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The GD Corp Archives
There have been many iterations of the GD Corp canon throughout the years. And a lot of them GD Corp has written stuff for. Over the years however, the information within the stuff has become out of date or factually incorrect. The GD Corp Archives is a list of all these outdated documents. None of them are to be taken as fact, and all of them are cringe-inducing.

Scientificum Factbooks

Everything you Need to Know about Scientificum - The earliest iteration of Scientificums factbook. Including an outdated history of the country and now-incorrect list of political parties (as of course, everyone knows that GD Corp is the only party parties tend to change throughout canons). Another thing of note is that Neon Geoglowitius is reported to be the brother of Triangle Triangulum in this factbook. The current GD Corp canon states that this is not the case.

Official Wiki of Scientificum - The second iteration of Scientificums factbook. It includes a seal of approval from the now non-canon "Biosphere Corporation", and another version of Scientificums history in which the Mongol Empire invades the Scandinavian peninsula and Scientificum intervening in the American Civil War on the side of the Confederates, causing the NeoConfederate States of America (which is just inaccurate, since the CSA was the first incarnation of the CSA, and did not lose in this timeline) to form. This version of Scientificum is located on an alternate version of Iceland, and the inclusion of the NCSA leads to the fact that Western Scientificum may also be part of its territory. Many portions of the factbook are incomplete.

[SCI] The Quantum Federation of Scientificum - The third iteration of Scientificums factbook. In this iteration, Scientificum has taken up the familiar Red Flag, and its history is largely taken from the second iteration, but instead suffers a civil war in which the current (in the case of the factbook) government of Scientificum (the Quantum Federation) is put in place. This factbook is the one of the more cringe-inducing ones according to our specialist team. It is also worth nothing that Neon is also stated as Triangles brother once again.

Other Scientificum-Related Factbooks

[Satire] The Tourists Guide to Scientificum - Set during the second iteration of Scientificums factbook, this is a non-serious incomplete guide to Scientificum. The completed parts of the guide include methods of transportation to Scientificum and a list of (two) species living in the country. One thing to note is that the two species (Humans and Objects) still reside in the modern GD Corp canon, among others.

u bloody freaking wot m8 - Another instance of "random xd" factbooks, this time telling about a version of Scientificum that has formed an interdimensional galactic empire under permanent revolution. This version of Scientificum also has a civil war. This factbook is not worth looking at because its attempts to become "dank" have led it to become cringe-inducing instead.

[SCI] Why Scientificum is the BEST FREAKING NATION EVER - This (we hope) semi-serious factbook has a list of reasons to why Scientificum is (supposedly) the best nation. Some things that have given GD Corp concern are:
-The SciFree VR Center, a virtual reality in which all crime is legal (studies have shown that allowing people to do crime, even virtually, will just make them do more crime)
-The first (and only) instance of swearing in the factbooks
-Scientificums massive military (in the current GD Corp canon, Scientificums military forces have been largely reduced to a well-trained civilian defense force (which also acts as police), several trained human and object divisions, a small automated defense force (for both police and military purposes), and an even smaller extremely well-trained global dispatch force for manipulating nations to join the HCU's political sphere intervening in conflicts)
-Space elevator access for only 50 rubles (if space travel has become such a cheap commodity, then we are extremely worried for what this version of scientificum is like)

Map of Scientificum - Also set during the second iteration of Scientificums factbook, this shows a map of Scientificum set in the year 2101 before the supposed "Icelandic Sinking", which would have resulted in Scientificum looking like the map seen in the main factbook.

[SCI]Maps - Another map factbook. This time set during the third iteration of Scientificums factbook, it shows a version of Scientificum which is an interstellar empire.

[SCI]The Scientist Language - This factbook demonstrates the Scientist Language, which involves translating an English sentence into both Russian and German, and merging them by words that are half-Russian and half-German. This language, while its translation process is extremely convoluted, was actually used in several instances.

[SCI] Scientificum Standard Time Frame - S.S.T.F - An extremely convoluted calendar designed to make Scientist citizens work as much as possible. Set during the "Soviet Federation" which precedes the Quantum Federation. The S.S.T.F. year is divided into 4 months of 100 days each, with each day being assigned as a work day or a relaxation day in a cycle. The counting of the years begins with the Big Bang (it is currently unknown as to how the previous iteration of gd corp managed to figure out the exact date and time of the big bang in relation to our current calendars). This was most likely phased out because it was just too stupid. One thing to note is that the calendar has a version of a Blue Scientificum countryball without an eyepatch.

[SCI] Communoquantumism - What is that anyway? - This factbook explains Communoquantumism, which was the ideology of the Quantum Federation. The system is neither communist or related to quantum science (it has been figured out that the only reason the word quantum was in the name was because past gd corp thought the word sounded cool and science-like). Communoquantumism eerily matches the current system of the GD Corp High and Lower Councils, albeit the Lower Council has a much larger number of people.