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Admiral [WIP]


The Admiral's shadow.

Admiral of Sasebo Naval District

In office:
2013 - 2015
2015 - present

Personal Details







- Admiral

The Admiral (ていとく) is a Japanese military commander who has served as the current Admiral of Sasebo Naval District since April 23rd, 2013, with a brief period of absence in 2015. Not much is known about him and only the Fleet Girls of Sasebo have seen him in person. A man of few words, most of his orders are conveyed through the Secretary Ship, those who hear his voice are considered to be of utmost importance and honor.

Early Life

He was born in Japan, in the Tokyo metropolis.


A strong and respected leader and a military mastermind. Pretty much all of the Fleet Girls love him and compete for his admiration and attention, a few of them are even jealous of him.
  • Special Type destroyer program
    In order to combat the Abyssal threat, the Admiral ordered several high-performance destroyers that were as powerful as light cruisers. The first of these to arrive in Sasebo were the four Akatsuki-class, which formed Destroyer Division Six.

  • Fleet Reorganization
    Due to the, at the time, ongoing Operation FS, the Admiral ordered a major fleet reorganization that developed as time went on, Fleet Girls being continually transferred between operational units.

For & Against

  • For: Imperialism, Militarism, Nationalism, Traditionalism, Meritocracy, Stratocracy, Freedom of Speech

  • Neutral: Fascism, Religion, Lesbians, Gaijin

  • Against: Communism, Globalism, Social Justice, Foreign Aid/Dependency, Degeneracy, Regulation of Munitions (Gun Control), Welfare

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