area: 244,319 kmē
Water %: 5.49

Highest Point: Hermit Hill - 383 m
Lowest Point: Confluence of Mississippi River and Ohio River - 85 m

Currency: Chinese Yuan

Time Zone: Central and Eastern Time (UTC −6/−5 and UTC −5/−4)

Drives on the: Left

Calling code: +14

Internet TLD: .sei

Seigana is a country located in the midwestern and Great Lakes regions of Vinland.

The State of Seigana